Dr. Diane Dobry, Editor

Dr Diane Dobry, the Hungarian Aquarian

As a young child, I overheard my mother say to someone, “She asks so many questions!”  Well, there was a lot to learn! And that is why I am so interested in what makes the world the way that it is and people the way that they are. Encompassed in that interest is a curiosity about people’s lives, beliefs, choices, and experiences, which led me to read about people’s lives, and eventually write about them.  Now, through this website, I can interview them about their interests and their perspectives regarding things that interest me and that I believe would be of interest to others. 

Family Circle magazine included me in an article about the book that changed my life.  It was Barbara Sher’s Wishcraft. Through that book I learned how to pursue my goals and to find the touchstone that made those goals meaningful to me.  My touchstone, I realized, was that I love to tell people about something they may not know about, and let them in on what it is they are missing. As a writer, I am able to do that in so many creative ways—tell stories about interesting people and their experiences, about places and their histories, about an experience and what it was like, and about some obscure fact or theory, and why it fascinates me. 

I was meant to be a writer and an ideas person.  A collection of diaries going back more than 50 years tells my innermost thoughts and beliefs, pains and achievements. People accuse me of thinking too much.  There really are not enough hours in a day to think all the thoughts I want to explore thoroughly. They also accuse me of talking too much, but there is so much to tell, so many thoughts to express. The internet has been the answer to my challenges in getting to this stage of telling stories, of putting together interesting content, and programming, and interaction with others in a way that combines my introvert side and my social side. The chance to find an audience, to create a community, and to express the ideas that have always been swirling in my head is my dream.

The germ of an idea for this website began at http://ghostdoctor.blogspot.com, where I shared ideas and research while doing my dissertation on death and the afterlife, and then http://hungarianaquarian.tumblr.com, a focus on my efforts to share my own astrological interpretations. A Facebook page called Hungarian Aquarian focuses on astrology, and began my efforts to record and post my own take on the subject.  Now it all comes together with this website, but the astrology is the round-up of information I have gleaned from the work of those astrologers I follow online. And it is my place to tell the stories that I have heard from others about things that interest me, and hopefully will interest those who find me here.

Dr. D