This site will explore ideas about life’s mysteries, death, the afterlife, and a re-enchantment of our place in the world.

books shell pen and astrology chart
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Have you ever noticed that everyone has their own beliefs about death and the afterlife, our purpose here on this point in the universe and the way everything comes together to create in our minds a meaning for our lives and our deaths? We each seem to learn about life’s mysteries –death, the afterlife, miracles, spirits, the supernatural—in our own personal way that shapes our approach to what we believe the meaning is that is attached to these mysteries surrounding us and why we came into being.

In 2011, I completed research study for my doctorate that looked at how people who watch popular media with themes of death and the afterlife use those programs to interpret their own beliefs about death.  It used to be, on the surface at least, that we were told what to believe about God, and the spiritual realms, by religious leaders who interpreted the books they use as the basis of their belief system and, for some of us, by our families, who may have brought us up in how to think about these things. The invention of printing press brought about the possibility of interpreting ideas from a variety of sources—from books—that would allow people to sort out the truth for themselves.  Belief is based on trust in the people we get our information from and a connection in our hearts and minds to what seems real and trustworthy to us. 

In recent times, spiritual struggles in the face of a main focus on the “real” world around us being the priority—representing what some call the disenchantment of the world, taking away the belief in a higher purpose, taking away a more ethereal perspective of life, to make it the mundane existence that most of us deal with daily. 

Yet, there is a need to know.  People who suffer a loss, people who want to understand why things happen as they do, want to find a community of others that they can learn from, speak their truth to, and gather evidence that helps them come to their own personal conclusion. 

When I did my research study, I found that people online who talked about these topics, wanted a safe, anonymous space to share and find out about research and beliefs that others have to help them make sense of the world and their lives. They were looking to popular media and social media to find their answers and did not want to be challenged or shamed or schooled on the search they were undertaking. I wanted to create at least one small part of the safe space they sought for a long time, and I have had big ideas on how to do it. This site is my first step toward sharing my own interests and beliefs and those of the people I have met along the way, in an effort to provide the space for a community to begin to form and learn from each other.

For what it’s worth, the initial focus is primarily on astrology, the spirit world, beliefs in the ideas from the time when the world was more open to an enchanted perspective. This is what is called by scholars a re-enchantment of the world to give balance to the commonplace of everyday life.  I hope to make this the space where explorations can begin, and a balance can be found in self-discovery, and beyond that, spiritual and universal connection.


The Hungarian Aquarian