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This month’s expert astrologers include:

Astrology Podcast April 2021
Chris Brennan
Austin Coppock
Kelly Surtees   
Pam Gregory
Acyuta-bhava Dasa
Rick Levine


The key aspects of the month of April are a sweet new moon in Aries featuring the sun, moon and Venus, with Mercury and Chiron close by. But a square from the New Moon and Venus to Pluto in Capricorn puts a stain on an otherwise progressive new moon that is positively connected to Mars in Gemini.  Speed and swiftness is the key, and possibly in business, communication and decision-making.  Mars heading toward Jupiter shortly after the new moon transit, means it is time to make a plan, set and intention and have good fortune on your side.

Another is the mutual reception Mercury in Aries sextile to Mars in Gemini, each in the other’s sign, which bodes well for getting things done, making decisions quickly, expressing things with clarity and logic as facts coming together in record time to move things forward. 

The best time of the month is between April 14th and 16th when Venus leaves Aries, the sign of its fall, and gets stronger as it moves into its home sign of Taurus, where is brings happiness and pleasure, at least for a week, after which it meets up with Uranus. The sun, Mars and Jupiter form a nice triangle of potential on the 16th combining action and drive to support, success, and achievement.

The best time of the month is between April 14th and 16th when Venus leaves Aries, the sign of its fall…

Be ready for a shift in the energy in the second half of the month when the stellium of planets that start out in Aries, head into the normally chill sign of Taurus, and then bump into unpredictable, shifty Uranus, throwing things into a tizzy, particularly the full moon that will be directly opposite Uranus (which is close to the sun at the time). Add to that the ongoing square to Saturn in Aquarius and it brings out the barriers as well as the tension between the old versus the new.  In addition, Mars moves into Cancer—where it is not very happy– on the 23rd and will form a square to the full moon in Scorpio a few days later, adding to the challenges that transit already has with the Saturn/Uranus square. 

Daily Details:


We are one step further away from the craziness of 2020, Rick Levine tells us, but he warns we are not out of the woods yet.  Saturn is squaring Uranus (not at a precise degree point at the moment, but it did in February and will again in June and December—and it is still close enough). But this means that the planets that are in Aries now—the sun, Venus, and in a couple of days, Mercury—will move on this month to Taurus and will meet up with unpredictable, futuristic Uranus but be at odds with staunch, disciplinarian, old school Saturn in Aquarius, whose favorite response is, “No, not yet.”  So, this is one of the issues we can prepare for, but the first half of the month with the planets is Aries leading up to the New Moon on the 11th have us feeling as if we are since there are also no retrograde planets at the moment.

Levine points out, however, that Chiron is with the sun and Venus in Aries and the moon is in Sagittarius, at a positive angle to these three planets in Aries, and this should be uplifting, but Mercury is in a somewhat challenging angle to Saturn that may make us feel stuck or blocked by our own or someone else’s perspective putting up resistance. The good thing is that Mercury is at a positive angle to Pluto, which can mix with the willingness of the moon in Sagittarius to take the plunge, but we need to wait and take time to think deeply about it before we leap.

Chris Brennan’s Astrology Podcast for April 2021, with Kelly Surtees and Austin Coppock, gives a broad perspective on the month ahead as being focused on the sun and Venus separating from their cazimi (when Venus was “burnt up” by the sun’s light), and Mars has passed the halfway point in Gemini where it met up with the North Node – one end of the moon’s axis that determines the signs for the eclipses. The group pointed out that the nodes can act as sensitive points when planets transit across them at a time when we are not having “a pair of eclipses,” Austin said. People may step down, let things go that they have been doing, or, as Kelly put it, feel a decrease in some area of their lives.  There can be a lower vitality or feel a loss of energy, especially for people who have Sagittarius rising, where the South Node is right now.

They also point out that in April we are going to feel the changes from cold to hot, wet to dry with Aries being a hot dry sign, after Pisces was cold and wet.  “Hot is motion and cold is slowing things down,” Chris says. Last year, with the key planets (including Saturn) in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn which represents coldness, it felt extremely frozen. “There was the slowing down, lack of movement over the past year,” Chris said, “Everyone has been more inside, more immobile than ever before,” and we will start to see a breaking up of that over the next year. “By the end of the month with three planets in Taurus conjoining Uranus, there will be an explosion of movement,” Austin said.  Last year, with Mars in Aries, which would normally move things forward, Mars was retrograde for 6 months, delaying things and slowing things down.

Mercury going into Aries in a couple of days will increase speed and bring clarity, Kelly points out.  “Mercury is faster in Aries,” she says, adding that mercury and mars have to do with vaccinations—“delivery of vaccines around the world, shots in arms.”  More on that by April 3rd.


Mercury goes into Aries today into tomorrow. The importance of this, Acyuta-bhava Dasa notes, is that as Mercury exits Pisces, its dignity is very much improved, and, in addition, it will be in a sextile to Mars in Gemini. This is important because Mars is in a sign ruled by Mercury, and Mercury is in a sign ruled by Mars—so being in each other’s home sign, they are in mutual reception, which is a nice configuration, he says. On the one hand, it can be an “eloquent precision of words and speech, articulate, clever, thinking on your feet, problem solving, as well as mental and executive energy.” On the other hand, he adds, it can lead to “a lot of mental and intellectual combativeness,” however, there will be “more smiles and laughter than baring of teeth and knuckles.” It is a time to get things done, commerce may increase, and it could lead to effective strategies and thinking. In addition, Acyuta-bhava notes it could be an effective use of technologies, or a good time for mental verbal interaction in good-natured debates and discussions.

Rick Levine points out that as Mercury enters Aries, there will be four planets there, which, he says, “should be enough to push through any resistance and land us into new territory.” These planets include Mercury, Chiron, the sun and Venus, which he points out indicate “new creation, excitement and enthusiasm but also resistance, and it will be there [meaning Saturn square Uranus] all year, but it becomes more exaggerated as we move through April.” The new creation meets resistance because, he tells us, “some people do not deal with change and spontaneity as well as other people do.”

Chris Brennan’s group from Astrology Podcast notes that this aspect “correlates with clarity and increasing speed,” Kelly says, adding that it could also relate to delivery of vaccines and “shots in arms,” around the world. Chris points out the reception of Mars and Mercury being in each other’s signs as a mitigating factor that makes normally difficult aspects “more manageable or more constructive.” And the fact that they are also in a positive sextile angle means that it can be productive in ways that, Austin says, include: getting writing done, channeling energy into writing (or teaching or speaking, reading), and they help each other achieve their respective goals. “Mars always has shit to do….Mercury is speed, cleverness and technical precision,” so it is, he says, useful for accomplishing things more quickly.

In addition to being a shift into faster, clear decisions to take action in things like diagnoses, this clarity and speed is the opposite of Mercury’s last placement in Pisces, with Neptune nearby, which caused distractions, drama, and a loss of focus. Chris describes this new configuration as being “like coming out of a cloud” and being “a breath of fresh air.”


Today Venus forms an exact sextile with Mars, which Rick Levine says is a nice balance between the cosmic lovers (Venus = “I like, I value” and Mars = “I’m gonna get, this is how I set my boundaries”).   This aspect, he says, will bring us relief. 

Another aspect on the 6th is Jupiter in a half square (45˚) to Chiron.  This can be conflictual, but also creative and dynamic, he says. The combination between Jupiter and Chiron project hope for the solution of “the incurable problems or illnesses or worries of Chiron.”   

“During the semi-square we might have issues that come to the forefront,” Levine explains, “and thankfully, the Venus sextile to Mars will help us move through it without a lot of difficulty.” 

APRIL 7 and 8

Mercury, as it lines up with Chiron, is making a half square to Jupiter, which means, Rick Levine says, we experience the importance of using communication to deal with what ails us—talk therapy—and it is possible to move through some difficult issues “if we take the risk and bring the subject up and out into the open.” 


Mars is in a square to Neptune and the moon will meet up with Neptune on the same day, which Rick Levine calls “a double whammy” that can be a bit confusing.  The square between Mars and Neptune can “be delusional and confusing or we mislead ourselves or someone else,” Levine says, and that means “there is a potential to impose a fantasy onto reality.” And in the case of Mars in Gemini, which is not being physically energetic, but rather it can mean, he says, that “Mars does not want to be tied down,” leading to a distraction in the belief that Mars is an adaptable Jack of All Trades.  However, this energy will be gone quickly, since the moon leaves Pisces in the evening and heads into Aries.

Pam Gregory points out that Mars and Neptune are both in mutable signs and explains the square between them as possibly making our goals more spiritually (Neptune) oriented but that “our mind (Gemini) can become more scattered or distracted or even confused with the square from Neptune” and it can involve in aggression (Mars) at sea (Pisces).  But she advises that the best way to use this aspect it to “pour your energy into unconditional love.” 

Also, beginning the 9th and lasting until the 17th we have the sun, Mercury and Venus  (with the moon included at one point) along with dwarf planet Eris (representing chaos and disruption) coming to a square with Pluto in Capricorn. Eris, the sister of Mars, Pam says, “can bring to us a new level of activism and awakening,” and being in a square to Pluto can “indicate a radical shift of the ages,” since Eris “does not shirk from causing chaos when she believes that she has a principle to fight for.”   With the theme of the year being related to Uranus and Saturn , and the fact that both rule Aquarius, with Uranus representing truth and the theme this year being about exposing the truth, Eris is about liberating those who are “not heard, shunned, disenfranchised, living on the periphery of society, no longer being cared for by society.”  This square to Pluto represents the fight for those people against “top-down authority, rules and regulations, governments, and people in power who have authority over you in some way.”


The moon moves into Aries (heading toward the sun to form the new moon). As a result of moon in Aries along with the sun, Venus, Mercury, and moon, Rick Levine says “we are blasting ahead, pushing toward our goals, overcoming the odds of things, not taking prisoners.”  But ahead of the new moon, he notes, “we are finishing up the old….We are like a thoroughbred horse in the starting gate, ready for the race, the time is now, and nothing happens.  And we are waiting.”

He adds that Mercury in Aries is forming a sextile with Saturn in Aquarius, “giving us the signal that even though we are ready to start, we can use a few hours…fine turning our plans, rehearsing our scripts, practicing our routines—there is a sense of having almost a day of getting it right and working on our stuff….”  Saturn is the critic that offers guidance with the chance to slow down, give some extra thought and actually take things further than we would have expected.  Venus is also in a sextile with Jupiter in Aquarius at the same time.  “Jupiter likes the idea of growing and Venus values include saying yest to the possibilities of what is going on now, but intellect tells me if I don’t push too fast, I will be more ready and able to take advantage of the liftoff that occurs at the new moon on the 11th.


This, the astrologers tell us, is a powerful new moon.  One key point they make is that this is the first new moon after the Aries equinox—the astrological new year.  So this first new moon is a significant new beginning that represents the new beginning for the year ahead.  At the time of this new moon, there are 5 planets in Aries—the sun and moon, Venus, Mercury and Chiron.  Venus is just coming out of the cazimi (its disappearance behind the sun’s light) with the sun and it is still close to the sun as the moon comes to join it.  Mercury and Chiron are close by, though not conjunct. 

This, Pam Gregory says, is very dynamic energy that drives us forward, but a lot of what adds power to this new moon are the aspects between Venus and Mars and Venus and Pluto. Since Venus is so close to the new moon, the new moon is also experiencing transits with these planets. 

Acyuta-bhava Dasa notes that Venus is at a 90˚ square angle to Pluto, which he says brings potential for warrior goddess feminine energy tangling with the Lord of death and rebirth.  He tells us, “[W]atch for a kind of explosion of feminine power, a catharsis in relationships and potential issues around power in relationships.” It could be romantic relationships, friendships or even just colleagues in the workplace, he notes.  Venus in the square to Pluto also tells us “there is stuff going on that is not quite visible, not on the surface,” Rick Levine says, bringing “a bit of a sense of depth and intensity and emotionality,” which comes from Venus—passion, power, physical Venus is moving to what it is attracted to.  While Venus is exactly square to Pluto, the new moon is so close to Venus, that there is a square between the new moon and Pluto, as well, which brings, Levine says, “power and potential, but it also has a trap.”  That trap is a power struggle for control of something that may not be controllable. Did you see The Queens Gambit, when she learns about telling her opponent, “I resign”?  She didn’t want to do that at first—to give up. But her mentor said she must learn to make that call when she knew she could not win.  As Rick Levine points out, “[B]e careful about choosing battles, and which are worth following through on.”

In addition to the square to Pluto, the new moon is in the same an opportune sextile that Venus is in with action-oriented excitable Mars in chatty Gemini. Mars in Gemini is heading toward a harmonious angle to beneficial, expansive Jupiter in Aquarius.  This, Levine says, is “an early foreshadowing of the exuberance of the thrusting ahead, of the physicality of Mars trine Jupiter, “often seen as someone winning a sporting event or competition.” It extends the capabilities of the body, mind and spirit in a way that he says can allow us to “take advantage of the power of positive thinking (Jupiter) and convert it into action (Mars).” 

Mars in Gemini is heading toward a harmonious angle to beneficial, expansive Jupiter in Aquarius.  This, Levine says…extends the capabilities of the body, mind and spirit in a way that can allow us to “take advantage of the power of positive thinking (Jupiter) and convert it into action (Mars).” 

Rick Merlin Levine

Pam Gregory agrees that it is the perfect time to set a new intention for what you want to manifest in your life, especially in the area of your chart where Aries falls. She also looks at the asteroid Ceres and dwarf planet Eris that are part of the collection of planets in Aries during this new moon.  She points out that “Things are going to be happening quickly because Aries is quick” and Aries’ ruler Mars is in Gemini, which is mercurial—mentally quick.  She warns us not to make big decisions too quickly because these decision are “really big this eyar, bigger than you might imagine.

Pam also notes that the square between the new moon and Venus to Pluto in Capricorn is a very hard aspect that brings ‘tremendous intensity emotionally—hugh intensity, kind of explosive intentisy that some people could see coming up in relationship issues, a desire to be free and independent but also needing the safety and control that Pluto – the authority—brings.  Step back and think about this intense feeling, since the moon moves quickly out of this placement.

Austin Coppock and Kelly Surtees note that in Aries, Venus is in its detriment—it is weak, and it is struggling.  The Venus/Pluto square, Chris Brennan says, “can be obsessive” in this aspect.  Austin says he agrees that “Venus is the least happy” adding that this is not a good lunar month for relationships, but, he points out, “it is accomplishment-oriented, achievement oriented., not thoughtful or socially considerate.”  Chris supports that idea, noting, “The obsessive quality of Venus/Pluto is good if one’s desire is to accomplish something or if you have a goal to work toward and dedication to that—it can work if you channel it.” On the other hand, he notes that the obsession, if connected to a relationship, could be an unwanted quality, possibly even a stalker signification.  Kelly adds that the dynamic could be angry, unsettled or controlling.

APRIL 14 to 16

Some nice changes and connections happen in these few days.  Venus, which is not happy in Aries, leaves there at last and moves into its home in Taurus, where she is happy.  Acyuta-bhava Dasa describes the change as Venus picking up dignity, which means “you’re going to get back to a little bit of the normal, more luxurious, relaxed, stable, earthy, sensual Venus,” and away from the warrior, which should decrease the stress a bit. 

Kelly Surtees said that when she works with clients “with planets going from Aries to Taurus, there is a desire to slow down, hit the brakes, and rearrange circumstances so there is breathing room or for work/life balance.”  That is, until it meets up with Uranus within a few days.  Austin points out that “Venus is very happy in Taurus,” where it creates pleasing experiences.  But when it hits Uranus it will be like having a great time, and then Uranus comes in and destabilizes things. And, the “Venusian/Taurian thing does not like being destabilized. We like to know there will be food in the store when we go. If you are married, you want to know you will be married next week, too.”   More on that when it happens on the 22nd.

The 16th is when Mars gets into a trine with Jupiter, while, Acyuta-bhava Dasa tells us, “both Jupiter and Mars are also in sextiles with Mercury and the Sun,” and it happens at a time when Mercury is in a cazimi in the heart of the sun, he says, at “the last critical degree of Aries.”  With Mars—the God of action—meeting Jupiter in a positive aspect, you add abundance, support, cohesion and a green light to the action, that can lead to “undertaking big things and getting them done relatively smoothly.”  On top of that, he notes, the Sun is exalted in Mars’ sign Aries, and forming a sextile to Mars in a positive angle of opportunity as well as to Jupiter.  Although this is an energy that is both productive and strong, Acyuta-bhava warns that it could also have the potential of being “just hubris, inflation, pride, conceit, arrogance, or strong-man hero complexes.” But it is also a good time to get stuff done. It is one of his top transits for the year.


Today is possibly an annoying day as a result of a quincunx (150˚) angle being formed between Mars and Pluto.  Mars in energy that wants to move, though it may be fragmented, Rick Levine points out.  Pluto, he says, is more calculating about what it does and does not do.  The annoyance may be in our expression of energy or in how we create our boundaries and defend them. 

At the same time, mercury moves into a square with Pluto, which can bring a power struggle that just will not go away, because Venus and the sun were square to Pluto before this.  As each planet hit that square angle, it mutated the energy as it interacted with Pluto, and Pluto stays deep in the shadows and wants to stay there.

Pam Gregory says these squares to Pluto awaken potential activism, particularly with Eris close to the same points as this group of planets. Eris square to Pluto “can really indicate a shift of the age; it’s a radical shift of the ages” that began in 2020 and continues. It brings chaos based on a principle to fight for if there have been violations of natural law or there is an imbalance in society, or great inequality.  And with Eris, in Aries it can take to the streets, fight and clash with top-down authority (represented by Pluto) along with rules, regulations, governments and people in power.  This square between Eris and Pluto continues through October 2021.

Chris Brennan points out that the mutual reception sextile between Mercury in Aries and Mars in Gemini comes to fruition on the 17th.  Normally Mercury and Mars brings to mind “extreme verbal altercations or having an accident, but Mercury and Mars combinations also have productive sides as well.”

Austin notes that it is a good time for getting writing done, and he adds that with Mars always needing to get something done, and Mercury bringing in “speed, cleverness and technical precision, it is useful for accomplishing things more quickly.”   Kelly notes that it is also a good time to make decisions, diagnoses, and taking action based on that quick, clear decision.  Action instead of delay, Chris adds.

APRIL 18 -19

Chris Brennan reminds us that with Mercury in Aries there is a cazimi with the sun at the 29th degree of Aries—the anaretic degree. Mercury is moving “super fast right at the culmination of its trip out of Aries,” he says.  Things are speeding up.  Compared to last year, when Mars going retrograde in Aries slowed things down, this year we have things accelerating quickly.

Acyuta-bhava dasa points out that the Mercury/Sun cazimi at the critical degree of Aries, “is some kind of breakthrough…some kind of heroic effort.”  With Mars at a good angle to Jupiter, cohesion results, and we get an “abundant form of support.” On top of that, Mars is at a positive angle to the Sun and Mercury, the Sun is strong when it is in Aries, so it brings productive strong energy.

This culmination of Aries transits precedes the move of Mercury into Taurus the next day and then the sun, and this whole stellium (collection) of planets will begin to shift its energy “from a fiery cardinal (transitioning) sign to an earthy fixed sign,” Chris says.  Kelly says it will be a change of pace—”with time to do and time to play and relax” and “a desire to slow down, hit the brakes, rearrange circumstances so there is breathing room….” 

Austin says it is a little complicated right now with Uranus there.  “Venus is very happy in Taurus. Its rulership works well and it creates pleasing experiences.” But Uranus can break up that pattern as it destabilizes the nature of Venus. Venus does not like being destabilized when it is in Taurus,  because, as Austin says, “We like to know there will be food in the store when we go. If you are married, you want to know you will be married next week, too.” 

Chris points out that these destabilizing tendencies can “affect that part of your life, but it does the opposite of what you are used to,” and it will flip whatever the status quo is. Kelly clarifies this by saying, “Uranus will change whatever is considered familiar, normal or comfortable for you.” Uranus may change things, but sometimes it is internal change with physical stillness.  Whatever you have been doing is likely to shift in a major way when Uranus is hit by so many planets at once.  That begins with the Venus conjunction to Uranus on April 22nd.

Rick Levine notes that as Mercury slips into Taurus, Mars makes a square-and-a-half to Saturn, which makes Mars pretty unhappy, after its sweet connection with Jupiter. Mars may be tired of running in circles and not getting anywhere, he says, but soon it will move into Cancer and settle down.

Also on the 19th, the sun moves into Taurus slowing down from a sprint to a marathon pace which brings the energy of pacing and persistence—the turtle rather than the hare. 


The highlight of the month is the Venus/Uranus conjunction in Taurus, since it also brings in the square (challenging) angle to Saturn.  At the time, there is an emphasis on fixed signs that Austin calls, the “fixed signapalooza.” These are signs that tend to be more stable, slow things down, with a desire for permanence. Movement is slower, things take longer to happen, and as Kelly points out, “Saturn likes to create longer term plans or projects and Uranus is prodding, questioning or reassessing the longer-term structure people have in their lives.”  It is a chance to make adjustments or changes if it no longer feels right. 

Acyuta-bhava Dasa notes that what the Venus/Uranus connection brings is the need for revolution or breakthrough in relationships.  It can center “around creativity, the body, sensuality, the topic of women or the feminine, around friendships and marriages, your sex life and creative or aesthetic revolution.”  With the help of Uranus, he says, Venus is looking for freedom of expression. But in a couple of days, Saturn puts the kibosh on that breakthrough, because Saturn slows things down and it is in a fixed sign, and plays on the fixed qualities of Taurus where Venus and Uranus are hooking up.


The big shift here is Mars leaving Gemini and going into Cancer.  Mars is not normally happy in Cancer—Mars like to fight, and Cancer is nurturing.  But what that does to the Mars energy, Rick Levine points out, is that it is “not eager to go to war…but (it) will defend family and home and values and their homeland.”  It is more about putting energy toward protection and nurturing, and can get a bit overprotective, as well. 

Chris points out that Cancer is the sign of Mars’ fall, and with that comes a sense of lowering the bar, or ending up in a trap, a pothole or a gopher hole, Austin says. “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up,” he says. It can be the feeling of getting stuck. Kelly adds that the sluggish or slow mood of the water sign Cancer affects the motivation of Mars. Not only does the motivation depend on our feelings, there can also be “agitation of our most sensitive or tender feelings,” because Mars (agitation and motivation) is in the sign of the moon (feelings and emotions). Mars can be unpredictable and moody, Chris adds, which can cause trouble.  When Mars is in Cancer, Austin says, he cares too much, feels afraid, but can be complicated by an overload of personal emotions.

In addition, as Mars moves out of Gemini, is moves out of the Kala Sarpa—when all the planets are on one half of the chart (on one side of the nodes of the moon) and Mars breaks out to the other side of the nodes. Mars in that position would be in the strongest position, but in Cancer it is not in the best place possible. However, Austin says “It has a freedom, and whatever you can get it to do, it has more power and agency, and in Cancer it “helps stabilize it.” Kind of like “keeping the foxes out of the henhouse…fortifying the chicken coop against predators,” he adds. This can play out in terms of advocacy or providing resources for people in toxic situations.

Acyuta-bhava Dasa notes that Mars in Cancer can represent water sports, but “it can also speak to things like death, or conflict or hostility in the family—passive aggressiveness—like a boiling (Mars)  pot of water (Cancer).  It’s a more difficult Mars, he says.  So, he notes it can be the vulnerabilities of the home facing a Mars that wants “blood and action,” or it can be, on the other hand, protection of Cancerian things, like home, family, the feminine—fighting on behalf of them. It can also represent, simply, renovation in the home. 

Also today, Mercury meets up with Uranus in Taurus, and this, Levine says, can bring “erratic, electric breakthrough energy” that feels unstable or excitable.  It can, he says, lead us to “jump to conclusions, answer questions before they are asked,” and maybe find out we were answering the wrong question.

Venus forms a square to Saturn, today, as well, and mercury will follow suit on the 24th.  Uranus has riled up the troops and Saturn is pulling in the reins to take things down a notch.


As Rick Levine points out, “We see that the full moon is opposing the sun as it always does, but it is also opposing Uranus.” The sun is with 3˚ of Uranus, which he says brings out “complex feelings and intensity, passion and transformation.” Since this is the Buddha full moon, the transformation could be one of consciousness. This full moon is square to Saturn in Aquarius as is Uranus and the sun in Taurus, forming a t-square, which Levine says indicate “a dynamic powerplay” that is “the dominance of the regulations, rules, law, parents, police, anyone or anything in control….”  It is also tradition.  Neptune is also in the mix, forming some challenging angles to the moon and sun, which Levine says means “we are battling the fantasy, the illusion of what people are saying is true or what we are believing is true”—the difference, he says, between what is real and what is imagined.

Acyuta-bhava Dasa also notes that Mars (ancient ruler of Scorpio) is in the moon’s sign of Cancer, while the full moon (ruler of Cancer) is in Mars’ sign of Scorpio.  “There is mutual reception between the two of them, but they are both in their fall,” he says. This means that there is the possibility of making the best out of an emotionally challenging confrontational situation. But with Uranus combining its energy with that of the sun opposite the full moon, there is a “potential for turmoil in places that are more vulnerable…the stuff that really triggers you or that’s more traumatic”—the things that have a history and push your buttons. So there could be strong outbursts of emotional energy, he says, or a catharsis that brings changes that need to be made. 

Austin Coppock calls this mutual reception between the full moon and Mars the same as basically having “two mars moon combinations” that he thinks will “serve to pressurize and heat the water.” There is a pressurized quality to this. Kelly agrees that “it feels very emotionally churning or stirred up at like deep levels,” adding that Saturn squaring Uranus is “big protest energy—right for all sorts of different reasons, wrong for another.”  She sees the possibility of massive demonstrations in several places because of this feeling of “like tension boiling over—the hot pot on the stove.” 


Today there could be angry words, Rick Levine tells us, as Mercury is at a challenging angle to Mars, which can bring ego skirmishes.  Pluto also turns retrograde on the 27th and barely moves until May 6th.  This will be important in May when Venus comes into a harmonious angle with Pluto the day before that.  But Pluto turning retrograde, he says, “confirms the need for persistence.”   Austin Coppock points out that because Pluto is “sort of our door to the underworld, and sometimes things disappear and go hide down there,” it also brings the possibility of those hidden things to “erupt out of that pluto door.” This, he says, reinforces that “boiling over feeling” as things could “come up as a geyser” from the underworld—the pressure below erupting.  (Sounds almost…volcanic.)


The sun meets up with Uranus exactly today in Taurus. Acyuta-bhava Dasa likes it very much in spite of the fact that immediately after this meeting, the sun will connect with Saturn at a challenging square angle.  He calls the Sun/Uranus connection “a moment of clarity, a moment of epiphany, a moment of breakthrough.”  It is, he says, “a great way to cap off the month.”

Rick Levine calls the sun’s conjunction to Uranus and then square to Saturn “the same damn issue” and he explains that Edna St. Vincent Millay told us that “life is not one thing after another. It is the same damn thing over and over again.”   This Saturn square Uranus connection, Levine says, is sticking around all year, and the sun conjunct Uranus means “we end the month…breaking through to the other side, with the new exciting, revolutionary, progressive, we are going somewhere.”  It is a loosening of the shackles and by the time we get to early May when the sun squares Saturn, “we have to negotiate with the givers of reality—those who define what is. We are not quite as free as we thought we were.” (COVID rears its ugly head, again, I presume).

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