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The key happenings this month start on day one—the New Moon in Aries on April 1st.  The sun and moon meet up in Mars’ sign, close to thoughtful, informative Mercury and wounded-healer Chiron, the planet of past hurts, injuries and illness. As the Daily Details lays out, it is a good time—in the first two days–to find healing with our words and begin anew. It might be a good time for the healing words to happen between Russia and Ukraine, Will Smith and Chris Rock, and other painful times in our own lives. It is also a time to think about healing related to the recent past and moving into a new phase. But first, we need to break through the obstruction of action-oriented Mars meeting up with slow-moving, restrictive Saturn in Aquarius on April 4th-5th.  As if that is not enough of a challenge, both planets are at a tense angle to change-it-up Uranus in order to find some new freedom and independence.  Uranus may be spurring Mars on to get things moving and Saturn is the guard at the door blocking the way forward. 

Creative, pleasure-loving Venus leaves intellectual Aquarius and moves into creative and go-with-the-flow Pisces where it is exalted and happy with both rulers of that sign—Jupiter and Neptune—both of which are also hanging out at home. So they will welcome Venus for a big happy reunion later in the month, right after they have their own love fest on the 12th.  But before that happens, logical mercury leaves behind the sun, which is enjoying hot and charged-up Aries, and Mercury will be feeling much more down to earth and grounded in Taurus, while staying connected to Venus and her pleasures, since she rules Taurus and its sense of the good life.

Mars finally breaks away from Saturn’s grasp and heads into Pisces—not its favorite place, since Pisces is water and Mars is fire. Sometimes the fire has trouble getting started in the wet world of Pisces, and sometimes the fire can bring things to a boil. What is a good possibility is the Mars desire to take action combined with the Pisces sense of compassion and creativity could be a force for good or the engine that drives the dream forward.  Pisces’ spiritual side can see Mars as a spiritual warrior.  Mars could also be part of a meditative or spiritual activity that includes hot yoga, T’ai Chi, Qigong, or relate to active water sports like swimming, paddle boarding, or kayaking.

In the middle of the month is a full moon in Libra. Despite the fact that the moon is in one of Venus’ home signs—and Venus is happily hanging out with Jupiter and Neptune in a sign where it is exalted—this full moon will bring an intensity to the month since it will be at a challenging angle to the secretive, powerful Lord of the Underworld—Pluto. That intensity could result from feeling a bit too high on life and ignoring the secret motives happening under the surface. More details in the April 16th daily forecast.

A few days later, before the sun leaves it’s hot, happy place in Aries and reluctantly follows Mercury into earthy, secure Taurus on the 19th, the sun forms a stressful square to powerful, intense Pluto at the same time that logical Mercury meets up with outside-the-box, unpredictable and rebellious Uranus, who is not feeling the down-to-earth vibe, as the sun shines its light on the power player Pluto. This could be part of a volatile week.

The sun finally heads out of fiery Aries and into Taurus readying itself for its first solar (new moon) eclipse of 2022 on the last day of the month. Around that time, Mercury has gone home to Gemini, but before arriving there, it connects in a harmonious angle to Pluto, which is beginning his retrograde backwards in Capricorn. Mercury has a chance to think deeply about what it should communicate, and once it gets to Gemini, it has a lot to say. With the eclipse happening soon after, this information could be with us for a half year or more.  We’ll see how that will play out in May and the months ahead.



The new moon in Aries is kind of like the summary of the new year ahead. We had the sun move into Aries on March 21 to begin the astrological new year, and the new moon on April 1st represents the new phases that lie ahead. Many astrologers see this new moon as the beginning of positive times ahead, especially with Jupiter and Neptune at home in their home sign. Acyuta-bhava Das, especially sees this as a an energizing reset.  He says, “I just get a feeling that this is going to be a very productive month” though he adds that there may also be a feeling of strain and effort, focus and discipline behind it (with the Mars/Saturn conjunction about to happen in Aquarius being at an angle of opportunity to the new moon), but he sees a lifting of the energy by “emotional enthusiasm and buoyancy” from Jupiter and Neptune.

Near this new moon in Aries, Pam Gregory points out that we have Chiron, the dwarf planet of the wounded healer and teacher.  She says this may suggest a “new stage of recovery in the pandemic” or a treatment that could help us.  It could also be connected to feelings we have of past injustices or bullying incidents, feeling excluded or like an outsider.  Nevertheless, the energy of the new moon in Aries is initiatory, and “a fantastic time to launch something,” she says.  Mercury is also close to the new moon in Aries, which represents practical, logical thinking.  It is, she says, conjunct a dwarf planet Celestia—which is mermaid energy, or liquid light—and that brings in “the promise of something very different, quantum, so we are moving away from the logical, the analytical, the day-to-day,” helping us to manifest more effortlessly,” Pam tells us. [Note: A search for more information on the dwarf planet Celestia, nothing was found other than the fact that there are more than 200 dwarf planets in the Kuiper belt, and the name only came up as a software name.]  

It can also be a warlike energy because Eris is in Aries. Eris, the sister of Mars, and Aries—ruled by Mars—brings in the warrior energy.  And we will see, coming up on April 4th and 5th, ambitious Mars and restrictive Saturn tangling up in Aquarius and squaring freedom-loving, independent Uranus bringing in what Pam calls “eruptive” and fiery, impulsive and revolutionary energies. But more about that on the 4th.

Rick Levine also points out that the proximity of Mercury and Chiron to the new moon means we can heal (Chiron) using words (Mercury) in order to move forward.  With Mercury in this position, it is a good time, especially this month, to set our intentions.

Rick sees the coming conjunction between Mars and Saturn in Aquarius as a sense of “yes we can, but should we,” because we won’t be able to go quite yet since Saturn still has power to stop things—and it is stopping Mars, the planet that rules Aries. However, once Mars gets past Saturn, Rick tells us—“once we get past that first week, everything is cleared—all the planets are cleared of both Pluto and Saturn,” and then we get some forward motion. But he warns that this month, there are several reasons to have a backup plan. He tells us, “Remember, a new moon chart is not a chart for the moment, it’s a chart for how the moment defines the next few weeks of forward or outward motion.”  So, it is not simply that there is a new moon, it is what the entire chart looks like at the time of the new moon.  Since all the planets in this chart are on one side of the chart, a bunch of small, uncomfortable, irritating angles are formed, which results in a lack of perspective.

The Astrology Podcast, which included Chris Brennan, Austin Coppock and Samuel F. Reynolds this month, brought up that this new moon is just one day ahead of the Sun and Mercury connecting in a cazimi, a very close conjunction in which Mercury is in the heart of the sun.  It is a great aspect for communication and interacting with others to share ideas.  Chris Brennan also talks about the Aries energy wanting to get up and go, but as Mars is in a tense conjunction to restrictive Saturn, it makes things feel obstructed.  Austin, however, points out that it “redoubles the need to get up and go because there is a lot of obstruction, there’s a lot to do.” But, Austin points out that we have to make the decision about whether or not it is worth pushing forward against the obstruction.  “When we have a new moon in a Mars-ruled sign and we say what’s Mars doing, and Mars is actually sort of looking right at the past here, with Saturn. And maybe that in and of itself can be a reason to want to do something new—It’s like ‘Oh God, not this again!’ “  Remember, the last time Mars and Saturn met up was the end of March 2020? We all know what that meant—lockdown. And, isn’t that reason enough to want to do something new?


Today is the conjunction of Mercury and the sun, forming a Cazimi.  Acyuta-bhava Das notes that it is in a cardinal fire sign, which means that thing feel like “they are really moving; there’s a feel of things being alchemized and cooked.” He adds that “Anytime you start getting a bunch of energy in the sign of Aries, you know that the inceptional quality (the ability to start new things) is upon us.” 

Today we also start to see a set of semi-sextiles that are some of the culprits in making this month, and the new moon, one of not having a good perspective on things.  The cazimi of the sun and Mercury forms a semi-sextile (a 30˚ angle) to Uranus in Taurus.  This is followed on the 4th, 5th , 6th, and 7th by more semi-sextiles.  Even at the time of the new moon on the 1st the sun, moon and Chiron were semi-sextile to Uranus.  This month has a total, Rick says, of 15 semi-sextiles.  What this means is that “we’re trying to get it right, but we can’t quite get it right.”

So, while we are awaiting the reunion (after 166 years) of Jupiter and Neptune in their home sign this month, and we are feeling oh so joyful and excited with boundless love and generosity, we are also likely to experience a bigger than usual sense of confusion, a bigger lack of clarity and more of a likelihood of being blind-sided or just out of it.  It’s no wonder we can’t quite get things right.  Neptune is fantasy and music and Jupiter is expanding its energy; as the song goes, “Dear Mr. Fantasy, play us a tune, something to make us all happy. Do anything, take us out of this gloom, Sing a song, play guitar, make it snappy. “ (song by Traffic, lyrics by Jim Capaldi, 1967)


Rick Levine points out that at noon on April 4 ,Mars is heading toward Saturn, but not quite there yet, and by the 5th Mars has passed Saturn by and is heading toward Venus. He says that the new moon energy and the other planets in Aries—Mercury, the sun and Chiron—are pushing us to go ahead to the new phase, and Mars is ready to move quickly ahead, as well. But Saturn is the wall, the blockade, the Troll at the bridge giving three riddles to solve before Mars can cross.  Saturn is also the sign saying slow down so you don’t go off the road, Levine says. “Don’t do it too fast or you’ll regret it, you’ll go off the edge, you’ll go off the road and you’ll have a harder time getting back on track.”  Instead, he says we should see that here the cosmos is telling us not to do it yet, but that “we can use our imagination, which is going to be key as we talk about Jupiter conjoining Neptune.”  Once Mars passes Saturn by the 5th, there is a definite change of flavor. 

Levine adds, “On the other side of Saturn it’s like now the road is straight and we don’t have the same curves that we had there is one other thing though that we’re gonna run into all month, but we’re gonna be free from both Saturn and Pluto at least by at least by direct conjunction and that’s,when it comes to Saturn, when we actually get some support because you know we have all the planets right now squeezed into a very small area of of the sky.”

Acyuta-bhava Das says that the Mars/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius gives us a “very effective, broad-minded strategic 20,000-foot view,” which is hard-working, diplomatic and strategic, but with an aggressive and effective edge to it.  By April 5th, he points out that Venus is going to enter Pisces, its sign of exaltation, which, in combination with the energy of Jupiter and Neptune, brings us to a fantasy world that feels romantic, other-worldly, uplifting, inspired, emotional and without boundaries.  He explains that this reeling of renewal, though one that will be a positive experience, needs to be grounded. He sees the Mars/Saturn conjunction as an objective and productive influence.

The Astrology Podcast group brings up the fact that this conjunction of the two malefics—combative, aggressive Mars and strict, hard-ass Saturn whose favorite word is “no”—has been building up for weeks and will finally be over by the 14th, when fiery Mars leaves the air sign of Aquarius, which has been fanning the flames, and goes into watery, dreamy, go-with-the-flow Pisces.  Just before it does, Jupiter and Neptune, which have been dancing around each other—flirting with the possibilities—finally will make a connection on the 12th.  More on that later.  Chris Brennan notes that the alignment between Mars and Saturn is “very distinctive….harsh and discordant,” pointing out that “the last time we had one of those, of course, was during the early phase of the pandemic, and the lockdowns around March and April of 2020.  This malefic alignment occurring close to the time of the Jupiter/Neptune alignment—which Brennan calls “the greater benefic and Neptune, having this sort of mysterious or illusory quality, often conceptualized…experientially, as a more positive alignment,” is difficult to figure out—hard to know what it will look like.  Austin Coppock helps him out by saying, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” adding that it is not just Jupiter and Neptune together in Pisces, because Venus is there, as well (after the 6th).

Pam Gregory points out that the Mars/Saturn conjunction is also at a challenging, stressful square angle to the nodal axis—meaning both the North Node of the moon in earth sign Taurus and the South Node in Scorpio are forming a t-square with the Mars/Saturn alignment in air sign Aquarius.  This she says is a “time of letting go of toxicity, and sexual financial crimes coming to light (south node in Scorpio), and at the other end, the North Node is our future collective destiny, which can “manifest as greater attempted control, again linked to freedoms” which we can use to initiate something, she explains.   The Mars/Saturn connection—a difficult, militaristic aspect—can represent “forced control…of our freedoms.”  However, she adds that Mars and Saturn connecting in a hard aspect is also good for goal setting, discipline, and pushing beyond your limits.  But, again, as the Astrology Podcast brought up, this was the transit that ushered in the big lockdown in 2020 (after the great conjunction of January that year), and with the square to the nodal axis here, Pam also brings up the attempt at greater control linked to freedoms. It may, however, not manifest in the same way or regarding the same kind of controls.

The Water TrioCass Tyndall, Kelley Surtees, and Alicia Yusuf—tells us that the difference between the last meeting of Mars and Saturn in March of 2020 and this one is that Jupiter’s energy is no longer in the same sign, expanding this harsh restriction worldwide, but it is also not there to bring a potentially positive spin to the situation.  They do say that there could be stressors because some things could be more difficult.  In Aquarius, the mind could be the thing, meaning that we should be sure to take care of our mental health both individually and collectively. The other side of the coin is that this aspect can help us “discover our strength through a pressured situation,” in the same was that steel is forged in the fire. 

Rick Levine also pointed out that the on the3rd,  Venus was semi-sextile to Pluto , and on the 4th Mars semi-sextiles Jupiter and Jupiter semi-sextiles Saturn on April 5th. He tells us, “it means that the month is gonna be as annoying as hell …[because] semi-sextiles are irritating because we can’t quite get it in focus, we can’t quite see it for what it is, we can’t quite act.” Most people, he says, think the hardest aspects are squares, but he explains that “a square motivates us in the most magnificent work from an artist, from anyone doing any sort of production…that’s when you apply your your inner conflict, and you make something happen.”

With the semi-sextiles, he says, “We’re on the launchpad but we’re not ready to launch yet,” not because the launch won’t be successful, but because we have to deal with a whole lot more stuff along the way than we might have thought.

The Water Trio discussion tells us that when happy, loving, creative Venus hits Pisces on the 5th, it finds relief because it is exalted. They remind us that “Venus is the social sort of harmony and connection and togetherness and all of those sort of friendships and bonds with people.” As the year began, Venus had its challenges with retrogrades, connecting with Mars and Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Aquarius, not to mention the time of besiegement, as it’s known, when Venus was stuck between the two malefics, Mars and Saturn.  When Venus moves into Pisces, it is not necessarily more productive, but rather it brings a sense of connection, getting closer to certain other people, learning more about our emotional selves. It can also feel protective, stabilizing and helpful in the house where it falls in our charts, as well as the Jupiter parts of our charts.

As Alicia Yusuf points out, “Jupiter in Pisces is imaginative, magical and when Venus joins it in this space, it’s like, ‘Come and enjoy this with me, let’s do this together, let’s drop the phones or drop the stress or drop the worry, and just be together in this space.” Being in Pisces with Neptune this connection experiences a lot of emotion.  Jupiter was in a drought, she says, while it was “under Saturn’s thumb for the last few years,” so we have now the opportunity for seeing things in a more unifying way to a larger degree.

The Astrology Podcast discusses the potential for more pandemic-related spikes or hospitalizations because Mars and Saturn connections have been prominent when there have been lockdowns and restrictions.  [With the two planets being in an air sign, it could be related to face masks.  Neptune and Jupiter are more likely connected to the vaccine possibilities.]

Mars connecting to Saturn can affect the United States sense of what it is like to just be a person in this country?  What is the mood of the country?  This is the focus because the meeting of Mars and Saturn hits the moon in the “birthchart” of the United States—the Sibley Chart.  This transit can bring difficulties and struggles, Austin Coppock says. It can be hardship.  The combination of the Mars/Saturn challenges and the Jupiter/Neptune sense of hope, compassion and the dream, he says is that “There is no time that mercy is more appreciated than when brutality is present.  When life is utterly brutal, a small mercy, a small kindness, a small moment can be tremendously impactful.”


Quick-moving, fast-thinking Mercury in action-oriented Aries connects to deliberate, cautious Saturn with an angle of opportunity and then quickly meets up with fiery, ambitious and possibly an angry Mars with the same angle of potential. Acyuta-bhava Das tells us there is “reception between Mercury and Mars” since Mercury is in Mars’ home sign, and that, he tells us, “tends to mean strategic, fast, intelligent, useful, practical, as well as flexible and adaptable qualities.  Generally Mercury and Mars can mean arguments, but at this positive angle, it is likely to offer the possibility of the best of both planetary energies.


It’s a special day in the Aries part of our charts, when big, beneficial, spread-out Jupiter reaches out and touches dreamy, mystical, magical, imaginative, creative Neptune, while at the same time fast-moving, quick-thinking, left-brain logical Mercury heads out the door on its way to Taurus, so the vibe will be very right-brained.  Mercury, however, will be keeping in touch with the Pisces energy because it will be in Venus’ home sign and Venus has joined the Pisces party almost a week ago. So there will be reception there. It is keeping us in mind of life’s pleasures from a grounded perspective. Although Mercury is logical, it will help balance pleasure and reason, with a dash of common sense. 

 Acyuta-bhava Das says Mercury becomes “sort of more feminine in nature…a little bit more sensitive and a little gentler, as things start to slow down…compared to the fast pace of Aries.” He notes that the Jupiter/Neptune connection adds a “fertile quality” with the best qualities being the imaginative, romantic, faithful and awakening tendencies, and the shadow side being more “fanatical, zealous feelings that are filled with some kind of emotional intensity that …[could be] delusional.”

Rick Levine notes that the Jupiter/Neptune alignment brings expansive belief, and visionary, dreamy energy, and spiritual, compassionate and kind qualities that can especially be felt by those with planets at 23 degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius or Gemini, as well as Scorpio and Cancer, which are at the most harmonious angles to this transit. The energy from this conjunction will last until Jupiter leaves Pisces in mid-May and Mars leaves Pisces on May 25th.  That, Levine says, is when the game changes.   

Cassandra Tyndall of the Water Trio points out that this Jupiter/Neptune energy bringing in the “surrender and flow and enticement or intoxication…a little bit of fairy-like seduction.” But it also brings a choice of being in a fantasy world or stay connected to the phone or Metaverse.  There is also the idea that she says is an overwhelm of emotion, a lot of grief, possibly a breakdown after two years of “white knuckling it.”  She explains, “It’s almost like when you know what happens when you’re looking forward to taking holidays and you’re working like a dog to get to the leave date, and…finally go to the resort or wherever…and then get sick.”   Although she likes to think of this as a really great transit, she is cautious with Neptune because of its smoke-screen, illusionary, deceptive quality that brings down the Jupiter/Neptune potential. However, she suggests that Saturn in Aquarius can bring in balance, reality and structure in juxtaposition to the magic and fantasy of Neptune and Jupiter.  She suggests using this time to “decide what you want out of 2022 [ahead of time] because otherwise this overflow can take place and you just drown in it and nothing of substance comes out of it.’

Pam Gregory calls the alignment of Jupiter and Neptune “one of the most beautiful aspects of the year, reminding us that this connection only happens in Pisces once every 166 years.  She has been saying for awhile that under this transit, we were very likely to see “a significant increase in the oil prices because Neptune represents oil, and Jupiter is expansion, which brings the price up” (especially with Venus there, which is finances and money).  She suggests we could also experience inflation—since Jupiter and Neptune represent “big waves,” including the big wave of refugees.  There could be an increase in hypnosis, psychosis, delusion and deceit, as well as new pharmaceutical products.  She also sees a clearer divergence in social arenas, which can be warlike vs. peaceful, transcendent and blissful. But she does see a stronger potential for expanding our desire to connect to the divine and have as stronger spiritual future.

The Astrology podcast brought the conversation to the historical occurrences with Jupiter/Neptune connections.  The spiritual movement in the mid-1800s when Jupiter and Neptune last met in Pisces. When they met in Aquarius, air, the film Avatar came out and Boeing introduced the 787 Dreamliner.  This year, they said, could also be an opening of the floodgates, while going forward, when Saturn enters Pisces and Jupiter and Neptune are in Aries, there could be a drying up of things.

What Venus brings to Pisces, they say, is that it will “improve significantly in the way that it feels and what things look like by the time we get to the end of the first full week of April,” Austin Coppock says. Though it doesn’t solve all the problems, he adds, “It’s a really dramatic change in position and condition.”  But, Sam Reynolds adds that we should  “be mindful of the good  that you have and not waste it. Not be extraneous, not be overzealous with it or too anticipatory.”

Chris Brennan agrees, adding, “Yeah. I think the main challenge that Venus will have in Pisces is going to be the conjunction  with Neptune [later in the month] and staying grounded and not getting swept away. Because one of the things that comes up with Venus-Neptune conjunctions is that things just look so good that there’s a tendency to over-idealize, let’s say, a natal chart romantic partners or over-romanticize situations that one finds themself in and to raise things up.”


Mars moves into Pisces today, which Rick Levine says is like being all dressed up but not being sure where you are going.  Mars, he says, is “the spiritual warrior; this is the person who’s ready to fight for some higher spiritual belief. Unfortunately, it’s also the person who’s willing to fight for some aberrated delusion.”

Although Jupiter, the beneficent planet, has been moving away from the malefics (Pluto, Mars, Saturn), Mars is moving into Jupiter’s home for now, but in another month, when Jupiter moves into Mars’ home of Aries, the Water Trio points out that they will be able to help each other out, since they will be in mutual reception—sharing each other’s energy and space.

Chris Brennan notes that at last the Mars/Saturn connection is over as Mars moves into Pisces today.  After Sam Reynolds comments that Mars in Pisces “is pretty sneaky…like a Fireball whiskey that can sneak up on you,” Chris adds that Mars in this sign will certainly spice things up, bringing “some urgency, sometimes some combativeness.”  Austin Coppock, a big Mixed Martial Arts fan, says that Mars in Pisces is the perfect example for that sport—Mars being combat and Pisces ruling the feet.  “Mars in Pisces is just fantastically tricky and elusive….You think of waves crashing.”  In terms of the world, Austin suggests that Pisces is a “less-stressed place for Mars” because although “Mars may still be rabble-rousing,” it is with three planets—Jupiter, Neptune and Venus—that prefer harmony over conflict.  So, Austin adds that “if there is to be continued conflict, it does suggest to me that it would move to the waterways…trade embargoes and ports being blockaded or scuffles on the water.”   Chris pointed out that when Mars went through Scorpio—another water sign—in November, there was an event of scorpions raining from the sky in Egypt, and they speculated on the possibility of Sharknado. 

Mars being in Jupiter and Neptune’s house and being outnumbered by benefic planets is the opposite of when Jupiter was the only benefic in cold Capricorn in 2020, when it was virtually suffocated by Mars, Saturn and Pluto, and left fairly powerless.    

In general, the group decided that while Mars “does complicate the otherwise rosy picture of just Venus and Jupiter being there (in Pisces) on their own…despite complicating things and adding some friction, [Mars] will just add movement to that part of everybody’s chart, whatever house it is ingressing into….”  Rather than chill out with Venus and Jupiter, we may be pushed to act more than we might otherwise, which Austin sums up as “Mars likes missions and Mars is happy to assign you more than seems doable.”

Acyuta-bhava Das says things can “become a little fanatical,” since Mars being in Jupiter and Neptune’s home while both planets are there, “you get a little bit of that martyr complex, or the ‘I’ll just die for something, I’m so intense about it.’” He is comforted by the fact that both Venus and Jupiter are there while Mars comes through.

So the moral of the story seems to be, just because it feels good, doesn’t mean it’s a good thing to do right now.


Rick Levine notes that communicative Mercury forms a half-square with Jupiter and Neptune, which he says could be a time when “we can get caught in a lie or where something comes out that what we are saying…is not really what’s going on—there’s another side that has to do with the metaphysical.”


The full moon happens at 26˚ 45’ of Libra at 2:54 p.m. eastern time. The sun in Pisces, of course, is directly opposite the moon.  As Pam Gregory reminds us, full moons are a time of conclusion or culmination. It can also shine a light on something previously unknown.  At this full moon, she points out, we will see Pluto forming a t-square to the moon and sun. “This is really highlighting power as an issue, how power is being used in the world,” she says.  The assertion of power at this time could be very intense, since hard aspects between the moon and Pluto bring “a great deal of emotional intensity, and that tends to happen at a full moon anyway.”   Pluto’s role while it is in Capricorn, she points out, is “to reveal anything which is not of the highest integrity, the highest transparency and accountability, any corruption that is existing in top down structures of all kinds….”  As Pluto moves toward the 29˚ point of Capricorn, known as the anaretic degree, where it will spend much of next year, it will be preparing to move into Aquarius, away from its job in transforming hierarchical power structures.  But while it is there, and with the help of this full moon, it “brings up secrets that are linked to [criminal, underhanded] things and those things that are linked to sexual issues…financial misdeeds of all kinds…”.   She adds that we could start to question “how well you have used your power in your life….Are you now coming to a point where you’re saying, ‘No, I am going to take my power back’?” We will be able to decide to take our power back as Pluto heads toward Aquarius—power to the people.

Pam also notes that the full moon is opposing disruptive, chaos-for-a-cause Eris, which is tightly conjunct the sun in Aries, and Eris is still in a challenging square to Pluto. This could cause, she says, “that clash between individual rights…and the clash with Pluto in Capricorn, top down authority and government control.” Yet, Pluto is also in a harmonious angle to the North Node in Taurus. “This is our future collective destiny.”  Taurus is the earth, and with Uranus there, too, she says it is a symbol of the new earth.  “We need to. Step into that power to galvanize and build a new earth.” 

Chris Brennan and the gang also see the t-square connecting Pluto to the opposition between the sun and moon as “a little bit tricky.”  Austin Coppock, however, notes that the full moon in Libra is looking to Venus, and “Venus is in great shape” in Pisces.  The sun looks to Mars since the Sun is in Aries.  (In Aries, by the way, the sun is exalted and in Pisces, Austin says that Mars is “in a much more chill position than we saw two weeks earlier”).   Sam notes that this full moon with Jupiter and Neptune conjunct in Pisces could have a religious or spiritual significance for some people—since Jupiter rules religion and philosophy and Neptune represents the spiritual connection.  The angle to Pluto, however, could involve “control or manipulation,” Chris says

Rick Levine says that this full moon is interesting “because it’s not an easy one…because the full moon in Libra/Aries is about the tension in relationship.”  Aries, he reminds us, is I, me, mine—the perception of self.  This full moon is the realization that we need “to find a point of mutuality, that halfway point between the internal and the external (Libra)….”  Add to that, the t-square with Pluto, and he says it underlies everything “because Pluto has to do with the subconscious, the hidden” along with the wealthy, the racists, the systemic plutocracy.  Other uncomfortable angles between the moon, the sun and Venus add to the mix to make it a stressful time.  It suggests, he says, “that there’s money and/or love that is somehow stressing this,” and that the next new moon—the solar eclipse in Taurus at the end of April—relates to this current war “being fought in the realms of finances [and the] power that money is holding,” which he says will impact this full moon.

He does point out, in his mid-month report, that the midpoint between Saturn in Aquarius and Mars is very close to forming a harmonious trine angle to the full moon and an angle of possibility (sextile) to the sun.  This, he says, “tells us that behind the apparent power plays, power struggles—things that are going on that are not easy to deal with, the tough issues—behind that we actually have some integrity that is acting out in a way that can really stabilize things over the long run.”  Saturn and Mars working together, he emphasizes, take the pressure off both the sun and the moon.

Mars being in Pisces, he adds, is “the person willing to fight for their convictions, for their beliefs. This can be good news or bad news,” since Jupiter magnifies fantasy-spinning Neptune, and convictions can become deluded by the lack of clarity and reality.  He explains that “we have these visions and dreams and we can bring these ideals into reality, but once the dreams come into reality, then they’re real, and they’re no longer the fantasy that feels so good.” We have potential and possibility along with the exuberance, but it also requires having some maturity, wisdom of experience and contingency plans. Jupiter and Neptune are at the same degree point in Pisces that the sun and moon are on in Aries and Libra while this full moon is formed, and Pluto is within the same degree point range.  This, he says, makes this full moon not an easy one,  with difficulty finding balance between the self and others, added to a tug-of-war, a dynamic energy and a desire to dream about everything being perfect.  And if that were not enough, logical Mercury is meeting tomorrow—the 17th—with unpredictable, freedom-loving Uranus in Taurus, meaning our minds will be racing in ways that will be somewhat out of control.

Acyuta-bhava Das also sees this full moon in a t-square with Pluto as having an intensity  that could allow us to be “convinced by our own emotional zeal that something that maybe isn’t so healthy is [instead] right or good.”  He also points out that since the moon is in a Venus-ruled sign–and Venus is exalted in Pisces, in company with the other good guys, Jupiter and Neptune, who are happily at home where they are–“you might be able to justify some not-so-cool things around this time because of how high you’re feeling” based on that positive-feeling energy in fantasy-driven Pisces. 

So the moral of the story seems to be, just because it feels good, doesn’t mean it’s a good thing to do right now.


Logical, informative Mercury (news, socializing, writing, learning) meets freedom-loving, changeable Uranus who flies by the seat of his pants. Rick Levine talks about Mercury meeting up with Uranus, saying, “since our minds are racing, we’re pulling answers out of the air faster than we can find questions for them.”  So is that a psychic thing, or an assumption thing? Levine tells us that “normally Taurus is rather simplistic, determined, methodical, and practical, while Mercury, which is getting closer and closer to Uranus, is high frequency almost like Aquarian energy—buzzing.” And, Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius—also sporadic energy, which means Mercury in Taurus “isn’t as comfortable or isn’t as laid back as it might normally be as long as Uranus remains in Taurus.” The one time per year that Mercury is going to come through Taurus and meet up with Uranus will be a time of “heightened, amplified thinking—thoughts, ideas, communication, words [that] may or may not be useful or practical.”

Informative, thoughtful Mercury is also forming an angle of potential with Venus, and that Venus is going to form a sextile (the same kind of angle of potential) with Uranus)—since Mercury is meeting up with Uranus. With the “high frequency” communication that Mercury combined with Uranus can bring, Levine says this combination can surprise us, “kind of create situations out of the blue, or give us ideas of things that are very different than the way we normally do them.  But Venus, he adds, “is really magical and can take that pressure off the craziness, the suddenness, the unexpectedness of the moon opposing Mercury and Uranus.

He also suggests cutting others some slack today and being willing to forgive, be compassionate, because of a difficult position of the wounded healer Chiron being at the halfway point between the Mercury/Uranus conjunction and Venus in Pisces. Things could be out of whack and a bit of a problem.


Pam Gregory talks about the sun being in an exact 90˚ square to Pluto, which highlights issues of power.  She points out that chaotic, disruptive Eris is also in a square to Pluto, representing activists and street fighters.  Pluto in Capricorn is top-down structures—whether it is buildings, cliffs and mountains or governments, corporations, authorities that rule over lower-level followers. This again shines a light on the things that are hidden or that lack integrity in such organizations, or structures like buildings and bridges that have their structural integrity compromised. With Uranus in Taurus, we do expect earthquakes and other earth movement or sudden explosive events related to the earth. 

Since the full moon two days ago, this is not  the best time energetically, according to Acyuta-bhava Das.  As the sun and Pluto form a square angle to each other with Mercury’s connection to Uranus yesterday, it can be “an explosive day”  that makes this mid-April intense with “a lot of Plutonian energy [and] the potential for blow-ups.”   The moon moves into Scorpio after the full moon and at the time when the Sun is in the challenging angle to Pluto. Pluto rules Scorpio, so the combination of all of these aspects and transits through the chart represent the potential for very volatile energy, Acyuta-bhava says.

In addition, he points out that happy, creative Venus forms an angle of potential (a sextile) with rebellious Uranus, which he sees as a “pretty Uranian moment, a kind of radical break from norms fueled by that Sun/Pluto kind of nuclear space,” right before the Sun heads into Taurus on its own date with Uranus in a week or so.


Rick Levine points out that Mercury is moving so fast through Taurus, it will come into a 90˚ square angle to Saturn on the 24th.  This is the second square Mercury makes to an outer planet—before entering Taurus, it was square to Pluto in Capricorn, and we just had the sun squaring Pluto.  Now Mercury is in the same challenging angle to Saturn in Aquarius.  Again, this is communications, news, thinking—and Saturn is slow and strategic (unlike Uranus, which Mercury also just ran into in Taurus). Though Aquarius is energetic mind, it is stimulating Mercury’s thoughtfulness and analysis, and Saturn carefully piecing it all together.  In a few days, Mercury will be in a harmonious trine to Pluto—taking charge and transforming through words and ideas.  It could be a good time to negotiate, rewrite, or put together a business plan.

Acyuta-bhava Das talks about mindful Mercury squaring serious Saturn by saying that this combination “can be a little frustrating” and we can get “a little locked up mentally, but it is also a good time for getting serious work done or restructuring things of a more committed, heavier mental quality.” 


Chris Brennan and Leisa Schaim have determined that today is their choice of an auspicious chart for beginning something or choosing to do something—starting a business, having a wedding, beginning a project—based on the time of day and the location of the ascendant on the chart.  It is a bit complicated for non-astrologers, but note that Venus is moving into a connection to Neptune and Jupiter is still close by.  It is best when the timing for this day is at 4:25 a.m. or in the evening at about 10:15 p.m.  It can be a good day, Chris says, “for things that you want to appear good, or to have a good appearance or some sort of aesthetic appeal….It can be something even that looks a little bit mystical or ethereal in some way.”  Overall, he says that this is a day that will be good for putting your best foot forward in some way, he says, or when things will have a favorable appearance. So show your home for sale, perhaps, go on a date with someone new and make a good impression, enter a photo in a contest, or make a presentation to a potential client or funder. (Shark Tank, anyone? These are the planets that are in Pisces).   


The easy trine (120˚) angle between intelligent, communicative Mercury and intense Pluto can give a good perspective between communication and authority, transformation, and understanding things that may be figured out or reported that had not been known before.  As Pam Gregory points out, “it is really kind of excavating any lack of integrity, accountability, or transparency in those top-down structures, and that’s going to become … even clearer than it has been … because Pluto is coming to its stationary retrograde position on the 29th of April, and it’s running right into [the upcoming] solar eclipse.”  In addition, she notes that we will feel that slow-down of Pluto, “because the symbolism of planets always magnified when they change direction they can grind to a whole change” like a huge ship that is starting to slowly make its turn into a different direction. “We may see a strong assertion of power in the world…very powerful events happening in the world, or it may be within your own personal life…and the question really is with Pluto moving through Capricorn, is how well has that power been used, how well has governmental power been used, financial, psychological, spiritual power.” Her advice is to step “into your sovereignty, knowing that you have inalienable human rights…as a human being.”  She says community and being around others can make it easier to be strong.


Pam Gregory notes that this is a day when strong things are happening with serious, hard-working Saturn being in a challenging position to the nodal axis, which has been continuing throughout the month.  It asks us “what structures (Saturn) are we building (Saturn) for the long term (Saturn) into our future (Aquarius).  The t-square to the nodal axis “is asking us to be conscious of our choices in where our choices are leading, the kind of society we want in the future,” she explains.  We must stay very aware of what we are doing and where our choices are taking us.


Acyuta-bhava Das tells us that this is a partial solar eclipse in Taurus, connected to Uranus, which he says is a “very powerful dynamic that begins with a sort of revolutionary burst that is still very Venusian,” meaning it will be related to “what we find beautiful, what we find attractive ,what we’re trying to create, how we’re trying to harmonize things, but a lot of strong decisive actions being taken on behalf of [this revolutionary burst].”

Generally, a new moon in Taurus is stable, and according to Rick Levine, it should be a time of planting “your most significant, simple, reliable seeds,” the ones you know will grow “because Taurus wants cause and effect.”  The problem is that this eclipse is within four degrees of Uranus, with the moon catching up to Uranus within hours, and the sun meeting Uranus by May 3rd.  Levine says this means that this is a significant, fundamental change that is “bringing us into the future—there are unexpected energies wrapped around it and the saving grace is the conjunction” of Jupiter and Venus in Pisces.  When these two planets come together, he says, “it’s often a very powerfully sweet and/or bountiful experience,” but he warns that too much of a good thing is not a good thing.  It could sound good on paper, he says, but, like a pretty balloon, bigger is not necessarily better—it can burst. 

The solar eclipse, he adds, is also at a positive angle of potential with Mars, which, in Pisces, is spiritual energy, putting energy into a compassionate effort.  “We definitely have some smoothness in this energy, but the moon’s angle to Venus and Jupiter is challenging, and it can mean “a struggle between knowing what we need to do to keep it on track…this idea of how things could work out for the better.” There is a bit of a misalignment.

Chris Brennan also likes that pleasurable Venus and bountiful Jupiter are meeting up at the same time as the solar eclipse.  “At least having it be a Venus-ruled eclipse…and having Venus conjoining Jupiter simultaneously in the sign of its exultation is something positive happening parallel with the eclipse,” he explains.

Austin Coppock points out that between the time Mercury connects with unpredictable Uranus in food-oriented Taurus, and this potentially erratic eclipse at the end of the month, Mercury will be in a part of Taurus that allows it to work on practical things like, “Where’s the bread going to come from?”  He notes that the area of Taurus where Mercury is going through in that interim period is the place that represents “material planning for lean times and figuring out what am I going to plant this year?  Doing that kind of planning ahead for material resources and in fields, and that is a good time to do that with the ruler of Taurus being Venus, which is in great shape.”  It bodes well for the possibility of any problems arising.

Chris Brennan reminds us, too, that this eclipse corresponds with the upcoming lunar eclipse on May 16 in Scorpio—which was previewed in November when there was a new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio.  This, he says, reflects “major beginnings and major endings in a sequence or a series…staring in the Taurus/Scorpio axis of everybody’s chart.” And if that’s an important axis for you, if you have planets there or if it is your rising sign or ascendant, he advisees paying attention to major beginnings or endings in the houses those signs are in.  “That could open up a sort of portal or doorway to a larger sequence of events that…will play out over the course of the next year or so” after another series of eclipses later in the year.  Austin Coppock adds that he suggests thinking of it as “a process that’s going to take roughly a year-and-a-half, and this is the six-month mark. It is a process that is moved forward by the eclipses actually hitting.

In addition to the eclipse, Mercury leaves Taurus and enters its home sign of Gemini, Pluto stops to head retrograde, and Venus and Neptune have just met up close to Jupiter in Pisces.  At this point, Mercury is preparing to go retrograde in its home sign of Gemini through most of May, turning direct on June 3rd.  It could be bringing out a lot of news, going over what has been communicated, reviewing of documents, and those could relate to Pluto—the top-down authority, the hierarchy, since Mercury has just hit the degree point in Taurus that forms a trine angle to Pluto—a very likely connection to what Pluto represents. So Mercury in Taurus—which can represent documents related to finances (Taurus rules banking and finance, Mercury rules documents, agreements, news, discussions)—will make a likely connection to Pluto in Capricorn—big business, government, those in power, hidden things coming out about documents and communications.  Then, in May, Mercury will hit that point again in Taurus, reviewing those connections and documents and hidden things.  And by the second week of June Mercury will hit that degree point a third time.  So there could be news of financial reports, banking agreements, finances that could relate to government, business, authority figures, heads of corporations or government who have been hiding something.

Regarding this eclipse and the other eclipses of 2022, Pam Gregory sees this year as a big deal, because “2022 is at the midpoint of 2012 and 2032, when it has always been prophesied that the golden age will begin.  For that reason, she believes the eclipses will be extremely intense. This particular eclipse, being in Taurus and connected closely to Uranus, will be “a bit of a jump…the unexpected…that can manifest in many ways.”  She suggested we will likely get a “fresh perspective on things particularly on things linked to the earth (Taurus) and …our food production and our agriculture.”  She suggests we begin to grow food, because Uranus will be in Taurus until 2026, and food supply and production could be disrupted (Uranus) and could continue for some time. 

Pam also surmises that there could be new developments in digital currencies with Taurus ruling the financial system, banks and currencies.  As we head into October and November later this year, she points out that the digital currencies could be affected by the Saturn/Uranus challenging square which will be exact at the end of October (not to mention a total lunar eclipse on the US election day—November 8th—only a week away from that exact Saturn/Uranus square angle.  One of the meanings of that square, she points out is things being centralized or decentralized, with Uranus representing the future and Saturn representing the past.  There could also be new technology revealed with this new moon eclipse. 

Thank you for reading this. The daily details are posted to the Hungarian Aquarian Facebook page along with other astrological and related topics of interest. In May, a new astrology writer, Caitlin Donohue, will be posting here, and hopefully will continue for months to come. In addition, she will be the featured guest on an upcoming podcast in which she and I will discuss Music and Astrology. Look for that in the Dying to Know podcast space on this website.