March Madness turned out to be more madness than I think any of us expected.  And April looks to be just as challenging, but possibly the climb down from the top of the mountain.  Still difficult, but at least we expect to be heading home. 

I looked at the reports of online astrologers Chris Brennan, Austin Coppock and Kelly Surtees from the Astrology Podcast; Pam Gregory; and Rick Levine for this month’s report, with a few comments by astrologer Terence Guardino.

Some of the videos produced by these astrologers are shared on my Facebook page, Hungarian Aquarian.  The Astrology Podcast is quite long when they post—usually from 2 to 4 hours long, which is why I include some highlights from their discussions.  But they are very thorough and detailed at a high level.  Pam Gregory posts twice a month related to the full moon or new moon, so her information here is primarily related to the early part of April—updates to her posts will be shared and summarized on the Facebook page—Hungarian Aquarian.  Rick Levine normally posts the month ahead on the last Wednesday of the month before, usually presented in a coffee shop I think. Now, from home.

Before delving into April, Chris Brennan and his crew reviewed how March played out, and reminded us in their video that a new comet had been discovered at the end of December, and the fact that comets are generally omens of disaster. 

So as we head into April from March, it is worth reviewing that this year’s key aspect—the Saturn Pluto conjunction on January 12, two days after the full moon eclipse in Cancer—set the theme of the year.  As Pam Gregory noted, very big events in history—from World War I to the Great Depression and the 9/11 attacks were all connected to aspects between Saturn and Pluto.  The themes of Saturn being confinement, limitation, containment are intensified by Pluto—and both were in Capricorn—which, ruled by Saturn, adds to the Saturn energy of restriction, and brings out issues related to the government, the economy and big business.  

When Saturn was in Capricorn with Pluto – two malefic planets (or bad guys) – two others (mars and the south node) were also in that sign, as was Jupiter. Jupiter, a benefic (or a good guy) generally will ease up the bad influence of a malefic.  However, as Austin Coppock pointed out in his discussion, when a benefic faces off with more than one malefic, the bad guys can overpower or gang up on the good guy and keep on being bad.  But as we see Saturn and now Mars leaving Capricorn, and in a month, the South Node heading into Sagittarius, the bad guys are scattering, and Jupiter is on a more level playing field for when it meets Pluto in the sky for its first exact transit of the year on April 4th.  More on that coming up.

Mars conjunct Saturn

But what does Mars conjunct Saturn indicate?  According to Chris Brennan, it is the peak period of intensity and we are in the worst of the plague (the pandemic).  However, as Austin added, it is not the worst of the economic situation, as Saturn has moved away from Pluto in Capricorn, but only until July. When it moves back to Capricorn, it will get close to Pluto again and won’t be back in Aquarius until December when it goes with Jupiter across the same threshold (the conjunction point) it went over with Mars on the 31st of March.  That will be a better combination going into the winter of 2021.  But when Saturn moves back into Capricorn near Pluto, it will bring back some government and economic restrictions and challenges, and Pluto will intensify those.  Mars will also join that party in July because it will add a challenging square from Aries to those two planets, so we’ll get another BBQ with the malefics and Mars in Aries will bring the fire.

Kelly Surtees touched on the fact that when this exact Saturn Mars conjunction is over it ain’t over till Mars leaves Aquarius and goes into Pisces around Mother’s Day.  But Mars will influence Saturn as long as both are in Aquarius.  To add insult to injury, Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) will add its own malefic influence in a square to Mars and consequently to Saturn on the 5th of April.  More on that in a minute. 

Kelly added that the Sun in Aries (where it is happy) is not going to be overcome by a square with saturn and it will bode well, thankfully. 

But Austin points out that in spite of the signs of relief coming in May into June, we have two-to-three problem periods this year.  Right now is the first beating we are taking.  The middle of July when Saturn goes back into Capricorn—which happens on top of two eclipses, a mercury retrograde and mars in Aries—is what he calls a “poo pile.”  The finale is a long one—the entire fall until Thanksgiving when mars retrograde in Aries is squaring Saturn and Pluto. In his personal blog, he says July will be the hardest month, and September will be the worst month.  So if April seems unbearable, it seems this roller coaster has some twists and turns that could make this look mild by comparison. 

Austin also notes that Air signs (Aquarius) affect humans and human bodies, and Mars with Saturn is problems for human bodies. In December, when Jupiter joins Saturn in Aquarius, it represents help or support of human bodies—so that is good news.

He adds that Mars/Saturn can push worn-out systems into crisis, and it is not cause for celebration.

Rick Levine  notes that Mars wants to take the ball and run with it while Saturn puts up a wall to keep that from happening.  While we should feel a loosening of social restrictions throughout the month, it may convert into something else.

April 3—Mercury conjunct Neptune & Venus into Gemini

On April 3rd, Mercury aligns with Neptune in Pisces, and Venus moves into Gemini—where it will stay until August 7th, since it goes retrograde in Gemini once every 18 years, and this is one of them.  Venus is a benefic, but we have some uncomfortable angles between Venus and the big planets in Capricorn, whereas it had been more positively aligned with them (and helpful) while it was in Taurus in March.  It will, however, be at a positive angle to Mars and Saturn in Aquarius, and Mars and Venus are a good influence on each other. As we get to Venus turning retrograde in May through June, you may see old lovers showing up again, old feelings about someone you socialize with or love coming back up (reminiscing, nostalgic feelings among friends –reunions perhaps?).  But as it turns direct in July, those feelings may fade away. 

Mercury in Neptune is not the best.  Mercury is realistic and grounded, and for creative efforts an alignment with Neptune is beneficial—especially where it comes to music, film, and imagination or fantasy.  It can also bring spiritual messages, meditations, talks that are helpful. 

The flip side of Neptune and Mercury meeting up, as Chris’s crew discussed, is that in the mess that April has going on, Neptune clouds the ability of Mercury to be clear and logical, to remember things and keep things in context in assessing threats.  Mercury is also travel, and shipping, distribution have been affected, as have cruise ships (travel—mercury) on water (Neptune in Pisces). 

Venus in Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury, can be affected by what Mercury does.   

Rick Levine said that Neptune’s role is significant in this.  When we had Saturn and Pluto line up in January, it related to boundary issues, nationalistic boundaries, and scient breakthroughs.  With Saturn /Pluto, Pluto deconstructs Saturn’s boundaries.  As mercury approaches Neptune there is more confusion about what is true, what is downplayed, exaggerated and for what or whose purpose.  This is important until Mercury clears Neptune and gets through Pisces by mid-April.  

April 4

Venus trines Saturn on April 4th—which is good for relationships, making money and manifesting a work project, according to Terence Guardino.  Jupiter also aligns with Pluto that day which he says is a major push to help you attain your goals. 

But not everyone is that optimistic.  Chris Brennan and company discussed the dual possibilities of the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in that Jupiter expands and Pluto brings a sense of authoritarian behavior, or nefarious actions.  So Jupiter could be exacerbating the negative qualities of Pluto and many people could be getting sick, and all will not be well.  On the other hand, Pluto magnifies and intensifies what it touches, and it could magnify Jupiter’s benefic qualities.  As Austin put it, there could be government money with Jupiter in Capricorn, which is what happened when Jupiter was in Capricorn 12 years ago, in 2008 with the bailout package for corporations.  The stimulus package could have good things because of Jupiter, but with Pluto involved, there could be hidden aspects that could mean money for help will not go to the right people.  In 2008, Pluto had just moved into Capricorn, now it is moving out.  In 2008, Saturn was opposite Uranus, now it is square to Uranus—both challenging aspects.

Rick Levine reminds us that this general Saturn Pluto cycle was active during the Black Death and the Spanish Flu, as well as Polio outbreak in 1947 and the AIDS epidemic in 1982.  We will feel Jupiter/Pluto for most of the month, and, he says, with Jupiter expanding things and Pluto as the lord of the underworld, a pandemic, deeply held fears are triggered and Jupiter brings them out into the open. Our response is key.  “Fate is what happens to us,” Levine says. “Free will is how we respond.” 

Pam Gregory notes that the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto, which happens three times in 2020—April 4, June 30 and November 12—global events and survival issues will be expanded, powers of leaders (Pluto) having control (Saturn square Uranus) and a change in the laws (Pluto and Jupiter). It could also represent peaks in the virus at those times.  

The asteroid Pallas Athena is tightly conjunct the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction and brings in wisdom, strategy and a good sense of analyzing patters from a higher perspective, but if the strategy and wisdom fails, it could bring in warrior energy.  Leaders could be helped in recognizing strategies and patterns and use that wisdom to make decisions.

April 7th—Mars squares Uranus and Full Moon in Libra

Chris and friends note that Mars square Uranus has a dramatic quality with rumblings underneath the surface (what else is new?).  Keywords for this aspect are: freaking out, rebellious, restless, shock, surprise, and explosion, with two planets that give sudden quick reactions that can be shocking.  Austin summed it up as adding “an unstable disruptive ingredient to the mix.”

Pam Gregory notes that it will be going on until mid-May and start up again in December coming to an exact square in February.  This, she says, is linked to volatility in the economy and financial markets (Taurus), and that the Uranus-Mars impulsiveness makes it an erratic economic situation.

Austin points out that Venus’ degree point falls between a trine to Saturn and a trine to Mars at the time of the full moon, and that could bring concrete bad or not-so-good news about the virus, the economy or both, setting the stage for a human reaction (a very volatile response) to what is happening. “The nice thing,” he adds, “is that this is a bit of the last, ‘OH GOD!’ configuration for a little while, astrologically speaking.” 

Rick Levine, picking up on the full moon, notes that it is at a quincunx (or 150˚ angle) to the mercury/ Neptune conjunction in Pisces—which causes a lack of clarity between what we are told versus what is actually happening—and it can cause explosive reactions and tension, causing things to become unbalanced.

Pam Gregory points out that it is a full super moon at the closest point to earth in 2020, and, thus, it will be very strong.  It could pull at the tides and tectonic plates, resulting in earthquakes or flooding as well as pulling on our emotions and feelings.

Libra is about fairness and justice, equality, balance, and justice. This, she says, links with Saturn in Aquarius, which asks, “how can I help you?” and also to the strong T-square of Moon in Libra opposite the sun in Aries.

Pam also notes that the Sun is conjunct Eris –the goddess of discord.  If she is not acknowledged, she wants to be heard. The three planets in the T-square are squaring Jupiter and Pluto, which is blowing up, exaggerating these themes of power, control, deconstruction and opportunities.

Aquarius is important in that it is about community, so it relates to the people and how they are being affected.  Are governments concerned with helping them or are they becoming militaristically controlling?  There will be a surge for freedom with Mars Squaring Uranus—wanting to be free, but now that is not an option. Pam says to find freedom and awakening (Uranus) on a spiritual level.  Aquarius helps us connect with others digitally, but Pisces energy shows us we are all connected Spiritually (Mercury in Neptune).

April 8th—Chiron in Aries sextile Mars and Venus in Aquarius and Gemini

This triangle of potential with Mars and Venus each being sextile (60˚) to Chiron has to do with the healing nature of what is going on, says Rick Levine. Chiron is the wounded healer, and we try to project our own illnesses or faults and fix them in others instead of healing ourselves. With the strengthening aspects to Chiron, we may see progress made. 

Mercury also forms a sextile with Jupiter/Pluto on the day of the full moon, which brings things out into the open.  The key, Levine says, to surviving this requires having good information, but with mercury in Pisces conjunct Neptune, it is hard to tell what information is good or useful, but when connected to Jupiter and Pluto, the useful information can be brought out. 

April 10th

By the 10th, Levine says the intellect clears up as Mercury goes into Aries—which means information (mercury) is taken and something is done with it (Aries = action).  AS mercury moves into Aries and sextiles Saturn, and then Venus—Mars in Aquarius strengthens the idea that information and communication is important, as mercury comes into conjunction with Chiron.

April 11 –Mercury in Aries

Kelly Surtees notes that as Mercury moves into Aries, it will “dry out” and improve where it is dignified.  When it sextiles Saturn, she agrees, that scientifically approved information could get disseminated.  In Aries, Mercury acts quickly and decisively to give actionable information that is tactical.  Anything that might have obscured the picture when Mercury was in Pisces, falls away and the reality of the situation becomes much more clear.

April 14 –Mercury conjunct Chiron

Mercury lining up with Chiron is part of the realization of the situation and potential routes to recovery, says Chris and the gang, because we will be taking the information we know and working with it.  Perhaps it will be the data found to be in immune survivors or something being discovered by scientists somewhere in the world.  Kelly notes that it will feel as if we will have a clearer sense of steps and timelines once mercury shifts to Aries. 

Rick Levine notes that the moon will move into Capricorn at this time and it goes across where the January Saturn/Pluto conjunction was, and where Pluto and Jupiter now stand before it conjuncts with Saturn and then Mars.  Like hitting keys on a piano, it will replay the old energies. As the moon conjuncts Pluto and Jupiter, the sun will be squaring that point.  It is not an easy square, Levine says, because the question will be, “Who is in control?” and deep energies at play will come out into the open and could create conflict or stress.

Bringing up the sun/Eris conjunction again, which is square to Jupiter and Pluto while the moon is aligned with them, could bring intense emotion around issues of equality and justice.  Eris is demanding and revolutionary—riots and protests could be in order under this aspect.  Uranus is also in Taurus, and that will bring radical change to our values and currencies, with a radical shift – connecting us to nature (Taurus = earth) and a vision of a loving (Venus rules Taurus) compassionate (Neptune) and equal (Libra) society.

April 18—Probably a good day, relatively

Chris always announces the electional day of the month—the one with the best aspects. After noting that, though they did not know why at the time, they were surprised to have trouble finding a good electional day in both April and May.  But this is probably as good as it gets in April.  With two sextiles to Venus, things looked a bit lighter.  Kelly notes that mercury Venus sextile is fun, collaborative, and creative, while the mars energy coming in is good. With the moon also playing a role, “the best-case scenario is that there is some level of increase in interaction” possibly meaning that people figure out how to have parties online (virtual happy hour?)

Rick Levine adds that with Venus and mars so close to trine, it is a very positive sign in this time of “extraordinary global meltdown,” which in better times would be even more positive. 

April 19th—Sun goes into Taurus

Rick Levine notes that by the time the sun moves into Taurus, we may see major decisions having to be made—the kind that are go/no-go, on all levels, but there are restrictions.

April 22 – New Moon in Taurus

The new moon is in Taurus (conjunct Uranus) and right after the moon passes Uranus, it squares Mars in Aquarius (also ruled by Uranus).  Uranus, as Chris Brennan’s group reminds us, is about freedom and that is tainted by Mars significations—protest, chaos, frustration—because Mars does not like being contained or locked up.  Mars not only stimulates action but stirs the anger on an emotional level.  It could be the different perspectives of the citizenship clashing—those who are pushing for isolation for all and those convinced it is a media exaggeration designed to keep them contained.  Austin also points out that many are wearing thin of patience by the new moon.  There is resistance with the combination of Uranus conjunct the moon and then Mars square the moon. 

Austin adds that the sun and moon are also highlighting the connection between saturn and Uranus to give a sneak peek at the next couple of years.  It is the sun and moon squaring Saturn at the new moon.  It reactivates, Austin says in his blog, the new tension between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus.  “It highlights the maxim that necessity is indeed the mother of invention, as it points toward the need to mutate and adapt with a rather stern finger.”  Thes volatile themes take the main stage in 2021, he warns.

Kelly points out that the new moon in Uranus also points to changes in food, the food supply and distribution.  The last time Uranus was in Taurus was between 1935 and 1942.  People grew their own vegetables, and food technology advanced while supplying food to the military, so there could be some new things on the food technology front, she suggests, reminding us that chocolate chip cookies and the potato chip were invented during a prior Uranus in Taurus.

Rick Levine notes that while normally Taurus lends stability to the new moon, this one does not provide that security because of the conjunction with Uranus, and he agrees it is all about 2021. Saturn is the wall, reality and Karma, he says, while Uranus is ingenious sudden changes that want to break out. 

April 25 –Pluto stations Retrograde in Capricorn

Pluto is closely conjunct Jupiter at this point and Mercury in Aries is square to both of them. Levine points out that we might see a spike in numbers that is unpleasant, or that there could be some totally unexpected breakthrough, but mercury is square to the planets in Capricorn so the news may be stressful rather than positive.

April 27th and 28th  –Mercury enters Taurus

Rick Levine suggests this would normally be solidification and stabilization, but we might sense more instability, however, he says it is also part of the cure.  “Part of what we are dealing with now is coming to terms with the facts so that we can move through these times, “ he says.  On the 28th Mercury squares saturn and could mean difficult communication (or I would venture to say, restrictions in communication or conversely, communication about restrictions).

April 30th

Mercury meets with Uranus today—having left Saturn to go to Uranus—symbolizing constriction to freedom, according to Chris Brennan and friends.  They note that with Mars further from Saturn, it is more probable that things could be getting ready for an announcement (Mercury) to allow more freedom (Uranus).  At the very least, it could be an unexpected or surprise (Uranus) announcement (Mercury).