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Leading into August, Jupiter, which was moving retrograde, left its happy place in Pisces to return to the sign of the mind and the collective—Aquarius—to collaborate again with traditional, disciplined, restrictive, and serious Saturn on whatever is happening that reflects the time before mid-May when Jupiter left Aquarius and entered Pisces. We know that on May 13, the day Jupiter entered Pisces, the CDC dropped the mask restriction for those who were vaccinated, and now as Jupiter returns to Aquarius, COVID variants are causing the CDC to consider rethinking that mask guidanceChris Brennan points out that it makes sense to consider Jupiter’s move back into Aquarius as being related to the health issues surrounding COVID mitigation, since the day Jupiter and Saturn came together in Aquarius on December 21, 2020, there was public release of vaccines. This could indicate, Chris said, there could be further development of vaccines or new booster shotsAustin Coppock points out that Jupiter brings three phases within every 30-degree arc that it travels, and the retrograde period is the re-evaluative phase. 

There was an Aquarius full moon at the end of July, which was located closer to Saturn in the earlier degrees of the sign, before Jupiter returned to Aquarius.  At the end of August there will be a second full moon in Aquarius at 29 and be close to Jupiter.  Austin notes how rare it is to have two full moons in the same sign in a row, and much more rare to have one next to Saturn and the other next to Jupiter, the two key planets in the sign this month.  Each one indicates something different, he says: “Here are the problems [the first full moon in late July], and here is what can be done about those things [the full moon in late August].” Astrologer Chani Nicholas, who was in on the Astrology Podcast discussion this month, sees the August full moon as a “return of hope, space, or philosophical outlook.”

They also point out that people with key planets or placements in the fixed signs of Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo and Taurus will feel things begin to lighten up this month as Jupiter, the beneficent planet, returns to Aquarius, which will alleviate stress in their charts.  Mars, a maleficent planet that can cause stress, will also be leaving the fixed sign of Leo and moving to Virgo, a more flexible, mutable sign.  So it will be out with the bad boy and in with the good one.

Pam Gregory points out that August will be dominated by Aquarian/Uranian energy—and Uranus is the planet that rules Aquarius, so the symbolism of the sign and the planet are very similar.  This, she says, can bring “eruptive surging energy” such as earthquakes, volcanoes, protests, and an urge for change as well as truths coming to light, people awakening, pushing back and resisting. Aquarian and Uranian energy is about freedom and human rights, as well as the internet and electrical power and energy. The urge for freedom can result from rebellious or revolutionary energy that may feel chaotic and destabilized, she says.  But it is chaos with great purpose, which she explains relates to the dwarf planet Eris—the goddess of chaos and discord—who wants justice.  Eris is in a challenging angle to Pluto, which is in the process of transforming governments (Pluto in Capricorn), which requires “a disintegration to free up the energy before it forms another state,” Pam explains.

Science and speed will be another focus of the month, Pam says. Mercury will move quickly through three signs of Leo, Virgo and into Libra, “so there’s a feeling of events unfolding very quickly,” she explains.

Rick Levine, speaking on his own channel and on Astrology Hub, has dubbed August “a noisy month” with the speedy inner planets making multiple aspects to the outer planets.  “Those inner planets are moving rather quickly now, and so the words that I’ve thrown at August so far is ‘extreme noise’,” which he ended up renaming as “unrelenting noise” based on the idea that “if you have unrelenting noise coming at you maybe there’s certain things you can do to turn certain streams of information just off, because it’s not going to stop.”  Ultimately, he says, we can learn how to manage the flow of information, since “we can’t change what’s out there, but we can change how we respond to it.” Nevertheless, he points out that in speaking to people he senses that there is “an energetic malaise,” a feeling of being exhausted, which he believes came from July’s many quincunx aspects (150˚ angles).  “I think quincuxes are exhausting because no matter what we do, the annoyance doesn’t go away.” Things, he says, are shifting, but not as fast as we want them to, and it won’t likely be until October, when the outer planets stop their retrograde motion and go direct again, that we may see a more dramatic shift.

However, he notes that the fact that Jupiter has returned to Aquarius means Saturn is getting some help, and “optimism returns to the picture.”



On August 1 we have speedy, chatty Mercury aligning with Leo’s ruler, the sun, to form a cazimi at 10˚ of Leo, opposite Saturn in Aquarius. In this cazimi, when Mercury is on the far side of the sun, as far from earth as it can get, Austin Coppock reminds us, means we can think about the bigger picture kinds of things, rather than personal things. And in opposition to Saturn, we are being asked to “think about Saturn issues,” he says.  What he likes to do with Mercury cazimis, is to “turn off noise and go do mind time.”

Chani Nicholas points out that the cazimi can bring us a download, and that Saturn is one of the most transformative planets because Saturn makes things real.  In Leo, she adds, that Leo is the heart, the sun is Leo’s ruler and Mercury is in the heart of the sun.  “It is so much about the persona and how we shine and work with it….Where can I be my full self? I am limiting myself through too much restriction (Saturn).”  Chris Brennan notes that Saturn can see faults and can be faults in other people.  This cazimi in Leo being opposite Saturn can mean turning inward to see your own faults, get deep critical thinking.

Rick Levine points out that Mercury opposing Saturn can mean some restricted communication.  However, he adds that now that Mercury and the sun are opposing Saturn, “we will not be able to get away with doing anything shady, since Saturn is the law, the authority, but it is also the status quo and the structure” meaning it can restrict or prohibit change.

Acyuta-bhava Das, however, finds this cazimi to be very empowering for Mercury, because “it’s as though Mercury is seated on the throne and given the seal or power of the king, especially because the sun is very well dignified in Leo.”  So he sees it as “empowered thought,” or “empowered speech,” and even the potential for being granted a favor, special privilege or approval for something. 


Today the sun is exactly opposite Saturn, which Acyuta-bhava Das notes can represent potential challenges to authority, to the ego, or to our pride, since Saturn brings constraints and limitations. But, he also notes that with Mercury there, it is a moment of “deep feeling…evaluating what am I doing with my life, what am I doing with my creative energy?”  It’s a time to be tested, challenged and a time to reflect on our own actions.

Rick Levine points out that Mercury is trine to Chiron today, which can mean “healing words.” He adds that we have a desire to express our self, but across from Saturn it is bumping up against “this other end of the tug of war, which is basically Saturn saying, ‘You can’t say that, you need to hold that in, you need to pay attention to the structure…you need to learn more before you can speak all those kinds of things.”  We have more stuff to do. 

In addition, Mercury is forming a 120˚ trine to the teacher/healer Chiron, and Venus is trine to Uranus, which provides a potential for healing and expressing ourselves in a way that heals, Levine says. Venus at 12 degrees of Virgo forming a trine with Uranus that is also exact on the 2nd, combined with the Mercury trine to Chiron “is a mixture of holding back, and then communication working things out.” Venus trine Uranus, Levine says, is an appreciation, an attraction to things that are different, and “we have the opportunity to see things in ways that we did not see them before and we kind of like it. It is a positive harbinger of what’s to come.”


Quick moving, data-driven Mercury forms a 90˚ square angle to freedom-loving Uranus in Taurus,  (which the sun will be doing on the 6th).  Pam Gregory points out that this highlights the Uranian principles, “so there could be shocks, surprises—it could be quite unstable—August could be really quite an unstable period….” 

Rick Levine notes that when mercury forms a square to Uranus “something abrupt happens—crazy new ideas, or something you learn, or we hear something that we don’t expect.” We actually get to go somewhere, he says, we get to move. But the sun is in a trine to Chiron today, so if what we hear does not feel right, we can heal.  The location of Uranus and Chiron in relation to the planets in Leo has the theme of breaking through and healing or fixing, he tells us—it is pushing things past the edge until August 6th. By that time he says we move into new territory, to something that is more like a tug of war.

Austin Coppock notes that the squares between Mercury and Uranus and the sun and Uranus are activating the long-term Saturn/Uranus square that we are feeling all year into 2022—the push-pull, old vs. new sensation.  Those two planets have moved apart slightly, so it is not as volatile as it was in July.  Saturn and Uranus are not interfering with each other, Coppock says, and Mercury being opposed to Saturn then square to Uranus is “the best to find space between two thing to find out the nature between each.” 

Acyuta-bhava Das explains that after the challenge to the sun and Mercury from Saturn, these planets being in a square to Uranus mean that “we have the breakthrough, the epiphany, the realization, the feeling of liberation.”  First we are tested (by Saturn) and then we have a breakthrough (with Uranus), a moment of individuation, independence, freedom.


Rick Levine tells us that Mercury forms a quincunx—a 150˚ angle—with Neptune, which may cause us to have a hard time focusing.  Mercury, he reminds us, is rational logic, while Neptune is “kind of diffusive.” 


The sun and moon together in Leo can bring out our sense of dignity, pride, purpose and what makes us special, Acyuta-bhava Das tells us. Coming right after the sun’s opposition to Saturn, this sun/moon conjunction (the new moon) is still in a square to Uranus, so it is “really telling us that August is about breakthroughs,” he says. But they are in fixed sign Leo, and Uranus is also in a fixed sign (Taurus), which are energies that slow down the development of new things—they are more steady, Acyuta-bhava says, and breakthroughs happen gradually, but they are deep and long- lasting. “From the new moon in Leo square Uranus onward, you could take this into early September—You’re going to be feeling, kind of riding a tide of accelerated growth.” 

Chris Brennan also notes that the fixed sign energy affecting this new moon in Leo means there is the sense of being comfortable and wanting things to stay the same, but Uranus is still prominent, so it jolts us out of our reverie. People who have strong fixed sign energy (Leo, Aquarius, Taurus or Scorpio) are likely to have a problem with that change. 

Austin Coppock notes that the opposition to Saturn earlier in the month was like a structure that was being built.  Uranus is a challenge to the structure. The new thing that needs to happen is to either take it apart, build something else or modify the design. “What structure will be sufficiently adaptive, and see if it is working.”

Chani Nicholas likes a Leo new moon.  “Anything could happen—it has energy to it.” She points out that a few days earlier stylish Venus in hard-working Virgo was trine to changeable Uranus in pleasure-loving Taurus. Since Taurus is a sign that Venus rules, Austin said that it could mean it is time to change up your kind of pleasure seeking, break your history of what you like.

Rick Levine says this new moon is “a bit of magic.”  It is square to Uranus, which means we are breaking from the past, and that can allow us to make a clean break, which Rick calls the “Get out of hell free card.”  It is a point of doing whatever we need to do to break free of the restraints. He also notes that harmonious, creative Venus is opposing dreamy Neptune, which will be exact on the 9th, is close enough to that aspect at the time of the new moon. See the Venus opposite Neptune write-up on the 9th .

Pam Gregory notes that one of Leo’s big themes is creativity, making it a great time to set a new intention and to plant a seed of creativity.  In addition, there are so many planets in fixed signs—Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus, the Sun, moon and Mercury in Leo—that it will give “great tenacity to anything we’re doing” – determination to stick to our plans or visions—but it can cause us to feel at odds with others. But Leo energy is also about “love, passion, joy for life, warmth, vibrancy and finding your passion and shining your light brightly,” she adds. While we may not relates as well to other people right now, the passion and love of creative things we are doing will benefit from the determination theme.


Sweet, attractive Venus will be exactly in opposition to Neptune, which is a romantic aspect—bringing in the desires and loves that Venus carries but with Neptune there, it can tend to just remain in the imagination. Rick Levine says, in the way that poets can write “stanza after stanza, and page after page after page after page, and nothing happens. It is all internal dreams and imagination and recollections and fears and professions.”  It also exacerbates the theme that has been playing out over the past few year—is it real or is it fake? What is real? 

Thoughtful Mercury will also form a 150˚ quincunx angle to deep, powerful Pluto.  Levine tells us that Mercury, as the planet that reflects how we think, is more action-oriented and loud in Leo, but when it gets to Virgo, later in the week, it is more analytical.  However, he notes that in Leo, where the new moon is, Mercury has had to deal with the resistance of Saturn and the unpredictable craziness of Uranus, and on top of that “what we say is not what people are hearing, and what people are saying is not what we are hearing.” The quincunxes disrupt the language we send and receive, and the quincunx to Pluto deepens the message, bringing up issues of control and power. “It feels like we are being fed a line, being misled.”

Acyuta-bhava Das notes that Venus in Virgo can bring about deconstructive elements for things—your appearance or something you have created—and it can tear it apart and it can redo something.  It can be undergoing a remodeling project which requires you to tear things down to improve their beauty. He adds that when Venus is in opposition to Neptune, especially when Venus goes through Virgo now that Neptune has been in Pisces for many years, it can be a time of “developing or cultivating a new vision or a new ideal, but it is one that’s going to cause you to have to break things down and almost start over again. It’s like here’s the dream, here’s the vision (Neptune) of love, bliss, happiness or romance (Venus).”  It can also be a situation that could mean that you are completely unaware of the cause of a problem in your relationship and being overwhelmed with how much work there is to do to fix it—or a creative project needs to go through a complete revision. It could represent, he says, a moment of disillusionment and having to dissolve something you found beautiful in the past. So, it is about a vision, but also about having to repair things to make them better.

The Astrology Podcast group brought up the fact that Venus opposing Neptune is “not seeing things as they are but as we want them to be.”  Austin Coppock notes that it can be a bad assumption to make if you meet someone new and you are thinking it is amazing and will last. Chani Nicholas also pointed out that it is a day “not to be productive” and that “Virgo needs to loosen up a little.” 


Rick Levine notes that several oppositions to Saturn, including the moon opposing it just prior to the new moon forming, can be a “mini replay of the restraint of ‘It won’t work,’ and holding back.” Although Jupiter is not within range of conjunction to Saturn, because they are again in the same sign of Aquarius, Jupiter is adding a bit of help. “We will see some of the aspects made to Jupiter make it easier; even Mercury coming in to oppose Jupiter by August 10, will be a bit of an ameliorating factor that lessens the negative or difficult part a bit.”

Acyuta-bhava Das explains that Mercury opposite Jupiter can be proud, exaggerated, inflated, speech or thinking—a state of mind.  It can, he says, be a good transit for being empowered, feeling bold as well as becoming aware of some bigger picture, but he advises that we “synthesize personal ego and pride with a larger set of values to avoid ego issues when saying what’s on your mind and what is important to you.

This is also a time when there may be big announcements or big records broken in sports, since Mercury relates to sports. 


Rick Levine points out that Venus is making a square-and-a-half to Saturn, which can bring difficulty, annoyance and anxiety related to what we want. And in Virgo, Venus is “timid” he says. It feels vulnerable and does not want to make any mistakes because Saturn, the taskmaster or boss, is on its case.  Venus is also forming a trine to powerful Pluto, and Pluto is the system that overrules the boss. So, there is a sense, Levine says, of “getting deeper support even though we are struggling with something on the surface.”  In addition to Saturn challenging Venus, we have the moon moving through Virgo which can add to the weight of Saturn. 

Mercury also moves into its second home, Virgo, where it will stay until August 29th.  Mercury in Virgo brings the energy of wanting to get things right, Levine tells us, where it does its best to carefully speak, listen, get clarity and analyze the available data. 

AUGUST 13/14

Last month in July there were quincunx connections between planets all month, which Rick Levine points out resulted in an irritating inability to resolve things.  In August we have a series of quincunx connections between fast-moving planets and the larger planets happening one-after-the-other between 13th and 18th.  Impulsive Mars starts things off with a quincunx to unmoving Saturn—irritatingly running up against a wall blocking its action (like getting stuck in traffic when you are in a hurry), and sweet Venus forms an annoying quincunx angle with expansive, over-the-top Jupiter on the 14th. Bless their hearts. 


Creative, loving Venus moves into its home sign of harmonious Libra, where it is happy and strong, which Rick Levine says “Sweetens the energy.” In its other home, the sign of pleasure-loving, stable Taurus, Venus is more practical and has its hands in more sensual activities—massage, gardening, cooking, and yes, sex. In Taurus, Venus also represents finances, since Taurus rules banks and currency.  

In Libra, Levine says, Venus is more focused on design, landscaping and architecture, as well as being the go-between—a counselor, psychologist, host or hostess—doing its best to keep things in balance. This placement of Venus, Levine tells us, may help mitigate the uncomfortable quincunx aspects occurring this week. 

Acyuta-bhava Das notes that with the “significantly improved conditions for Venus” being in its own sign, it will feel as if we have turned a corner, and “things start to harmonize, things start to feel a little bit better for Venus issues mentioned above.

Austin Coppock tells us that Venus in Libra is “like a perfumed breeze blowing in, sedating and mellowing the atmosphere” and it “takes structural adjustments to the level of elegance” going beyond just the framing of a house, but adding the decorative details. Chani Nicholas notes that it mellows Saturn out –which is in Aquarius and will be in a harmonious trine angle to sweet, happy Venus on August 23rd.

AUGUST 16-17

Mercury is quincunx to Saturn on the 16th and the sun makes a quincunx to Pluto on the 17th. Again, quincunxes are causing irritation and problems with no resolutions, but only for a few days.  

On the 17th, expansive, over-the-top Jupiter makes a half-square aspect with Chiron—the wounded part of ourselves that is there to teach us something.  Rick Levine says that together, this pair is interesting, because Jupiter makes Chiron very optimistic.  “The next experience will fix everything, the next meditation will bring them to Nirvana, the next medical cure will fix what ails them,” he explains.  It is chasing rainbows and the pot of gold is not there. This aspect plus all the quincunx energy this week will show us that “the cure is not working, and what we had hoped to happen may have fallen short,” he says.

Mars and Mercury are together in Virgo moving closer together to meet up on the 18th when they will both be quincunx to Chiron.  While Mercury and Mars can work well together, with Mercury channeling and focusing the intention of how to use the energy brought in by Mars, there can also be a combativeness between the two, Chris Brennan points out.  With Mercury in its own sign, it is exalted, Austin Coppock says, which “pushes it to be constructive.” However, when Mars is around, he adds that Mercury can be “a sharp tongue, slander, lawsuits, and accusations.”  Chani Nicholas notes that the combination is inflammatory—“What we say has an edge to it.”  She also points out that with these two planets in Virgo, the Virgo characteristics can go into overdrive, such as looking for all the little details that maybe are not so important. Austin adds that discussions can escalate from simply disagreeing to “making sure someone knows they are wrong.”  Chris talks about how this can play out in creative endeavors—such as the editing process, which can benefit because Mars wants to cut, and Mercury’s logical thought process is strong in Virgo.


Mercury and Mars line up today and can relate to energetic or feisty communication.  We can come on too forcefully, Rick Levine says, or even argue, but he notes that Mars in Virgo is cooled down and not strong, but Mercury is in its home so it has its feet on the ground (Virgo is an earth sign) and it is practical and logical in how it communicates, so it kind of keeps Mars in check. “It does not want to waste energy getting angry if it will not work,” Levine explains.

While Mercury and Mars can work well together, with Mercury channeling and focusing the intention of how to use the energy brought in by Mars, there can also be a combativeness between the two, Chris Brennan points out.  With Mercury in its own sign, it is exalted, Austin Coppock says, which “pushes it to be constructive.” However, when Mars is around, he adds that Mercury can be “a sharp tongue, slander, lawsuits, and accusations.”  Chani Nicholas notes that the combination is inflammatory—“What we say has an edge to it.”  She also points out that with these two planets in Virgo, the Virgo characteristics can go into overdrive, such as looking for all the little details that maybe are not so important. Austin adds that discussions can escalate from simply disagreeing to “making sure someone knows they are wrong.”  Chris talks about how this can play out in creative endeavors—such as the editing process, which can benefit because Mars wants to cut, and Mercury’s logical thought process is strong in Virgo.

Acyuta-bhava Das adds that Virgo is a “nice place for Mercury and Mars in terms of analysis problem solving,” including complicated algorithms or research, science, analysis or technical problems.  He calls it a “get-things-done transit” and “one of the more constructive transits of the year” for being productive, practical and solution-oriented.   


Today the Sun is opposite Jupiter, and Acyuta-bhava Das explains that although it can bring in a sense of the heroic, fame, success or authority, it can also be about breakthrough accomplishments that we have earned.  He adds that it could be related to challenges around fathers or authority figures, and the idea of virtuous uses of power and authority vs. corrupt uses of power and authority.

Rick Levine notes that in addition to the sun opposing Jupiter today, Uranus prepares its retrograde journey backwards in Taurus from where it now sits at the halfway point through the sign. When Uranus slows down to reverse course, it gains strength in its own unpredictable, unstable qualities for the time being, and then it is looking a Mercury and Mars in Virgo forming a 120˚ trine aspect, which will be exact on the 20th

In addition, Levine points out that the sun is forming a square-and-a-half to Chiron while it is in opposition to Jupiter. This, he says, “is about over-indulgence, over-confidence, and over-doing. Although things may look good, Chiron’s won’t let go of whatever needs attention.  The Mercury/Mars trine to Uranus, he says, will be a saving grace.


Thoughtful, analytical Mercury and ambitious, energetic Mars meet up in detail-oriented Virgo and form an exact trine (120˚ angle) today and tomorrow to unpredictable, future-oriented Uranus, which is feeling strong now as it begins its trek back toward Aries (it won’t get there, but it is retracing its recent steps). Change is easier under these aspects, Rick Levine says—way, way ,way more easier.  “Things we have been struggling to change for weeks, months, or years now suddenly just happen,” he says. Though he points out that it can be frightening if you are holding onto something you don’t want to change. This combination is reinforced in the next couple of days when harmonious Venus forms a 120˚ trine to hard-working Saturn in Aquarius.

Austin Coppock tells us that Mercury and Mars in Virgo is working on something. “Virgo has an ability to look at what needs to be accomplished and not spend so much time on the self,” he explains, adding, “Sometimes the matter at hand is not about you, it is about getting things done.”

Uranus slows to a halt to head backward through Taurus in a retrograde motion, and Pam Gregory tells us that wherever Taurus is in our charts, we will feel “very restless, want more freedom” and it will be a feeling of needing to change whatever is not working in an area of life that “has become routine and predictable and stale.”  We may already have been feeling this in the weeks leading up to today, and will continue to feel it more. In addition, there is still the energy that can cause earthquakes, shocks, surprises, disclosures, internet or power cutouts, she says. This second half of August could be very disruptive from this Uranian retrograde energy on top of a full moon in Aquarius, whose modern ruler is Uranus—they share the same qualities—and a full moon brings things to a culmination or end and shines a light on things (see August 22).  Taurus is also representative of the food supply and Agriculture and Uranus could shake that up. At the same time, the full moon will be in a challenging square angle to Ceres, a dwarf planet that rules grains and harvest, which adds to the concern about these disruptions related to food—whether it is from fires, extreme weather, floods or distribution efforts being the challenge.


Energetic Mars in pragmatic Virgo moves into a harmonious trine angle to unpredictable Uranus today, which Rick Levine tells us can bring us an “ability to make changes with a great deal of ease, without much resistance.”  This is happening at the same time that agreeable Venus, strong in its home in fair and balanced Libra, is moving into a similar harmonious angle to stable, disciplined Saturn, which will be exact in two more days on the 23rd.  Levine describes this combination of aspects as “cosmic super glue that makes our desire (Venus) something that is not extravagant (Saturn).  It counter balances the upcoming full moon that will be aligned with inflatable Jupiter which can bring on a tendency, he says, to be excessive or over-indulgent.  So, this combination of aspects can bring on change that is reasonable, desirable and beneficial.


Today’s full moon is the second in Aquarius in a row, emphasizing the aquarian (and Uranian) energy. The July Full moon was at 1˚ of Aquarius and this one is at the very last degree 29˚, the anaretic degree point of the sign, which most astrologers consider to be problematic, to represent the shadow side of the sign, as Pam Gregory points out. Adding that the sign of Aquarius is the sign of truth and freedom, Pam says that at 29˚ it will express the energy in a less positive way—possibly in a cold, detached, non-human way. But the fact that the Sun is in its home sign of Leo directly across from Jupiter (and, of course, the moon), there is an element of warmth, joy, love, passion and creativity, Pam says.  Again, this Aquarius emphasis also brings out the breakthrough energy of Uranus—“breaking down to. Break through, Uranus always wants to take us to a higher state of being…though it is chaotic and messy on the way.” 

Acyuta-bhava Das notes that he is concerned about Jupiter heading back into Aquarius and the sun opposing Saturn earlier in the month, as well as prior oppositions to Jupiter.  He wonders about “what’s going to happen in the collective with COVID right now, what kinds of challenges may come up…and how those challenges may act as tests to the personal will or ego.” He points out that the full moon aligning with a retrograding legal-minded Jupiter in stodgy Saturn’s sign opposite the sun—the leader—which he feels could indicate collective laws or mandates that represent rules and regulation but with opposition to the rights of the individual (the sun). So, he sees it as, “the freedoms of the individual versus the needs or mandates of the collective” being a big deal in late August.

Chris Brennan says this full moon is a “more positive full moon compared to the tricky full moon in July.”  Austin Coppock also prefers this, because it is a Saturn-ruled full moon with “all the benefics in attendance.”  In Aquarius, Chris says that problems can be identified and solutions can be implemented. Chani Nicholas adds that this will come much easier.  “Aquarius will get a highlight and lift” with the second hit of Jupiter conjunct to the full moon. It can bring an interesting piece of news, she adds.  Austin points out that this moon/Jupiter aspect can help for a time, though nothing is permanent.

The other thing happening today is that the sun and moon will quickly move into the next signs—sun into Virgo and moon into Pisces. Austin explains that “Virgo has an ability to look at what needs to be accomplished.” It is adaptive, he says, without focusing on the self. “Sometimes the matter at hand is not about you, it is about getting things done. It may benefit the self, but the sun going into Virgo reinforces the idea of, ‘Let’s get it done now!’”  With Mercury and Mars also in Virgo, there is work being done on something.

Pam Gregory points out that Mercury and Mars in Virgo are square to Black Moon Lilith in Gemini, Mercury’s other home sign of communication and information.  Black Moon Lilith, Pam says, creats “a kind of murky undercurrent…working kind of another narrative,” around the truth. Mercury and Mars in Virgo are about knowing what is true or not, and BML mucks up the ability to discern and perceive things clearly.

Rick Levine believes that by this full moon, things will settle down and focus when the sun moves into Virgo.  He says it will encourage us “to think first and swing into action only when we have a plan.” It may also, he says, feel as if we are leaving something behind.  He also notes that action-loving Mars is still forming a harmonious trine angle to quirky Uranus in pleasure-loving Taurus, which can allow us to take action that leads to a breakthrough to do something exciting or innovative.  

Pam Gregory also sees this full moon as a fortunate (Jupiter) time giving us time to come together (Aquarius is the community)  with like-minded people (the moon is people) either online (Aquarius) or all over the world.  It can, she says, be “very positive, expansive” because of Jupiter, but it also brings in a possible connection to the law and justice, for the people.  The retrograde movement of Jupiter could look back at a past injustice that needs to be reviewed.


Austin Coppock and Chani Nicholas bring up today’s exact trine between what-we-want Venus and hard-working, disciplined Saturn. Being in such a positive angle to Venus, Saturn, representing commitments, discipline and responsibility, doesn’t feel so bad—work is more pleasing, Chani says, and , Austin adds  that we will feel good about our commitments. Chris Brennan joins in by saying the combination of the two “helps make insurmountable tasks to be less insurmountable.” So it is a good time to tackle that big project, or work overtime on a major project.

Rick Levine points out that kind, caring Venus in this trine to serious Saturn brings a sense of support. “Whatever actions we take, even if we overextend it, if we are doing it for the good of all (Aquarius) it could work out. If it is good for everyone, it will be good and could happen.”


Logical, communicative Mercury sitting pretty in its home sign of Virgo connecting with Mars and the Sun, waving goodbye to Venus, who just left to go to her own home, Libra.  Today, that thoughtful, logical Mercury comes into an opposition to deceptive, dreamy Neptune in go-with-the-flow Pisces, with the moon nearby. Rick Levine tells us that this will bring the “potential for self-deceit or illusion but…also a potential for creativity, for doing something that is magical, that’s in the higher realms.”  But be careful, he warns, since we could be the ones who are misleading others and we need to be sure no one is misleading us.

Acyuta-bhava Das notes that if we are trying to work through something (with logical Mercury), Neptune can bring in an other-worldly solution.  Mercury is more rational and mental, while Neptune’s intuitive vibe can be mystical, supernatural and even irrational.  The difference between the two, he warns, could also create a tense dialogue, as well as feeling a pull between living in fear or living in faith. “There is something going on where people are not speaking honestly or they are misunderstanding,” he says. The higher possibility is that creativity and imagination are being used to motivate and inspire others.  It could be looking at the alternatives between what is reasonable and what is not or what is rational versus irrational.  There could also be a tense exchange between traditional versus non-traditional practices.


Pleasant Venus is going to be opposing Chiron, the teacher who heals. Venus/Chiron, Rick Levine notes, is a potential for healing. Since Jupiter is at a challenging angle to Chiron, it can take things too far, if we know we are right, he says. Logical Mercury forming a harmonious angle to take-charge Pluto, “gives us the ability to draw from a deep well of power” and “that moral righteousness becomes a strong piece of this if we let it get away from us,” Levine warns.  

AUGUST 27-28

Pam Gregory reminds us that dwarf planet Eris—the disruptor—in impulsive, combative Aries is exactly square to Pluto for the fourth time of five this year (the fifth will be in October) but they will be closely square through 2023.  What this means is that there is a desire to be heard, to get justice, to have an equal place at the table with no discrimination.  But Eris creates things through chaos and Pluto brings a sense of power, taking charge, as well as deconstructing and rebuilding—and sitting in Capricorn, Pluto will have its sights set on top-down structures.

Rick Levine points out that there are two annoying quincunx aspects—one between communicative Mercury and expansive Jupiter that suggests saying to much or not knowing when to stop talking.  Sweet Venus is at the same uncomfortable quincunx angle to unpredictable Uranus at the time the moon (security and emotions) is nearby.  This can be annoying, Levine says, “because we are uncertain about how vulnerable to be and how we should present ourselves.”


Rational Mercury heads into harmonious Libra, adding what Rick Levine calls “diplomatic negotiation to our interpersonal skills.” He explains that Mercury joins kindly Venus  in the Venus’ home sign, which softens the pragmatism of Mercury when it was in Virgo.  There is, he says, a willingness to compromise.  The sun is also in Libra, but at the annoying 150˚ quincunx angle to unyielding Saturn, which puts up boundaries.  And while Levine says there is a “potential for hope and making something work…when a compromise is reached, something has got to give and everyone does not get what they want.”  

Chani Nicholas notes that Mercury can be harsh in Virgo, and with Mars sharing its passionate drive, Mercury can be “scouring.”  But when Mercury moves into the harmonious and balanced sign of Libra, “it is a distinct change in focus [asking] ‘What can I bring to the mix to sweeten it or ease connections?’”]. Austin Coppock agrees that when communicative Mercury enters relationship-oriented Libra, it is “much more fortuitous for social gatherings. If people will be talking, there will be better conversations.”  The vibe will be much more graceful and diplomatic, he adds.


Rick Levine notes that with all the outer planets retrograde—Jupiter, Saturn Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and even Chiron—and Mercury set to go retrograde at the end of September, “we feel like we’re moving forward but we’re not.”  He adds that it is not until October, when Pluto and Saturn turn direct shortly before Jupiter does, that things really come back into focus, especially by November when Mercury is back on track. Uranus, however, doesn’t follow suit until after the new year, which means that we still have another challenging square as Saturn and Uranus move back into each other’s path in December.  Between quincunx overkill in July and August, on top of the backwards movement of the planets through the zodiac, people are exhausted, he says. Things are shifting, but not as fast as we want them to, and we are still feeling the resonance of the 2020 conjunctions of Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter. “What happens,” Levine says, “is that they set in motion things and events that then have ramifications—organizations get formed, and then those organizations go out and do work, and then events begin to happen. It may be two or three years down the road that it is still from whatever it was that began back at a beginning of …a movement.”  We cannot, he notes, grasp how significant these times are.

Pam Gregory in her video on the August 22nd full moon,  waxes introspectively on the fact that Pluto in Capricorn is heading to the point where it was in 1776, when, according to the Sibly chart—the birth chart of the US—it will reach 27˚ of Capricorn. This is expected to be an exact match in February, 2022.  “We’re going to feel it all through next year, as Pluto is in the second house of the economy and how the economy works in the country” whose chart it represents.  Pluto  is about bringing “massive change” through tearing down and rebuilding. In Capricorn, it is linked to banking, wealth, and corporate structure. She notes that since the US is a world leader, the global economy is also expected to change radically, as well, along with the US economy. The second house also relates to our values, and Pluto in the second house can mean our values are changing radically, too, Pam says.  In addition, she points out that Neptune in Pisces at this time is directly opposite the US chart’s Neptune in Virgo, which can relate to drugs and medicines as well as communication and the media. Neptune blurs information, so there could be a situation that appears to be one of “smoke and mirrors.”