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by Caitlin Donohue

AUG 1 

Mars and Uranus [and North Node] are conjunct in Taurus.  In my predictions I wrote from December, I had written “Watch out for natural disasters or total shakeup in $/food/shelter”. [Editor: the Beirut explosion happened last year when mars was conjunct Uranus–don’t take risks!] I’m writing this on July 28th and yesterday (5 days before this is exact) there was a 7.0 earthquake in the Philippines.  I absolutely love the Philippines so my heart breaks for them.  In fact, it was in the Philippines that I had my prophetic dream that led me to wanting to know how the universe is connected, which led me to astrology.  Mars and Uranus in Taurus is explosive energy, typically dealing with the earth, rather than communication.  

[Diane/Editor: The North Node is also in a rare triple conjunction together with Mars and Uranus. Being square to Saturn it is somewhat controlled, but it is also a historically significant conjunction/stellium [three planets together in one sign]. According to this month’s Astrology Podcast discussion, Nick Dagan Best, specifically, this configuration has been present during the “take down of women” including Marie Antoinette and Madam Mao (wife of Chairman Mao) and also related to the timing of Freda Kahlo’s accident. Other astrologers also noted that “wherever we are headed comes out of what happens now.”]

For Aries rising, around January 20/21st-ish, 2021, was there any big change in money or values?  That was the last time this conjunction happened, so it could clue you into what to expect.  My expectation is that it would be an unfortunate money loss out of nowhere, especially if you have a day chart, but as usual, it all depends on your own chart.  The keyword for ‘value’ for the 2nd house always seems vague to me, but there’s always more to learn.


Venus in Cancer sextiles Uranus and Mars in Taurus.  “The good feeling of taking care of others works well with action in material things.”  This seems to nicely tie in with the Mars-Uranus conjunction that goes exact the day before.  First we have disaster, then we have a pouring out of support.  That isn’t exactly unusual–not that astrology signifies the unusual, but I will be curious to see if there is anything significant with this transit, to indicate a potential feminine or caring support system.

[Diane/Editor: Since Mars and Uranus are in Venus’ sign, their energy will be tempered by the location and situation of Venus in the zodiac. In addition to support, this could also mean diplomacy in action.]

I’ll tie this one in with Aries rising since these transits seem linked.  Perhaps there is a financial windfall that is then supported by your mother or family?  It seems like you can rely on your family to help you out.


Mercury ingresses into Virgo.  “Communication shifts from fiery, flamboyant, unhinged behavior to more grounded in reality”.  Well, today (July 28th) we are certainly seeing fiery communication from North Korea, threatening us with their nukes again.  That’s just one example though of fiery communication since July 20th (when Mercury ingressed into Leo), and without looking at the astrology of every time we get threatened by North Korea, I’m going to assume Mercury is not always in Leo, but it does exemplify the type of rhetoric we’d expect.  Regardless, with Mercury moving into its home sign of Virgo, communication SHOULD be clear for sure (without considering transits to Neptune, although Neptune is also retrograde which should help with clearer communication), and hopefully grounded.  My take is that, if there’s a time of year where we might be more likely to take people for their word, it would be these next few weeks.

[Diane/Editor: Mercury in Virgo will be more logical and precise than it was in Leo or even in Gemini, its other home sign. Being opposite Pisces and Neptune, Mercury can add a clearer perspective. It is also at a harmonious angle to the sign that Mars is in–and though Mercury/Mars can be argumentative, they are both in grounded earth signs, and can work together to make a logical, intelligent, reasonable point when necessary.]

Taurus rising:  If you have kids I would expect fewer ‘misunderstandings’ from them.  Maybe your child opens up to talk to you, or makes progress if they have a speech impediment, or lets their guard down a bit if they’re typically shy.  If you don’t have kids, be receptive to any news you hear about anything dealing with things you love to do or hobbies.  It might be a good time to sign up for a class.  If your hobby is writing, harness this creative time period and get to work.  Writers block should NOT be a thing for you right now.  And if you have a partner, don’t be shy.  Tell them what you want in bed!  Communication in pleasures should be clear right now so enjoy it!


Venus in Cancer trines Neptune retrograde in Pisces and Mars in Taurus squares Saturn retrograde in Aquarius.  “Beauty and love in caring works well with what people are awakening to” and “Action in material world is having a hard time working with lifting restrictions on people.”  Then to sum it up I had written “A reckoning of what is needed?”  

Looking at Venus trine Neptune right now, I think of a mother-type figure gently trying to console others about the delusions others are waking up to.  Like if a friend is coming around to realize that what they believed is not actually true, I would not advise an ‘told you so’ tactic, but a gentle reassurance that it’s okay to change your mind, and let people grow, with compassion.  

[Diane/Editor: Venus/Neptune can also be nostalgic love, the Astro Podcast guys tell us. So be wary of the fantasy of romance and disappointment at this time.]

For Mars square Saturn now, I see Mars’s run through Taurus as very timely with the heating up of Sri Lankan protests.  Mars moved into Taurus on July 5th and on July 9th the protesters stormed the president’s home, although protests in general have been going on for some time now.  ‘Action in material world’ (or anger over farming and money topics) ‘has a hard time working with lifting restrictions on people’.  It could be that the restrictions being put on Sri Lankan farmers are lifted, after lots of anger about money and farming.  Whatever it is, it will likely be sloppy.

So if I were to fuse these two ideas together, I could see an argument being made that caring (Venus) about the earth and our food sources (Cancer) is very important, but people are waking up from the delusion (sextile Neptune retrograde in Pisces) that this can be done so quickly.  [Diane/Editor: or being blind to it.] Now the consequence is there is a lot of anger and rage (Mars) over the farming policies that have impacted peoples’ livelihoods (Taurus) because it does not work well (square) with the restrictions the masses of people are pushing back on (Saturn retrograde in Aquarius).  I think my summing up back in December still works:  “A reckoning of what is needed.”  We should keep our eyes on Sri Lanka to see what goes on around this date.

Gemini rising:  Venus is in your second house of money/finances/values, and it works with realizing the truth about something at work or dealing with parents.  If something seems too good to be true monetarily, being skeptical should be helpful in avoiding a potential pitfall.  Maybe your work is trying to get you to sign up for a different medical plan that doesn’t look so great.  Trust yourself on this one.  

If you’re going on a trip somewhere far away, don’t do anything risky.  It’s so exciting to travel again, but just be cautious.  Or if you’re not traveling and are in school typically, perhaps you’re someone who is feeling out of sorts without the structure of school being present.  If you are a writer and dealing with a publisher, perhaps you have been given more creative freedom, but now are having trouble getting through a writer’s block.  If you are dealing with a legal case, perhaps some sort of a restriction is being lifted, but you’re not as happy as you thought you’d be.  If none of those apply to you, perhaps something that you had stubbornly believed before, you are starting to change your mind about and are having a bit of an existential crisis at the moment.  


Venus in Cancer is opposite Pluto retrograde in Capricorn.  “Beauty in caring is not working well with not-so-discreet shifty government”.  I see an overall concern to be empathetic or take care of something at odds with government, societal structures or corporations who honestly don’t even seem to pretend to care right now.  The big Capricorn structures are showing their cards without remorse.  In a vague sense I see it as ‘let them eat cake’.  Maybe some major companies lay people off while the CEOs rake in their massively inflated profits, while not caring what happens to the little people.  Certainly wouldn’t be the first time we’d see something like this!

[Diane/Editor: Interestingly, as the Astrology Podcast discussions brought up–Marie Antoinette (who said, “Let them eat cake”), was beheaded in times like this.]

Cancer rising:  You express some sort of concern about taking care of yourself and your partner is honestly not even trying to hide being an ass.  Or if you have a business partner, maybe you are trying to do some self care or need a mental health day and your business partner is only seeing dollar signs and doesn’t try and hide that the only thing they care about is money.  If you have a crush, don’t put yourself out there today.  Venus in Cancer is great for you to feel pretty, but it’s not a day to try and impress.  On the other hand, depending on your chart, this has potential for a wild sex day!  Venus and Pluto are very intense and can be very sexual and deep.  However, they can also be obsessive.  Watch out for creepers.  Be safe out there.

AUG 11

Jam packed day!  Sun in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus, Venus moves from Cancer into Leo, Mars in Taurus sextiles Neptune retrograde in Pisces, and we have a full moon in Aquarius.

In December I had written the following, respectively, for these transits:  “Don’t be so sure/cocky.  Shakeup to make you doubt”, “love/luxury/beauty of caring shifts to love of being seen and loved”, “Action in material world works well with what the collective consciousness is noticing” and “manifestation of the people and out-of-box thinking.  Could be about space and tech.”  To sum all of that up I had written “The people are demanding something?”

Now I’ll try to break this down more and more to current themes as we know it.  

Let’s start with Sun square Uranus.  With the Sun in Leo, I expect a bit more of a pompous attitude than usual.  A ‘know-it-all’ if you will.  (I’m not knocking Leo’s, if anything I might have a bit of Leo envy cause they’re usually some of the most fun people, although I do love being a Gemini Sun).  So we take this extravagant focused energy and square it to Uranus in Taurus.  Some know-it-all might have trouble dealing with a problem that has suddenly erupted dealing with money/food/shelter/material items, etc.  It could be a leader who is sure of how to fix a problem dealing with the economy, environment or something explosive, but isn’t landing on the right solution.  There’s a lot of chaos, but we need a leader to listen instead of pretending to know all of the answers in order to solve the problem. [Diane/Editor: It can also challenge the ability to see the big picture.]

Venus moving from Cancer into Leo just means to me that there is a focal shift that moves from taking care of others to taking care of ourselves.  Cancer is very nurturing and motherly, whereas Leo is all about ‘me, me, me’ and the spotlight.  Venus’s feminine energy enjoyed being the nurturer in feminine Cancer, but now it’s ‘Mother’s Day’ when she enters Leo, and it’s time to focus on herself. [Diane/Editor: For others it can reflect fun times, buying luxury items.]

Mars sextile Neptune breaks down as something similar again to Uranus in Taurus.  Mars just adds fire to Uranus which can do enough damage on its own, so this isn’t great.  Whatever this fire is that’s being lit in the economy, or environment (it could very well be literal with the fires out West that we keep seeing year after year), there seems to be some realization with people about what the problem actually might be, rather than what they’ve believed up until recently. [Diane/Editor: Mars/Neptune can also be sacrifice or compassionate action.]

So far we have fire, earth and water, as well as mainly cardinal signs being activated.  Now let’s add some air to the mix and an extra dose of cardinal with the full moon in Aquarius.  My interpretation is that while a full moon usually brings a climax (which with all of these fire signs activated does make sense), since there is so much cardinal energy, I also get the feeling of more of the same.  I don’t think this is a new topic, which is why actual fires might make sense here.  However, Aquarius is also an air sign, which tends to indicate people who are more communicable and good thinkers (Gemini, Aquarius, Libra).  Aquarius tends to be about large groups of people, out of the box thinking, humanitarian efforts, novelty, problem-solvers, etc.  So perhaps there is a unique solution to this consistent problem.

[Diane/Editor: However, the full moon is conjunct Saturn and is square to Mars/Uranus–creating a grand cross in the sky. As the Astrology Podcast for this month brought up, Mars/Saturn aspects have been related to spikes in COVID in the past two years–when Mars and Saturn were conjunct in Capricorn in March 2020, lockdown began, and Uranus tied in with this Mars/Saturn square could bring on a sudden, unexpected spike (since many people want to believe it is over). But the full moon mixed in here (moon conjunct Saturn in Aquarius) could bring things to an end, a culmination. Another thing that Nick Dagan Best pointed out was that this moon’s planetary connections is similar to the August 1999 lunar eclipse, which, he notes was when Vladimir Putin was appointed to be Boris Yeltsin’s successor. Could this signal the finality of that appointment? Full moons bring things to a close, after all.]

Tied altogether, there likely will be fires out West (we don’t need astrology to tell us that).  If this is the topic that shows up, there is likely an error of judgment on a leader’s watch.  People are frustrated at realizing the problem will not be solved by said leader, after being told one thing and realizing the truth, which leads to people taking care of themselves instead of others at this point.  I feel like the solution will come from left field, but will work. [Diane/Editor: Saturn conjunct the moon controls emotions, too.]

Of course, it’s impossible for me to be 100% sure how this turns out, but taking the archetypal principles of all of these transits, this was the story I was able to put together from my perspective. 

Leo rising:  There could likely be a sudden shakeup at work or dealing with your parents.  The Sun is currently in your first house, in its home sign of Leo, and Venus joins in, so your tendency is to be ‘feelin’ yourself’.  The square tells me this is not the best idea.  You could likely look like an a-hole to your co-workers if you’re not careful.  If this ‘fire’ is with your parents, it could deal with inheritance and realizing what you might not be getting, since Neptune is retrograde in your 8th.  If this ‘fire’ is at work, perhaps you’re busting your butt recently and meanwhile you find out your spouse doesn’t have as much saved or put away as you thought.  This realization could give you a boost of self-reliance.  In fact, with the full moon in your 7th house of partners, this very easily could deal with finding out the truth about your significant other’s financial stability.  Certainly is a lot of topics to put together in a day!

AUG 13

[Diane/Editor: The Astrology Podcast always picks one day per month that is auspicious for new beginnings, and today is that day. Chris Brennan says it is a good day for innovation and communication–all mercury things including efficiency and orderliness.]

AUG 14

Sun in Leo is opposite Saturn retrograde in Aquarius and Mars in Taurus trines Pluto retrograde in Capricorn.  In December I had “the leader is not looking too good amongst the people.  Not buying it” and “the move on material things works perfectly with sketchy, but not sly, government shift” respectively.  To sum it up I had “government is doing sketchy shit and the public is not buying it”. [Diane/Editor: Sun opposite Saturn can also bring up lessons for leaders, fathers or men in general.]

Now, I still see what I meant with Sun opposite Saturn.  Mars trine Pluto is a bit more interesting.  I interpret a rage dealing with the economy, environment or supply chain that works in-hand with what the government (or corporations or societal structures) wants.  It’s almost like this problem plays into the power-that-be’s hands, since it’s a sextile.  Man, from August 7th to at least the 14th I keep getting the interpretation of an angry group of masses of people.

[Diane/Editor: The harmonious trine angle, however, allows action-oriented Mars and take-charge Pluto to work well together to get things done, face challenges and gain support.]

Virgo rising:  Your focus on something solo has difficulty with giving yourself more breathing room.  Perhaps you’ve set your standards very high (surprising, Virgo), and you’re needlessly stressing yourself out.  On the other hand, perhaps some rules were lifted at your day job and now you’ve gotten sick or hurt.  Or, if Saturn in your 6th is indicating subordinates, perhaps you became a little more lax with them, but now you’re taking on the work alone.  

For Mars trine Pluto, maybe you’re traveling far away a lot and you discover something new you love to do, (or maybe realize you want kids).  Maybe you’re dealing with something legally that deals with something changing with your kids.  Maybe you are aggressively digging into what your beliefs/philosophies/political stance/astrological/religious ideas are and you realize something you love to do along the way.  While I don’t typically use the word ‘good’ with trines or sextiles anymore, I do see this trine as being potentially beneficial, even though we’re dealing with malefics.  The 9th and 5th houses aren’t bad spots.  With so much action going on in your 9th house and some sort of realization in your 5th house, I feel like there is a search for some sort of truth that leads to something you love.

AUG 16

 Mercury in Virgo trines Uranus in Taurus.  “Communication about practical/earthly/budgetary matters works perfect with sudden change in materials.  Shake up with a quick solution”.  I think my December prediction still stands for what I’d write today.  A sudden problem dealing with money, food, the environment, the economy gets solved swiftly and accurately.  (Although let’s be real, the economy won’t be solved swiftly, but maybe there is some financial blip instead of an over-arching theme, especially since Mercury is so fast moving anyway).

Libra rising:  It has to do with someone else’s money and keeping it a secret.  I would also not advise trying to get pregnant at this time.  Be discreet, whatever this is about.

AUG 18

Venus in Leo trines Jupiter retrograde in Aries. “Love of attention works perfectly with expansion, truth or freedom in war.  A nicer time in a fight.  Both fiery, but working together”.  Hmm, if I’m looking at it now, I still definitely see a love of being adored [Diane/Editor: strut your stuff].  Jupiter retrograde in Aries is a bit more difficult.  If Jupiter is freedom, truth and expansion, would Jupiter retrograde be limited freedoms, half-truths and a pause on expansion?  I’m not sure (and don’t have the hours to go down a Google rabbit hole at the moment), but that is currently how I am interpreting it.  [Diane/Editor: Jupiter retrograde could be more internal exaggeration of ego (Aries) or strength, bravado, and self-absorption.] So a love of being adored (why do I always think of Cardi B?) works out well with little white lies?  This doesn’t look too bad really.  The right kinds of white lies aren’t a bad thing.  We’ve got the two benefics in a trine, which means it should work well together.  Eh, enjoy it.  Feel good about yourself even if you maybe should cut out the snacks.  It’s a day for enjoyment after all of the BS going on recently.

[Diane/Editor: Leo and Aries as fire signs denote action and energy. Jupiter and Venus positively aspecting each other can sometimes represent wealth–the lottery aspect. Brings to mind the lyrics, “Hey big spender, spend a little time with me.”]

Scorpio rising:  Your subordinates at work might be giving you a compliment they don’t entirely mean, but take it and run with it.  Venus is in your 10th house of career, so things should be smooth on that front.  Jupiter retrograde is in your 6th house of subordinates, so perhaps they aren’t telling the full truth, but I don’t think this will hurt you at all.  Also, maybe your work-load lightens a bit.  Good times at work.

AUG 20

Mars moves from Taurus into Gemini [where it will stay for six-to-seven months as it goes retrograde].  “Action or movement on materials to harsh communication.  Putting down the toys and yelling instead.”  [Diane/Editor: or being intentionally offensive.] The last time Mars went into Gemini was about when The Great Resignation began.  I remember because I took a job RIGHT before I started reading about everyone getting higher pay, and I was pissed, hah.  Mars in Taurus was about grinding through, working hard, keeping your eye on the target.  Then when Mars moves into Gemini, it’s like looking up from a project and realizing ‘wait a minute, I deserve more for this’, and starts to get a bit more argumentative, for sure.  Suddenly employees had room for negotiation.  I wonder if we’ll see another phase of this or how that might play out.

[Diane/Editor: The Mars retrograde in Gemini also relates to the birth chart for the United States, as does the position of Pluto right now, which is where it was in July of 1776. Things can “heat up” over this time frame, as Nick Dagan Best pointed out that historically, there were major events in the US after Mars stationed(pivoted) to go direct after being retrograde, which included the attacks on 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. In addition to these possible meanings, Mars in Gemini generally gets things moving fast, and people can talk too much. But watch for burnout as well as liars and verbal assaults.]

Sagittarius rising:  After working extra hours at your day job or simply working out a lot, or maybe even being injured or having a rough health spell, all of that sort of energy is shifting into your 7th house of partnerships.  This could mean your partner is more argumentative, or maybe you and your partner are being extra productive on something you are working on together.  My expectation is a bit more on the argumentative side, but again, it always depends on the chart.

AUG 21

Mercury in Virgo is opposite Neptune retrograde in Pisces.  Mercury will now begin its shadow period, which means pay attention to the Mercurial topics in your life from now until September 9th when it goes retrograde again.  “Practical communication is at odds with people realizing the truth.”

[Diane/Editor: Thoughts can be muddy or Neptune can bringing a perspective based in faith to the more logical, practical Mercury in Virgo. Another possibility is that Neptune calms the rhetoric with the sense that “it’s all good.” OR one may imagine that they know what is best since Neptune brings in a creative, imaginary (fantasy-like, even) and spiritual perspective to logic. There can also be sensual, musical, and dreamy. Also watch out for a sad or depressive view of the way things are playing out. ]

This one is interesting.  Mercury in Virgo=clear communication in its home sign.  Neptune retrograde in Pisces=lifting the rose colored glasses off and seeing the truth, also in its home sign.  I almost get a sense of denial here.  One side clearly has the truth (Mercury) and the other side doesn’t seem to want to let go of their delusions (Neptune) even though they probably secretly understand what the reality is now.  We see this a lot in politics.  Maybe after the Mercury retrograde this denial will come to a close.

Capricorn rising:  Plans for traveling far away have difficulty with accepting the reality that communication will be difficult.  Perhaps you are going somewhere where they speak a different language?  I would make sure to understand some basics of their language.  Perhaps there is some clear legal information being communicated that you are having trouble accepting as truth.  Perhaps you learned some information about college and are having a difficult time expressing it to your sibling.  Maybe you got word from your publisher about something but now you have the annoying reality of going through and editing again. 

AUG 22

Mercury in Virgo trines Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, and the Sun moves from Leo into Virgo.  “Practical communication works perfectly with changes in government” and “focus shifts from “look at me” to “okay, back to work.”  Summing it up: “Conversation is a bit more practical so we can get something done.”  Today I would look at Mercury trine Pluto as “There will be clear and practical communication about shady things in governmental/societal structures/corporations that used to be secret.”  I think a lot of the outrageous Leo energy will start to calm down a bit with the focus shifting to Virgo now.  Part of me wants to interpret this as potentially the truth coming out about Epstein’s connections, or maybe even U.F.O.’s, but I feel like I might be too optimistic.

[Diane/Editor: Another way to look at information-oriented Mercury at this harmonious angle to secretive Pluto, is that secrets could be shared or discovered, as well as deep feelings that are not often spoken. But Mercury connected to Pluto in a positive angle is generally a good time for research and investigations.]

Aquarius rising:  Hmm.  This is an interesting transit for this sign.  In some ways I could see it being about coming clean to a partner about the shared assets and sketchy money moves.  I could also see it as doing a shady money deal in cahoots with a partner, in plain sight.  If it’s not about money and sketchy deals, I could see communication about something potentially fatal but getting good news.  Pluto is retrograde and the trine makes it work together.  If you’ve been sick, maybe something is in remission or you’re actually healing.  For health issues, I actually don’t think this would be negative.  Then with the sun entering your 8th house as well, there is definitely a focus on this 8th house topic.  If you’re being shady, I don’t think you’d be getting away with it for much longer.

AUG 24

Uranus stations retrograde at 18 degrees, 55 minutes.  Pay attention if this hits a significant place in your chart.  “Time to review what got rocked this year in the material world.”  More than anything, I’ll be interested when Uranus goes direct again.  The last 3 years, every time it goes direct, within a week there is a major earthquake or volcano goes off somewhere in Asia.

[Diane/Editor: Though Uranus will be moving away from messy Mars energy, remember that planets become stronger and more intense when they pivot (or station) to turn retrograde or direct, so this planet could bring on the chaos at the degree point where it turns (18˚). So fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius) could feel this intense energy most, especially if it is on an important angle (AC, MC, DC, or IC). But all 18˚ points will interact with Uranus in one way or another.]

AUG 25

 Mercury shifts from Virgo into Libra.  “Communication shifts from practical to justified, balanced, and truth-seeking.”  I think Mercury in Virgo can also deal with truth-seeking, but I think the difference in communication with this shift is about the focus shifting from what is true, to what is fair and even.  I think of Mercury in Virgo vs. Mercury in Libra as the person in the office constantly being busy vs the person in the office who understands that a power nap can help productivity.  There’s a bit more chill to Mercury in Libra.  Conversation is certainly valued here, rather than just getting the information needed to continue on.  The balance and light-heartedness of air (Libra) vs the overly practical earth (Virgo). [Diane/Editor: Mercury in Libra can also be creative or romantic (Venus–which rules Libra) thoughts (Mercury).]

AUG 27

Venus in Leo squares Uranus retrograde in Taurus and the Sun in Virgo squares Mars in Gemini.  In December I wrote “love of being seen has a hard time working with reviewing what got rocked.  Rich people–shut up (Cardi B.)” and “the focus on practicality has trouble with the angry conversations.”  Once again we have the love of being loved and seen (Venus in Leo) but there is friction (square) dealing with the sudden, unexpected changes (Uranus) in money or material items (Taurus).  I mentioned Cardi B. once again, because she has gotten flack for flaunting her riches at times when people were really hurting economically during COVID and many people called her out on it online.  Now is not the time to be bragging about what you have when so many people have not.  In addition, the Sun in Virgo is focusing on being practical but has trouble dealing with the angry conversation with Mars in Gemini.  It seems difficult to have a productive conversation today as emotions seem to be running high.  If you don’t want any of the drama, be modest.

[Diane/Editor: As Caitlin pointed out about Cardi B. “flaunting her riches at times when people were hurting,” Venus in Leo being showing off style, being irreverent and fun when connected to Uranus in a stressful square, it can also be an impulsive fling, an unexpected challenge to love, or a sudden burst of free love. On a more practical level, it could also be technology (Uranus) related to beauty (Venus) being developed but possibly running into challenges. The sun in Virgo square to Mars in Gemini connects to Mercurial things, since Mercury rules both those signs. Mars is assertive communication in Gemini and the Sun in Virgo is doing what is necessary–so saying what needs to be said could be done at this point. Mercury in Virgo is opposite Jupiter in Aries. In a natal chart, according to the Astrology Podcast discussion, the person could be very diplomatic, and they pointed out that Obama and Eleanor Roosevelt had Mercury/Jupiter aspects in their birth charts.]

Pisces rising:  You might love your day job but maybe you need to refigure how you are commuting to work after something unexpected happened with your mode of transit.  Or maybe you were about to get your pet groomed but your groomer is suddenly out of business and you need to find someone else.  Maybe your routine each day and day job and subordinates have been going great, but you can’t really talk about it with a sibling because something happened with them that rocked their world and they’re trying to re-evaluate their lives, so you’d feel bad about discussing your happiness.  Also, your focus is on your partnership (romantic or business) but your family is not thrilled with it.  Or maybe you’ve been spending a lot of time with your partner and have been neglecting things at home.  Watch out for things breaking at home, or even the potential of someone trying to rob you!  When Mars was in my 4th house in January someone tried to steal my kitty shelter out of my backyard!

AUG 28

Venus in Leo is opposite Saturn retrograde in Aquarius.  “Love of being seen is not working well with oppression of people.  People feel resentment and are pushing back.”  More of that Cardi B. vibe.  Bragging right now is not such a great look on you.  (P.S. I love Cardi B. lol.) [Diane/Editor: Remember, Saturn is the taskmaster, the disciplinarian. It tones down Venus’ flair (when it is in Leo). The Astrology Podcast guys said this means that if you are going to have fun, it makes it more serious, or fun with a serious purpose. Games for learning, perhaps? Going to a lecture on a date?]

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