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by Caitlin Donohue


Venus in Sagittarius is opposite Mars retrograde in Gemini, Mercury in Sagittarius squares Neptune retrograde in Pisces, and Venus in Sagittarius sextiles Saturn in Aquarius.  Last year I wrote for this date “Talk of justice at odds with angry people and having a hard time making collective consciousness happy.  Good justice works with restricted masses.”  Overall I get the feeling of a compromise happening around Dec. 1st.  So much news has been at a turning point lately that it’s hard to look at just one topic, but I’m hoping something settles down between Russia and Ukraine.

Aries rising:  Something good with either college/higher education, far away travel, something dealing with the law, or religion or philosophy is in conflict with either a sibling, the way you communicate or something local.  The information about the higher education/far away travel/legal issues are presented in a good light, but it’s possible the good info comes out of a bad situation.  I would expect the information to get miscommunicated as well with Mercury (communication) square (challenging transit that enacts change) Neptune retrograde  (Neptune is always foggy, so maybe a bit clearer being retrograde, but being in the 12th house, it could be difficult to see).  The good information (9th house stuff) works well with Saturn in the 11th though.  

If I break that down a bit more, I see it as a challenging day for far away travels.  Even though Venus and Mercury are in Sagittarius, for the most part these are difficult aspects they are dealing with.  In addition, if a friend is coming with you and either says no to something or wants to call it a day a bit earlier than anticipated, I would listen to them today.  If it isn’t about far away travels, I could see it as a very difficult day studying or taking tests at college, even if it’s for a class you really enjoy.  I would be weary about getting sick.  Take extra care of yourself and try to get enough sleep for those finals!  Actually, with Venus sextiling Saturn in your 11th house, it would be great to have a study buddy to help you out!

And if it’s none of those, it’s possible you get into an argument about politics/religion with a sibling or with someone online.  I would bite my tongue though because it’s definitely possible that you’re not seeing the full story.  Perhaps discussing whatever this issue is would be better with a friend rather than online or with your sibling.


Neptune stations direct.  “What has been reviewed since July 28th should start to resolve.  Might have to do with March 7/8thish to July 28th.”  It’s hard to tell exactly what this will be, but I’m leaning towards scenarios with leaked documents.  Also, it’s hard to tell because, duh, Neptune in Pisces.

Taurus rising:  Maybe there’s a friend you haven’t spoken to since mid-summer.  If they pop back up again and they want to talk things through, I’d give them the chance.  This could also be about a large organization or group of people that you work with.  Maybe in the last 4 months there has been some restructuring going on.  My hope would be that things are finally settling into place for you at this time.


Venus in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces.  “Love of justice not working well with collective consciousness.”  It seems like the compromise I mentioned on December 1st is coming out as not all that exciting after all.  ‘Disappointed’ would be a fair word to use here.

Gemini rising:  Uh oh.  You might’ve had plans for something fun to do with your significant other, but totally forgot about something work related that has to interrupt these plans.  Your partner will likely be gracious about dealing with it, but that kind of sucks.


Mercury in Sagittarius squares Jupiter in Pisces, and later that day Mercury ingresses into Capricorn.  “Communication about what is right is having a hard time being accepted as right.”  Perhaps it was not the consequence that we expected to see.  I find it interesting that later that day Mercury moves into Capricorn.  Like ‘here’s our last take on delivering justice on this issue for a while, and now let the government/big institutions handle it.”

Cancer rising:  You might find out that you have to go on a business trip that you kind of don’t want to go on.  Maybe you send one of your employees on the trip instead.  Or maybe you’re dealing with foreign business affairs that are in conflict.  Mercury (communication/travel) is in your 6th house of subordinates, health, pets, daily activity, and it is needing a decision to be made with Jupiter in your 9th.  It might be that you feel overwhelmed about this trip interrupting your routine, but it should actually be beneficial.  With Mercury later going into your 7th house of relationships/partnerships, I expect clear communication either with your partner holding it down at home while you go travel, or that the trip triggers a business partnership that you’ve been working towards.  However this manifests, I think in general, this challenge is an okay challenge to have.  It’s going to open a door.


Full moon in Gemini.  “Manifestation of communication.”  I believe last year’s full moon in Gemini was around the time Omicron was peaking.  You could understand that as a manifestation of many people coming together and communing around the holidays.  It could be that this year, although I am very interested to see if it has anything to do with social media.  There have been so many big changes of leadership this year.  We’ll see!

Leo rising:  This is a GREAT time for socializing.  Time to shine, radiate and be the life of the party!  This Gemini full moon falls in your 11th house of friends, large groups, or perhaps audiences!  What a combination!  Enjoy it!


Sun in Sagittarius is opposite Mars retrograde in Gemini.  “Focus on justice/freedom is not working well with having the same conversation over again with angry people.”  With Mars retrograde in Gemini, I feel like this will just be an argument going in circles.  Whatever that compromise was that I mentioned on the 1st and 4th feels very insufficient right now.  This looks like a slap on the wrists with many people angry about the injustice.

Virgo rising:  Your focus might be on home or family, but it’s hard to focus on that when there’s so much turbulence going on at work.  It could be that you’re getting burned out, that you have disagreements recently at work or that you’ve been kicking ass and taking names doing a killer job at work.  However this highlighted, perhaps ‘aggressive’ feel is manifesting at work, you’re being pulled to focus on home or family and you can’t do everything at once.  It might be good for a mental health day, although at the same time that might kick you in the butt more than it will help.  This time will pass.


Venus in Sagittarius squares Jupiter in Pisces and later that day Venus moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn.  “True justice is not working well with what the collective knows.  Enthusiasm for justice becomes security.”  All of these ‘compromise’ topics and the Mars retrograde transits seem to be related to this as well.  Disappointment for sure, but maybe something is more secure now than it has been.

Libra rising:  You enjoy communicating with people and probably feel you are right, but be careful how you deal with your subordinates or employees.  They’re working harder than you might realize.  Try less micromanaging and more focus on your own family and your own home.  It will be beneficial if you do.

DEC 12

Sun in Sagittarius sextile Saturn in Aquarius.  “Focus on what is right works well with oppressed people/limited info.”  The focus is on justice or foreign people/places/topics, or politics/religion/philosophy and it works together with the civilized structure of the masses.  Perhaps there’s a ‘win’ for all of us little people.  

Scorpio rising:  It’s a good day to spend money on your home or family, especially if you’re considering getting construction done on the ‘bones’ of the house.  Pull the trigger on these plans if you haven’t yet.

DEC 14

The Sun in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces.  “Focus on what is right is at odds with what the collective consciousness needs.”  I get the feeling that there’s some announcement about helping people but it’s not enough or isn’t tackling the correct problem.  Not that it would definitely be about student loans, but the comparison I’m trying to make is how $10k of student debt was initially cancelled by President Biden, but for a lot of people that is barely an actual dent.  (Plus it doesn’t stop the same issues from happening).  It feels like an incomplete solution.

Sagittarius rising:  Watch out for getting into an argument with your family.  You’re full of fire energy right now, and the family just doesn’t understand what you’re talking about.  Doesn’t seem like an argument that will go anywhere productive, so it’s best to avoid it.

DEC 17

Mercury in Capricorn trines Uranus retrograde in Taurus.  “Communication about government or structures works perfectly with sudden change in materials/money/food”.  I feel like today would be a day where if something collapses, the safety nets or systems we have in place to mitigate this problem will work the way it’s supposed to.  Something will be there to catch the fall.

Capricorn rising:  Something unexpected or sudden might happen either with your kids, hobby, or even something during sex.  Whatever it is, you’ll be able to handle the problem with clear, concrete communication.  I have full confidence that you can find the solution to whatever this problem ends up being.  

DEC 20

Jupiter ingresses from Pisces into Aries.  “Truth for consciousness shifts back to explosions of energy”.  Jupiter was in Aries from May 10th to October 28th.  During that time there were enormous heatwaves worldwide.  Jupiter is coming back into Aries and I expect to hear more of the same with the southern hemisphere (but we didn’t need astrology to tell us that).

Aquarius rising:  From May 10th to October 28th, were you spending more time with a sibling?  Were you much better about writing or utilizing social media for business?  Did you get a new form of transportation?  Did you get better neighbors?  Whichever one of these topics that was touched on in the summer and fall, expect it to pick back up again.

DEC 21

The Sun moves from Sagittarius into Capricorn and then squares Jupiter in Aries.  “Focus shifts from justice to government and societal structures which isn’t working well with explosions of anger”.  Yeah, whatever that solution may have been is really not going over well, but now with the focus in Capricorn, it seems like big government is digging its heels in.  “This is the decision, deal with it” seems to be what they’re saying, but this decision is not going out quietly.

Pisces rising:  Your focus is shifting from work to friends.  Perfect time for the holidays.  Don’t lose sight of how much money you’re spending though.  It’s tempting to do every social event you can during this time period, especially if you’ve been isolating for the last two holiday seasons.  Just remember to stay in your budget.

DEC 22 

Venus in Capricorn trines Uranus retrograde in Taurus.  “Good parts of government/structures work perfectly with sudden change in materials.  The structure keeps something from collapsing?”  With Uranus retrograde, I’m guessing it’s not a new topic, but the solution is unexpected.  However, Venus in Capricorn should keep the system from falling.  

Aries rising:  You might get an unexpected pay bump at work!

DEC 23: 

New moon in Capricorn.  “Plant the seeds for structure and security”.  While the system won’t fall, like I had mentioned on the 22nd, this could also be an opportunity for a new law or rule to be put in place to prevent some of these future problems from happening again.

Virgo rising:  It’s a great time to try for a baby if you’re considering it!

DEC 24

Mercury in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces.  My prediction from last December was “Government communication works well with what it seems the collective wants?  Transparency?” Now I’m not so sure.  I think there will be discussion in government about how to prevent something like the FTX collapse from happening again.  While Neptune and Pisces doesn’t deal with money, it DOES deal with being tricked or fooled.  Neptune also dissolves things (like people’s money being lost overnight).  However, this could also deal with the whole Ticketmaster/Live Nation monopoly.  Perhaps it will finally be dissolved, which is something I think just about everyone wants to see.  Or at least I certainly do.

Libra rising:  Communication at home or with family will work out with uncertainty at work.  I’d say it looks like a great day to focus on family or your home and let the subordinates handle the rest.  Not much will be happening anyway so you can relax.  While Mercury and Neptune are opposites in terms of communication, the sextile seems to smooth it out.  Even if there is a misunderstanding, it likely won’t be a big enough deal.  It’s more important to spend time with family today.  And honestly (if you celebrate Christmas) since it’s Christmas Eve, maybe just don’t worry about anyone working that day.  Nothing huge will happen.  Relax.  Neptune says to dissolve your daily routine and talk with your family.

DEC 28

Venus in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces.  “Good part of governmental structure works well with what people need”.  Hmm, I also now think it could be something like “good part of governmental structure successfully fools us”.  Neptune and anything dealing with the government is pretty much never a great combination, but that sextile makes something look a bit easier.  When I think of Neptune and Capricorn interacting in some way, I think of MK Ultra, leaked documents, conversations about legalizing psychedelics, certain types of conversations related to U.F.O.’s.

Sagittarius rising:  It’s possible you help out a family member financially due to a medical bill.  Maybe you’re able to pay something down dealing with a house issue, like a leak in the house, etc.  Maybe a family member can’t tell you why they need the money.  Typically I wouldn’t trust that, but with this transit, if I could, I would help.

DEC 29

Mercury stations retrograde and then is conjunct with Venus.  “Time to review government structures.  Something good will come of it.”  

In addition, this will also be the third hit this year of the U.S. Sibley chart Pluto return.  Pluto is making its return to where it was when the Declaration of Independence was signed.  Pluto makes big things small and small things big.  It deals with the underworld.  It breaks things down just for the phoenix to rise up again.  Some people say Pluto represents transformation (which is true), but I see it more as destruction.  Not always in a scary way.  The fall and winter comes so that new life can happen in the spring.  In order to understand what the day is, we need night.  Without it there would never be total change, which is why Pluto is so necessary.  Where Uranus is an earthquake, Pluto is a blackhole.  Both cause change, but only Pluto truly transforms.

So far, when I look at the U.S. Pluto return, it’s been interesting to say the least.  The first hit in February came a day after Russia invaded Ukraine.  While we’ve been involved, we haven’t been involved directly.  However, the U.S.A. very clearly stands for freedom, which is what the Ukrainians have been fighting for.  So while it was not as direct as I had expected, it was big enough to involve us and clearly evoked an American sort of spirit; fighting for freedom.

The next one is certainly darker in my opinion, but I am trying to step out of it and look in.  On July 11th we had the second hit when Pluto was retrograde.  On June 28th Roe V. Wade was overturned.  I’ve heard Richard Tarnas compare Pluto to a birth.  The process and the pain of having a baby only to have so much joy by the end of it and see the fruits of your labor, literally.  For the U.S. it is interesting to see both perspectives play out here.  One party is happy that life is more protected.  The rest of us are terrified of dying during childbirth or simply not having control over our own bodies.  Roe V. Wade is quite literally dealing with life and death, which certainly fits the bill for Pluto.  So what will it be at the end of December?  It’s anyone’s guess, but I’m sure it’ll be something filled with turmoil.  America is changing.  Pluto will guarantee it.

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