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I had to learn how my own vibration needed to be properly prepared to receive a manfestation

Part 2 of my intentions related to Hungary involved being unemployed (again) and having no home of my own, and wanting to get to Hungary to find work. I had to learn how my own vibration needed to be properly prepared to receive a manifestation. I sometimes hear people saying that manifestation is really goal-setting but you have to do the work. Well, the work that I did was on myself, and my connection to spiritual priorities and spiritual vibration. A key was being positive, which was often, at the time, quite a challenge. Obstacles to that came up daily. It was my mindset, and mood-set that I had to focus my work on, and to keep putting one foot in front of the other. This story tells how I did that, what my goals were and what my efforts were to be ready and open to receiving the amazing blessings I put out there. These were things that could have cost me thousands of dollars, and showed up in my path. I did have to have faith enough to ask –I asked the divine and my spiritual guides to help me be better, and to help me receive the things I asked to receive. And then I took the brave step to open my mouth and take a chance to ask the right people if I could do the things I was hoping to do. I hope this story gives some hope or inspiration to someone looking for answers and a way to move in the direction they are hoping to reach.

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