When I first met Doreen, it was at Karma Cottage, a spiritual and metaphysical shop in Crystal River, Florida, where Doreen was doing Reiki and Tarot readings, and I was doing astrology readings. We both taught classes, as well, and some of Doreen’s classes included Goddess classes. I was not familiar with the Goddess movement or the Goddess practices, but when Doreen created her Facebook page The Goddess Connection and invited me to join,I signed on and realized, I didn’t know what it was all about. But I’ve seen so many other Goddess pages and groups online that I decided to ask Doreen to tell me and the podcast audience about the concepts that make up the Goddess tradition. In addition to her work as a Spiritual Mentor & Coach, an empath and Tarot Specialist, Reiki Master and Ritual Facilitator for celebrations such as weddings, immersive meditations, Celebrations of Womanhood, and events that include seasonal celebrations in the Wiccan tradition, she is an Ordained Minister in the Universal Life Church & Church of Spiritual Humanism and she teaches classes in Empowerment Through Goddess Traditions and Reiki. Doreen is also active in her local business community serving as a member of the Chamber of Commerce and as a board member of the Friends of the Coastal Region Library in Crystal River, Florida. Her website, thegoddessconnection.org, and her Facebook page, The Goddess Connection, describe her work as “offering a common sense approach to spiritual well-being.” I can attest to her commonsense approach, as I have not only had tarot readings with Doreen, but also heart-to-heart chats about our lives. So Doreen is here to give us insight into what the Goddess Traditions are that she teaches about and bases her work on. The opinions and ideas discussed are for informational purposes only on the Goddess Tradition, and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of this website and podcast. In full disclosure, there are some who dispute the historical basis of the beliefs related to the goddess tradition. However, in this podcast we are looking to understand the details of the beliefs that have inspired the traditions and the practices and rituals they incorporate.

Website: thegoddessconnection.org/
Facebook Page: The Goddess Connection
Email: thegoddessreturns@hotmail.com

Doreen’s book recommendations:
Power of the Witch – Laurie Cabot
When the Drummers Were Women – Layne Redmond
The Magical Household – Scott Cunningham
The Family Wicca Book – Ashleen O’Gaea
The Goddess Celebrates – Diane Stein