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By Caitlin Donohue with commentary by Diane Dobry, Editor


Venus is sharing Pisces with Neptune; Moon in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius moves into Cancer

Diane/Editor: Astrologer Anne Ortelee in her Weekly Weather podcast, says that at 23 Pisces, Neptune will remind us of a dream we had last spring that we wanted to do—and we are at the point of deciding if we are ready or not.

While the moon is saying hello to Mars in Gemini (maybe angry feelings or taking the initiative to speak our feelings related to the house Gemini sits in on our birthcharts), Ortelee says that “Wednesdays are the days to get things accomplished,” as the moon goes through Gemini and into its home sign of Cancer. The moon will be in Leo by the weekend as it prepares for the full moon on Sunday. So, the moon and Leo, Ortelee says, “are both separating energies, so they’re saying this is finished, we’re done, we’re going to let it go.”

Rick Levine adds that the moon in Cancer “settles down and we may feel like we want to also lower our energy frequency…relax and rest.” But he points out that the Sun is in a square to Uranus, and will be exact in a couple of days, meaning we will feel agitated, excited, or have a “sense that something’s up…and we’re ready for something to happen,” Levine says—or we will make it happen.


Diane/Editor:  @AstrologerAnneOrtelee points out that the beginning of the week was smooth flowing, but today and tomorrow begin a time of intensity for the week leading up to Sunday’s full moon.  In her Weekly Weather Podcast, she points out that Venus will have an aspect to the nodes and a trine to Pallas Athena—good strategy. There is also “a little bit of an argument with Juno (commitments) about partnership deals…like the deal was we’re going to do THIS but now I’ve changed my mind.”  It can be a day of decision, and with the square to Mars coming up Saturday, strategies and approaches to things (or partners) could change.


Sun in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus.

‘Focus on large groups, technology, outside the box thinking, or humanity is at a turning point with technological, revolutionary, rebelliousness, sudden changes, unexpected or abrupt moves in something dealing with security.’

A sudden change in what keeps society stable.

Cancer rising:  ‘The focus on shared assets, conceiving, taxes, debts, insurance, inheritance, loans, your partner’s money, etc., is at a turning point with a sudden change in large groups, friends or audience.’

If someone passed away and you are dealing with inheritance, did the person who died decide to donate more of their money to an organization than you were expecting?  If you’re trying to get pregnant, have you not been considering the idea of how it will change your social life and it just hit you?  If there’s a lot of talk about your partner’s money (potential raise, job change, bonus, etc.) is there a concern about bringing the friend into the business, or is there an issue with a friend they work with that you didn’t consider before or an unexpected problem with that person arises?  If you’re going through a really big change personally right now, is there a friend you didn’t expect to either accept or deny you for this change?  I don’t have advice right now as whatever it is, is at a turning point and that is all I can see at the moment.  But there should be comfort in knowing this is a part of the process.

Diane/Editor: RickLevine tells us that by the time the sun is squaring Uranus today, “it’s like something can explode”—not just in a physical sense but in a disruptive sense—more like lightning, when tension builds up to a point that it shakes us out of our reverie. He explains that the earthiness of Taurus and the conceptual expression of Aquarius clash. He adds that the moon passes through a trine to Neptune in the middle of the day. That sense of dreaminess on top of the Venus in Pisces “softness” will hit a glitch tomorrow, when Venus squares Mars.

AstrologerAnneOrtelee points out that Uranus is on a world point and with the sun squaring Uranus today, “it is a big freaking deal.” She says this connection is related to the eclipse on election day on November 8th. Today’s square, she tells us, is “a closing square, so it’s going to want to make some changes” and shift us in a new direction. On top of that, mercury with Pluto in Capricorn are preparing to meed next week, and that will, she says, be a good time to wrap up projects and “looking at situations, making decisions about how you’re going to change.” The sun square Uranus gives us the energy to do it. We may also see very public break ups in the news. Change is coming and the planets are paving the way for us to do that.


Venus in Pisces squares Mars in Gemini.

‘Aesthetics, beauty, cohesion, love in something good dealing with creativity, a lens, distortion of reality, dreaminess, collective consciousness, meditativeness, transcendence, the way we collectively view things, or good things in culture are at a turning point with action, severing ties, or anger in communication or crashes in travel.’

A collective agreement on what angers us all?  Something to change from this?  Or at least something actionable about it.

Pisces rising:  You might be ‘feeling yourself’ right now, but be careful of being too cocky.  There is likely an argument or issue with your family, home or roommates.  Even if you are right, try and be tactful when dealing with this.

Diane/Editor: Austin Coppock on The Astrology Podcast for February points out that squares between Mars and Venus are “erotic, scandalous, and contentious within relationships.” But Venus is happy in Pisces and once it gets past this square, things get smoother. Relating to people is easier, people are in better moods, things run smoothly, he adds.


Full Moon in Leo @ 16 degrees 41 minutes

‘Manifestation of things that are center stage or command attention.’

Libra rising:  Time to SHINE!  This is a great day to do something publicly, perform at a show, or simply just hang out with your friends.  Whatever you do, don’t waste today at home, unless you have an online audience to attend to.

Diane/Editor: The sun is in Aquarius and the moon is in Leo. Leo wants the spotlight, or attention, and Aquarius is focused on the community. Both the sun and moon are in a t-square (each of them is at a 90˚angle) to Uranus, the planet of shake-ups, surprises, unexpected shifts (in earth,can be earthquakes). Full moons are endings of a situation or closure, coming to fruition. Rick Levine says that the sun being in Aquarius is opposite its home sign, so that can be tense, because that position is the sun’s detriment. Today’s full moon, he says, is the “heightened energy of this tension between the love that we express (Leo) and the love that we receive from the community (Aquarius), or the interrelationships in the community” versus Leo’s self-focused need for attention. Leo, Rick says, needs to be acknowledged by others, but we also need to express our own love to know we are loved. He points out that the square angles to Uranus by the sun and moon can be a breakthrough, or a break up—suddenly, and unexpectedly. We could experience it or see others experiencing it. Astrologer Anne Ortelee says that since Uranus is on a world point (15˚ of Taurus), it could mean we see break-ups out in the world—or at least a breaking apart energy manifesting. It could push us to make changes, she says, that are needed in our life, and we may be seeing people in our lives making changes.

The Astrology Podcast discussion brought up that the recent Venus/Mars square is also tied into Uranus and there could be an “unexpected surprise or rebelliousness or a drive for freedom.” Mars in Gemini “has been kind of argumentative” with a “debate dynamic.” But Venus is working to smooth that energy out, to calm it down and make peace. They also point out that Mars is action and Venus is prettifying things. So Mars may tear something down and Venus beautifies it afterward.

But remember, a full moon shows things that have been hidden or unknown, and it finalizes something.


Mercury in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces.

‘Communication about institutions works together with deceit.’

Don’t trust the institutions or powers that be to tell the truth right now.  There is likely an intention to pull the wool over the eyes.

Aries rising:  ‘Communication or travel at or for work, or communicating with a parent, or a parent traveling, flows with your intuition, or isolation.’

If it’s about work, don’t second guess what is coming to you naturally today, just flow with it.  Did you get offered remote work, which was something you were looking for?  If it’s about a parent, did they get out of the hospital or get good news regarding their health that has been of concern lately?  If none of the above, and you are naturally intuitive, etc., I would use today to meditate.  

Diane/Editor: Rick Levine tells us that today–the 6th–the Mercury sextile to Neptune can lead to focusing our thoughts on dreams and imagination, to the point that we may not keep our feet on the ground, but Capricorn is earthy and practical, and Mercury is generally logical, so while it is in Capricorn, it may play with Neptune’s wild fantasies while still maintaining a level head. Levine also points out that Venus in Pisces is making a half-square to Pluto in Capricorn, which he describes as feeling as if “we’re being forced to go deeper into some issue that we don’t necessarily want to go deeper into. Pluto, Lord of the Netherworld, brings us deep below the surface to the dark and hidden realms. and Venus in Pisces is very happy to stay where it is. For that reason, exploring what Pluto has to show us may feel forced–like when you’re comfy in bed, and you have to get up to go into the basement and check on a blown circuit breaker, or an unfamiliar sound of something breaking. In a relationship, it could be facing a deep, dark secret about someone we do not really want to know, because it would just ruin our day. Do we face reality or just plug up our ears, close our eyes and repeat, “lalalalalala” over and over so we don’t have to know?


Mercury covers its shadow period from 1-18 to today @ 24 degrees 20 minutes Capricorn

Mercury entered it’s shadow period (the topic) from 12-12-22 @ 7 degrees, 45 minutes Capricorn

Mercury went retrograde (RE-TOPIC) 12-30 @ 24 degrees 18 minutes Capricorn

Mercury went direct (TOPIC BEGINS BEING RESOLVED) 1-18 @ 8 degrees 9 minutes Capricorn

‘Whatever topic about communication or travel dealing with institutions from December 12th until December 30th, 2022, and was being reviewed from December 30th until January 18th, should be resolved by now.’

Scorpio rising:  Mercury in Capricorn is in your 3rd house of transportation, siblings, local travel, neighborhood, the way you communicate, etc.  I’m picking you because my husband’s chart has been very in sync with this cycle so far.

We got flooded on December 23 (within the topic period) and his car (3rd house) just barely got ruined.  On January 7th (within the reviewing of travel and transportation) insurance said they were going to declare his car totaled (when Mercury retrograde was conjunct Pluto).  It hasn’t officially been declared totaled yet since he is going to see how much it would cost to fix the car, since the issue is electric.  He has a rental from insurance for now.  I told him if possible, wait until January 19th when Mercury will definitely be going direct to find the new car if his old one can’t be fixed.  (I also did tell him that while I don’t advocate for entirely living your life by astrology, if it is a reasonable possibility to hold off until then, it might be wise to do so.  At the end of the day, you have to deal with life as it comes at you).

So maybe your car got wrecked and you finally have another one by now!


Rick Levine points out that Venus now has moved from a half Square to Pluto, which makes a body anxious, to now being at a sextile angle to Uranus. “This, on the other hand. is exciting,” he says, and it depends on who we are. Some people want everything in love and happiness to be smooth and someone else might consider that to be boring. Yet, Levine says, “the consistency and reliability feel really good.” Yet, when that Venus sextiles Uranus, things can be a bit exciting– so exciting that we may not want to go there. Instead, we may actually shut down some of that energy. Venus in Pisces, remember, is blissfully calm, and Uranus wants to shake things up. Being in Venus’ sign, Uranus has to let Venus be in charge of the level of excitement.

Astrologer Anne Ortelee notes that “Uranus is on a world point, so we can expect the unexpected out of Washington. With the moon in Virgo, we may be figuring out processes, procedures, and “how we will work with that energy.” Venus is in a happy place (Pisces), but is the boss of the sign of Taurus where it is sending winks to unpredictable and rebellious Uranus and the purposeful North Node (which directs us to what we need to do). So, Ortelee notes, “We’re going to watch for some interesting communication energy to take place and also some interesting energy around money and your values (Venus) and your purpose (North Node).” Venus brings a sense of what we want. Uranus on the world point means it will be a sudden, unexpected change. The sextile angle is a positive opportunity and with Venus thrilled to pieces in Pisces, and having dominion over Uranus and the North Node, it would be harmonious. At the same time, Mars is in Mercury’s sign (Gemini) and Mercury is in the sign where Mars is exalted (Capricorn) so the situation—the unexpected change out in the world (Uranus on the world point) could be communication (Mercury) that is connected to helpful actions (Mars).


Venus in Pisces sextiles Uranus in Taurus.

‘Love, cohesion, aesthetic beauty in dreaminess, creativity, transcendence, seeing through a lens, works with sudden change in security topics.’

Instinct should kick in when something that is relied on for stability goes rogue.  It might be hard to be confident in the instinct, but it should be trusted. 

 The last two years I’ve played lotto on this day specifically for the mundane possibilities and I made $10-$30.  I’ll definitely be buying another ticket on this day!  (Please play responsibly).

Virgo rising:  This would be a great time to book or take a trip somewhere far away with your partner.  If you have a business partner and work in something related to politics, writing or law, etc. I would think something unexpected might happen today that turned out to be good!

Diane/Editor:  Astrologer Anne Ortelee tells us that this angle of opportunity (sextile) between Venus and Uranus is important because Uranus at 15˚ of Taurus is on a world point, which is important to the world. She says, “We know this is going to be some big deal announcement,” which she says relates to unexpected news out of Washington.  Ortelee reminds us of when Venus met Uranus last May, and points out that now is the time Venus will “harvest that energy” and bring it out.  But remember that Venus rules Taurus where Uranus and the North Node are now, so the sextile between Venus and Uranus will be helpful. It could also relate to something related to money, as Taurus oversees finance and banking and Venus is the sign related to our money as well as our values—what we consider to be valuable or that establishes our standards (values).

Rick Levine says this aspect between Venus and Uranus “can be a bit exciting but maybe too exciting to the point we want to shut that energy down.


Diane/Editor: Rick Levine says Mercury makes a sesquisquare—a square-and-a-half with Mars, which can result in arguments, an active or restless mind. He adds that we could become angry with someone, which is why he said on the 8th, that we want to shut the Venus/Uranus excitement down.  Anne Ortelee says it is a very stressful energy around decision making.

FEB 10

Mercury in Capricorn is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.

‘Communication about power or underworld topics/sketchiness in institutions’

Major communications with the powers that be.

Sagittarius rising:  Is there talk of some BIG money moves for you, for better or worse?  Hard to tell if it’s good or bad, even though Pluto is a malefic.  When I think of the key phrasing ‘Pluto makes small things big and big things small’, it could go either way.  

Diane/Editor: Mercury is communication, thinking logically, and in Capricorn can be  related to power and importance based on communication, in writing. Pluto is the authority figure, so it is “the issuance of an executive order,” Austin Coppock said on The Astrology Podcast discussion. “It’s an authoritative order, or edict….It’s a decree, it’s an edict, it’s an official policy.” Pluto can also be something hidden, or “not right and the like.”  Coppock adds that Pluto can be”things that aren’t part of this world…which emerge out of nowhere.”  This group’s discussion also brought up the point that Mercury and Pluto could be about forensics, revelations, circumstantial evidence of institutional wrongdoing, finding out where the bodies are buried, and could even relate to an actual death.

Rick Levine sees the Mercury/Pluto conjunction as “an opportunity to bring things up from the unconscious in order to process them,” or work on them.

Astrologer Anne Ortelee says that Pluto is like a hoarder (having a lot of things hidden that may not be known about) and there could be news related to hoarding. Mercury comes in to “hang out with Pluto” and send out Pluto’s messages (from the underworld) to the Earth. Mercury Pluto matters could reveal secrets, Ortelee adds, but also power dynamics, and it is a good time to get served with papers and to watch for judicial rulings.  Another meaning of Mercury and Pluto meeting up is that this is “a goodbye energy, where you say goodbye, or I think I need to leave.”  It can also mean medically connected to endings in the news.

FEB 11

Mercury goes from Capricorn to Aquarius from now until March 2nd.

‘Communication shifts from institutions to large groups of people, outside the box thinking, technology, or humanity.’

I would expect an extra focus on social media or AI like Chat GPT or Lensa for the next few weeks.

Leo rising:  If you’re single, it’s a great time to mingle for the next few weeks!  If you’ve got a partner, there is an extra focus on how you communicate with your partner or your partner traveling from now until March 2nd.

Diane/Editor: As Rick Levine points out, we have the sun, mercury and Saturn in Aquarius now, and this is “another reminder we are moving into Aquarius energy….” He reminds us that in another month, Pluto will move into Aquarius, which will be a huge deal! Pluto has been in Capricorn for over a decade—since 2008. Once Pluto settles down and stays in Aquarius in November of 2024, it will remain there for about 20 years. It will define the energy of the next generation and power structures.

Austin Coppock, in The Astrology Podcast, points out that though the big things will be happening in March, this entry of Mercury into Aquarius “does especially well in the middle Decan of Aquarius” and that with chilly Saturn still waiting to exit the sign, Mercury brings a perspective to the coldness.

Mercury is exalted in Aquarius, and is happy here—Anne Ortelee says it is “supercharged.” As Mercury moves out of Capricorn, it changes the dynamic with Mars in Gemini.  She says “Mars gets very strategic in his thinking” versus the Capricorn energy of being reliable and dependable.  This is also another “Let It Go” energy because “Mercury jumps off the cliff,” saying goodbye, I’m leaving. 

FEB 12

Diane/Editor:  Anne Ortelee reminds us that Mercury meets up with Vesta  (Home and hearth) in Aquarius today, and it is a good time to “look for things for your home and hearth that make your house look beautiful” or that are inspirational.

Rick Levine says today is a quiet day. We may have overdone it yesterday, yet we still have energy coming from a Mars/Pluto sesquisquare (square and a half). Mercury is also connecting with Jupiter in Aries (more Mars energy there and Jupiter expands it). And Uranus in Taurus could still be disruptive, he says.

Feb 13 -14

Rick Levine notes that the moon goes into Sagittarius and it is a more energetic feeling of wanting to “take things to the next step” once we have absorbed and internalized what we’ve done or experienced over the weekend.  He also brings up a square-and-a-half (135˚) between Mars and Pluto, which he says can be nasty, with Mars being an impulsive warrior sometimes with a chip on his shoulder. Pluto, Rick always says, is the Lord of the Underword, so he points out “when anger comes to the Underworld…or the Lord of the Underworld –the devil—who’s going to win?” Though Mars may get the first punch in, Pluto always wins in the long run, Levine says.  Pluto in Capricorn has been about a renewal and transformation in government, banks, and big business—external structures and monetary systems. Mars in Gemini is about solutions and ideas to act on. But here, he says, we have a power struggle that, by the 14th, when it is exact, could result in “some powerful struggles that we may see being played out on the national or even international political scene.”  And not only that, in spite of it being Valentine’s Day, he notes that there may be more going on beneath the surface than what is happening that day in our own lives.  The positive thing is the moon in Sagittarius is in harmonious angles to Jupiter and Chiron in Aries, which can lead to an “expression of love that takes the pressure off the deeper inner power struggles.”

FEB 15

Venus in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces.

Good distortions today!  Great meditative time today and yesterday since the transit occurs early in the morning EST.  A wonderful day to get lost in creative endeavors or relax in general.  Could be a great day for Meta (though I haven’t looked at Meta’s birth chart). 

Aquarius rising:  There is definitely potential for some money to float into your account without even noticing, or money you find on the ground.  Perhaps there is a creative way you are able to bring in some money.  Whatever it is, it deals with your second house (money), and Venus being there is never a bad thing. Neptune can be concerning but since it’s conjunct with Venus, I feel more positive about it.  Just watch out for something that might seem too good to be true.

FEB 16

Sun in Aquarius is conjunct Saturn in Aquarius.

‘Focus on large groups of people, humanity, technology or outside the box thinking overshadows the limitations or restrictions that are happening in those topics.’

Another day to read between the lines.  Today the focus on people or technology seems great, but you can’t see what the rules and restrictions are going to be just yet.  Those rules are likely already set in place.  Does something about Meta’s VR seem great?  Watch out for the data they might steal.  (No brainer there).

Gemini rising:  It seems like a great day to plan a trip far away, but just wait a few days so you can see what the limitations might be or the cancellation policy etc.  Take the time to read the fine print before clicking ‘buy’.  

If you’re applying to college, be prepared to accept rejection, or if you are accepted, take note if the college would limit you in some way.  Don’t get overzealous.  Take your time to think it through.

If you’re a teacher, you might feel limited on what you can do to help your students right now but the limitations seem vague.  Wait a few days for it to become clearer.

If none of those, you might be particularly focused on politics, philosophy, religion, law, astrology, etc.  You might feel like you are identifying with a certain way of thinking, but just remember to come back down and take the time to learn the pros and cons of all of it.  

FEB 17

Mercury in Aquarius sextiles Jupiter in Aries.

‘Communication about large groups of people, technology, outside the box thinking or humanity works together with expansion or justice in war, sports, or something fiery.’

Utilizing social media to unite people for a greater good, that could unfortunately be war-like?  It could also be a great day for a cyber attack if it ends up being more negative.

Capricorn rising:  ‘Communication about money, or moving money around will work well with good things at home or with your family.’

Maybe you just found out that some renovations on your house won’t cost as much as you think!  Or maybe a family member gives you some money!

FEB 18

Sun ingresses from Aquarius to Pisces until March 20th.

Reflect on what’s mainly been focused on from January 20th until today.

‘Focus shifts from technology, outside the box thinking, large groups of people or humanity to dreaminess, getting lost in creativity, transcendence, conspiratorial thinking, meditativeness, etc.’

Focus shifts from how we can make the world better to collective consciousness in culture.

Taurus rising:  You’ve been very focused on work for the past month.  For the next month do some more socializing and try to make more time to see your friends.

FEB 19

Venus in Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn.

‘Beauty in distortion works with power moves in institutions.’

Are we easily manipulated?  I imagine this is like giving a baby a shiny object with buttons.  Easily distracted.

FEB 20

Venus ingresses from Pisces into Aries until March 16th.

‘Aries together with Pisces makes me think of psychological warfare.  With Venus in Aries, beauty, cohesion, aesthetics, or good things shifts from distorted reality to action.

(Think of beautiful workouts like yoga, tai-chi, trapezing, or maybe even ballet.) Beautiful physical, fiery movements instead of beauty in the mind for the next few weeks.  At the same time we have new suggestions planting the seeds for something distorted or dealing with our collective consciousness.’

Perhaps there is a new idea dealing with consciousness that merges with a way to tempt us into believing something.  

In a better light, we could say that after Venus has been highlighting what the masses collectively believe that is good, Venus now takes that thought and applies it to getting stuff done.  With a New Moon in Pisces, this should all be intuitive.  Maybe today you don’t need a ‘to-do’ list.  Go with the flow but do not procrastinate!  Stop scrolling!

FEB 21

Mercury in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus

‘Communication or travel dealing with large groups of people, technology, outside the box thinking, or humanity is a turning point with sudden or unexpected, rebellious, revolutionary-like change in what keeps us secure.’

Conversation amongst the masses for how to deal with a turning point in what keeps us secure, seemingly out of nowhere.  

FEB 22

Mercury in Aquarius trines Mars in Gemini

‘Communication or travel dealing with large groups of people, technology, outside the box thinking, or humanity works together with action, anger, arguments, separation in communication or ideas.’

Big argument about immigration policies?  Potential for great advancements in some form of technological communication.

Diane/Editor:  Chris Brennan and Leisa Schaim of The Astrology Podcast set today (around 2 p.m.) as the featured electional chart of the month. (He offers information on several more to certain Patreon members).  There is a Venus and Jupiter conjunction in Aries building upand the moon is in the middle of the two planets. “Venus applying to a conjunction with Jupiter, and the moon as the ruler of the chart (since Cancer should be at the ascendant at 2 p.m.)…accentuates this symbolism of success and achieving one’s desired (in the 10th house) career, or other types of ambition goals.” In this 2 p.m. chart it should put them in the 10th house of career reputation and action or public reputation in general. This configuration could  be good for taking an acition (a bold action, in Aries), to accomplish something or open up a new area of achievement and success.  Austin Coppock adds that the moon as ruler of the ascendant being conjunct Jupiter “pulls the person into the glory….”

Sum up February 2023

Certainly focused on an international event.  A collective idea among the people for what can help us more.  I feel like it will deal with immigration policies. The masses of people and countries potentially speak out for what we collectively want guaranteed for security, like war-crime laws, humanitarian needs, etc.