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Astrologers included this month include:

The Astrology Podcast
Chris Brennan
Kelly Surtees
Austin Coppock
Acyuta-bhava Dasa
Pam Gregory
Rick Levine


Well, January did not feel much like a new energy, considering Saturn and Jupiter left Capricorn on the Winter Solstice.  As Chris Brennan of the Astrology Podcast put it, “We knew at the end of 2020 we would get through this difficult year. At the end we would have this monumental Jupiter Saturn conjunction….We did all feel we were at the beginning of a new era much more than we would have anticipated a year ago.”  But in the same way you can watch as two cars are hurtling toward each other before a crash, the astrologers knew that the Mars ingress into Taurus from Aries was not going to be the normal, easy-going Mars-in-Taurus energy because it was going to run right into Uranus, wreaking havoc with the latter planet’s strong energy of protest and rebellion—taking action to shake things up in unexpected (Uranus), and potentially violent (Mars)ways. 

“We had commented in the year ahead [reading—recorded prior to December 21] that in the inaugural chart what was notable was there was a huge amount of military presence locking the city down on the day of the inauguration,” Chris pointed out.  Austin Coppock added, “That is a pretty easy translation from Mars/Uranus—unprecedented military presence.  Uranus is anything way out of normal. Mars is military.”

“It came in really strong,” Kelly Surtees added. “Sometimes when Mars changes signs it can have an effect immediately.  As soon as Mars was co-present with Uranus and forming a square to Saturn, the volatile situation inflamed, activated and, taken to a new level of intensity, had been coming. It is the idea of the clash of different power structures of forces.”  She added that Saturn indicates major shifts in society or in our own lives and we will see it move through structures and systems all this year, as the major theme of 2021 is the Saturn/Uranus square that will be exact three times, but always remains close together.  The first exact square is this month—February 17th.  The second will be June 14th, and the third will be December 24th.  Key words supplied by Austin were that this energy represents “dynamics between the center and the peripherary,” or “those in the citadel versus those protesting outside.” 

Saturn indicates major shifts in society or in our own lives, and we will see it move through structures and systems all this year, as the major theme of 2021 is the Saturn/Uranus square that will be exact three times, but always remains close together.


But it is not just in the US that this is happening.  As Austin noted, “If you turn the sound off and see video footage of stuff happening in different countries, it would look like the same thing.”

Acyuta-bhava Dasa adds hopefully that Venus will potentially ease the conflicting impulses between restrictive, limiting and conservative Saturn and the more disruptive, eccentric, suddenly and unexpectedly rebellious Uranus.  To illustrate, he explains that Uranus will want to begin a ground-breaking exciting thing, and naysayer Saturn says, “No. Forget it.” Venus in there will try to sort things out and say, “Well maybe we can try it for a minute or two,” which upsets Saturn, which sees that effort as feeding into a situation and opening up a door that won’t get closed—seeing it as a trap.  Venus and Saturn are like the balanced energy of Libra, he says. 

The rebellion in January, however, was not only in the attack on the Capitol. It also showed up in the unique, unexpected online disruption in the financial world—Taurus represents finance, Uranus is not only surprise and disruption but also the internet and technology.  It was all about a group of people online stopping the old guard stockbrokers from betting on the failure of Game Stop to bring the price of its stock down and lead to the demise of the company. The unexpected buyout by gamers and others online raised the price of the stock and caused the traditionalists to lose a lot of money—catching the world completely off guard.  This is another way that Mars in Taurus meeting Uranus can act.  And it stung (Mars can be sharp as a needle or a knife)We also saw Mercury in Aquarius go retrograde at the very end of January, which will remain so throughout most of February and won’t get its communications and travel mojo back until March.  As a result, it will be hitting the stellium (large group of planets) in Aquarius (also including Venus, the sun, Saturn, and Jupiter, and eventually the moon), not to mention squaring Mars bringing some nasty thoughts and conversations, or news of volatility.

And speaking of the stellium in Aquarius, that is another major part of this month’s importance—so many different energies coming close together and squaring Mars and/or Uranus in Taurus indicates tension between fixed signs that don’t like to change, but also brings in a bigger focus on air (Aquarius is an air sign), drawing us away from the earth and cardinal (changing) energy we had in 2020 with Capricorn, Cancer and Aries being a big focus.  The key words for air, according to Chris, Kelly and Austin, are birds flocking—that air carries groups to flock together and ride the current. Pam Gregory, in her video, recounted other times in history when Aquarius was a strong energy, as well as when Uranus and Saturn were important factors in the transits and how those aspects brought about change, or clashes, or community efforts to make things happen.  She mentions that Uranus being the higher octave of mercury regarding communication can bring a “big upshift in our communications ability,” as well as changes in electricity and magnetism.

Rick Levine, whose video also gives a detailed history that shows how the alignments today played out in the past, puts it all together saying that “February is all about the dynamic conflict between innovation and the status quo.”  It is, he says, “the choice between holding onto the present by binding it to the past (Saturn) and moving into the future by embracing change (Uranus). But he reminds us “there are not winners in this grudge match.” Given this clash of the titans, he notes that stress continues to build this month, but that by the end of the month, we could turn a corner and find some peace when the Sun, Venus and Mercury go into Pisces by March. 



We come into February with Mercury having turned retrograde at 26˚ 29’ on January 30th, and it will continue to be moving retrograde for three weeks before stopping at 11˚ 01’ and heading back to 26-27˚.  It will not be until March 13 that Mercury will get past that point.  So we will feel that mercury retrograde energy all month—miscommunications, confusion, revision of decisions or plans, disruption of machines, internet, and transportation.

Also on the first, Venus enters Aquarius which already has a stellium of 4 planets with Venus making it 5. Venus heads toward the sun until it disappears and transforms from the morning star into the evening star.  But before it meets the sun, it will meet Saturn later in the week.

Acyuta-bhava Dasa says that Venus coming into this mix of multiple planets squaring Uranus will serve to smooth things over, to try to harmonize the differences between the old and the new and the difficult lessons. Kelly Surtees points out that since Venus rules Taurus, where Uranus is situated for the next five years, it will show up in how we interact with others we have relationships with, she says. She adds that “something is now being considered or discussed or explored once Venus comes into Aquarius, because we’re going to have these five planets in Aquarius until later in the month when the sun leaves so it’s just an interesting

‘Okay now we’re now we’re all here—I know the moon’s not there yet, but it just feels like kicking into a different gear.”

Chris Brennan points out that with Venus ruling Taurus (and, though he doesn’t say it, Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius) there is reception between the two planets, meaning the rebellious Uranus energy is somewhat lessened by having the planetary ruler of Taurus (Venus) present in Aquarius—which is at a challenging angle to Uranus in Taurus. Chris mentions that reception can be “a mitigating factor for difficult combinations or combinations that can be more difficult especially with malefics.”  He reminds us that Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius, and with Venus entering into that sign, Saturn in Aquarius is “kind of welcoming Venus and supporting it in some way….” Venus is being treated as a guest in Saturn’s home, and Venus brings a sense of “positive reinforcement” he points out. He describes it as constructive for relationships and opening the possibility of creating “ones that are more long-lasting in the future.”

Pam Gregory discusses Venus as representing not just relationships (which is strongest if Aquarius is in a relationship house in your chart –the 5th and 7th houses in particular), but also money, currency and the stock market. She anticipates that the position of Venus and the other Aquarius planets to Uranus in Taurus can bring “some wobbles in the stock market” but that its connection to Jupiter at the new moon can be very fortunate.

More on that when Venus meets Saturn on the 5th and Jupiter on the 11th.

Zen Ren, points out that Venus in Aquarius is a “highly social, exploratory transit.”  Venus brings art, romance, pleasure and beauty and Aquarius is eccentric, and they are certainly individuals seeking out other unique individual characters to spend time with and share ideas with. However, Aquarius also represents freedom and distance—both physical and mental.


Venus forms a conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius today which Zen Ren notes could relate to new business partners or financial opportunities since Venus is the planet of relationships and Saturn is a planet of business.

Acyuta-bhava Dasa notes that between the 5th and the 7th, Venus will try to “harmonize the tension” between conservative Saturn and revolutionary Uranus.  Saturn, he says, “does better with structure and tradition,” but can also be associated with things that are falling apart.  But more importantly, it is resistant to change, and Uranus is definitely up for a new perspective, and a new way of doing things.

“Venus is going to try to bring Saturn together with revolutionary, rebellious, innovative, disruptive, eccentric Uranus,” Acyuta-bhava tells us. It will try to be the go-between in a debate between doing things the way they have always been done versus doing something new, and the fear of taking a risk. 

In another perspective, Venus brings beauty and Saturn brings time—and can be, he says, “late life beauty,” or a well-aged bottle of wine.  However, it can also relate to vows (Saturn) for love (Venus) and the need for “hard lessons, sobering painful heaviness around love and relationships,” and “sometimes the need for…diplomacy to deepen an existing commitment or agreement.”

Venus, he reminds us can relate to women, and this can be a time when we hear of the death of famous women. 

Rick Levine points out that Venus/Saturn is good news/bad news.  It is, he says, a reality check between warm, loving Venus and cold, serious, stabilizing Saturn.  it can also represent real, true love, not just fantasy.

Pam Gregory notes that it can also bring up issues around currency, money and stock markets, she adds, particularly as it moves into a more exact square to Uranus on the 6th.

The Astrology Podcast crew of Chris Brennan, Kelly Surtees and Austin Coppock do note that Venus joining the Aquarius party, “kicks things into a different gear,” Kelly says.  “Venus Saturn is colder and more distant,” Chris notes, and Austin adds that it is about “patterns of relationship, commitments, agreements, contracts we sign with each other, expectations we have of each other…loyalty and betrayal.” Kelly points out that when Venus meets up with Saturn, it is about “clarifying the duty, responsibility (Saturn) and assessing satisfaction levels (Venus) to determine if we are on track long term (Saturn).”  Depending upon where it falls in an individual chart can determine what that is in relation to. If it is in a house related to romance, it could relate to commitment and relationship.  If it is in a career house, it could relate to the desire to stay in or change careers.

Chris also points out that Aquarius is Saturn’s home and it welcomes Venus into its home as a guest.  So “we tend to see this as a constructive combination, reassessing agreement, trying to confirm those agreements or create new more long-lasting stable ones. It helps relationships stabilize” but the next day, Uranus throws a monkey wrench into the mix.


Venus in Aquarius forms an exact square to Uranus in Taurus today, which Rick Levine says brings “a bit of disruption,” and the sense that “this is what I like, and if you accept it or not, tough.”  It also brings out the conflict between Saturn (the old) and Uranus (the new) and the challenge to conform to what is traditional or to go with something new and different.

In fact, Acyuta-bhava Dasa says that Venus with Uranus is when you “get your freak on. It is flamboyant, sparkly, bizarre beauty.” Or, he says, it can be experimentation in love, sexual experimentation outside a normal monogamous situation, or a rebel in relation to sex, love ,art beauty, and eroticism, as well as “different kinds of intimacy, or sexual and energetic exchanges.”

It can, he says, be simply, the need to rekindle a relationship with the spark of love or passion, because boredom sets in.  Venus/Saturn is the “love me little, but love me long” energy, and Venus/Uranus is “wanting to get all crazy.”

Kelly and Chris discuss Venus squaring Uranus as a destabilizing factor. While Venus connecting with Saturn is more methodical, deliberate and slower, Kelly notes that when you bring in Uranus, it is “quick, impulsive, and spontaneous.” 

But Chris points out that Uranus is in a sign ruled by Venus, and therefore, there is reception, which mitigates any tension the square angle would bring in. 

Pam Gregory reminds us that Uranus represents freedom and independence, and it can affect money and the stock market with “wobbles” – doing things independently, breaking loose.

Rick Levine points out that there is also a sextile forming between Venus and Chrion on this day, which brings “a chance for healing” and “a sense of something about coming together” with a “potential for using the love of Venus to break down some of those barriers that we set up because of our wounds, our hurt, or our anger.”  This could be on a personal level but also on a global and political level that can bring potential healing. 


Venus leaves its square with Uranus and heads toward its meet-up with Jupiter in a few days.   Mercury, which is halfway through its retrograde cycle meets up with the sun—forming a cazimi – in which it disappears into the light of the sun. With all the planets piling up in Aquarius, as the sun moves through the sign this month, each will conjoin the sun in a cazimi. Chris Brennan says that as all these planets emerge into view again after disappearing behind the sun, themes hidden in the first half of the month will show themselves and become more clear afterward.  

Rick Levine points out that Mercury will eventually go back over the sun again, but that at this point, this conjunction of retrograde Mercury with the sun is often “a period of time of intense mental focus” since “mercury is how we think and…communicate and the sun is our center of being, our will.”  When Mercury is retrograde, Levine reminds us, it is intensified. “It is almost like our wires, our nerves fray,” he says, adding that it can “create issues that are often the result of too much noise.”  The best way to handle this is to slow down through meditation and not let anxiety take over, since we need to be prepared for more tension this week.

FEB 10

Mercury moves into an angle of tension (a square) with Mars, which, because Mercury is retrograde, can mean we are reviewing or going back over something, but it could result in discord or verbal tension in the process, Chris Brennan points out. Kelly Surtees adds that it can be “trying to navigate differences,” and “internally churning over something in our head” due to being unsettled and agitated over the topics of conversations. This aspect can signal an ending or a transition, and with the moon being in a balsamic phase, “wrapping things up,” she says it could be a time when something is “coming to a natural conclusion,” making us feel vulnerable.  However, she points out, “if you have to end something or talk about something uncomfortable, that might be the day. 

Rick Levine notes that Saturn is moving close to its eventual square to Uranus, and though it is not exact until a week later, it is only one degree away of happening.  The energy that day, he says, is a combination of “irrepressible blast into the truth, the future, the new, the innovative, the unconventional, the radical” and it is running straight into rigid Saturn that does not want to go forward. It wants to “hold things together, to be stable, to return to the past,” Levine says. Part of the dilemma here—the choice of one or the other—is that “people have very different senses of what the past was and what the future should be.”

FEB 11

The moon and sun meet in Aquarius at 23˚, which Chris Brennan says has “an optimistic aspect of unity and accord and other good vibes,” as mercury moves away from its confrontational square to Mars.  This is an auspicious new moon, Acyuta-bhava Dasa tells us.  Wherever Aquarius falls in each person’s birthchart will be planting new seeds, but with so many planets, and so much energy in this sign, “this one is like a bomb going off” to set the new cycle in motion. 

But the key here that all the astrologers are talking about is that Jupiter and Venus meet up on the same day at 12˚ of Aquarius—in the same sign.  “Two benefics coming together,” Kelly points out, are “agreement, conciliation, support, common ground, agreement on how to move forward.  There is a togetherness quality and a forward moving quality.” Austin Coppock weighs in, saying that it is “two fundamental flavors of good—more personal good with Venus, and larger collective, philosophical, less tangible with Jupiter.”  In Aquarius, he sees this as, if done right, an open window to new possibility, a little slice of heaven, when you thought the gate was permanently closed.  He adds that the fixed star Deneb Algedi is there, which is associated with just, fair, morally decent order, and it brings an “attempt and desire to develop order in a way that is also moral in huge part.” To which Chris responds, “Morality is a core Aquarian vibe” as well as “what is the greater good for society and humanity.”  And on an individual basis, they agree that whatever house this new moon falls in an individual’s chart, “big things are about to happen there.”

Pam Gregory agrees that we may really feel this because “it brings success generally and it brings happiness.” She adds that mercury retrograde is not far from the Jupiter/Venus conjunction and that because it is all happening in Aquarius, “it is out-of-the-box thinking, big thinking, big horizons, seeing new visions for the future.”  Mercury also is at a very harmonious angle (trine) to the north node in Gemini, which adds new information to the mix that allows us to make new choices.  And later in the year, at the end of March and again in late September, Jupiter will move over the degree where the sun and moon meet today, and that energy will be expanded “like pouring Miracle Grow onto whatever new seed, new vision, new idea that you’re planting at the time of this new moon.”  

Rick Levine agrees that this new moon in Aquarius is hopeful because it is “the harbinger of spring coming.”  And, he says, the Venus/Jupiter conjunction is one of the sweetest aspects. But he also notes that “there is good and bad in every aspect.” While both Jupiter and Venus are considered to be “good planets,” when they get together, “a bit of overindulgence can occur,” especially regarding sweetness. Jupiter’s expansive qualities can exaggerate things and Venus represents money or what we consider to be pleasant. When Jupiter and Venus meet, Levine says, “we might spend more than we need to for something that brings us pleasure, or we might inflate the potential of something that is romantic because it feels wonderful” especially so close to Valentine’s Day.

FEB 13

Rick Levine notes that Saturn forms an exact sextile (angle of opportunity) with Chiron, bringing a potential for healing.  Mars is also going into a sextile with Neptune, which he says is “a sweet energy.”  What this means, he tells us, is “There is a way in which we can move our physicality that aligns with our spirituality, with our higher perceptions and our way of seeing the potential rather than just being limited by the base, gross material reality of what is.” But the energies are tough right now, he warns.  Saturn and Uranus moving into a square to each other brings conflict.  “We have the sense of knowing things need to change, but we are hesitant to change because it is almost like…any change we make is too much.”  

The sextile between Mars in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces brings “potential of imagination… and creating reality based on our higher ideas or higher ideals.” (Mars being action, Taurus being the earth, and Neptune being the vision, the imagination, the spirit).

FEB 14

On the 13th, Mercury retrograde passed Venus in the sky heading quickly in the other direction, and then as we get to Valentine’s day mercury meets up with Jupiter at 13˚ of Aquarius.  This double benefic connection with Mercury is a relief after the tension of Mercury squaring Mars on the 10th.  (Mercury is news, discussions, short distance travel, and ideas, meeting up with happy, loving, money-focused Venus momentarily, and expansive, over-the-top Jupiter).  Lots to talk about, lots of news.

FEB 17

Today is the first of three exact squares (challenging angles, hurdles to overcome) between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. This is the key theme of 2021 , and although these two will not be exact more than three times, they will not be far from each other’s energy all year, even into 2022. This time ‘round, Rick Levine points out that we also have the moon conjuncting Uranus as this square forms.  “The moon will not only conjunct Uranus and square Saturn,” he tells us, “over the next couple of days the moon will square saturn, mercury, Jupiter, venus and the sun, so this is a very intense period of time.” 

Chris Brennan, in his year ahead forecast, noted that “to whatever extent we got previews of instability when Saturn dipped into Aquarius [in March of 2020], we are getting the serious, intense version of it around mid-February.”  In his February meeting with Kelly Surtees and Austin Coppock, they noted when Saturn moved into Aquarius and squared Uranus in Taurus in 2020, there were “two major waves of protest—lockdown protests, and in June, more social protests with the George Floyd protests.”  Saturn-Uranus is not partisan, Austin points out, “It is wherever and however that dynanmic can occur,” he adds, noting the anti-authoritarian protests happening in Russia.  Saturn is the establishment and those in power, Chris says, adding, “some of those dynamics are changing.”

This aspect is going to be exact again on June 14th and then December 23rd in 2021, and as Rick Levine points out, that event though it is not an exact square in 2022, in October 2022, Saturn in Aquarius will be at 18˚ 49’ and Uranus in Taurus will be at 18˚ 11’.  And this square, he says, is a dilemma—”a fork in the road where you have to go this way or that way but you can’t go one way without having the potential and the possibility of going the other because the forks lead in very different directions,” adding that “we need to keep both sides open and then act with awareness of both sides of the equation”—to understand both points of view. Saturn is naturally stubborn and traditional and limited in its ability to change but he also notes that Uranus, which normally demands change in an instant, in Taurus, is like “arguing with granite” – trying to change or moving something solid as a rock. Levine points out that the”pressure gets so great that the changes when they occur will be way more noticeable than they’ve been in the past because they’ll be like earthquakes—and it could be literal earthquakes that occur at this time, throughout the year.  

Acyuta-bhava Dasa says that it is not just earthquakes and whirlwinds, but “established structures that could be in nature or in civilization, or within the psyche, at work or in your relationships.”  There will be a lot of “I don’t care” energy and rebellious energy bringing out the feeling of “No one is telling me what to do, I have the power, it is my right, my will, my choices, my reality,” being “just as rigid about being a non-conformist as a traditionalist is about being traditional,” he says. 

FEB 18

The sun moves into Pisces, beginning the break-up of the Aquarius stellium. The good thing about planets moving into Pisces, is that it will bring us out of the series of squares to Uranus and instead there will be more harmonious aspects.

FEB 19

Today Venus moves into a square with Mars, but because Mars is in Venus’s sign—Taurus—there is reception. Austin Coppock points out that it is not mutual—only a one-way reception, meaning “Venus can help Mars, but Mars can’t help Venus navigate Aquarius.” Kelly notes that “it will be like a manageable bump, friction that can lead to sparks, good or bad.”

Rick Levine’s read on Venus squaring Mars is that it is “a conflict between the cosmic lovers—Venus is what we like and Mars is how we get it.” He points out that Venus is what we value, what draws us to the things we are attracted to or what turns us away from what repulses us.  Mars, is what happens physically—the lovers quarrel or a lovers act.  “The good news,” Levine says,” is it can be incredibly playful and creative. The bad news is that we can get sidetracked by an ego (Mars) and get caught up in the value judgments (Venus) and see that things are not the way we want them”—so we go to war. Mars, he says, is not the only warrior. Venus is one too. And Mars is also a passionate lover.

FEB 20

Mercury turns direct on the 19th or 20th depending on where you are in the world.  Typically, it takes a few days before Mercury moves back in the direction it should be going, back toward where it had been when it turned retrograde in January.  Right now it is at 11˚.  The Astrology Podcast group—Chris, Kelly and Austin—point out that the Mercury retrograde in February has been an effort to deal with or sort out that mess or entanglement that has not been as smooth as intended–figuring things out and bringing some order to what has been jerky or inconsistent action before now.

Austin Coppock notes that mercury has been spending a lot of time between Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, a point between problems and potential solutions. We are trying to formulate bigger plans and larger strategies, Kelly says.  Austin adds that on an individual level it has been about “setting expectations in an environment where a greater level of disorder is known….how do I exist in a relatively chaotic environment?” As it moves forward toward a third and final conjunction with Jupiter on March 4th, Austin says it signifies “I think I have answers, I think it will work. It is more hopeful…it will feel like utopia.”  Kelly adds that it is “a sense of a coming together…we are on the same page and can agree to some things.” Chris Brennan points out that it has been a period of going back and revising, retooling, redoing, and when you reach the end of the process—the end of the retrograde period, and begin moving forward again—you can go on from there.  This leads, he says, into one of the best days of February to start something new on February 21.

FEB 21

This is the date Chris Brennan chose with Leisa Schaim as one of the best days to begin something new—a business, a project, a relationship, a wedding, and so on.  The exact time is at 11 a.m. so that Gemini is the Ascendant.  It will be focused on 9th house matters—which are legal matters, religious or philosophical themes, education and developing or learning academically, and publishing or broadcasting. Chris points out that normally it is good for long-distance travel, but they are not recommending it for this chart. 

FEB 24

Mars is moving to the end of Taurus when it forms a trine (120˚ angle) to Pluto in Capricorn. When Mars was in Aries it formed squares to Pluto which were volatile but Rick Levine tells us that Mars trine Pluto is “another level of depth and power and intention that comes to light, and again we have to be careful about the good news/bad news aspects, since traditionally, these are ‘bad’ planets.”  So, he asks, what happens when “bad” planets make “good” aspects (a trine is one of the most harmonious aspects).  Well, in the case of Mars and Pluto, it is still tough.  He describes the energy as “someone who is fighting for a passion who will die for their cause,” and “it is also someone whose cause can be so high and noble that they are also willing to put whatever it takes into that cause.”  So, this very powerful energy is what is coming into focus on February 24th.

FEB 25

Venus moves into Pisces today, which is the sign of Venus’ exultation. It also adds to the break-up of the stellium in Aquarius.  Austin says it is as if “once a policy has been decided and you have a plan, then there is the moving on to do it, as various things pop up with the movement of planets into mutable signs.”  He describes it as the break-up of a big meeting in which everyone goes in a different direction to see how things go with the plan that was established.

Rick Levine notes that the movement of Venus into Pisces brings “feelings and sensitivity and emotions back into the equation.”  Eventually Mercury will join the sun and Venus, which will mean their energy in connection with Uranus in Taurus will be more harmonious. And, in fact, the sun is forming a supportive sextile with Uranus today, meaning, Levine says, “that our vitality, our life force is now more aligned with the idea that ‘Okay, we are in the future, what is this going to mean? Where do we have to go?’ “

Exactly between the Sun and Uranus is Chiron in Aries—forming a semi-sextile with each—which can be uncomfortable, Levine says.  It can result in anxiety and problems. 

FEB 27

Rick Levine says that the good news about this full moon in Virgo is “forming a close trine to Uranus, feeding the ability to break through into the future.”  The problem is that there is a pair of quincunxes –150˚ angles that represent discomfort and awkwardness—between the moon and Saturn and Chiron.  So, while the moon is doing well with the radical Uranus energy, Levine says that “there is stuff going on that is not quite working and Chiron has difficulty healing.  However, with Venus moving close to the sun, the full moon is opposite Venus, which is sweet, he says. 

Generally, a full moon brings something to fruition, but Levine says this one is a culmination, because it will not end the cycles.  Saturn square to Uranus will still be part of the full moon through a new layer of circumstances.  “This conflict between the old and the new is not over,” Levine explains. He says it is critical that we each find ways to balance the two energies “for us to move into the future that bring both the old and the new, otherwise…whatever sense of our perfect future might bring is not necessarily going to come to fruition.”

Kelly Surtees points out that the full moon in Virgo emphasizes getting organized and thinking practically.  Since it is in a part of the zodiac that currently has nothing in it now, is brightens the darkness. “Are you the light in the darkness or do you find something that represents finding a light in the dark?” Kelly points out.  Since Virgo is ruled by mercury, which just turned direct, it could relate to “a workable plan that can achieve a tangible outcome or impact making itself known….This is how we will try to do the things we have been talking about.”

Austin Coppock describes it as “a bright moon illuminating all the details.” It is a positive moon that is stabilizing, he adds, that allows us to manifest our grand ideas.