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This month’s write-up includes:

Chris Brennan
Kelly Surtees
Austin Coppock
The Astrology Podcast
Acyuta-bhava Dasa
Rick Levine
Pam Gregory
Patrick Arundell
Patrice Kamins


While we are all ready to put the craziness of 2020 behind us and hope for a better year ahead, the astrologers online are saying that even though things are looking up, we continue to bring the past with us into the new year.  After all, 2020 was not a one-off, it was a transitional year that kicked off the start of a new era, as Rick Levine points out. In fact, he has created a video for purchase on the Roaring 2020s to talk about the decade ahead. 

Austin Coppock, in conversation with Chris Brennan and Kelly Surtees, on the Astrology Podcast for The Year Ahead Forecast for 2021, says—in a revised version of the REM song—“It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel deeply ambivalent.” They point out that when Jupiter and Saturn left the Capricorn cauldron that put the spell (with Pluto) on last year’s events, they kicked down the theme of the last 200 years by moving the focus from earth to air signs. That one conjunction by those two planets after their move into Aquarius is a major theme of this year ahead, and will be a key component of the January forecast. 

The crew talked about what the shift from earth to air for these two titans means.  Austin, of course, paints some clarifying pictures, saying that in looking at the social organization of societies and civilizations, “earth is pyramidal—things stacked on top of each other.”  The shift that the Winter Solstice brought in when Jupiter and Saturn met up in the air sign of Aquarius, brings “a movement away from hierarchy toward network—more horizontal and much more unstable. Historically air periods are unstable,” he tells us, reminding us that this starts off a 200-year period of Jupiter and Saturn meeting in air signs and we have Pluto going into Aquarius in the next three-to-four years.  Chris adds that social and intellectual spheres change the way they interact, saying, “When Saturn went into Aquarius in March of 2020, the first lockdowns of the pandemic occurred and people only connected through the Internet on Zoom….That will become more relevant and prevalent in 2021.”

In years that Saturn and Jupiter are conjunct, Austin says, “are difficult on a small scale basis” with challenges in making shifts and changing patterns. There are problems to solve and it takes time and energy to revamp the way things are done to do that.  “We can see a need to pivot dramatically and swiftly in almost every sphere, but what are you going to do for work?” Austin added, to which Kelly replied, “An individual can adapt faster than a larger organization,” and it can take years for an organization to make the necessary changes. But once they do, those changes can be long-lasting.

Rick Levine also notes that January begins another theme of the year which is the squares to Uranus in Taurus from both Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius.  Jupiter, while bringing somewhat of a positive, helpful vibe to the picture, is still under the ruling of Saturn, but in Aquarius, it is not like being under Saturn’s leadership when they were in Capricorn.  And while Jupiter will square Uranus in January, it is the three-year journey that Saturn makes through Aquarius that brings it into these challenging angles to Uranus this year into 2022 before we get out of that pattern.  Saturn and Uranus are planets with conflicting energies—Saturn is the old, Uranus is the new, Levine points out, adding that “oddly enough, though, Saturn is in Aquarius, the sign of the new, and Uranus is in Taurus, which is the sign of the status quo—it is holding onto the way things are, so this conflict actually is with us throughout the year.”  In fact, he says it is the underlying important theme of 2021. Austin describes it has Saturn is order and safety and Uranus is liberty or freedom. “Both are important human things,” he says, “but they continually come into conflict.”

“Saturn is order and safety and Uranus is liberty or freedom. Both are important human things, but they continually come into conflict.”

Austin Coppock

Astrologer Patrick Arundell adds that Saturn and Jupiter are also at odds, with Jupiter bringing expansion, growth and optimism while Saturn is all about resistance, obstacles, boundaries and tradition. He describes the year ahead as exciting, but one that will bring revolution.  It is true, he says, that coming into this year after the new moon solar eclipse on the 14th of December may have rejuvenated things, making us feel more hopeful now that 2020 was coming to an end, and we feel a shift in consciousness.  The eclipse cycle had changed from Capricorn (where the pile-up of malefic planets was sitting all year) vs. Cancer, to Sagittarius and Gemini (another air sign), which is about communication, information, sharing ideas, and being willing to go the distance (Sagittarius).  The eclipses will run into a square with imaginary, dreamy and confusing Neptune, which he sees as distorting the truth in media or in social media to suit people’s agendas.

With the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, he also notes that independent Aquarius welcomes the use of technology, which he sees as leading to “a lot of creep in isolation” and “the world could become a kind of dystopian-like detached place.”

Metastrologer Patrice Kamins also discusses the fact that “while the means of amassing capital has now moved into the digital realm, the motives are still primitive—control, monopoly, domination,” and that we must adapt to this new world while retaining our sense of humanity and to “awaken to our innate power.” She reminds us, “To be human is to be creative, joyful, connective and compassionate. We have become industrialized mechanisms for the last 150 years tied to dangerous factory work, to mind-numbing corporate office jobs, to dead end gig jobs.  All in service to a wealthy few.”  It is not in enhancing ourselves further, she says, to come to terms with the digital revolution, but rather by finding our way back to our inner truth by using this technology in ways that connect to our human and spiritual needs.

The Astrology Podcast group brings up that 2020 was focused on the cardinal signs of Aries, Capricorn, Cancer and Libra—all of which bring in new seasons, and therefore represent changes in the environment.  However, now with the focus on fixed signs (Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius—air, Uranus in Taurus—earth), that whatever changes the cardinal signs brought in will be held in place. Chris calls it a “strong continuing energy.”  It also means that people who have sun and rising signs of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo or Scorpio will be facing two years of challenges. Kelly says, “if you are a fixed sign, understand you are starting a pretty big two-year cycle” and for everyone to “look into the houses in which you have those 4 fixed signs” to see how your life will be affected.  And those whose rising and sun signs are Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn, Chris says, can breathe a sign of relief. 

One more theme that will begin in January is that after seven months in its home sign of Aries, Mars will leave Aries and move into Taurus in the first week of this month.  But as Levine points out, as soon as it leaves, it gets back into the final square with Saturn and Jupiter—Mars wants to step on the gas and Saturn wants to put on the brakes, and Jupiter expands whatever Mars activities may come up—desire, passion, drive and impulsiveness, or anger, hostility, malice and combativeness. Adding to the potential for problems is that Mars has a date to meet up with unpredictable and outside-the-box Uranus putting a twist on Mars’ fiery energy.  And we will see the difficult results of this.  Austin’s description is that a Mars/Uranus conjunction “sprinkles gunpowder on the longer Uranus/Saturn themes, giving us a “taste of demonstration, unrest, and revolt” as a consistent part of the next two years. Chris notes that the US birth chart also has a Mars/Uranus conjunctions (as well as Pluto in the same part of Capricorn as it is in now—you say you want a revolution?  Well, the planets are moving into the same places they were in during the Revolutionary War. )



By the first of the month, Rick Levine points out that Saturn and Jupiter have moved into Aquarius and connected on the Winter Solstice.  The heaviness of Capricorn and the connection to intense malefic Pluto is behind these two outer (slower moving) planets.  For the most part, Rick Levine says, Pluto is out of the picture, and Pluto likes it that way.  Pluto, Levine says, “works best when he’s unseen….Pluto derives power from not being up front and in the picture” because pluto works in the deeper rhythms.

Jupiter has passed Saturn by.  Mars, which was square to Pluto during the week of Christmas, has moved to 27 ˚ of Aries and will move, at last, into Taurus later in the week. It moves out of its home sign Aries where it has been since late June, and the energy is going to become very different. 


Jupiter forms a half square with Neptune, according to Rick Levine, lingering since New Year’s Day. He reminds us that both of these planets are expansive, and the meaning here is “What can we imagine and can our imaginations go too far? Can we let ourselves run away with our imaginations?”  Maybe for a day or two, he says, but when Mars moves into Taurus later in the week, it will be close to a square with Saturn, and we will feel “that pressure building of what is the wall, the resistance we have to face.”

JAN 4-5

Acytua-bhava Dasa warns that you want to be a little bit careful around these dates when Mars is at 29˚ of Aries – the anaretic degree, which is the culminating degree of Aries. The 29th degree point of a sign is known as “a killing degree,” which he says is a drastic term, but it represents “the kind of final lessons or final integrating moments of experiences that we have been having since late June.  When Mars is critical like that,” he says, “it’s best not to put yourself in situations where Mars energy could run amok.” Examples would be accidents, hostility, aggression, reactivity, or putting yourself in a “position where you’re gonna get into, you know, suddenly throw down with someone.”  Things can get out of control, he says, even if you are trying to do what you feel you need to do in relation to freedom.  There is disruption of the peace and chaos.

Pam Gregory points out that mercury conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn, which is square to Eris in Aries.  The Pluto/Eris square between two very, very slow moving orbs, will continue through October.  Pam says it tells us that there will be a lot more social unrest throughout the year, as Eris, she explains, “is associated with people who don’t feel acknowledged in society, don’t feel heard, don’t feel their needs are being appreciated, and they take to the streets” and in 2020 have been in riots and protests. With mercury joining Pluto in Capricorn, it can bring angry words from people in leadership or people in your own sphere, talking about freedom, independence, and autonomy of the individual, Pam says. 


By the 6th, the energy will change as Mars moves into the sign of Taurus. It is a great time to build or make things and turn them into something useful, Acyuta-bhava says.

Austin warns, however, that as Mars moves into Taurus, where unpredictable Uranus is settled and is now squaring Saturn, the unpredictable, freedom-loving Uranus energy will be hyperactivated. 

Levine points out that Saturn, in Aquarius which will be square to Mars when Mars moves into Taurus, “is not going to let the impulsive energy of Mars that’s been running away with unabashed expression of outward, either anger or wanting to confront that energy, will basically be subdued when it moves into a square with Saturn.”

Another thing that occurs on the 6th, Levine says, is that venus and mercury are ready to change signs in a couple of days, signaling that as all the inner planets change, things around us are also changing.  Inner planets—mercury, mars and venus—move faster than Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto—the outer planets. Levine points out, “I always say that the slower moving planets create issues that are more chronic—chronic coming from kronos, which is Greek for Saturn.  And the chronic energies are the ones that build in time and last in time.” He notes that more acute energy which he describes as being “like getting a fever and having it be gone a day or two later,” comes from the faster moving planets, with more intense experiences that they trigger when moving through an area that has already been set up by the outer planets—Saturn, Jupiter, etc.

Before the 8th, Acyuta-bhava Dasa notes that Mars heading into Taurus is going into the sign of its exile—in a Venus-ruled sign—where it wants to show strength, power, muscle and speed, along with assertiveness, domination, courage and victory.  So, in a Venus sign, it is like the wolf in sheep’s clothing—it is when things run smoothly, feel good and look nice, but there is a killer driving the ship.  It is putting on the charm to get things done, but can be harmony covering up tension—a dichotomy.  Therefore, he tells us Venus is in a position where it will provide no help for mars on the 6th and 7th, which can make things feel a bit out of control—trying to please everyone and get things done but as pleasant as you may want to make things, it can become awkward and chaotic.  But once we reach January 8th, things will improve as Venus goes into Capricorn.


Mercury moves into Aquarius and Venus moves into Capricorn.  Acytua-bhava Dasa notes that this puts Venus into a superior, harmonious position to Mars for the rest of the month, which will help out the tension that Mars carries with it.  While Mars is trying to get things done and may be disturbing the peace, he says, Venus will help smooth things over. 

Rick Levine says, that mercury will square mars, bringing a “conflict of language…a kind of conflict, a dynamic, stress between the words that are spoken and the actions that are actually being done.”  This is an example of actions speaking louder than words.  But as Venus moves into Capricorn, it will form a 120 ˚ trine angle to Mars, bringing in a harmonious balance of energy.  “Venus is what we like, Venus is our sense of values, it is what’s important to us, what we’re attracted to,” Levine says, “and Mars is how we get it.” And at this point they are working well together.

Mercury will square mars, bringing a “conflict of language…a kind of conflict, a dynamic, stress between the words that are spoken and the actions that are actually being done.” 

Rick Levine

Chris Brennan notes that on the 8th Mercury will be square to Mars and later, in February, when it goes retrograde, it may square Mars again.  Kelly Surtees gives the key words for this aspect as “discord, disagreement, heated conversation, being attacked with words, facts or data.”  It can, she says, lead a soft-spoken person to speak up more or for people to blurt things out.  “It may feel premature or inelegant and the rawness can be clarifying or uncomfortable to swallow in the heat of the moment.”  So, she warns that it is best to use caution in what you say and who you say it to at this time.  This is the point when Austin says that Mars in the same sign as Uranus, and eventually meeting up with Uranus, sprinkles gunpowder on situations related to revolution and unrest, efforts to make things better. With Mercury square to Mars at the same time, the question will be how to structure a policy to deal with the disruption, as well as fighting over the issues causing the disruption. 

JAN 9-11

Mercury is also moving into a conjunction with Saturn on the 9th and we are getting mercury moving quickly through Aquarius hitting Jupiter in the next couple of days. This develops a new energy with a new planetary order of where the planets are in relation to each other.  Just before the new moon on the 12th, mercury will square Uranus, Rick Levine tells us. This means that we are dealing with unpredictable expressions of intelligence, “things coming out that we might not want to know. It’s like the lightning striking –you weren’t looking at it but now you can’t help but see it.” We have to learn things that we may not want to know, and possibly admit we are wrong, which will not be easy.

JAN 12

Rick Levine tells us that “The most significant thing about this new moon in Capricorn is that it is closely conjunct Pluto,” with the sun moving toward an exact conjunction a few days later.  But the moon will line up with Pluto only hours after the new moon, which is powerful and not easy. He says it is incredibly important because “we still have Pluto doing its undercover work, doing its internal, its work in the dark, its shadow work.”  The new moon reminds us of the past and encourages us to plant things “in the open, where things are hopeful and where things are moving into the future, but also not to forget what’s still going on deep within, deep underneath and deep behind the what-you-see-is-not-what-you-get” energy.

On the same day, Venus makes a square to Chiron, which Levine says is “having to come to grips with the part of ourselves that has either disenfranchised others or been disenfranchised by others,” which, with the new moon conjuncting Pluto indicates, he says, “a very powerful death and rebirth—a letting something go while something new comes to replace it.”  Levine points out that this occurs one year to the day after the Saturn Pluto Conjunction that began the upheaval that defined 2020.

Pam Gregory considers it a reality check on considering how far we have come since last year at this time, and she adds, with Capricorn, looks at how well we have mastered our emotions and how we have survived.  As Saturn and Jupiter have moved from Capricorn into Aquarius, she points out, Capricorn is the past (tradition, the old order) and Aquarius is the future (new ideas and focusing ahead).

At a new moon we normally set intentions for the month ahead based on which house it falls in your chart.  But Pam encourages us to think of it as the first new moon of the year, as well as the first new moon of the new era, the new age we are going into, and to think about, “Who do I want to be?” and to do this in relation of ourselves as well as a new vision for a better world.

At this new moon, which is close to Pluto in Capricorn, she reminds us of the Eris/Pluto square that is ongoing.  So, she says, this new moon brings in “themes about power, people in power, power structures and Eris coming in to challenge them…but also remind us as the old collapses, the new is being birthed.”

She adds that at the time of the new moon, all the planets are in a square to another planet, and Neptune is squaring the nodes.  It can mean that “people with one set of views (will be set) against people with another set of views.”

This new moon brings in “themes about power, people in power, power structures and Eris coming in to challenge them…but also remind us as the old collapses, the new is being birthed.”

Pam Gregory

Pluto in the latter degrees of Capricorn in the “birth chart” of the United States represents the same location that the Capricorn cluster of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn have been in the last few months. Within the next year Pluto is within degrees of returning to the same place that Pluto was in 1776, when the US came into being.  Pam notes that these degrees are “very activated right now” especially with the new moon (a new phase for power and government) in that area.  Pam notes that in the US chart, Pluto in Capricorn fell in the second house of (for a country) the economy. As we experience the Pluto return, we will experience a rebirth in America.  The current transiting Pluto is also opposite the position of Mercury in the US birth chart, which, for a country, rules foreign relations.  So, Pam tells us, we could see some transformation in relations with other countries as well as media, news, and social media.

JAN 13

Mars in Taurus will be at a 90˚ square to Saturn in Aquarius, which Acyuta-bhava Dasa describes as “a pressure cooker moment” amid the extraordinary energy that January brings.  There will be a number of hits throughout the month that will peak today.  But Mars energy is taking action and Saturn energy is slow, deliberate hard work used to bring something into reality—planning, building, taking one’s time while Mars is the energy to make it happen.  So on the positive side, Acyuta-bhava says it is a good time to build things or to take raw materials and turn them into something useful. But Saturn is disciplined and will slow down the process, and that restriction or confinement can be frustrating for the Mars energy that wants to do it NOW!

Rick Levine points out that as Mars is making the square to Saturn, the moon will move into Aquarius and line up with Saturn, which makes today a very powerful day—one of frustration, dealing with reality, and possibly learning our lessons, whatever that may be.  On the same day, the moon will meet up with Jupiter and Mercury, adding celebration, expansion, and talking about it or hearing good news. 

Venus also forms a trine to Uranus which brings a sense of loving the changes—being attracted to unpredictable, unconventional energy, Levine says.

Pam Gregory points out that in Aquarius, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury are lined up with Jupiter in the middle, and this is very positive, she says. It is about the idea that “the new humanitarian vision for the future needs to be realistic, built for the long term (Saturn).”  These three planets are square to he Mars, Uranus and Black Moon Lilith combination in Taurus—a group that is “pretty feisty,” she says—and “none of them really want to obey the rules, particularly man-made rules.”  So this can bring up angry, volatile demands for freedom and truth  that could potentially bring some things to light throughout 2021, but this first month, Pam says, could bring “some real shocks and surprises” that with the ongoing challenging angle between Neptune and the nodes of the moon (eclipse points), confusion can disorient things about what is true and what is not, who can I trust and what can I believe. The best solution, she notes, is to “immerse yourself in music, or dance or nature to really bring yourself back to a sense of anchoring.  Shift to a higher level of being because you may get a shock when you see what reality actually is.

JAN 14

Early in the morning the sun meets up with Pluto in Capricorn, as Rick Levine discussed in his comments on the 12th, the day of the new moon, so that brings a sense of hope for planting seeds to move into the future.

Also, on this day, Pam Gregory talks about the fact that Uranus stops its retrograde motion to begin moving direct.  This, she says, is very significant since Uranus is the planet of revolution, rebellion, awakening and of earthquakes, and it will stay at the same degree point—unmoving—for the entire month.  We will feel this, she says, for the week before and the week after.

JAN 17

Today brings more energy related to breaking boundaries, norms and habits with a sense of revolutionary bravado, according to Acyuta-bhava Dasa.  “From the 17th to the 23rd, things just go completely bonkers,” he says, adding that there is a disturbing potential for extremism.  His advice is to remember not to get carried away or obsessed with the energy, because there could be “a time of trying to get things done in a way that we may not be proud of later,” he says.

Also on the 17th to the 18th, Jupiter is going to be in a square to Uranus, which Acyuta-bhava points out relates to Jupiter’s connection to unity, order, law, togetherness and the cosmic sense of higher order.  It brings abundance, blessing and a positive thumbs up.  In a challenging angle to Uranus, the rebellious, unique, inventive and disruptive planet, it can bring up “inspired revolutionary” qualities, adding a sense of enthusiasm, breakthrough, starting something new or setting a milestone in achievement.  But there is a down side, and that is more bravado and bluster, he tells us—the pride that comes before a great fall.  And with Mars in the mix, there is more impulsiveness and explosiveness to bring things to the point of craziness and possibly destruction.

There is a silver lining, Acyuta-bhava says.  And that is that Venus is in Capricorn, at a harmonious angle to Mars which can stabilize things and bring balance, peace and maybe even harmony.

Rick Levine points out that the Uranus/Jupiter connection is very powerful and that it usually brings major innovation, though it is not as long-lasting as a Uranus Saturn connection.  There are dichotomies to the Jupiter/Uranus square, he adds, saying that “Uranus’s job is to explode…to strike the lightning,” breaking down boundaries, but it is in the sign of Taurus, which does not like change.  Then add Jupiter to that, which is optimistic and expansive in a logical, philosophical and educated way. So “we see the potential, our hopes go up, and maybe there is a new government or a new program, and everything is exciting, but not only are these planets in fixed signs—which don’t like change—but a month later Saturn will be in a square to Uranus, and that will hold things back in order to test, do things carefully, be responsible, and make things last.  “The Jupiter square to Uranus is changes—I’m not going to wait, I’ve got to do it now….Jupiter/Uranus is about opening the door and rushing through it, whereas t he Saturn Uranus square is more about working with authority and learning to compromise as the old and the new work out their thing to move into the future.”

Outside of the very strong possibility of rebellion and aggression among people, and breakthroughs in what is possible, there is also the potential of very catastrophic natural disasters based on the expansion and contraction of the earth, including the destruction brought on by nature to things falling apart. 

JAN 19

Today the sun moves out of Capricorn and into Aquarius, joining the (Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury) party of “the future”—which is the energy of Aquarius, and with Jupiter, it is “to the future and beyond.”  Here is where Rick Levine says we “get a flavor of that futuristic energy.” 

JAN 20

The inauguration day in the US is today, when not only is the sun in Aquarius, but it is the day that Mars conjuncts Uranus.  Rick Levine says there is a powerful signature around it, because not only is Mars meeting up with Uranus, but the Moon is also in Taurus, which he says is “making a stubborn protest of we don’t want to let go of those things that we don’t want to let go of.”  With Uranus in Taurus and mars in the mix, there is going to be a violent shift, but this is the moment when there is a much deeper shift—“the tectonic plates, if you will, the granite is shifting here, and it is a very, very powerful day.”

Chris, Kelly and Austin discuss the potential here of volatility related to currency, food, shelter and other basic material necessities, as well as with safety and security.  “Mars comes in and activates things, stirring things up,” Kelly says.  Chris notes that Saturn will negate and relinquish things while Jupiter will find areas that would be good to work on, which “hopefully will balance out and create nice synergy as well as affirming portions,” he says.  But the square to Uranus and Mars by Saturn, he notes, “makes it harder for Jupiter and Saturn to operate than it would be otherwise.”

“A Mars/Uranus conjunction is going to be like the bloodbath that accompanies the revolution”

Acyuta-bhava Dasa

Acyuta-bhava Dasa gives the most dire warnings.  “A Mars/Uranus conjunction is going to be like the bloodbath that accompanies the revolution,” he says. “It has that feeling potentially of like militaristic or very aggressive and assertive forms of resistance, defiance, rebellion, with originality, creativity that can be explosively inventive or like the maverick and the rebel and the militant combined.”  Remember, this is in his note that the 17th to the 23rd are going to be extremely disturbing with the law (Jupiter), prosecution (Mars), and people who execute the law—sheriffs, military police.  So it will be, he says a “kind of militaristic, forceful relationship with the law and order, adding into it this planet of chaos, rebellion and unpredictability and erratic destabilizing qualities of Uranus.” 

JAN 22-23

Mars has moved past Uranus by this time and makes its square to Jupiter in Aquarius. This connection, Rick Levine notes, “can be wonderful, they can be expansive, expressive, enthusiastic, and they can also be way too much because when Mars and Jupiter get together by any hard aspect, we can push too hard, too far.”  So on one hand we can be boisterous and animated and on the other hand it can result in a pulling back from the excess. He adds, “However, we are getting this dance now with contractions first followed by expansiveness—rather than the other way around, which is how we were getting it last year.” 

On the 23rd, the sun meets up with Saturn, highlighting boundaries, restrictions, and discipline. 

JAN 26

The sun takes its turn today to square Uranus, which Rick Levine says can free us from whatever the things were that were holding us back. It shows us the importance of Uranus in Taurus as it is setting up the year ahead.  And we can begin to feel the square that Saturn will be making to Uranus, coming into an exact square in February. However, Levine says that the “clash between the status quo, the structures, the foundations, (which are) the Saturnian energy, and the Uranus (energy)—the pushing it forward then breaking through, moving into the future.”

JAN 28

If the new moon is the seed, Rick Levine says, the full moon is the culmination or the fruition. The new moon on January 12 was conjunct to Pluto –the old being deconstructed, revisiting the hidden and the shadow, he says.  Now, the full moon in Leo is opposite Jupiter meaning that the sun is conjunct Jupiter—which astrologers often say is the luckiest day of the year.  “It’s interesting,” Levine says, “that we end the month on this full moon which is a culmination, but it also has in it hope. It has the belief that there is potential ahead of us regardless of how difficult things may be for some people.”  The full moon, he adds, is not just full of the sun’s light, but also full of Jupiter. 

On the same day, Venus meets up with Pluto in Capricorn, which is also connected to the full moon energy, Levine says.  Although Jupiter gives us hope and optimism that good things are happening—globally, politically, or in our own lives—Venus connecting with Pluto indicates that we still appreciate the power of what is being put underground beneath the surface. “Venus conjuncting Pluto is that love of that intensity, or the fact that it is still there and we’re not just letting it blow away.  It’s going to linger,” Levine says. 

Chris, Kelly and Austin discuss this full moon as being tense,  giving visibility and activation to the tensions of the month. It is in a tight t-square to Mars, which Chris says is a culmination of events and that it brings something to light. 

Acyuta-bhava Dasa also mentions the t-square with Mars, which he says will be formed with the sun by the 31st, “so you have a lot of different energies coming together around the full moon,” he says. “The full moon will actually re-amplify and engage all of” the explosiveness of Mars, Jupiter and Uranus in a very intense way.  He adds that throughout 2021, there will be catastrophic changes, including “a few global natural disasters of great significance,” structures buckling and collapsing, as well as challenges to conventions and traditions and existing structures.  But these challenges will be checked with “conservative backlash.” 

There will be catastrophic changes, including “a few global natural disasters of great significance,” structures buckling and collapsing, as well as challenges to conventions and traditions and existing structures. 

Acyuta-bhava Dasa

JAN 30

Mercury stands still preparing for its three-week retrograde through February 20th today.  Levine reminds us that it will, therefore, back through not only its square to Mars in Taurus, but also through its conjunction with the sun and Jupiter, but won’t quite reach Saturn.  The fact that it does not quite get to Saturn is in itself an important statement, he says, but that is a conversation for February. 


Rick Levine and Pam Gregory bring some words of wisdom for this month and the year it ushers in. Pam says it is very exciting that “we really are on our path now and over the coming months and years we’re moving closer and closer to a very, very different world,” and this is just the beginning.  She advises that we “ride the wave of change…and release attachment….Just flow with the new opportunities that are coming in for you, which may be so much better than you can possibly imagine.”

Levine picks up on the Aquarian energy we will be experiencing, saying that “Aquarius is the most individualistic and unique energy in the zodiac.  Aquarius is different, it’s other than normal….Aquarius is the sign that has earned the right to say, ‘I’m weird’.”

However, he adds that, at the same time, Aquarius represents community and global connectivity and those who share a common experience. This is a dilemma—a statement that pulls you in two different directions.  And this dilemma, he points out ,explains the Aquarian energy, which is being “part of a community, part of a collective, part of a tribe, part of a family, and that gives us the strength to be as unique and different as we want to be or can be.”  With all these planets in Aquarius, he tells us, “we are at the same time individual, eccentric, unique, and…part of a collective….And it’s this dance between the two of them that make it so magical to be connected here, even through the internet, where we can be connected with like minds and yet be totally separate.”

Hang in there!  I hear that 2026 will be a very good year, the height of the decade (see Rick Levine’s video about it below). 

(Check out Rick Levine’s video on the Roaring 2020s).

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