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by Caitlin Donohue


Venus in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

“Good transformation or unification of government/major corporations/societal structures/institutions, etc.” I don’t expect it to be major, as Venus conjoins Pluto every year. However, this will be the last time Venus and Pluto will conjoin in Capricorn for our lifetimes.

Venus’s significations are of something good, being brought together, aesthetically pleasing, charming, beautiful, magnetic, etc. Pluto signifies transformation/power/intensity/blowing things out of proportion or diminishing something important.

Pluto in Capricorn would indicate more of an overhaul in institutions and so I don’t think this topic is new. I expect the topic to be something that has been changing over time and perhaps now being finalized.

If the Capricorn trait is to reflect a company I wouldn’t see that as good (ie: a monopoly), BUT government forces coming together could unite for good. So this transit could also be about a good transformation of power in an institution that brings something together. I know Fauci is stepping down at the end of December and a lot of people haven’t been happy with him. Maybe this change is long overdue but has been coming, and this is the good transformation of power we are seeing.

But also, maybe a new country gets accepted into NATO? Even though I typically don’t see this transit as major, maybe with Pluto at the end of Capricorn it would be. It could be related to something changing since (at earliest) the VERY end of 2009 or at least since then. From my research, the first Venus-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn was December 28/29th, 2009, (so really, we could safely say 2010–please correct me if I’m wrong!) It could be something that is agreed upon in Congress or the Senate with bi-partisan support that transforms something in government.It could deal with the people winning against vaccine mandates against the government. I say that only based on researching news at the end of 2009 with Venus/Pluto themes in Capricorn. That would make sense to see today (see NY Post archive Dec. 28th, 2009).Virgo rising: Excellent intense sexy time. On the bad side it could be obsessive. On the great side…have fun!

Diane/Editor: :Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn to me could be about money. Venus is finances, currency, what we own, earn, value. Pluto can be hidden things, secrets, or transformation. It can be the boss. Depending on where capricorn falls in your chart, this could relate to spending money on something we secretly value, or want to own. It could be finding money that has been hidden or finding out about someone spending money on something you were not aware of, in a way that affects you. Capricorn is practical, disciplined, hard-working. There could be a change in monetary accumulation based on hard work (duh). But it could be transformative. In regard to love, it could be more about a power marriage, or an elopement (secret marriage) possibly for pragmatic reasons. What Caitlin says about government (Pluto in Capricorn) is also a focus. I see it as government spending being transformed, or transformative. It could also be changes in values (Venus) in government, and possibly harmony in power (for a change). Venus could be about women, about power (pluto), values and women’s issues (Venus). How is today’s transit affecting you, personally?


Mercury retrograde in Capricorn sextiles (a 60˚ angle of opportunity) Neptune in Pisces and Venus moves from Capricorn into Aquarius until January 27th–Reflect on Venusian themes (women, love, harmony, finances, creativity, style, fashion, and values) in Capricorn since December 9th, 2023 until today

“Re (assessing/doing/evaluating/visiting) something dealing with communication or travel in an institution will work together with something instinctually needed by culture or that creatively comes out of the collective consciousness” and “unification or good things in institutions are not as prevalent now. Instead the unification/beautiful highlights shifts to great ideas for thinking outside of the box, for bringing people together, especially for something dealing with large groups of women.”Whenever I think of institutions and Neptune in Pisces I keep thinking of Meta. Throw communication in there and it definitely makes sense. Maybe Meta finds a way to make their platform more applicable in other areas/broader topics. It could also deal with the government being more open to psychedelics. Or (always my personal hope) it could be the government reviewing what is being discussed/released about U.F.O.s in culture and collective consciousness.Featured sign:ARIES RISING: A discussion being reviewed at work works with your sense of being alone. Maybe you have been injured and need some time off from work, or get some medical insurance. A large group of people/organization or friends will help you out through this for the next few weeks.

Diane/Editor: According to Rick Levine these first few weeks of January may have us feeling stuck because both Mars and Mercury are moving in retrograde motion and Mars, in particular, is not moving much in that direction through Gemini. It is an internal sense of reviewing actions or angry words, or redoing some action. Mercury, retrograde in Capricorn, will be hitting aspects three times to planets–including Saturn, Chiron, and Uranus–that it has hit since Christmas week. The Astrology Podcast 2023 discussion on YouTube keeps its January discussion focused on this Mars and Mercury retrograde and points out that Mercury will be reviewing Capricorn (earth-sign-related) issues–of government, big business, but also of Pluto themes of secrets or hidden things being revealed, told, reported, talked about, testified to. Look at the Jan 6th Committee report on text messages, testimonies of people in the top levels of the former administration at the time of the attack on the Capitol. They point out that when Mercury and Pluto interact, things have been revealed. I would venture to say it could also be news of a death, particularly in the government or the corporate world. The sun is in a square to Chiron, Levine tells us, and it could be shining a light on things that have been difficult, hurtful, or exposes the woundedness of a situation or the energy. It shows us where things need to be healed. We may be seeing that in the vote for Speaker of the House, which was actually televised live, and people watched it (when do you remember seeing that?) It may be showing the need for the Republican party to find a way to heal their issues that led to the absence of the expected Red Wave to take over the legislature. The Sun will make a trine to Uranus on Jan. 4th,but we begin to feel it now with an eye on doing things in a new way. . Venus going into Aquarius, Levine says, brings a more happy, light energy to the heaviness that serious, hard-working Saturn has brought to the sign and the intellectualizing of what is happening. A lot of interaction of the planets is coming up from the 4th to the 10th related to what is being analyzed and what needs to change that we may see come out after the retrogrades by the end of the month.


Venus iAquarius sextiles Jupiter in Aries

“Large groups of people come together militarily for the greater good.”  Who knows what 2023 will bring, but based on current events (writing this on December 3rd, 2022) I think we know what I mean (Russia?/China? topics?)

Taurus rising:  Good things at work flows with good things in being alone.  Definitely a shot at some remote work right now.  Or if you got injured at work, maybe you get worker’s comp and it pays for everything.  Whatever it is, it’s the best of a rough scenario dealing with your 12th house.  


Sun in Capricorn trines Uranus retrograde in Taurus

Writing this on 12-3-22 I would put nearly all of my chips on “the focus on government/institutions works perfectly with reviewing the sudden change in money” ie the fallout from the FTX scandal.  What will happen governmentally?

Gemini rising:  Focus on shared assets works in sync with a sudden shakeup in injuries/being alone, etc.  Maybe you just updated your insurance and now you’re really happy you did!

Full Moon in Cancer

Manifestation of emotional or intuitive feelings that deal with caring for people.  Homebody time for Aries?

Cancer rising:  You might be feeling very emotional, but I feel like it’s either a good cry, or just having a feeling of being so happy and content with your family that you feel it

Diane/Editor: According to Rick Levine , this full moon in Cancer is not only opposite the Sun in Capricorn, but also Mercury, which is moving close to the Sun. That brings up the theme of what we are thinking and talking about. There could be, Levine says, the possibility that we are holding in thoughts that we do not want to have exposed, and even though we are able to intellectualize what we know needs to be done “in the outer world,” he says the opposition of the moon in its home sign, and the sun creates a dilemma “between how we feel personally and what we should be doing. in the outer world.”

The full moon is also forming a sextile to Uranus in Taurus and the sun is forming a trine to Uranus. Rick Levine points out that this is “like something breaking free with relative ease” and that “there is a sense…of a smooth expression of dramatic change.” The full moon is also in a challenging angle to the dwarf planet Chiron, that represents the wounded healer and teacher, and the connection between Chiron and the full moon could expose something that has been hurtful in the past and has not yet been resolved, Levine says. It could be that the change that Uranus delivers could be the resolution to that past hurt.


Mercury retrograde in Capricorn is conjunct the Sun in Capricorn

Major review about what went wrong institutionally, although some of the details that are obvious haven’t been looked at yet.  (FTX?)

Leo rising:  You’re focused on your subordinates at work, your day job, your health, your pets or your daily routines and have been re-thinking how you organize your day.  The solution to the havoc will come soon.  Just probably not today.  But it’s probably the most obvious answer.

Diane/Editor: I’m not sure that FTX is the key here with the planets in Capricorn. Since FTX relates to currency, I would see that more in Taurus–the sign of currency, finance and banking. I see the government and big business being affected by the planets hanging out in Capricorn, and with Mercury retrograde, there is a review or a reassessment, which I think is what was happening in Congress trying to choose a speaker of the House. Things were being rehashed, and I wonder, with the 15-round decision process for McCarthy, in the middle of a Mercury retrograde period as Mercury was coming into conjunction with the sun, whether or not something will “come to light,” so to speak, that has been part of the decision-making agreements, wheeling and dealing, or whether it means that promises made at this time among the political players will not hold up by the end of January. Something always changes, and the power of the sun (and nearby Pluto–the leadership) could bring new things to light when Mercury goes direct.


Mercury retrograde in Capricorn trines Uranus retrograde in Taurus

Major change in regulations with crypto?  Or at least the discussion of something to be changed majorly dealing with that.  Perhaps a surprise in the whole FTX scandal.  The topics likely won’t be new since both planets are retrograde and so they are re-addressing topics that have already come up.  However, there could be a sudden change in what comes out during the process of reviewing the information.

Libra rising:  Rediscussing things about home, family, heritage, tradition or a parent is in sync with reviewing the sudden change in shared assets.  Crossing your i’s and dotting your t’s with a will?  Looks like you’ve got it covered.

Diane/Editor: Rick Levine says the Mercury/Uranus trine connects the breaking out energy of Uranus and the thoughts and discussions of Mercury–reviewing those things. He says, we have a “new way of thinking we’re breaking out of our old stuck ways something is happening that’s that’s that’s like lightning striking and making our mind open up so that we can see things in ways that we hadn’t seen them before,” and once you see things differently, it is not possible to unsee it.

I believe it still relates to the government and the discussions that were being made in the last week or so about changes being made in the Republican party or changes being made in leadership. On a personal level, there could be changes in Venus or Taurus matters (comfort, security, stability and the pleasures of life including foods we eat, comfort, sensuality) and these could be things we are thinking about or talking about. Perhaps getting a massage (Taurus) or changing our diet (Taurus) to be more disciplined (Capricorn) and thoughtful (Mercury).


Venus in Aquarius trines Mars retrograde in Gemini

“Love/agreement/cohesion of technology that affects large groups of people works together with ‘re’ (assessing/viewing, etc.) potentially harmful action in communication.”  Is something settled in social media that would be better for the people?

Scorpio rising:  Good things that bring the family together or something good at home works out with reviewing an aggressive conversation about what is shared amongst the family.  If you’re getting divorced, splitting the assets is a volatile conversation, but you’ll win on the family/home front.

Diane/Editor: Venus and Mars in a harmonious trine angle can have a positive, harmonious vibe in which there is a balance of love versus anger, or harmony and pleasure vs. impulsiveness in action or sudden quick actions. With Mars retrograde, the action is internal or there is a review of actions so the impulsiveness is not quick, the suddenness is overruled by a reassessment of how to act. Venus brings in the cool-headedness to what could have been hot-headed reactions or words. So Rick Levine explains that it is “not difficult…not problematic and … even if there are problematic issues…we have tools in order to solve them or to resolve these issues….”

JAN 12

Mars stations direct in Gemini @ 8 degrees 8 minutes and Moon moves into Libra

“Clarification or moving forward on communication starts to cover Mars’s shadow period today.  The emotional aspect is about balance and justice.”  I don’t typically comment on the Moon other than Full/New/eclipses, but whenever something notable happens that day, and the moon does something as well, I take notice.

Angry conversations start to lead to resolving based on what people feel is ‘just’ or fair.  That’s a tough one because people have so many different opinions in the ‘free speech’ realm on social media these days.  Whatever the topic, it will likely be something dealing with anger in communication that came about between Sept 3rd to October 30th, 2022, and was being re-visited from October 30th until today. 

Sagittarius rising:  If some argument happened with your significant other (or business partner) between Sept 3-October 30th, 2022, then from October 30th until today perhaps you’ve been dredging through the issue with them and not seeming to get anywhere–just annoyed at each other–well, it should start to lighten up a bit after today.  The partner will still be hot-headed for a bit, but I don’t think they’ll be re-hashing the same issues again.  At least not for now.  Hopefully they lay it to rest.

Diane/Editor: As Rick Levine points out, while Mars goes direct today, it is barely moving and, in fact, when a planet “stations” (seems to pivot to move in the opposite direction), it is stronger than usual. So the key to that, Levine says, is “even though Mars is turning direct on the 12th it’s not moving or it’s moving so barely slowly that we’re not feeling the relief that we’d like to although we may get a hit of something,” But what is that something? In Gemini, it would be a Mercury-related something, meaning news, possible news of some action, or attack, or a fight (angry–Mars, words–Gemini, Mercury). Whatever it is, Levine says we might anticipate some events occurring at this time, yet he points out that Mars lack of movement could create a level of frustration where we can get angry without necessarily having a valid reason or even if we feel that our reason is valid, the anger can create its own scenario.” So it is important to avoid blowing off steam at things that could add to a problem.

JAN 13

Sun in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces

Focus/highlight on government/institutions flows with something creative/intuitive/leaky/illusory to the mass consciousness.  

Neptune in Pisces is always difficult to see manifest, but I could see this being a day that some government documents are ‘leaked’, likely intentionally.  If not about government, “focus on institutions works with unrealistic reality.”  Perhaps some laws dealing with the Metaverse?  Or laws about psychedelics?

Capricorn rising:  It’s a good day to go get lost for a bit.  Go for a walk and keep on going.  Or maybe you and your sibling are in sync today.  Did they know you were going to call them?

Diane/Editor: Rick Levine points out that Mercury was sextile to Neptune between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day, and this sun/Neptune sextile is similar in relation to fantasy and imagination. However, he also points out that the sun will form a sesqui-square (a square-and-a-half) with Mars which will be an annoying energy that “is anxiety producing, it’s not comfortable, but it has movement, and that’s the important thing to keep in mind….” I see the Capricorn energy that the sun brings to Neptune’s fantasy as reflecting the vision into a point of making it real, in a practical way. Capricorn is hard work and discipline with feet on the ground. Neptune is building castles in the sky. I see it as the sun shining a light on what could be and how to make it so.

JAN 14

Venus in Aquarius squares Uranus retrograde in Taurus

Good/beautiful/cohesive things dealing with outside of the box thinking/large groups of people or women/humanity/technology is at a turning point with “re” (viewing/assessing, etc.) sudden changes in things that keep us secure and stable.  Taurus deals with materials/supply chain/shelter/food/money/things that make us feel secure.  Everything you need to literally exist–which in today’s day and age does also include money for the most part.  

Finding a way to use technology for the good in order to work with reviewing the sudden changes in things that keep de-stabilizing us.  Does something stabilize in crypto?

Aquarius rising:  If something sudden and unexpected happens at home or with your family, it will likely be beneficial for you.  Or maybe you’ve got the wits to get what you were hoping for.

Diane/Editor: Venus is what we want, and Uranus demands change and newness. When they are in a square to each other, there is a hurdle to overcome. Is Venus in the 5th or 7th house in your chart–the ones related to love and marriage? You may need to think about doing something differently to keep things harmonious. And the square angle means that could be a challenge. Rick Levine points out that in general, Venus in a square angle to Uranus represents “a sudden opening of the floodgate of emotion, of excitement, of attachment, of desire (from Venus).” Uranus, however, brings detachment or disorientation, but Levine says it can also be “really exciting if you’re into adrenaline rushes.” There will be a holding back and then a sudden burst of energy or change—a breakthrough. Levine also points out that Mercury in Capricorn (retrograde) will be forming a half square with Saturn in Aquarius, which he notes, “is like an instant replay of 20, 21, and 22, when we had this Saturn/Uranus conflict of Saturn being the old and the stable and the conservative and Uranus being the progressive.” Today’s energy could just make it be blown open. (See Caitlin’s comments for January 15th).

JAN 15

One week until Uranus goes direct in Taurus

After the last 3 years of seeing a significant volcano or earthquake go off in Asia right around when Uranus goes direct, I’m willing to bet that it will happen again in the next 2 weeks, until about January 29th.  2020 was the Philippines volcano, 2021 was a significant Indonesian earthquake and 2022 was the Tonga volcano.  Sudden explosive energy in an earth sign.

JAN 17

Diane/Editor: Rick Levine talks about the lesser-discussed angles and today he says that Venus and Jupiter, the two benefic planets, are in a half square, an angle which normally causes anxiety. But he adds that these are two happy or benieficent planets in Aries and Aquarius respectively, which could bring a “sense of doing too much, of taking too much on” yet enjoying it all (as long as the indulgence is not too extreme).

JAN 18

Mercury stations direct in Capricorn and Sun in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

What has happened in dealing with communication or travel with institutions or structures from Dec.12, 2022 to Dec. 30, 2022, and which was reviewed from December 30 to January 18 will begin to resolve itself from now until February 7.

Focus on shady power moves in institutions is hiding in plain sight.  It’s important to read between the lines right now, because the powers that be will not come out and tell you the truth.  Lots of focus on institutions right now.

Pisces rising:  If there has been miscommunication with your friends or a large group, it should start making more sense now.  Is someone throwing you a surprise party???  (Oops).

Diane/Editor: What Caitlin points out about communication and travel in December makes me think that the Southwest Airlines delays and many cancellations over the holidays could be getting around to being resolved or in that trajectory going forward into February. Pluto in Capricorn–is the leadership, the government, and things that are hidden. However, the sun is shining a light on Pluto, and Sun conjunct Pluto can be powerful, and can be saying, “Hey, government people, what do you have hiding there? What’s that you have behind your back? What was that paper you threw in the fireplace?” Rick Levine notes that “it isn’t always fun to see what was in the dark, however, it’s a good idea…because that which is hidden, that which is dark, can hurt us because we can turn it into even worse things in our mind. Our fears become rampant because we don’t know what it is we’re dealing with.” We may not want to know or to see what has been hiding in the darkness, he adds, but at least once we see it we can know what steps we need to take to do the work necessary to deal with it. I continue to see the new special council as the sun coming in to meet with Pluto and that Mercury has been the investigation that’s been ongoing. Mercury retrograde seems to have been the review of the results of the investigation and now it is time for the sun to step in and bring it all to light.

The Astrology Podcast crew talking about January and the full year ahead mention that Mars in Gemini will be tied in with Mercury’s change of direction and energy. Austin Coppock says that Chris Brennan brought up that the knife is an ancient symbol for Mars, and that the severing of something (a relationship, for example) is not necessarily a happy thing, but that “knowing where to cut is way better than flailing around with a knife if we’re comparing the two.” They say that when Mars went retrograde in October or early November, there was a lot of chaos in the social media world (Twitter) and now, with Mars and Mercury direct “it will be interesting to see if some of that doesn’t start hopefully calming down or moving in a less crazy and chaotic direction.” But Rick Levine says that “it is a change, but the energy doesn’t loosen as fast as we would like it to.”

JAN 20

Sun moves from Capricorn into Aquarius until February 18th–Reflect on the Capricorn themed highlights since December 21, 2022 until today

Whereas the focus and highlights have been on institutions, it will now shift towards the masses of the people, greater society, creative solutions and focusing on humanity at large for the next month.

Diane/Editor: The energy does change from Capricorn to Aquarius. Capricorn is heavy and solid and slow-moving. It is nose-to-the-grindstone. Aquarius is windy, and quicky and blowing across the surface–covering the community, no longer in a heavy state of mind and focus. Aquarius is more free and although Saturn rules both signs, Rick Levine notes that our sense of responsibility is different in each–and in Aquarius we see our responsibility being more widespread–to the wider world, not inside the walls that Saturn builds, but in the open space, in the air. The sun joins Venus (happiness, love, values, and beauty) Saturn (the sense of responsibility and discipline, teaching and guiding). The moon remains in Capricorn, but will move, tomorrow into Aquarius to meet the sun and usher in a new phase of focus (not to mention Chinese New Year)

JAN 21
New Moon in Aquarius

New ideas being suggested dealing with technology/large groups/outside the box thinking/humanity.  It’s a great time to begin something a little crazy, especially if you think it will be beneficial to society.

With the Moon on emotions and the Sun on directing the flashlight, expect the Aquarian theme to be obvious.

Diane/Editor: In addition to the qualities Caitlin lists related to Aquarius, it also represents the future, as does Uranus, and we still have Uranus moving retrograde, but slowing down to turn direct tomorrow. So this is a signal–new moon in Aquarius being time for focusing on a new way of heading into the future, as we prepare for Uranus’ compulsion to usher in change for meeting the future head on. It reminds me of a television show on CBS called Around the Corner, when I was young, whose theme song began, “What’s around the corner?” and that is the feeling we may have going into the month ahead.

Rick Levine adds that Mercury is moving into a quincunx angle (150˚) to Mars in Mercury’s home sign–and this angle is one of discomfort. He says “There is an adjustment that we need to make again. It’s that feeling that even though there’s a future unfolding in front of us, and it could be incredibly exciting, whether we like it or not, we’re moving somewhere…yet there’s still something that needs to be resolved.” It is about what we are thinking and what we are doing with those thoughts–related to the social and our responsibility in the world. It is about aligning our mental (Mercury) and our physical (Mars).

JAN 22

Venus in Aquarius conjunct Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus stations direct

Cohesion/love/beauty/aesthetic of the masses/large groups/technology/outside the box thinking is highlighted with a discipline/restriction/limitation of the masses.  It might feel like earning something deserved through hard work.  Interesting because Venus bonds things together while Saturn builds walls and boundaries.  It could be like guidelines most people agree on for navigating real news vs fake news.  If you have a night chart this reflects the best of things and the worst of things.  Not to beat a dead horse, but the last time this happened was when Will Smith (who has a night chart) both won his Oscar for best actor, and also put a huge tarnish on his career by slapping Chris Rock. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  

Also with Uranus, sudden change in security/earthly things, like earthquakes or volcanoes.  It could be security items, but I’m betting on a physical eruption of some sort.

I don’t think this will be the manifestation, but the analogy I’m coming up with is something like 9-11.  Only because there was a sudden shakeup in security, followed by a unification of the country, followed by stricter laws being put in place for safety.  This is only an analogy, I am not ringing the alarms for another 9-11, but if this analogy can make sense of what ends up happening, it could be helpful.  (I’m kind of ringing the alarms on the earthquake/volcano though–but who knows how it will manifest.  I’m reading astrology, not psychic!)

Diane/Editor: Uranus pivoting to head in a direct movement brings the energy in an even more forward motion this week, after Mercury and Mars have also turned back to direct motion. In the discussion by the Astrology Podcast, Diana Rose Harper says, “I have a feeling that a lot of the New Year’s resolutions aren’t actually going to pick up or feel possible until after that direct station. So for those of you who are resolution-ers, I don’t know if that’s a word, maybe consider building in quite a bit of grace period for yourself, and just be like, ‘Throughout January I’m going to figure out how I’m going to implement my plans,’ so that way come February you can use Mars picking up speed to pick up speed.”

JAN 23-24

The Sun in Aquarius is sextile to Jupiter in Aries

Focus/highlights on large groups/outside the box thinking/humanity works with expansion/justice/something helpful in war/sports/athletics, or something ‘fiery’, and very energetic.

There is a potential for a turning point in the Russia-Ukraine war, for good, although this transit (Sun sextile Jupiter) does happen every year.  It could also be about Iran and treating the masses of people better and getting some justice.  In a not so great sense (though I tend to lean positively with a good aspect and Jupiter included) it could indicate something like a draft.  Focus on large groups of people works together with expansion of war.  On a better/more general note it could just be something like ‘focus on humanity works with justice in war’.

Diane/Editor: Rick Levine points out that Mercury will make a half square to Saturn while Venus makes a half square to Chiron. Half squares are annoying and Mercury is communication and thoughts, connecting to restrictive Saturn who is saying “talk to the hand,” or “not now I’m busy working.” Venus is what we desire and what we value, and Chiron is what we need to learn to do to heal and overcome past hurts. The mind (or in this case, the heart) is willing but the flesh (or the reality) is weak. And we are not happy about it. Nevertheless, the Sun in an angle of opportunity to beneficial Jupiter can make us optimistic and hopeful. (Everything gonna be alright…). Sun and Jupiter are reaching out to each other to prepare for their meeting in Aries around April 11 or 12, the luckiest day of the year (according to some astrologers), but they are making plans now for what is possible.

JAN 26

Venus moves from Aquarius into Pisces until February 20thReflect on Venusian themes in Aquarius from January 2, 2023 until today

Highlighting the beauty/cohesion/love/aesthetics in large groups of people/outside the box thinking/technology/humanity shifts the loving qualities over to something good dealing with a shift in the collective consciousness/culture.  I think Pisces, which always confuses me, relates more to Neptune than Jupiter, even though they are both co-rulers of Pisces.  Neptune is a lens you see through, for better or worse.  It distorts what you see.  Pisces deals with dreaminess/creativity/higher consciousness/meditativeness/transcendence/seeing things through a different lens/psychedelics/(and I’m always hoping for aliens/UAPs/UFOs).  It is sometimes referred to as the full collection of the zodiac since it is the last sign.  It’s like it has the traits of all of them combined, which can be overwhelming.

A shift from good outside the box thinking of groups of people to good moves towards greater consciousness of some sort.  With Venus here, the distortion should be helpful, like glasses.  So perhaps before, when Venus was in Aquarius, there was a good technological advance that will benefit society at large.  And now we will see something more like empathy towards each other being highlighted more for the next few weeks.

Diane/Editor: Venus moving into Pisces is happy in this space because it is exalted. Rick Levine describes Venus’s energy while in Pisces as bing “very sweet…very magical, very compassionate …soften(ing) the energy all the way around.” Like putting a sugar cube into water–it melts, Levine says.

JAN 28-29

Sun in Aquarius trines Mars in Gemini and Mercury in Capricorn trines Uranus in Taurus

Did a significant volcano or earthquake go off in Asia since Jan 15?

Focus on large groups of people/humanity/outside the box thinking/technology works in sync with action or severing an anger in communication.

Travel or communication about institutions works in sync with sudden or unexpected or abrupt changes (or technological) in things dealing with security/earthly matters.

A perfect storm to piss us all off.

Focus of technology works in sync with severing communication.  Communication about institutions works in sync with sudden change in what is stable. 

Does the Live Nation/Ticketmaster monopoly dismantled, or is there more of a movement for it?  Or does an institute suddenly change things that seemed like the grounded rules, which now pisses off the masses.

Diane/Editor: Mercury in a harmonious trine to Uranus is now hitting that aspect for the third time since mid-December. Again, as Rick Levine points out, it is a “new way of thinking” and “breaking out of our old stuck ways…something is happening that’s like lightning striking, making our mind open up so that we can see things in ways that we hadn’t seen them before.” Think back to the other times that Mercury was in a trine to Uranus this past month and a half, and see if there is a connection of themes.

The sun trine Mars, despite Mars still moving rather slowly, can still give a positive vibe of feeling like we are moving in the right direction, or we are getting ready to. And with the planets moving direct, things will start to move ahead.

Sum up January

Lots of Capricorn and Aquarius action which leads me towards the general theme of government versus the people.  Saturn rules both of those signs, so I expect some sense of structure, whether societally, institutionally or both. 

Also, I absolutely believe we will see another notable earthquake or volcano go off in January, most likely in Asia.  If I’m wrong, back to the drawing board I go.