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By Caitlin Donohue


Mars in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn. In December I had written “hasty action having trouble working with sketchy government. Delay?” Now I’m looking at it more like “war-like action is having difficulty with the change in government, causing delays”. I’m writing this the day before July 1st so I’m too close to the day to be very interesting if I get it right, but I think this has to do with how we’re seeing these anti-abortion laws trying to go into effect and being challenged and paused in some states. With this big upheaval of change suddenly upon us, legal systems are going to need a minute to catch up and it will be interesting to see if some states decide that this was too extreme of a decision and need to update their laws.

[Editor’s note: Mars in Aries square Pluto could also be Actionable anger or fire (Mars/Aries) coming out into the open (Pluto–hidden things, buried things, secrets and in Capricorn–government secrets, power, changes). It could also be physical upheaval like volcanoes, earthquakes, etc. (with Uranus in Taurus)]

Aries rising: Think before you speak at work, and/or if you have a physical job, take extra caution to not get hurt. [Editor: and be cautious not to be in the wrong place at the wrong time taking an action that could be volatile —as on 1/6/21]


Mercury in its home sign of Gemini is in a harmonious trine to Saturn, which is retrograde in Aquarius. Mercury in Gemini also is in a challenging square to Neptune, retrograde in its home sign of Pisces. The theme is, “Communication works to convey to restricted masses pushing back, but it is not ideal.” Mercury AND Gemini scream the keyword “COMMUNICATION.” So communication is clear (trine) with the oppressed (Saturn) people (Aquarius) pushing back (retrograde). With ‘communication’ also squaring Neptune retrograde in Pisces, it’s hard to figure this part out when it’s happening at the same time as the trine to Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. Neptune is dreamy, not paying full attention, easily forgetting, mis-communicating or being misunderstood. Mercury and Neptune’s combination is typically about misunderstanding or miscommunication. However, if Neptune typically means miscommunication, would this be the opposite while it is retrograde? I would think Neptune retrograde would give us a clearer picture, or the phrase I typically use is that the ‘rose colored glasses come off’.

[Editor’s note: Mercury in Gemini is strong and logical communication, Neptune’s themes (confusion, fantasy, miscommunication) are strong in Pisces, but I suspect that in retrograde, it is internal, looking backwards, but still muddy and unclear or fantasy-filled and possibly depressed. The news (mercury in Gemini) could be depressing and confusing when looking back on the dream, or on the vision. Could it be that Roe v. Wade being struck down is causing this? ]

To add more confusion, Neptune is also in its home sign of Pisces, which is a water sign, mutable and dreamy as well. I get the feeling that Neptune retrograde here could be about rose-colored glasses coming off about an ideology which clouds clearer thinking.

[Editor: Besides Roe, there is also the J6 Committee testimony that brought logical, big news (Mercury in Gemini) trine Saturn (discipline, rules)–and Neptune–a fantasy that was causing confusion and was not communicated clearly to us (rose-colored glasses) Are we now looking back at that confusing fantasy news for clarity, understanding, and review?]

So how do we put this day together? Perhaps there is a clear consensus among the oppressed people pushing back on what they want, but there is friction with coming to terms with the reality of an ideology they do not agree with.


Here’s a packed day. Mars has gone from its home in combustible Aries to secure, stable, down-to-earth Taurus, Mercury heads from Gemini it’s chatty, active home to hunker down into secure and private Cancer, and then Mercury in Cancer is in an angle of potential (sextile) to action-oriented Mars in a more grounded (financial stability oriented) Taurus. [Editor: There is less ambition from Mars, and more need to act for real.]

The keywords I used for Mars shifting from Aries to Taurus is ‘fiery action shifts to getting a move-on in the material world.’  Last time we saw this ingress was January 6th, 2021.  We all know what happened at the U.S. Capitol that day.  I wouldn’t doubt seeing some sort of major unruly protest around July 4th with all of our recent events happening. [Editor: this could mean the possibility of disruption during a celebratory event, or it could related to supply-chain problems or some disruption in the economy but that could come later when Mars reaches Uranus in Taurus.] 

The keywords I wrote in December for Mercury going from Gemini into Cancer is ‘talk of mental health.’  I could also see the keywords being ‘communication about mothers’.  Either or really, between the guns and Roe v. Wade.  Then after their ingresses, the keywords I had written for Mercury in Cancer sextile Mars in Taurus is ‘communication about mental health or caring works well with action in material world?  People start getting what they need?’  Perhaps that will come through, but if I’m re-evaluating it, I might say “communication about mothers works with stubborn war”, or “communication about caring works with digging your heels in”.  When I’m so close to the date I can’t help but be biased in the current events we see play out.  What seems to dominate most right now is Roe v. Wade, gun control and the Russia-Ukraine war.  So if I were to contextualize these transits for those 3 events, for Roe I see stubborn, heels dug in, resistance to these rules against women’s rights.  For gun control maybe something with mental health is passed to make real change, although Mars is a malefic, but Mars is also action.  For Russia-Ukraine we might see some more humanitarian efforts come through.  I see caring and getting material items coming together, which also makes me think maybe another shipment of baby formula comes in?  We’ll see!

[Editor: Caitlin’s mention of “communication about mental health” and the connection to the events of January 6th could also relate to the current hearings on the events of January 6th, and the mention of talk among White House staffers regarding the former president’s mental health and the possibility of invoking the 25th Amendment. Since Cancer can also mean the home country, and Mercury is thoughts, talk, or in the current hearing, testimony, these aspects could relate to testimony and information about the attack on the U.S. Capitol (the 2022 repeat of the ingress of Mars into Taurus in 2021).]

Gemini rising:  Don’t discuss finances with anyone you don’t need to.  Be modest when discussing money and keep your cards close to your chest.


Mercury in Cancer is at a challenging square to Jupiter in Aries.  The theme is, “Caring talk is not working well with fiery action.” I definitely could see this as another instance of people being upset at more ‘thoughts and prayers’ instead of real change in gun control.  Whatever it is, something like saying, “Sorry isn’t going to cut it anymore,” and people want to see actual action.

Cancer rising:  Maybe there’s talk about your workload piling up?  The way you communicate has friction with the expanding duties at work.  Or the way you communicate has friction with the good stuff happening at work.  Maybe your perspective is skewed?  It might be hard to see in the moment that whatever is happening at work (or maybe with a parent) will eventually benefit you.  

[Editor: We also have the sun in Cancer meeting a hurdle (square) with the wounded healer/mentor Chiron in active Aries. This is the feeling that something, some action, is not right — a painful reality that unfolds in a way that is not the way we may have expected things to be since sun in Cancer can be a focus (sun) on feelings and security (Cancer). Chiron brings up painful issues that need to be dealt with and the square angle means having to figure out how to do that.]


The Sun in comfortable, nourishing Cancer sextiles unpredictable Uranus in financially stable Taurus. The theme is,  “Focus on taking care of others works well with sudden change in materials.  Political push and pull.  People saving themselves?”  I’m not quite sure what I was thinking about in December when I wrote that last line ‘people saving themselves?’  I think because I saw caring communication and anger with expansion of war (Mercury in Cancer square Jupiter in Aries) mixed with a focus on caring working with obtaining materials, I saw a frustration and anger build up, and finally grab whatever they need.  Whatever it is, I feel like something is going to potentially become more readily available.  The Sun in Cancer means that there will be a focus on some sort of care.  When that sextiles Uranus in Taurus we’re looking at an opportunity for unexpected or sudden change in money/supply chain/food/tangibles/luxuries/materials.  Once again, I refrain from using the word ‘good’ for a sextile, but rather look at it like a puzzle piece that offers us a chance to turn it just a bit, and it slips into place.  So there is a focus on caring with something suddenly and or unexpectedly becoming physically obtainable?  Everything for the last year or so has dealt with supply chains so I’m not sure how specific I can get with this one.  

Leo rising:  Sun in the 12th works with Uranus in the 10th.  Focus on being alone [Editor: or at home (Cancer)] works with unexpected change in career.  Remote work opportunity?  Maybe you change, lose, or quit your job?  Whatever it is, I think it will help something else fall into place that you might not see at the moment.


Oy vey.  Pluto’s retrograde return hits the U.S. Sibley chart for the 2nd time this year.  A day or two after our first hit with Pluto was when Russia invaded Ukraine.  Hold onto your butts folks.  We’re in for another wild ride with freedom.  However, I wonder if this shows its face differently from February.  Pluto is shady, corrupt, underworld, secrets, change that you can’t necessarily see, death and rebirth, mafia, money laundering etc. [Editor: It is the authority, and in Capricorn it is government and big business–shady leaders, secrets, hidden structures and plans.] It’s also a long process since Pluto takes over 247ish years to do a revolution around the sun, which makes this change a lot harder for us to remember to zoom out and look at the bigger picture with a wider time span.  It could be another big attack, another invasion on a sovereign country, something big happening in the U.S. with our freedoms or Roe v. Wade.  But I also want to pay close attention to how these same themes might be seen differently since Pluto is retrograde. [Editor: Retrograde could be needing to review the transformation, or review what has been discovered that was hidden.] Will Putin stop attacking Ukraine?  [Editor: Will the J6 Committee findings lead to changes based on what is uncovered regarding shady deals, leaders, and plans?] Whatever it is, I don’t expect this event to be subtle, unless since it’s such a long term transit that the shakiness of society is already enough (including Putin).  I need to do some more research on Pluto’s retrograde in 1776 etc to get a better idea to see what happened at each date it hit 27 degrees, 33 minutes.  I do think it will heavily deal with freedom, more than I think it will necessarily deal with the United States, even though this is the U.S. Sibley chart that I am referring to.  The only way to learn from astrology is to take the empirical events that line up with the astrological themes and look for the patterns.  SInce February 2022 was the U.S.’s first Pluto return since July 4th, 1776 and it happens in Capricorn which can deal with government and structures, and Pluto can deal with shady money [and authority figures], I wonder how government handling of money relates to 1776, our current day and the Russia-Ukraine war and its effects on our economy.  I just spent way too much time going down a Google rabbit hole that I will just have to do at another time, but this would be an interesting astrological research project.  

[Editor: Also on the 12th, the sun is at harmonious angles to both nodes–it is forming a 120˚ trine to the South Node and a sextile to the North Node as well as Uranus. This sun/Uranus connection to the nodes shines a light on changes to the destiny points for the collective, breaking through any stagnation that may be occurring–particularly in Taurus (food, economy, supply chain, and our home, home country, family matters. We also have the stabilizing influence of kind, loving Venus forming a harmonious trine to disciplined Saturn in Aquarius–bringing a steady hand over the people and over our uniqueness.]


Venus in Gemini trines Saturn retrograde in Aquarius and there is a full moon in Capricorn. The theme is, “Good communication works with limited people.  Manifestation in government or societal structures.”  Now I think I see Venus trines Saturn more as ‘communication about women works with oppressed groups pushing back’.  [Editor: It could also be news (Gemini = media) about women (Venus) likely relates to restrictions and limitations (Saturn), but there could be a delay (Saturn) or a review (retrograde) of what the practical, well-thought-out plan (Saturn) should be.]

I still see the Capricorn full moon as the same.  Putting my bets on something big with Roe v. Wade resistance.  Potentially positive?  

[Editor: This full moon is conjunct Pluto on the 27˚ point of the US Pluto return. Full moons bring things to an end, bring new things to light –so it is shining the light on the great secret keeper in charge (Pluto), which could be ushering in a new transformation of the US (and personally, of whatever is represented by the house that transit Pluto is in in your chart). This moon is also enhanced by an angle of potential (sextile) to Neptune in Pisces–the dream or vision of what is possible for the future, and Capricorn is the sign of building the structure, making the plans a reality–but only if we take the opportunity that is waiting to be taken. The Full moon is also at a positive angle to Uranus–a trine within a 3˚ orb, so that mean this culmination is most likely happening because of sudden, unexpected rebellion and push for change. This is the week that the J6 hearings reconvene, so this energy could be evident there, as well as in the Supreme Court tearing down and restructuring (Pluto in Capricorn) some long-held (Saturn, ruler of Capricorn) laws. This full moon overshadows all and is likely to uncover something, particularly the secrets Pluto is hiding, the important facts that may be revealed.

Virgo rising:  Something easy and maybe even fun at work without much effort.  Relax on the day job a bit more.  Finish up a creative project.  Time to try to get prego if you’re considering it?


For Venus in Gemini square Neptune retrograde in Pisces I might say ‘communication about women has friction with consciousness waking up’.  Maybe some ultra conservatives are waking up to the reality that they’ve imposed on half of the population?  Maybe these are my own rose-colored glasses, hah.

Libra rising:  If you’re planning on traveling far away, the trip should probably be great!  Just don’t think about your day job too much.  Enjoy the moment for now.  If you aren’t traveling, there could be a positive belief that you have trouble reconciling with what you realize about your subordinates.  Maybe something good is happening in your plans for college but you are realizing you aren’t going to be able to do the day job you wanted to do at the same time.  Maybe there’s some good news about getting something published, but you realize what a toll all of this has taken on your body.  9th and 6th houses have a whole lot of topics to consider!


Sun in Cancer is conjunct Mercury in Cancer.  ‘The focus is on care and how to do it.’  However, this may be muddled since it will be cazimi, which is when the sun’s rays overpower the planet it is in conjunction with, which makes it hard to see visually.  The focus is definitely on caring, and the conversations are being had, but perhaps too many people are talking at once.  This topic should be clearer a few days before and after this transit to understand what is being blinded out by the light.

Scorpio rising:  Be careful of planning a trip far away today.  You might not have all of the details.  If there’s anything legal going on, just hold off a day or so until you’ve collected all of your evidence.  It’s all right in front of you, you just might not see it.


Venus in Gemini goes into Cancer, Mercury in Cancer trines Neptune retrograde in Pisces & the Sun in Cancer trines Neptune retrograde in Pisces.  It’s another busy day of transits!  For Venus going from Gemini into Cancer I had ‘charisma in talk shifts to luxurious care–spas?’  and for the other two transits I have ‘vacation time–mental break time and everyone is on board’. To sum it up I had also written ‘more resignation?’  I think I was referring to another wave of the Great Resignation.  It seems to me with these transits that more people just want a chance to breathe and relax for a moment.  

Sagittarius rising:  An inheritance might be coming your way soon, or a family trust.  Or maybe you realize you want a baby after a long time of thinking you didn’t want one.  Something tied with the 4th house of family and the 8th house of shared resources, or two people’s assets coming together as one.


Mercury in Cancer is opposite Pluto retrograde in Capricorn.  ‘Communication about caring is not working well with sketchy government that we can see now.’  The sketchiness is gonna have a lot more difficulty hiding when Pluto is retrograde.  


Mercury in Cancer moves into Leo and the Sun in Cancer is opposite Pluto retrograde in Capricorn.  For these two transits I wrote ‘communication shifts from care and nurture to ‘look at me!’ and ‘focus of caring is at odds with sketchy government that doesn’t try and hide’.  Although rather than saying that the communication shifts to ‘look at me!’ I think this is moreso about very fired up communication.  No more Mr. Nice Guy talk.  

I’m summing up these two dates as one because I had written next to both of these dates as “government is like ‘eff you.”  It looks to me like everyone feels betrayed by the government not caring anymore and everyone is pissed off.

Capricorn rising:  Mercury in the 7th house of relationships opposite Pluto retrograde in your 1st house reads to me like ‘communication with your partner (business or romantic usually) is at odds with realizing how you might be difficult sometimes.’  If Pluto is shady and the 1st house is you and retrograde would reverse that, I see some self realization of maybe where you might’ve been wrong.  I’m not sure if you’ll admit that though, given that this realization is at odds with your partner.  Definitely an argument is a-brewing.  On top of that Mercury goes from the 7th house to the 8th house the next day.  Jeez this could be a rough argument with your partner.  One day you’re arguing between each other and the next your focus of communication shifts to the shared resources between you two.  On top of THAT I’m worried this could backfire for you.  With the Sun (your focus) in your 7th house (the partner) at odds with you realizing your shadiness, it seems like you might be so hellbent on trying to be right that you just end up hurting yourself.  Take a breather if you can.  This looks heated.  Walk away and come back to this topic another day is my advice.


The Sun in Cancer shifts into Leo.  “Focus shifts from care/nurture/vacation to fiery, flamboyant attention.”  It’s like the kid went off to college and mom is focused on herself again.  Stop caring so much about everyone else and work on YOU.


Mercury in Leo trines Jupiter in Aries.  “Fired up/flamboyant/extravagant/exaggerated communication works perfectly with fiery knowledge or persistence for truth.”

For these two dates I see unapologetic truths being told, and a lot of fire.  Nothing is being held back and the truth will be told even if it hurts.

Aquarius rising:  Your focus is shifting to your partner–business, romantic, crush, etc.  The communication happening with this person could somehow be tied into your sibling, neighbor, neighborhood, mode of transportation, errands, or maybe just communication style.  If you have siblings, it could just be that your partner and siblings get along well.  If you’re an only child, maybe your partner gets a new car.  If you’re single and an only child, and don’t have a business partner, maybe you go for a walk around the block with your crush.  Either way, say hi to them even if it’s just social media.  They’ll probably respond in a way that gives you butterflies 🙂


Venus in Cancer squares Jupiter in Aries.  “Luxurious care is not working well with expansion of war-like stuff.  Inequality highlighted.”  Inequality has been a big issue for a long time, but I’m interested to see how this plays out.  It could also deal with ‘love of women has a problem with expanding war.’

Pisces rising:  Either your love of kids is eating up your money you’ve been bringing in, the hobby/creative thing you’re working on is costing a lot of money….or I could totally also see this as paying for a hooker and it not being a great idea, lol.  Avoid that please.  The square says ‘no good.’  You’ll probably regret spending that money if you do.


Mercury in Leo squares Mars in Taurus.  “Fiery communication has a hard time working with the speed-up in the material world.”  I feel like this could definitely be supply chain related.  Like, we’ve discussed what the solutions are, and you now have the tools to fix this—why is there still a problem?  It’s like restocking the kitchen, getting the latest equipment, handing it to the chef and the chef still wants to do things the old, slower way.  NO!  Things are different now, we’ve got the solutions, stop being stubborn and MOVE!

Aries rising:  If you have kids, I bet they’re burning a hole in your wallet right now.  If you don’t, I bet your hobby is.


New moon in Leo, Jupiter stations retrograde and Mercury in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus.  For the new moon in Leo I had ‘Plant seeds for being seen.  Apply to an audition etc.’  Leo is meant for the stage.  So if things in the news seem theatrical or over the top, you’re not alone.  

Jupiter stationing retrograde will happen at 8 degrees, 43 minutes in Aries.  Pay attention if that hits a significant point in your chart.  ‘Review the fiery behavior since May 4th until November 23rd when it goes direct again.  By May 4th of next year it will have covered its shadow.’  While Jupiter signifies truth, freedom, expansion, money, etc., when it goes retrograde, I might think that the ‘real’ truth comes up, or there is a re-evaluation of what freedoms we have, there is a pause on expansion–maybe even a contraction, and money being spent should not be spent flippantly.  

I think it is relevant to point out that the Roe v. Wade leak happened on May 3rd when Jupiter (truth) was in a water sign (leak).  Soon after that Jupiter went into Aries on May 10th when the Democrats tried to put a bill through to limit abortion restrictions which did not go through.  I do wonder if most of the rest of this year will be about trying to find a way to make abortion legal in all 50 states again, or at least push back on some of the restrictions, or a ‘review on the legal freedoms that gets people angry’.  After the midterms in November, the ratio of representatives will likely shift one way or another.  Sometime after November 23rd I wonder if we will see something come through after Jupiter goes direct again.  

And as for Mercury in Leo squaring Uranus in Taurus, I see it as ‘fiery communication has difficulty with sudden change in materials’.  Like someone who has prepared a fiery speech about how to deal with climate change affecting agriculture, but it turns out they have to talk about how the economy has been tanking instead.  The square is very annoying for Mercury in Leo who is ready to jump into an argument, but Uranus changes things up to a different topic in Taurus, which is very frustrating.  If you’ve got something you’re about to speak on, don’t let that Leo energy get to you.  Breathe.  Think things through.  Collect yourself.  If you don’t, you could look very foolish.  Maybe let someone else deal with this topic since it has changed (and let them deal with the square, not you).  Sit this one out if possible.  You’ll be thankful you did when you look back at it.

In general for these three transits, I got the interpretation of ‘lack of care while others suffer’.  There is frustration to be sure.


Mercury in Leo is opposite Saturn retrograde in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo trines Jupiter retrograde in Aries.  ‘Fiery communication is at odds with restriction/oppression on masses, although there is pushback’ and ‘reviewing recent fiery, war-like topics works well with everyone watching.’  

There is definitely a shakeup happening here.  Although this one currently seems very Roe v. Wade,  I can see dealing with Ukraine-Russia as well.  In all honesty, I’m sure something else will pop up that I don’t see coming.  I cannot predict the future.  I can only contextualize the future with the tools of astrology given what we currently know about our world events.