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At the beginning of each month, people inevitably ask me, “What will this month be like?”  As I wait to hear what the expert astrologers are saying I begin to piece together the key aspects they are watching.  This month there were a number of things.  First, we arrive into June with communicative, thoughtful Mercury having just turned retrograde in its home sign of Gemini. It is rethinking, reviewing, renegotiating, revising what we hear, say, learn, agree to, and even—with transportation being an added theme—rescheduling based on delays or cancellations related to travel.

Mercury in Gemini will also play an important role when the moon meets up with the sun in Gemini to form the solar eclipse on June 10th, because Mercury is on the edge of the sun heading backward in the zodiac and the sun is moving forward, which will result in the sun’s light encompassing Mercury within hours of the new moon. This combustion, or swallowing up into the sun’s light, is called a cazimi, and it will add a Mercury (communication) vibe to the new period that this new moon ushers in.  It already has the Gemini (media, social, chatty, business-focused) theme attached to it, but with Mercury, added to the mix, it is a stronger focus on what we say, what we are thinking, what we are telling ourselves, and with the retrograde, what revisions and reviews we are making that will help us make a new start over the next six months or so.  Mercury stations direct on the 22nd (meaning it stops moving backwards and begins to change its motion back to going back toward the end of Gemini). 

One of the most important aspects of the month is the ongoing 90˚ challenging square between Saturn and Uranus, which on the 14th hits its second exact connection as Saturn is moving retrograde back through Aquarius to where it again reaches  the degree that matches Uranus in Taurus. This push/pull, old versus new, tradition versus progression, stability versus change theme is prevalent all year and these two planets have a third exact square at the end of December on the 23rd or 24th, that brings this tension back to the forefront.  What was happening on the 17th of February—when this aspect was exact the first time this year?  What will be revisited?  In the headlines we had the Texas power grid failure and the large bills people were getting. That situation could resurface now and again in December.  News about the Capitol rioters was in the headlines, and that could come up again. COVID variants were in the news, New York’s Goverenor Cuomo was under scrutiny, and volcanoes were erupting,

Another important trend to note in June is that there are three planets (other than the moon) changing signs this month (the moon changes signs every few days).  This month the big things to look for are the move of Venus into Cancer on June 2nd, Mars out of Cancer and into Leo on June 11th, the day after the solar eclipse, the sun moving into Cancer on the 20th (which is important because it is the summer solstice—a shift which affects the next three months) and then Venus changing signs again, and joining Mars in Leo on the 26th.

Two more planets turn retrograde –Jupiter in Pisces is going to head back to Aquarius by the end of July, changing the energy again.  Jupiter loves being in Pisces, but it could bring back the sense that there is still more to figure out regarding education, science, humanitarian issues and social reform, as well as alternative ways of thinking and seeing the world, possibly with a more open-minded perspective on other cultures. As Jupiter begins to head back in that direction, it signals that we need to revisit the ideas and issues that were being looked at and studied from January through April – legal, educational, international, and related to travel.  We are not done figuring that all out until December, when Jupiter moves back into Pisces

Finally, this month has a non-eclipse full moon in Capricorn on the 24th, which is the sun in Cancer opposite the moon in Capricorn.  At the same time, Venus is at the end of the sign of Cancer and it is opposite Pluto in Capricorn, so there is some sense of an opposition to the home—possibly bringing the working from home idea to an end (full moons bring things to fruition; Cancer represents home, safety and security; Capricorn represents business, practicality, and discipline). So if we are going to leave the comfort and relative safety of the home at this point, and transition to the business environment, there will need to be transformation (Pluto) of the discipline in business in a practical way, and expectation to do some hard work (Capricorn) to make this possible. This could be a month in the execution of any new processes that will likely come in between July and August. Other aspects around this full moon may signal a time of healing.


JUNE 2-3

The chatty Gemini group is breaking up this month, little by little. Where there had been harmonious Venus, retrograde Mercury, the Sun, and the hyper-energetic North Node trajectory point of the moon, we see agreeable Venus making its exit on the 2nd and moving into the nurturing sign of Cancer which antsy Mars is preparing to leave. Too much watery emotion stifles Mars, but it will fight for the family and the security of the home.  By the 3rd, Venus will form a 120 degree angle to big, beneficial Jupiter, which Acyuta-bhava Das says is a really potent and positive alignment because Venus is in the sign that represents Jupiter’s exaltation, and Jupiter is in the sign (Pisces) that represents Venus’ exaltation (where they are most happy), so, he says, “this is a sign of very positive things when Venus and Jupiter come together,” which he says can bring on physical, spiritual or emotional benefits as well as “very positive social connections coming in and making your life a little bit easier.” Jupiter can bring good news, while Venus adds an emotional sweetness, unity and harmony in relationships.

His only caveat is to be careful of going overboard emotionally and bringing drama or grandiosity to a situation.

Pam Gregory points out that on the 2nd, Mars in Cancer can “give us a kind of emotional vulnerability” and at that time it will form a challenging angle to Eris, the “female awakener often the street fighter,” she says.  “It is often a situation for people waking up perhaps because they have this sense of emotional vulnerability” that she says can lead them to take to the streets.

Anne Ortelee on Astrology Hub says that Venus in Gemini is very flirty but can sometimes come out with something unexpected and surprising in what it says. The combination of Venus and retrograde Mercury in Gemini, she says is “gossipy” but with some things left out, or perhaps untrue, and parts that are really interesting.  Anne says “You want to really watch what you hear this week because Mercury is retrograde, so he’s telling you the truth but he’s not telling you all of it, and the energy in the sky is about absolutism…all about people going off on what someone said, and when they do it can be they misheard it.”

Chris Brennan and the Astrology Podcast monthly discussion for June brought up the benefics (Jupiter and Venus) making a connection, and in a few days the malefics (Mars and Pluto) coming into an opposing alignment, “pairing off to do war,” according to Austin Coppock.  Overall Venus in Cancer connecting positively to Jupiter in Neptune provides some good days ahead, particularly on June 12th, which Chris says will be a great day for artistic pursuits, as well as fertility, so be warned if you do NOT want to get pregnant.

Austin also points out that Jupiter in water (Pisces) and Venus in water (Cancer) are “useful fire extinguishers.”  Which could be about physical fires in the west where he lives, or fiery emotions and interactions.


Fiery Mars at the end of Cancer comes into opposition to secretive, deeply mysterious authoritative Pluto in Capricorn—two malefics in a difficult angle to each other, which Rick Levine considers to be not just a power struggle, but he has frequently noted that at such difficult angles, Mars and Pluto are akin to going into a bad neighborhood for a knife fight.  Mars the warrior being a combative fighter, and Pluto being the hidden, violent, underworld—“Lord of the Hell realms,” Levine says, noting that both are feisty, and powerful, and both will fight for their cause. But Pluto is hell-bent on taking apart the structures to recreate them, and Mars is fighting to protect the home and keep it safe and secure. Pam Gregory points out that Pluto in Capricorn is related to the authority, the government, and that could be a clue to how this is playing out in “mundane” astrology, or the astrology of world events—the deconstruction of the governmental structures and formations, and Mars in Cancer (Cancer being the home, the home country, the home team, the family) is the efforts to protect what we have and make things more secure.

Acyuta-bhava Das describes Pluto energy as “nuclear” and could bring on a “great emotional catharsis or emotional breakthrough,” while Mars can be seen as pain or being faced head-on or confronted by “something that’s a little bit heavier being brought up from the unconscious.”  It can also represent explosive events that involve death, destruction, and violence. He noted he was afraid that the anger or aggressiveness of Mars in Cancer (the home, family or women) could relate to domestic violence or some news about violence (physical, emotional or sexual) toward women or children. It could represent rape or home invasions.  Pluto denotes things that have been hidden, and this can be a time when something hidden is brought out into the light and confronted, particularly since it occurs days before the lunation of the solar eclipse on the 10th. The very positive Venus/Jupiter trine that was hitting this week could, he says, “give us a little bit of grace and mercy” helping in a situation to allow us to “avoid the worst.”  At the end of the transit, it could result in “clearing the air psychically and there can be a feeling of regeneration,” like things coming back to life after a torrential cloudburst.  

Levine also notes that at the same time, thoughtful, logical Mercury, which is moving backwards through the zodiac, is at a challenging square angle to dreamy, confusing Neptune.  When Mercury is retrograde it results in things like rethinking, reviewing, or renegotiating, and difficulties with communication and transportation. Neptune connected to Mercury adds to the confusion, miscommunication and what Levine calls “fuzzy thinking.”  He describes it as being unable to say what we want to say or making mistakes in thinking, speaking, writing, driving.

Anne Ortelee talks about it as discussed on June 2—that Mercury tells you the truth, but, especially with Neptune’s influence, does not tell you everything, or perhaps it means not everything is clear.  Levine explains that there is a lot of information coming in, but we do not know what can be trusted.  So June 5th, he says, “might be a day where we just kind of step back a little bit and know that we’re getting intuitive hits,” which Neptune offers us.


Anne Ortelee says this week is an emotional one with agitated Mars in Cancer, the sign that wears its heart on its sleeve, opposing deep Pluto.  She notes that there could be “deep emotional processing around your childhood your home your family how you feel about things and acting out of emotion.”

She also points out that “whatever themes you’re working with right now make a note of them; you’re going to be revisiting these things again in August and October, and if you have planets around 20 degrees of Libra, pay particular attention—this  is going to be particularly activating for you.”


By today, Anne Ortelee says we will calm down a bit, but we will “start to get clarity around whether or not [we] should release” but it won’t necessarily be releasing something, but it could be more of releasing feelings to dissolve the tension. “it’s allowing the conflict some space; it dissolves a lot of the resistance that often cause causes the conflict in the first place, so if someone needs to walk out the door, if you need to walk out the door, let them go.”  Like a boxing match, she says, it is a time for separation and going to your own corner.  Sometimes, she says, it is energy that builds up that makes us sad, but it is easier to be angry than to admit to being sad.


If you are born around this day, Anne Ortelee reminds us you are having an eclipse year, which is a big year regarding the direction you will take, what you will do and where you are headed.  But for all of us, this solar eclipse in Gemini is a reset of the area of the birth chart where Gemini falls.  Acyuta-bhava Das talks about the fact that retrograde Mercury  will be in the heart of the sun—a cazimi—hidden by the sun’s light. He says “This is a major moment of rebirthing, a moment of clearing the air coming right on the heels of a mars opposite Pluto transit.” 

Pam Gregory points out that this eclipse connecting with Mercury in Mercury’s chatty home sign of Gemini –a mutable or flexible sign—is very fluid.  It allows us to see thing from different points of view, she says, and with Uranus in Taurus looking to shake things up, even though it is in the fixed, stable and secure sign of Taurus, the flexibility of this new moon solar eclipse could mean we are a bit destabilized and willing to shape-shift for the next six months based on new things we are hearing or new ways in which we are thinking about things.Our thinking processes along with our self talk, will help us make a new start, Pam says, and she advises focusing your thoughts and what you tell yourself on what you want to see happen, what you would like to see come into your life. We will also be receiving a lot of new information at this time, but keep your intuition turned on since  blurry, dreamy Neptune is at a challenging angle to the  long-lasting new moon eclipse and the normally logical Mercury being hamstrung by its backwards motion.  So we could be fooled or misguided. Instead focus on the positive aspects of Neptune—intuition, meditation, music, and imaginative creative projects that keep us on a more even keel. 

Rick Levine points out that this eclipse is “very potent” since it is directly connected to Mercury in Gemini.  The most important thing, he tells us, is that based on that connection, and the close timing to this weekend’s precise challenge between solid Saturn and unpredictable Uranus, the eclipse could mean “a sudden upset and a contradiction of communication so we might expect things to come out at this point that kind of turn our heads around—as if they haven’t been turned around enough….” 

Chris Brennan speaking with Diana Rose Harper and Austin Coppock on this month’s Astrology Podcast, said that he expects the eclipse to be “major Gemini energy” not only because of its conjunction with retrograde Mercury, but also because it is close to the North Node (one extreme of the moon’s trajectory).   Diana said she would avoid technological devices because she anticipates “problems instead of clarity” with the moon possibly bringing insights that are uncomfortable.  Austin says, “It screams deep or fundamental thinking of some topic—Matrix code level—seeing what is creating the patterns and having a bit of a shock.” He adds that it may feel like a bit much, more than can easily be dealt with. 

Chris also points out that the Gemini focus is also on socialization and “people remembering they have social lives.” There are stories over the past year of problems surrounding socializing as people try to go back to normal, and it could result in “over indulgence of socializing this month.  A year ago, he reminds us, Venus was retrograde in the same place in Gemini and “people felt it was time to go back to normal, and COVID numbers were spiking again. It felt like we could go back to normal, but it was a mirage, with Venus squaring Neptune.”  This year, Mercury retrograde is squaring Neptune, so there is some general confusion and misinformation, or a lack of clarity surrounding not only communication, but also socializing, interacting with others.


The energy is expected to shift, since energetic, electric Mars leaves watery, emotional Cancer and moves into Leader-of-the-Pack Leo. “This is a seismic shift,” Chris Brennan says, which could add to this week’s square between Saturn and Uranus, since the impulsive fiery Mars could “accentuate, exacerbate or inflame aspects that may be more urgent.”  What does this mean? Diana calls it a sharpening or a hot poker instead of a cold poker. Austin notes that it turns the temperature up, and as the moon goes into challenging angles to Saturn, Uranus and Mars, it will be a problem.  And Mars, in the upcoming weeks will be tangling with Saturn and Uranus, too.  “Mars’ movement into Leo ratchets up a variety of existing tensions,” Austin adds, but he also reminds us that Venus and Jupiter are still in “happy water signs not challenged.”  So while we have war brewing with Mars, we also have peace and happiness in other places.  Fixed signs—Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio—are the ones that will give us difficulty.

Acyuta-bhava Das says that the movement of Mars into Leo is “probably one of the more significant shifts” because the characteristics of Mars should get stronger—energy, passion, aggression, strength, ambition, as well as anger. But as Mars makes the shift, it is at a positive angle to the sun, which he says could make Mars show itself as wiser and more mature, after having “learned some of the deeper lessons in Cancer” and that the Mars energy will, therefore, be more stable. 

Rick Levine points out that when Mars was in Cancer, it was “a bit debilitated, less likely to pull the trigger or initiate proactive actions.”  But when it is in Leo it is more about “brandishing knives, talking tough, being more showy and outgoing.”  But he sees the eventual meeting in Leo later this month between lovely Venus and passionate Mars as being uplifting. But until then, he says that today, as Mars moves into Leo, Venus is in Cancer coming into a series of connections to Saturn, Chiron and Uranus, tomorrow that will be important. 


Rick Levine says that today Venus is the star as the moon speeds to meet it in the moon’s home sign of Cancer—shining a light on the Venus energy.  Venus is our values, happiness, love and creativity, beauty, and money. However, we also have Venus lining up with Saturn in a way that does not mix well, which Levine says will cause difficulty in aligning our feelings to the traditional Saturnian structures—the rules, the difficult lessons, the government, corporations.  At the same time Venus is being friendly with Uranus, which is offering Venus encouragement to take a chance and break out of the box, break the rules, (but not the law, Levine says). “Or if you do, you do it very consciously with kindness and compassion.” But the key to what this Venus/moon connection is doing is pointing to the challenge between Saturn and Uranus—the push/pull and disagreement between them. The Venus/moon connection brings up emotional feelings  surrounded by kindness and love—both being situated in nurturing Cancer—and it is showing us the need to break through this tension. But Saturn, he says, will not let go of its limitations, so there need to be adjustments made to move ahead with some negotiation, rather than just breaking through to a new way of doing things.


Traditional, deliberate Saturn is lining up into a 90˚ square angle to unpredictable, progressive Uranus, which brings in a challenging issue again between the old and the new, the restrictive versus the free and independent, or the traditions versus the progressive thinkers. 

Anne Ortelee points out that the Uranus/ Saturn square part two is when Saturn is retrograde and Uranus is saying, “Gotta change, gotta change, and Saturn’s” not looking to change. She reminds us that this combination of Saturn being square to Uranus comes in February, June, and December, which means “make your choices…it’s feeding into a big choice week and of course mercury’s going to be retrograde until right before we have to make the choice.”  Mercury, she says, is contributing some extra information that can help us make the choice because the information might not be totally complete right now. Retrograde Mercury is forming a 150˚ angle (quincunx) to secretive, dodgy Pluto, so we should question where the information came from look at both sides see if there’s another explanation for what is going on around us and we need to bring our own filter to this, and not take things at face value. Mercury is telling all sorts of tales, Anne says, and we may hear things that we didn’t know about, but now that we know, what does that shift in your mind?

In addition, Mars having just left Cancer, moving into Leo, Anne says, is very dramatic. “He’s a little over the top. He does Sarah Bernhardt in a big death scene, like oh my God, I gotta die, and you want to kind of go, ‘Mars, calm down!’”  So it is, as she says, a “loaded sky.”

In this and the next exact square between Saturn and Uranus, ‘there’s usually an echo of what happened the last time, so we could be moving into a situation where there are more controls, more restrictions, because Saturn is stronger here,

Pam Gregory

Chris Brennan and his group on the Astrology Podcast noted that when the first Saturn/Uranus square happened in February, the Game Stop group banded together to make moves in the markets, and there were power struggles with wealthy investors and tensions in the collective.  Austin Coppock said that Saturn/Uranus squares showed themselves clearly. “It was almost like a mockery of the financial system but enacting its own logic and taking it to a level where the ridiculousness is clear. It is worth calling it a protest –it had other purposes—but it is a collective challenge to a system.”  In February, Brennan’s discussion called it “flocking of people coming together assembling into a larger structure quickly and dispersing quickly–rapidly assembling to do a thing and then dispersing.” Diana Rose Harper called it “pleasure activism—joyously destroying something.” Chris added that there was a group think component in which people go further together than they would as individuals—as the attack on the Capitol was, as well.

So what we have today is the second Saturn/Uranus square that is tight all month, though only exact today.  Austin suggested that “interesting crypto stuff will happen, as well as underlying changes related to labor, such as strikes or unionization, and people refusing to go back to the workplace.

Mars going into Leo a few days ago will bring a hard aspect to this Saturn/Uranus square by month’s end, when it forms a t-square with the two planets—opposing Saturn and squaring (90 degrees from) Uranus. This will add another aggressive component to that energy of push/pull, change/don’t change.

They also point out that Saturn was in Aquarius in the early 1990s, and now that it has returned to that place 30 years later, companies founded at that time, as well as people who were born with Saturn in Aquarius, will be experiencing a Saturn return—a review of what lessons were learned and how things need to change.  Even marriages that happened at that time, including, they note, Bill and Melinda Gates, who are divorcing now and were married when Saturn was in Aquarius in the 1990s, could be going through a review and change.

Rick Levine points out that the Saturn/Uranus square has the added component of the moon opposing Saturn and squaring Uranus, at the point that Mars will hit in July—and this, he says, “personalizes the energy, it brings it down into our own lives, into our bodies, into our feelings, so we’re not going to escape this as just being something out there. We are actually going to be feeling this.”  The moon and venus, he says are trying to help us get rid of the tension by “blasting into whatever we need to push into, and yet Saturn is saying…you can’t go without me having some say in the matter,” and there needs to be negotiation in order to move ahead.

Pam Gregory points out that at this and the next exact square between Saturn and Uranus, ‘there’s usually an echo of what happened the last time, so we could be moving into a situation where there are more controls, more restrictions, because Saturn is stronger here,” and this, she says could start to change our day-to-day choices. Her advice is to “step back and think what else is available to us” and perceive that there are other possibilities.

And, Acyuta-bhava Das recommends patience if you feel frustrated, limited or that your progress is blocked—that “you’re starting to hit your stride, starting to gain momentum and boom, there is a feeling of pullback, limitation, constraint….” He suggests that we see the obstacle of the Saturn/Uranus square from the point of view of an enlightened sage who would tell us, “this obstacle is for me, not against me,” and choose to see it as a gift that becomes the seed of radical change.  “This is from the gods, from the Divine, for me, for my spiritual evolution,” and wait for it to reveal its reason for being in your life.

JUNE 20 -21

Two important things happen today that represent this as a significant energetic turning point in the year.  First, the sun moving into Cancer signals a new chapter for the year and for the focus of our lives.  As Pam Gregory reminds us at this time, this change is a good time to meditate to set intentions for the life you want for the future. At the time of the summer solstice, she reminds us, the moon is in Scorpio again forming a t-square to the Saturn /Uranus square but now the moon is opposing Uranus and squaring Saturn, “highlighting the intense emotion that the people, the moon, the intense emotion (of Scorpio) that people are feeling around these issues of control versus freedom and truth versus lack of truth.” So emotions will be high, but the moon moves fast and it could be short-lived.

Jupiter appears to stop and prepares to move back into Aquarius now, and out of Pisces where it is happy. Remember that on the day Jupiter entered Pisces, the CDC stated that vaccinated people did not have to wear masks. But that soon signaled the beginning of everyone shedding their masks as if to say, “It’s over!”  Jupiter will return to Aquarius at the end of July and keep moving backwards until October, which Pam Gregory points out will be a time when Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn turn back to moving in a direct motion within days of each other right before a very powerful full moon in Aries. She notes that the end of October could be a potent time period when all these planets begin to change direction, and it could possibly have something to do with the law, fairness, justice and equality.

But at this time, when Jupiter in Pisces stations (appears to stop before heading backwards), it can bring recognition or reward for success. With Pisces being a water sign, it is emotional, and Jupiter is going to expand that emotion further and, whatever we are feeling will be magnified. She also points out that it “is about really having a a bigger visionary idea of your future a bigger visionary idea of your future that has much more spiritual meaning in it.”  With Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, and soon Neptune all going retrograde, Pam says, first, that Jupiter is “unraveling belief systems uncovering truths that are going to change your belief systems or change the belief systems of many people, but because so many [planets] are moving retrograde there’s almost a feeling of kind of change of direction in society to some extent.”

Rick Levine adds that although we will still have Jupiter in Pisces this month, and through July, we will still feel that we are looking and moving forward, but once Jupiter heads back toward Aquarius, those ideas we have been considering for the future and the sense of opportunity we were enjoying will take longer to manifest.

Austin Coppock points out that between June 20th and June 22nd (the day Mercury stops and prepares to move forward again), the sun is in Cancer and it is moving into a trine to Jupiter, which he describes as being “lovely.”  Diana Harper adds, “it is beautiful to have that solstice. There is something nourishing about that.”

On the same day that the sun moves into comfortable, home-and-family Cancer, charming Venus (also in Cancer preparing to move into Leo) forms a 120˚ positive trine to dreamy, imaginative Neptune. Rick Levine says this is “an attraction to the dream” with a flow that is “almost more romantic” as we imagine the good things we are hoping for. With the sun in Cancer, too, he says the energy is settling in and “we are allowing our emotions to actually experience reality without trying to logic them into something else, to rationalize them.”


Today is the lovely angle between the sun and Jupiter, that Austin Coppock mentioned. But Rick Levine points out that “we never get one thing without other things” as he reminds us that Venus is opposite Pluto in Capricorn, which is again the same power struggle that Mars had with Pluto on June 5th.  The difference is that Venus is not about fighting for what is right, “it’s about the deep feelings that are coming up to the surface that may not have a place because they are in some ways threatening to the power structure.”  Yet, though the sun’s positive angle to Jupiter alleviates the energy, Levine notes that there is something deep and profound we will experience since Pluto can take us into the underworld “and really sink into the depth of our feelings.” Venus wants “everything to feel nice, just wants its emotions to fit in, it wants to feel safe and to feel secure.” However, if it is in a tug-of-war with the lord of the underworld, Levine says that won’t happen. The saving grace is that reliable Saturn is at an angle of potential to the healing teacher, Chiron, which is in action-oriented Aries, and that provides an opportunity to heal the deeper wounds, whatever they are.

Acyuta-bhava Das points out that “there’s an opportunity here for the feminine Venus to come and almost add her testimony to the…[Mars] transit that happened…on June 5th” which he says could lead to a potential for healing in relation to protecting, defending or honoring the feminine. Change could occur within family relations that could bring catharsis.

Pam Gregory mentions that this challenging connection between loving Venus and transformative Pluto, can mean for people who have the sign of Cancer in their fifth or seventh houses, that a decision needs to be made around a relationship—“Do you want to be close, or do you want to be free,” but, she points out, “because Venus is in Cancer, there’s a greater need for security and safety,” so the decision may be to stick with what is predictable and what feels stable.  Pluto is retrograde now so it could bring up the past in regard to a relationship or past behavior patterns in relationships. 


The full moon in Capricorn, opposite the sun in Cancer, is mirroring the opposition between nearby destructive Pluto and sweet Venus who stays close to the sun.  Cancer wants to be safe and secure, Rick Levine reminds us, but it is not easy when the planets housed there are facing off against the planets in Capricorn, which demands hard work and surrounds it all with structural boundaries. He points out that not just this full moon, but this in addition to the Venus opposition to Pluto, “we’re definitely getting the feeling that it is difficult to feel safe and secure and at home having to work within whatever the structures [government, rules] are requiring us to be.”

It is, however, a “powerful period of time in a time of transition that will enable us to process a lot of the stuff that has gone on, especially through the middle of June,” Levine tells us. The full moon not only shines a light on what we may not know (and Pluto is one to hide things from plain sight), but full moons bring things to fruition and tie up the loose ends, bringing answers to allow a new time to begin.

Pam Gregory notes that bountiful Jupiter is at an angle to the moon Capricorn that brings an opportunity for a positive outcome. Jupiter is also at a harmonious angle to the Sun in Cancer. With expansive Jupiter in watery Pisces enlarging the sun’s energy in Cancer, another sensitive water sign, a lot of emotion will be coming up. But, she explains, it is very positive because “it’s encouraging us to envisage our future to have bigger perspectives wider horizons bigger dreams it’s very future oriented.” She encourages us not to “give any attention to the old—merely focus on the new, what you want to create for your future, even if it’s just in terms of you want to live a life of joy and love and peace…because it’s going to magnetize that future or those experiences towards you but don’t look back.”

Austin Coppock says that Cancer and Pisces “look like a party, or spa—refreshing, joyful, and easy.”  Though there will be difficult angles happening with Mars, Saturn and Uranus, he notes that “some people will have an awesome June or July but it is not evenly distributed.”  Some will have it rough—harking back to Tina Turner’s version of Proud Mary, where she says, “We never ever do nothing nice and easy. We always do it nice and rough.” We’re Rolling, Rolling, Rolling on the Cancer and Pisces River.

JUNE 25  

Neptune stops to pivot into its retrograde period, which Chris Brennan calls “the intensification of Neptune,” that emphasizes their take on water signs—that we will “experience rehydration of our emotional and spiritual selves from reconnection to other humans and whatever else rehydrates us in our lives.” It has been that a bit more with Jupiter in Pisces, but as Neptune stops moving temporarily, those things get stronger. 

Pam Gregory notes that Neptune will start moving backward from 23 degrees and go back to 20 degrees of Pisces.  By the time it stops again to move in a direct motion around December 2nd, it will have a strong impact, which can “be about revolution, revelation of secrets…but this is beautiful for creativity blending with nature; any kind of intuition will be heightened; notice your dreams, which could be more vivid…because they could be giving you lots of messages.” It will be a time to connect to the Divine and easily go into a state of bliss, feeling peace and beautiful emotion.  Wherever Neptune is involved, it is always a good idea to meditate or pray, listen to or make music, watch films, take photos, or write poetry.


As happy Venus moves into fun-loving Leo, Rick Levine, points out that there is a feeling of optimism when eclipse season is over. Yet, “it’s not that things are returning to normal,” he says, “but things are moving forward again….”

When Venus and Mars are in Leo, Levine notes, “there’s a feeling like we’re ready for the show, we’re ready to be in summer.”  This energy is very important because, he says, “it encourages us to express our stuff outwardly, and this will set the tone for much of what occurs in July.” 


The main theme of the year, again, is the Saturn/Uranus square, which continues to come back and “rear its ugly head.”  But while it is challenging and difficult in many ways, it is a necessary energy to help clear out the attics of our state of mind and our social dynamic.

Pam Gregory points out in her late June summary that “this battle between Saturn and Uranus will continue through next year, too.” But, she says that “ultimately Uranus always wins but not without a battle.” She tells us that what it comes down to is what we are focusing on, and that an important part of that is  to remember that Capricorn energy is about resilience.We have to consider how resilient are we and how resilient we are going to have to be.

Rick Levine’s final thoughts for June are about opening up channels of communication to those things that may be very different, or opposite, or even offensive to how we think. “How do we create dialogue, because without dialogue, there is not reality.” Reality, he adds, is what comes from having conversations, and if conversation comes to a halt, we can get stuck. That, he says, is where we were at the beginning of the year. But, if we want to move forward, we need to create conversations that open up the chance for a dialogue and open up the process of getting away from our belief that our point of view is the only way to see things.

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