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By Caitlin Donohue


After a little over 3 weeks of Mercury being retrograde, it stations direct.  Whatever the Mercurial issues have been since May 10th should begin to resolve from now until June 19th when it reaches the degree it retrograded at.  This retrograde covered both Taurus & Gemini, so for Aries rising there may be a clarity in terms of money and neighbors, siblings, transportation, local business or communication.  Maybe a sibling pays you back, or you get a rebate from your electric vehicle, or there was a miscommunication about how much you were to be paid that is now resolved.  

Also to note, the U.S. House passed $40 billion in Ukraine aid on the day it went retrograde.  Granted, whatever gets resolved isn’t necessarily about what happened on the day it went retrograde, but I always like to take a look at a topic that might be relevant.  As usual with astrology, it could manifest in so many different ways, especially since Mercury’s topics can be so broad when dealing with communication.  

I could also see Elon Musk’s acquisition deal starting to move forward.  On May 13th CNN reported that Elon Musk’s Twitter deal is on hold.  

In a mundane sense, I would expect to see talks of resolutions dealing with material items (Taurus–maybe the baby formula?) and a plan of action (Gemini).


Saturn goes retrograde at 25 degrees in Aquarius.  

“A lift on restrictions, perhaps Covid related?  Limits on the masses being reviewed”.  The reason I look at Covid restrictions being lifted (from my perspective here in New York) is because the last two years when Saturn went retrograde, that is exactly what we saw, within days.  In 2020 it was announced that some of the emergency restrictions would be lifted.  In 2021 capacity restrictions were lifted for certain businesses.  Most things have returned to our new normal at this point, but I am keeping my ears perked to see if something else is mentioned along these lines.  How this lines up for your community, you’ll have to take notice.  

For Taurus rising there might be a restriction lifted at work.  If it’s Covid related, maybe they’re having you come back to the office.  If not, it would likely still have to deal with a career or possibly a parent.  I often think with all of Saturn’s keywords that the retrograde would be the opposite–some sort of a relief of pressure or restriction.  (If it is about coming back to the office I could see that actually being stressful for you, but in terms of the freedom to move around at work, you can see where I’d be making this interpretation).  

This retrograde will likely be relevant to something happening since February 27th and should begin to resolve itself around October 23rd until at least the rest of 2022.

[Editor’s note: Saturn Retro in Aquarius could also mean revisiting past restrictions on the community that were lifted before now, and going BACK to masks and other barriers.]


Mercury in Taurus trines Pluto retrograde in Capricorn.  “Talk about basic needs is working with reviewing change of government.”  This could definitely fall in line with the baby formula shortage, which still works within the time frame I gave above of June 19th.  With Pluto retrograde in Capricorn I could also see this as communication about basic women’s rights (Taurus being female or Yin) working easily with taking back the changes in government.  I wonder if this could also be dealing with the potential Roe v. Wade changes.  The trine should make something work more easily (I’ve strayed away from saying ‘good’ or ‘bad’ after watching how aspects actually work.  I believe it has more to do with efficiency vs. obstacles). [Editor’s note: More likely to occur.]

For Gemini rising Mercury would be in the 12th and Pluto is in the 8th, which are hard houses to deal with.  Traveling alone or feeling isolated in communication or getting a rough health diagnosis works in sync with your partner’s willingness to change. You might feel alone, but don’t underestimate the change your partner is willing to go through to help out.  If you’re single and get hurt, perhaps Medicaid will help you.  Maybe you even dream of someone else’s pregnancy!

[Editor’s note: This is also the week when the J6 hearings begin regarding the attempt to take down the existing government and re-create it (Pluto in Capricorn).  The trine between Mercury and Pluto could also relate to a likely discussion, agreement, news, research and investigation (going deep—Pluto—for information and evidence –Mercury) about the authority or government’s (Pluto) hidden (Pluto) strategy (Saturn—which rules Capricorn) to destroy and rebuild (Pluto).]


Venus is conjunct Uranus in Taurus at 16 degrees!  I’m personally excited about this one as a Virgo rising with Venus in the 9th at 17 degrees.  Knowing that the 9th house can be considered the house of luck, I plan on buying a lotto ticket!

For mundane astrology I’d say “good shakeup in materials.  Supply chain related?”  This could be another opportunity for the baby formula shortage to get figured out.  Now I feel like I’m guessing too many dates where we see that resolution, but like I say, trial and error!

For Cancer rising it could be a great, sudden public moment, a good unexpected change with a large group/organization or friends.  

Immediately when I thought ‘a great, sudden public moment’ I thought of Johnny Depp, but apparently he is Leo rising, not Cancer rising.  That would put this transit in his 10th house, so it could be interesting to see what good news comes about for him in his career.

[Editor’s note:  Johnny D could have a happy shift/financial shift, since Venus is also money, happiness, and Uranus can be a change, a surprise, and Taurus is security, stability, banking and currency—what we own, what is pleasurable]


Mercury shifts once again from Taurus back into Gemini.  “Communication shifts back from material to the way we commune.  Meta?”  In the mundane sense it could be something along the lines of Mercury’s resolution through Taurus indicating that now that the ingredients needed are possessed, the focus will be on how to create the recipe.  You could look at Ukraine (or Russia) as obtaining the materials they needed for their next steps, and now they need to figure out the next course of action.  It could also be that the baby formula is getting back on the shelves, and now we try and figure out how to prevent something like this from happening again.

When I wrote my predictions in December, I kept thinking about the Metaverse in dealing with communication.  Currently I’m not seeing the comparison as much at the moment, but we’ll see.

For Leo rising, it could be about settling things at work, and now being able to focus on a wider picture with how you are perceived.  Or maybe now that things have been clarified at work, you can focus on having some fun with friends.

[Editor: could be gettingnews, communication, or short trips.]


Full moon in Sagittarius.  “Manifestation of a great journey/tech/medical/foreign acquisitions”.  Wouldn’t it be interesting if this is when the Elon Musk Twitter deal is official?  If you look at the retrograde and direct dates I mentioned, and this full moon falling nicely within the time period, it would make a lot of astrological sense as a ‘manifestation of a tech acquisition’ which is what I wrote in December.

For Virgo rising, I would expect either a manifestation/completion of a home project, or with your family.  If you’re closing on a house, maybe the deal comes through!  Sure would be a good time to plan it if you can!

[Editor’s note:  Full moons are culminations, ends, things coming to fruition.  Sagittarius is the law, publishing, broadcasting, and education.  Sun in Gemini is a focus on news, social groups, thus Twitter in the news, as well as news about laws, legal decisions.]


The sun in Gemini trines Saturn retrograde in Aquarius & squares Neptune in Pisces.  “Focus on communication helps isolated people, but not mentally.  Just to do their jobs.”  I certainly cannot fathom what the Ukrainians are dealing with, but I could see these transits as them getting the materials they need, but being mentally drained from the next step of war.  Not that they haven’t been already, but you can see where I’d make this connection.  

I also see this transit as a scenario where you are given the money, but none of the mental/emotional support.  It takes more than the material world to fulfill a human being, no matter what your beliefs are.  You can have all the money in the world, but still feel empty inside.  It’s like when corporate companies talk about the importance of mental health but don’t make any significant change in their structure, expectations or help.  I see something along these lines as coming through.

For Libra rising, I see the focus on the 9th house (far away travel, higher education, luck, spirituality, religion, publishing, philosophy, astrology, etc.) working with a relief of pressure in order to enjoy yourself!  This says to me, go do something fun!  The square to Neptune in Pisces here doesn’t worry me as much, as I see it as a focus in the 9th having obstacles with your day job.  Go on a trip but leave the pets at home.  Forget about work–this is not the time for you to be concerned about it.

[Editor’s note:  Sun in Gemini square to Neptune can be communication that is unclear, confusing, or a fantasy or imaginary visions (conspiracies) causing a hurdle to agreements and communication.  Sun in Gemini trine Saturn retrograde, could be the likelihood of restrictions on discussions and agreements regarding to the community—perhaps related to masks again, or social media, social gatherings.]  


Venus in Taurus squares Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. Beauty [or money] in the material world not working well with limited masses.  Inequality highlighted?  I could see this as another ‘Cardi B’ moment, showing off your riches and it coming off as insensitive to those who don’t have as much.  We see this all the time, but maybe with a bit more prominence during this transit.  

I keep reading how Russia is possibly running out of money to fuel their war.  Maybe they try to tax their citizens higher, but after the sanctions hitting them so badly, there is an uproar over not having enough money to go around.  With Saturn retrograde, I see these limitations being pushed back against, as the large groups of people (Aquarius) push back at their own restrictions (Saturn retrograde).

For Scorpio rising, it could be that something good is happening for your partner but has difficulty working with the non-discipline at home.  Saturn retrograde does not have the same discipline in home life as it usually does.  Honestly, this might not be so bad.  This could be that you and your partner are having a great time but the house becomes a mess because you’re just focused on the good.  It could also be something good with a partner but it’s something your family typically wouldn’t approve of, but are being less critical with Saturn retrograde.  Really not so bad for a square.

[Editor’s note: could also relate to pleasurable foods as well as material goods being limited for society. Money (Venus) could be the hurdle to overcome such barriers (Saturn).]

JUNE 19 

Venus in Taurus sextiles Neptune in Pisces & Mercury covers its shadow period.  Something creative.  NFT related?  Mercury resolves its retrograde dilemma.

I would take note with the Elon Musk-Twitter deal as well as the U.S. House bill providing more help for Ukraine, since those were the two topics I took note of for the beginning of the Mercury retrograde.  I do also wonder if this could have to do with the Supreme Court Roe v. Wade leak.

[Editor: this could also relate again to food (Taurus) costs (Venus) and confusion or lack of clarity (Neptune)—or creative/spiritual opportunities to this issue—whether it is food or decorative items that make our homes beautiful, there could be opportunities for that to be a focus. It could also relate to a chance to find pleasure (Venus) at sea (Neptune),or to take a short trip (Mercury) to the beach (Neptune/Pisces).]

For Sagittarius rising, we’re looking at Venus in the 6th and Neptune in the 4th, with Mercury completing its retrograde in the 7th.  Something good at work, or with your health, or day job or with a pet or subordinate works efficiently with something dreamy at home or with family.  Maybe you decide that day to get (an aquatic) pet!  Maybe you get to work from home for longer than expected.  Maybe you hear some good health news for a parent, or get new workout equipment for your home.  If you have a tenant, maybe it’s simply a nice interaction.  In regards to Mercury’s completion of the shadow period, I would expect whatever was unclear from May 10th-June 3rd in dealing with 6th & 7th house topics is resolved.  This could easily deal with clearer communication with a business partner, linking the 6th house of work and 7th house of partnerships.  Or if it is dealing with a romantic partnership, maybe your significant other’s work schedule will end up working with having a pet.  

Aries rising, re-read my prediction for June 3rd.  Did any of this make sense and get resolved?


Mercury in Gemini sextiles Jupiter in Aries.  ‘Convincing on reasons why war has to happen.  Clear communication on plan of action?’  It’s weird reading this when I wrote it in December.  All I think of is Putin now.

Capricorn rising, this is also dealing with your 6th and 4th houses.  Communication about your health, your pets, your subordinates, your day job is clear with the good expansion at home or with family.  Talk at work works with good things at home?  Again, maybe you get to do remote work for longer than expected?  Maybe you’re making a home office or home gym?  Mercury is quicker and more broad, but whatever that Mercurial 6th house connection is, I see it as something good being communicated dealing with family or home life.  

[Editor: Mercury in Gemini (meeting with others) being sextile (opportunity) to Jupiter in Aries, related to air travel, possibly to a hot place (Aires). But Jupiter in Aries could relate to international war, legal battles, meetings and negotiations possible.]


Sun in Gemini moves into Cancer & Venus in Taurus trines Pluto retrograde in Capricorn.  ‘Focus shifts from communication to nurturing & caring.  Beauty in materials works well with sketchy (but not as good at being secretive) government.  Convincing people why bad idea is good.’  

At least in the U.S., the sun moving from Gemini into Cancer makes sense to me when I look at families.  May & June is the end or fruition of so many projects at work or exams in school.  The sun moves into Cancer and it’s time to enjoy the family [or home].  

Venus in Taurus trine Pluto retrograde in Capricorn makes me not trust what the government’s/big companies plans are with money.  Pluto is deep, transformative, the underworld, secretive.  When it is retrograde I would expect the topics it touches to be a bit more superficial, not concerned with changing, and more obvious and not good at even trying to pretend it’s something it’s not, in general.  Kind of like the idea of ‘if you’re gonna lie to me, at least be good at it’.  I haven’t necessarily seen this in action, but this is just my interpretation.  I see big corporations or governments potentially being careless with money or things of value and not even being good at pretending otherwise.  I see it as a poor argument for being wasteful.  

For Aquarius rising, maybe (as I would expect with Aquarius rising, being co-ruled by Uranus), you’re different from everyone else.  The sun shifts from your 5th house of pleasure to your 6th house of work.  Maybe you’ve been on vacation or enjoying yourself and now it’s time to get back to work.  Venus in your 4th and Pluto in your 12th makes me think something good at home works with more obvious changes in being alone.  Are the kids off at camp?  Do you get the house to yourself?  That’s what I’m picking up here.  You might be back to work, but I would expect some more solo time at home as well.


Venus moves from Taurus into Gemini.  Beauty shifts from luxuries to sweet talk.  Perhaps we see luxuries being obtained and now we’re being told why it’s okay.  I know Venus is typically good, but Venus can also rot your teeth.  Whoever is talking is probably very good at it, but don’t let the sweet talk glaze you over.  Pay attention to what isn’t being said.  It’s very possible we’re getting the good part of the truth and not the whole truth.  

For Pisces rising, it might’ve been a nice bunch of weeks dealing with a sibling, or neighbor, or maybe Mercury’s retrograde really didn’t hit you so much with Venus present in your 3rd house of communication.  Expect that sweet focus to shift to home.  Good things with family and home life for the next bunch of weeks.  

JUNE 27 

Mars in Aries sextiles Saturn retrograde in Aquarius.  ‘War-like action works with oppression on people, although the people are resisting.’  Looking at you, Russia. 

Cancer rising, things might get hectic or hard at work.  Your work pace might be moving faster than you can.  If you need to tap into shared resources, Saturn should be a bit more forgiving.  Maybe you get fired and get unemployment.  Maybe you quit your job and your partner is able to help out a bit more.  Maybe things are just hard at work but there’s a bit less pressure on than usual.  This is still a difficult transit, but Saturn’s retrograde could be a bit softer than usual right now in terms of the pressure or limitations or restrictions.    

[Editor: There are opportunities (sextile) for a positive outcome by limiting (Saturn) independence or limiting uniqueness (Aquarius)—take action in the house where Mars is in your chart (Aries house).]  


Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces at 25 degrees, the Sun in Cancer squares Jupiter in Aries, Venus in Gemini sextiles Jupiter in Aries & there will be a new moon in Cancer.  Busy day of transits!  Let’s break down this astrological soup and find the recipe.

In December I wrote for Neptune’s retrograde  All that has seemed too good to be true should be reviewed.  It should be reflecting on the Neptunian topics [confusion, lack of clarity or dreams, spiritual practices, music or film] since March 7/8-ish.  Neptune will be retrograde until December 4th, so we have basically the rest of the year to be more practical on these topics and stop looking through the rose-colored glasses.  From a quick Google search, I believe Russia started their nuclear threats in March.  I think a lot of us haven’t taken it as a serious possibility.  Perhaps after June 28th we will not be as naive.  Or perhaps some of Russia’s delusional leaders will finally realize the world is against them and the likelihood of winning is slim.  Maybe it’s a combination of both of these possibilities.  

The sun in Cancer squares Jupiter in Aries:  ‘The focus on caring has a hard time working with expansive war’.  Makes sense with my Neptune retrograde prediction.

Venus in Gemini sextiles Jupiter in Aries:  “Finessing communication working with fiery expansion.  War-like”.  As I mentioned earlier with getting one side of the truth and not the whole truth, I see someone presenting their argument and having it make sense by eliminating other truths.  Anyone can win if they present half an argument that makes them look good.  I don’t believe Venus is giving the full story here.  Venus in Gemini is like a cute little kid who gets in trouble and tells half the truth [or sugar coats the issue], but you get suckered in and let it slide.  Somehow this half truth works with rationalizing a war-like action.  Don’t buy it.  Whoever is talking is really good at it, but I wouldn’t believe all that is being said.  There are nefarious reasons for this attack.

[Editor: a focus on home, home town or home country can be related to tension from international or increased aggression.]

New moon in Cancer:  ‘Plant the seeds to care or nurture’.  I see a whole lot of war-talk going on, but there also has to be a point where things begin to rebuild.  Is it possible that there are some areas of the Ukraine that can begin rebuilding?  It seems doubtful with all of this war going on.  Maybe the new moon will be with a different topic.  (Maybe all of this will be).  

[Editor: New moon in cancer can be a new phase in home and family—possibly a new home or new family member].

Maybe the new moon in Cancer has to do with a new turning point in Roe v. Wade.  Cancer is very motherly.  It’s possible we see pro-choice rights taken away and there is a new era of having to figure out how to care for kids whose mothers weren’t planning on having them.  With systems so broken, how do we plant the seeds to take care of those who are here, when life has seemingly become harder?   

So if I were to put this day together, I’d say the rose-colored glasses are off, the focus is on new ways of trying to care or nurture, but there is difficulty in doing so with the expansion of war.  All the while we’re being told that things are easier than they are.

If I break this down some more, I could see the reality of Roe v. Wade no longer in effect, after all of this time of thinking it could never happen, being told to deal with it–some people cheering this decision on–while dealing with ever-expanding problems and being left to deal with it on your own.  The new moon and Sun in Cancer gives me the motherly feels, but the Jupiter in Aries sure does put up a fight.

Pisces rising–watch out for accidentally becoming pregnant, realizing money you’re bringing in is about to go right back out, while family maybe helps you out financially.  Or maybe your head comes out of the clouds and you see things clearer, like how much money you’re spending on a new hobby at home.  It’s possible that hobby could end up making money for you if you are clever enough.  Mitigate your birth chart to make it work for you.  Personally, I believe in both fate & free will.  If you understand the fate in your chart, you have the free will to mitigate it.