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The Astrology Podcast, featuring Chris Brennan, Kelly Surtees and Austin Coppock, summed this month up by saying March features the end of squares between Mars and Saturn that began way back in mid-2020, since Mars leaves Taurus and goes into compatible (to Aquarius) Gemini until late April. Saturn is in Aquarius for the next 30 months or so, and Mars leaving Taurus for Gemini keeps the stress of a Mars/Saturn energy out of the picture until Mars enters Leo in June.

This month, they point out that there is also a shift of planets into the mutable signs Pisces and Gemini, which paints the mood to one that is less fixed and resistant to change (Aquarius and Taurus) and more flexible and easy-going.

At the point of the full moon in Aries at the end of the month, Venus will also begin a new synodic cycle–or a pattern of meetings that Venus has with the Sun, from our perspective on Earth. It refers to the amount of time it takes – or the interval – between the periods when Venus goes around the far side of the solar system as the Sun is between Earth and Venus from our perspective—like an eclipse but with Venus and the sun instead of the moon and the sun. A Venus synodic cycle is almost 584 days long, or just over 19 months. It is only after five of these cycles, or about 8 years, that Venus returns to its starting point in relation to the Sun in a particular sign in same season around the same date. This 8-year cycle is called the Pentagram of Venus (five-pointed star). It is considered magical. The blog Starworlds explains that ancients who followed the stars attributed this particular point in the cyclical pattern to having traits of a softer, peacemaking time of forging treaties, communicating and cooperating. The overall Venus cycle is also connected to the Fibonacci sequence. For more details on Venus patterns and numerical connections see this article on Venus Cycles (hint: it’s complicated).

Acyuta-bhava Dasa sees the story of this month as being the new moon in Pisces which, he says, is not just one day because it plants a seed that lasts for the entire month into April. From the time of the new moon, he adds, “you’re gonna get swept along by something and it’s okay to get swept along by something. We don’t need to be skeptics all the time, we don’t need to be rationally grounded all the time.”

The new moon is conjunct Neptune which is also conjoined with Venus at the time that Venus is “protected from the beams of the sun and exalted.”  This powerful stellium of planets around Neptune, he says, “is about as romantic and intoxicating and…on the positive side of things…this is that moment of dream come true, the wish is granted, the sense of hope and faith is restored.”

He also notes its miraculous sense, which “can be a very relieving, very healing, and a restorative kind of energy,” as well as romantic and imaginative and emotionally uplifting. “I think that this new moon is one of the most magical astrological configurations of the year.” But it is not without its problems.

“Are we ready to turn our dreams into reality?”

Astrologer Rick Merlin Levine

Rick Levine’s summary of March notes that there are no outer planet transits, no eclipses, and no retrogrades. “It’s as if a weight is lifted from our shoulders when Mars skips into Gemini on March 3, followed by an uplifting Mercury-Jupiter conjunction on March 4.”  He says there is the potential for change this month, giving us a chance to move past the difficulties of the past year. The big question, he says, is, “Are we ready to turn our dreams into reality?”



Right out of the gate, early on March 1, Chris Brennan tells us that we have one of the best days of the month. He and Leisa Schaim create electional charts for every month (charts that are very positive for starting something), and he presents one on the public Astrology Podcast monthly forecast video. This one is at the time of the morning when Gemini is rising, which puts Mercury and Jupiter in the 9th house at the midheaven and the ascendant is in a 120˚ trine to the sign these planets are in with Saturn. Mars is tucked away in the 12th (whole sign) house. The moon is in Libra.  This configuration of planets and signs and their location in the chart early in the day is important for learning, education, religion, publishing—writing a book—broadcasting.  Also a good day for 7th house things—partnerships, commitments.  Kelly Surtees comments that under these aspects “the brain is getting good information,” so it is good for sharing insight, and Austin Coppock notes that it is a good time to bring people “into accord” in business, relationships and legal matters.  While he says it is a good time to make a deal or an agreement, and it is not bad for career matters, Mars in the 12th house can mean that there will be people (enemies) who are working at cross-purposes or some working at things that will cause their own “self-undoing.” 

Rick Levine noted that on the first, Saturn is still near to its challenging square to Uranus, which is still affecting us, in spite of not being exact. And, he reiterates that this energy, which makes up the theme of the entire year, is “progressive vs. regressive, forward vs. backward, reclaim the past vs. invent the future, and Uranus as ‘wild, crazy, break through’ and Saturn ‘hold it together, conserve, pull in, and maintain the status quo’.”  

But he talks about a lesser-mentioned angle—the half-square—that the sun forms to Pluto.  Half-squares, he says, are “very much like squares—they’re conflictive and they can…actually manifest things just like a square.”  There may be less intensity but this combination of the sun and Pluto is intense enough that we may feel it in our own relationships or in power struggles related to the pandemic, relationships, or employers as well as politics. 


Mars moves into Gemini today, which is a big deal, since it spent 6 to 7 months in Aries and moved slowly through Taurus.  Acyuta-bhava Dasa calls this “one of the bigger ingresses of the year” because it will be in Gemini for almost two full months—until April 23rd.  He points out that Mercury rules Gemini, so what happens to Mercury colors the experience we have of Mars in Gemini.  And what happens quickly after Mars enters Gemini is that Mercury meets up with Jupiter in Aquarius, which he says will have a powerful effect on all those planets. Mercury is communication, thoughts and ideas. It is combined with Jupiter (expansive energy and higher and broader levels of wisdom, intelligence and understanding) and Mars, which brings the confidence, assertiveness, action and will to make something happen.  This combination is, he says, a “cooperative dynamic” that allows things to move well and to help in “finding allies or finding help from people.”  So, it is a good day for launching something new and important.

Rick Levine describes the Mars move into Gemini and its exit from Taurus as an event that “really loosens up” the energy, because the difference in Mars from one sign to the other, he explains, is that “In Taurus, Mars…is plodding and it doesn’t like to be held back,” while in Gemini, Mars is “kind of like a toddler—it’s all over the place,” which is both good and bad. “On the third we might actually feel abuzz because Mars in Gemini is curious, creative, interactive, and it wants to engage everywhere” which can be great for some people, while for others it is just distracting, because, he says, “it can be scattered and just wasting energy.”

Pam Gregory adds that Mars in Gemini will “increase our urge to gather the facts” and to generally gather information.  Gemini, she says, is “the sign of choices, and we are going to be, all of us, making some very, very big choices in our lives going forward this year.” She also warns that the ongoing square between Neptune and the nodal axis (where the eclipses fall this year), will “create disinformation” with a lack of clarity about what is true and what is not. Therefore, discernment becomes an important part of making those choices, she says.

Patrick Arundell, in his discussion of the year ahead, brings up the connection between Neptune and the nodes and eclipses this year.  The North Node (also known as Rahu) is in Gemini, which represents the media and communication.  With the distortion provided by Neptune, he says, “the whole concept of the truth, when we’ve got big media platforms saying it’s not their role to govern the truthfulness or accuracy of what people say,” brings us into dark territory, because without regulation “truth or facts get distorted [on new media] to suit particular people’s agendas” and he believes 2021 will continue that trend.

In their discussion about these dates, Chris Brennan’s group points out that Mercury meeting Jupiter in Aquarius, as the third of three conjunctions, is a positive development. Chris calls it “auspicious,” while Austin Coppock notes that their co-presence in Aquarius through mid-March is “the right trajectory through difficult terrain.” He calls it a “clear-eyed conjunction” that could “really change the efficacy of Mars in Gemini.” 

Rick Levine describes this conjunction as causing us to be become overly optimistic, or that it brings on bigger ideas or philosophical perspectives.  We have hope in the future, he tells us, because Mercury and Jupiter are both in Aquarius past the degrees of Saturn, which w as holding back that energy.  So we will either dream about “the potential of Utopia or something that is yet to come” possibly in technology.  But, basically, Jupiter conjunct Mercury is “intellectually expansive.”  Since this is the third conjunction between the two planets, Levine says to look back at what was going on in your life between January 10th and 12th as well as around Valentines’ day, since it can, in some way, relate to what is happening now.

The Mercury/Jupiter energy will benefit Mars in Gemini until Mercury moves into Pisces, when Mars can become either “manically productive or easily scattered or dispersed—doing a little work on 30 things and then getting overwhelmed and anxious and nothing gets done.”  Kelly Surtees adds that while Mercury and Jupiter are together, the Mars component will mean that “a lot of things get done” and “a couple of weeks into it, the wheels fall off” because when Mercury moves into Pisces, there will be a loss of focus.

Not only is Mercury in Pisces scattered and confused, it will eventually move into a square with Mars later in the month, which brings tension in communication.

Also in Pisces is Venus, which Rick Levine points out is forming a sextile with Uranus, which also opens up energy a bit, attracting us to “things we’ve never done, to people that are different than people we are normally attracted to.” Venus, he reminds us, is exalted in Pisces, and when it connects like this to Uranus in Taurus, “there is a willingness to break free…in the name of love or in the name of one’s values.”


A quick heads up from Rick Levine is that Venus is forming a half-square to Pluto today, which the sun did recently, as well.  The vibe here is related to “the old guard” and Pluto’s place in Capricorn relates to “the structures, that which is sensible, that which holds on to the status quo that is being agitated” first when the sun connected with Pluto and now by Venus, based on our values.


The sun meets up with Neptune in Pisces which shines a light on Neptunian characteristics.  Pam Gregory talks about the fact that the shadow side of Neptune “can be secrets, can be lies, even deceptions, and with the sun coming to highlight those…we could see some truths coming out at this time.”  She points out that this entire year will be one of revelation, disclosure and shocking truths that come out into the open.

Rick Levine points out that when the sun lines up with Neptune, it increases our “dreams, space, creativity, imagination and even our delusions and our fantasies that can’t possibly manifest” since, explains, Neptune is “not bound…not restrained by the rules of Saturn,” which makes things real, which grounds the imaginary ideas.  However, he adds that after this conjunction, Neptune will be met with Venus and Mercury, which revisit those dreams and visions, and the moon speeds through Aquarius on the 9th and 10th “connecting with Saturn (restraint), Jupiter (expansion) and then Mercury (that futuristic thinking).” And as we get closer to the new moon, some magic happens.

MARCH 13-14

The sun and moon meet in Pisces at 23˚ to form a new moon, just a few hours after which the moon has met up with Venus and Neptune only a few degrees away.  Venus is making its way toward a cazimi (conjunction) to the sun later in the month, but it is one degree from Neptune and will be exactly conjunct Neptune on the 14th

This new moon was called “magical” by more than one astrologer, yet Kelly Surtees calls this gathering of planets “the Pisces puddle,” and Austin Coppock says it is “the most pleasant [new moon] by far” compared to the new moons of last year, but “it is not the most productive.”  Kelly notes it is one for rest and relaxation bringing “the mood, or the flow or feedback loop around hope, dreams, expectations and making connections.”  Austin points out that the depth of relaxation “speaks to Pisces mutability”—as it is one of three mutable signs, which are adaptable. So, it opens us to emotionally adapt to where we have come to, Austin says.  “Life is full of pleasures and pains, but half of those pains are from us having different expectations from what the present is.”  

Kelly added that it “feels like slowing down—you have to not be rushing or thinking of doing things quickly.”  “It is a thoroughly chill new moon,” Austin noted.

Chris Brennan points out that in Pisces, Venus is exalted, and on the 14th, it meets up with Neptune—its higher octave. 

Acyuta-bhava Dasa calls this new moon “the transit of the month,” because of its close proximity to both Neptune and Venus only a few degrees away.  “This is about as romantic and intoxicating and…on the positive side of things…dreams come true, the wish is granted, the sense of hope and faith is restored,” along with the sense of “going forward after a period of doubt and confusion.”  It is, he says, miraculous, healing, restorative and uplifting in addition to romantic and imaginative, making it, to his estimation, “one of the most magical astrological configurations of the year.” 

Acyuta-bhava Dasa calls this new moon “the transit of the month”…romantic and imaginative, making it, to his estimation, “one of the most magical astrological configurations of the year.” 

Nightlight Astrology with Acyuta-bhava Dasa

But it comes with warnings, as well.  The combination of Venus and Neptune in Pisces can turn the romance into tragedy if the imaginative traits of Pisces don’t have more rational, grounded qualities, which are about to enter with the ingress of Mercury into Pisces on the 15th.  He sums up this new moon as a seed that lasts into April and it can sweep us along to the point that, if one is not careful to be grounded, they can fall prey to excessive drinking or losing perspective in an “escapist fantasy of some kind,.” Yet, the positive traits allow us to become inspired, uplifted, and excited about the whole new chapter that lies ahead. 

Pam Gregory also calls this new moon dreamy and magical.  Its “connection to altered states” she says may have us “writing creatively, listening to music, or being out in nature where you can just lose the sense of time and space.”  She says the dreams may not just be daydreams but may be things that come to us while we sleep.  Neptune relates to spirit, the divine consciousness, and unconditional love, and connecting to source and oneness, Pam points out, so in addition to the romantic love associated with Venus, it could be “love as a high state of being.” 

She adds that this new moon occurs as there are three planets—mercury, Jupiter and Saturn—in Aquarius, which is “the sign of higher knowing, higher mind,” as we also have four planets in Pisces, bringing in creativity, beauty, the divine and a very sensitive, intuitive energy. This combination, she points out, encourages us “to use our inner state as our internal reference point” as we move beyond the idea of creating things based on logic and time (Capricorn). It is a time to use this more intuitive energy to “create, create, create.”

Rick Levine also calls this a “very magical new moon” not only because Venus and Neptune are conjunct at the time, adding strength, but because the key aspect of the year—the Saturn/Uranus square of following vs breaking the rules is still engaged.  And, this new moon is at the halfway point, the mid-point, forming a semi-square to Saturn on one side and Uranus on the other, serving as the “balance point, meaning…it can actually hold…both the old and the new in the same vision and that’s really what this year is about—we need to figure out how we can make these two different forces work together.” He sees this new moon as holding the vision and dream that form the seed that offers “the potential beauty that can come forth from the imagination.” 


Mercury moves into Pisces late on the 15th or possibly on the 16th depending upon where in the world we are.  Mercury is not happy in Pisces, as it is in its detriment.  The Neptunian dreaminess, fantasy, and imagination can turn to confusion or intoxication with ideas (Mercury) to the point of giving us a “mind-bending otherworldly experience,” that has us making irrational decisions due to a lack of discernment as our heart strings are being pulled, Acyuta-bhava says. So, while the new moon brings us magic, hopes and dreams come true, it can skew our logical thinking when Mercury joins the party.

Mercury in Pisces could make us feel “a softening of the energy” Rick Levine notes. “Now we’re going to feel like something’s different because Mercury is going to be vibing intuitively…emotionally in a water sign rather than conceptually and intellectually [as it did] when it was in Aquarius,” he says.

Levine adds that the sun forms a sextile (60˚ angle of possibility) with Pluto, which he says is about “working with that power structure” and is leading us into a series of sextiles and half squares. What happens, he says, is that the sun makes the sextile to Pluto, Mars makes a sextile with Chiron on the 17th, and Venus makes a sextile with Pluto on the 18th.  All these sextiles to Pluto, he says, are as if “that which is powerful now working on our behalf. There’s…cooperation to get somewhere that we want to get to.” The Mars sextile with Chiron adds potential for healing, “almost like we’re getting a sense of easy energy” or that we get some teaching and learning and “we’re able to pick up things and learn things that we didn’t know before.” By the time Venus makes the sextile to Pluto, we get the sense that “something here is working finally.” And right after that, as the sun and Venus prepare to leave Pisces, everything is poised to begin anew when the sun (and then Venus) enter Aries and end their zodiacal cycle at the occurrence of the Vernal Equinox, which is the “initiating energy” at the start of Aries.


The sun moves into Aries on March 20th—and Aries being a Cardinal sign brings in a new season, jump starting things, Acyuta-bhava Dasa notes, when the light begins to take over the dark, meaning “there’s a big momentum shift in your life psychically, energetically.”

Pam Gregory notes that for many astrologers, this day and the time of the March equinox, “is like a chart for the whole year” setting up clear themes “striking a tuning fork for the following 12 months into March 2022.”  It is an important new beginning this year even more than usual because of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius that began a 200-year cycle in air signs, and the Saturn square to Uranus this year bringing in themes of human and civil rights, and revolutionary energy based on those rights and freedoms, spurring on legal and constitutional changes.


Chris Brennan points out that the movement of the sun into Aries also shifts the energy from Pisces, since Venus also enters Aries on the 21st, and the movement of these two planets, Austin Coppock adds, “instantly makes things more activated, raises temperatures, time to do more, time to aspire to more, there’s a desire for action…for how to act in the world…followed shortly by the venus/sun conjunction…”on the 25th.

Rick Levine calls it “a super initiation to spring,” because they are traveling so close together. He adds that Mercury is moving through Pisces on the 21st, as well, and it soon connects to Uranus with a sextile (60˚ angle), which he says is positive (though you never really know how it will play out, he reminds us, since Uranus is unpredictable). It can mean breakthroughs in thinking and in communication, or unexpected news, but a sextile angle is a positive opportunity. There is an additional factor that affects the energy, which is Mars in Gemini trine (120˚) to Saturn in Aquarius, which he says can bring “another layer of resolution” to things we may have been dealing with that were “structurally difficult, where there’s been…people at odds with each other.”  What used to be a push/pull, yes/no, do it/don’t do it vibe changes with this trine to our being able to figure out “how to work that gas (Mars) and brake (Saturn)…in a way so we can make an even drive forward.”  He is hopeful with this aspect.

Kelly Surtees notes that the Mars trine Saturn aspect is good for being productive and “putting energy into a long-term project or plan” because Saturn grounds Mars.  Chris Brennan adds that though it may not seem to result in much progress right away, it points to small steps and consistent progress that, over time, result in “a ton of progress.”  Austin Coppock, however, sees Mars trine Saturn as “a grind of many different flavors,” meaning it is a form of suffering to greater and lesser degrees. Although there can be a steady effort, it’s not fun. “If there is no grind, there is no Saturn,” he explains. But it is not unsatisfying, because there is “pleasure in what has been accomplished and loot gained,” just not in the process.  

Austin adds that being in Gemini, Mars is not focused, and it doesn’t help that Mercury—Gemini’s ruling planet—is hanging out in Pisces with Neptune, adding another confusing factor.  Mars does not want to stay on task but would rather do “30 other things and achieve none of them.” But Saturn, Kelly says, “can contain or focus or direct the Mars energy.” When Mars meets up with the North Node a few days later on the 25th, there can be benefic results, Austin says. (See March 24th-25th).

MARCH 22-27

Acyuta-bhava Dasa notes the connection of Venus and the Sun in Aries lasts about five days, resulting in “the rebirth of venus” and a “new way of defining ourselves socially, romantically , sometimes aesthetically” as well as bringing  “a rebirth or renewal of our relationships…friendships or of different social bonds….”  Venus in Aries is not at its best—it is in its detriment and exile.  This, Acyuta-bhava tells us, means we have to assert or define—with a statement, in a big way—where we stand, what we desire, what our values are, as well as what we find repulsive.

This conjunction, Austin Coppock adds, is “more divine and aspirational…setting the ideal for relationship, defining the shape of true desire.”  Kelly Surtees summarizes it as “a real sense of visualizing and conceptualizing and bringing that in and connecting with it.”  It is, they agree, planting a seed for what we desire or feel passionate about, and that seed will “bear fruit through the rest of the cycle.”

Austin points out more about the North Node’s influence on Mars.  It is like a hunger that is never satisfied, but “hunger is important for a lot of people’s success,” he says, since “the hungry one wakes up earlier, grinds harder.” It brings victories and successes. “Anyone who watches sports will see that hunger makes a real difference,”

The Astrology Podcast

MARCH 24-25

Mercury in Pisces squares Mars in Gemini which brings, Austin Coppock notes, angry or contentious speech. The conjunction of Mars to the North Node (or Rahu). Though it can have benefic results, adds an element of confusion. “Mars speeds up the time frame, but with the shadowing power of the North Node, you can’t see what the right thing to do is, but you have to make a quick decision.”  This combination is, he says, “a potent cocktail.”  Chris Brennan notes that Gemini, like Pisces, brings in a mutable energy, which means being adaptive. So, Austin explains, we pivot or change strategy to improve [a situation] and make it coherent, but there is a possibility of “steering OFF a good path” with logical Mercury being blind-sided by the North Node.  Austin points out more about the North Node’s influence on Mars.  It is like a hunger that is never satisfied, but “hunger is important for a lot of people’s success,” he says, since “the hungry one wakes up earlier, grinds harder.” It brings victories and successes. “Anyone who watches sports will see that hunger makes a real difference,” he concludes.

On the 25th Venus meets up with the Sun to the point that Venus is invisible and as was discussed in the overview, Venus is in an orbit on the other side of the sun, far from Earth.  Because this is happening in Aries, Rick Levine points out that “there’s this newness…this buzz of spring is happening.” But it is not simply the weather, he says, rather it is “the feeling of entering in to a new cycle in our lives.”  Austin points out that “This is the divine archetype for Venusian things, setting the ideal for relationship, defining the shape of true desire…The seed desire for a whole cycle of action and passion, and relation is planted quietly but then will bear fruit for the rest of the cycle.”

MARCH 27 – 29

The weekend aspect here, aside from the Full Moon on the 28th, is a sun/Venus/Chiron conjunction, which allows us to “break through some vulnerabilities,” according to Rick Levine, and it can be the surprise of expecting to be hurt but realizing, instead, you are being loved and accepted.  So there is an element of healing here. The first thing that we see, Levine tells us, is that the sun and Venus connect with Jupiter in half-squares, which is the sense of “how much is too much?” and “what can lead us into the realm of ‘I went too far’?”  

Venus lines up with Chiron on the 28th, Levine says, bringing another possibility for healing or dealing with some pain or hurtful event.  And on the 29th, the sun lines up with Chiron, and Chiron already made the half square to Jupiter, and Chiron as the healer and the teacher is expanded. Levine also points out the fact that as Chiron teaches, someone is learning, and in that learning we can receive healing as well. (Learning from our painful moments or mistakes).


Chris Brennan tells us that this full moon in Libra is at 8 ˚ of Aries and Venus is, too.  Mercury and Neptune are at 19 and 21 degrees of Pisces, telling him that this is a classic Libra/Venus focus on relationships and “the balance between self and other….how you interact with other people in a wide variety of situations…not only romantically but professionally, personally….” He likes this full moon because it’s not tense and it has “nice flowing trines to Saturn at 11˚ of Aquarius trining the moon at 8˚ of Libra.  And there is a trine from Mars at 14˚ of Gemini,” forming a grand trine. 

Austin Coppock, however, is a little bit “less enthusiastic about the grand trine between the moon and both malefics.” Though trines are happy angles, the planets here are not the happiest, he says. “I like my moons applying to benefics or just not applying to malefics. This moon is looking at difficulties, but has found, at least, a good angle on the problems.”

He explains that there are two ideas of what is good:  one is the absence of problems, the other is the good from solving a problem, and both “are pleasurable and would qualify for a good day, but they’re very different.”

Kelly reminds him that this full moon is in the venus-ruled sign of Libra, which is reception, and the trine with the moon, Mars and Saturn is, therefore, constructive, “willing to address the problem even if it is uncomfortable.”

Rick Levine discusses this full moon and this grand trine as an incredible blessing that “gives us the ability to use our intellectual language, our communication skills to, in some way, make it okay…to give things some integrity.”

Austin adds that this full moon in a Venus sign comes directly after the cazimi (blending) between the sun and Venus, which means, he says, that the “image of desire, these relational insights, which happen…quietly…are immediately asked to be made manifest or implemented.”  And with these conjunctions being in Aries, it is “called to duty” coming in strong and obvious to answer the question, “How do we both, or how do all of us get to maximize our own potential and [yet] follow our own ambitions while remaining in rapport with each other?”  With Venus and the Sun conjunct in Aries it brings out the idea of working together with others, but Aries energy is about achieving our own personal goals.  There is a lot of energy and ambition in Aries that Austin says makes us “want to go out and prove something to the world.” Venus and the sun is “a place of negotiation;” doing things without stabbing each other in the back.

Acyuta-bhava Dasa compares this full moon in Aries to the inspiring new moon in Pisces on the 13th, which, with Venus in Aries  now, means “whatever is inspiring us on the 13th, by the full moon we’re having to make some important choices and…clarify who or what we like and don’t like….”  So, he warns, “don’t be surprised it the dream [from the new moon energy] costs you something or if there are important or social ramifications.”

Rick Levine calls Aries “a sign that is a go-getter” yet, he points out, the ancient texts describe Aries as a barren sign—”looking at the beginning of spring before everything starts turning green,” we see everything around us as being dry and dead.  Aries energy allows the first shoot to come up with new growth. 

Levine also points out that “we have to be careful when we think of Aries as self-interest.”  Rather than a selfishness, it is, he says, it is the idea that “the universe is within me,” and opposing that, Libra, where the full moon is, expresses the idea that “I’m just a drop and the universe is unfathomably large out there.”  The full moon in Libra opposing the sun (and Venus) in Aries represents the issue of relationship between any two things. This Libra full moon—the scales of justice, of fairness and balance—wants to balance the two energies –the tug of war between whose interest is the right one. 


Today, Mercury joins up with Neptune in Pisces, and Acyuta-bhava Dasa tells us that it means we have to “look at the fact that if Venus is trying to redefine itself socially, based on some inspiration that has been received earlier,” then now is the time for making bold statements about that inspiration, or it is time to cut things off that don’t work.  The combination of Mercury and Neptune and the combination of Mars and the North Node is a sign ruled by Mercury brings the chance that things could get delusional, bad choices could be made or feeling hell bent on doing something while not thinking clearly.  On the other hand, there is also the possibility of feeling that “I’m following a dream” that means making difficult choices that may seem irrational and others probably won’t understand. It could also bring “some amazing sort of mental and emotional breakthroughs,” Acyuta-bhava tells us.  It could be a dramatic end to the month.

MARCH 30-31

On the 30th, Venus is sextile (60˚ away from) Saturn and on the 31st, the sun forms that sextile to Saturn, which Rick Levine notes is “a time of putting things back in balance…of working with what our values (Venus) are.” Venus also brings in the idea of financial matters like investments or intellectual and relationship energy.  Saturn, he says, grounds this process, which “comes in handy now” because also on the 31st Mercury is making a half-square with Uranus. This can be, Levine says, “intellectually exciting or it can be a little erratic; we can have crazy ideas, or someone else can have a crazy idea and try to enforce it.” But, he adds, this is not a big issue. Remember, too, that Uranus is square to Saturn, and Saturn is the anchor of reason, discipline and serious behavior. 

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