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Venus conjunct Jupiter in Aries, Mercury conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, Mercury shifts from Aquarius to Pisces

Review what Mercury in Aquarius has been like since 2-11 until today

“Ironically, a beautiful time for war.  Perhaps something peaceful has been decided.  Coming together for justice in war (which could be peace or a truce).”

“Communication amongst the masses of people could be limited.  I could easily see a blackout in communication online.”

“No one will be fooled.  Mercury shifts into Pisces, which means that the collective consciousness would be hard to deny.”

“Like a blackout on all communication with people singing ‘just give peace a chance’.  There is a beautiful chance for us to all come together for a greater good that we all actually agree on.”

I always like to take what I initially wrote first in late November/early December 2022, and then reassess it when I’m writing my monthly column, which is usually about a month before I post it.  I’ve recently (1-27-23) been seeing news articles and video clips about how vulnerable our energy grid is, especially after the attacks on the energy substations in North Carolina in December ‘22.  I thought it was quite interesting to see that I wrote that I could “easily see a blackout in communication online.”  With Pluto entering into Aquarius within the month, the next 30ish years are going to see enormous transformations in our energy and internet.  I mean, even without astrology, wouldn’t you think that there’s a good chance that within the next 30 years there will be a significant cyber attack that will be extremely detrimental?  (Not to mention the Saturn return of the internet at the same time).  

There’s so much more to unpack on this topic over time, but if I’m looking at the short term, I definitely see good things (Venus/Jupiter) in war/athletics/competition (Aries).  Mercury conjunct Saturn gives me the feeling that communication (Mercury) could be shut down (Saturn) online (Aquarius).  

I’ve been thinking more and more about my understanding between Aquarius vs. Pisces.  If one of the key phrases for Aquarius is ‘large groups of people’ and a phrase for Pisces is ‘collective consciousness’, that often sounds very similar to me and somewhat hard to differentiate.  After studying astrology for the past 3.5 years, I’ve learned to understand the legitimate overlaps in keywords, but sometimes there is too much vagueness that I think needs to be clarified (or that I continue to try to clarify).  Things that evolve in culture I see as Piscean.  Inventions that are created at the same time ARE Aquarian in regards to the invention, but the collective consciousness and the irony of the same idea popping up at the same time would be Piscean.  Pyramids being built around the world at the same time would be Piscean, not necessarily Aquarian (although if the pyramid involved a new technology it would be Aquarian, and the part where it was built presumably by many people would be Aquarian).  Large protests I see as more Aquarian.  However, something like the George Floyd protests in 2020 absolutely had a Piscean quality to it because it permeated every bit of life, seemingly around the globe for a period of time.  So with Mercury shifting from Aquarius to Pisces, I see it as communication shifting from the masses of people (protests could be an easy one) to communication in collective consciousness (the heavy feeling among people about what is changing).  There is definitely a venn diagram between the two, but Mercury in Aquarius is saying it out loud whereas Mercury in Pisces is just understood by us all.

Hopefully that comparison between Aquarius and Pisces helps to make sense of why I said “Like a blackout on all communication with people singing ‘just give peace a chance’.  There is a beautiful chance for us to all come together for a greater good that we all actually agree on.” 

I must admit, half of the fun of astrology is putting words together based on what you see in the sky.  So even if this doesn’t manifest in this way, it’s a trip just to put the puzzle pieces together from my astrological perspective.  It’s art whether it happens or not.  Damn that is so Piscean of me to say–and I’m writing this the day Venus went into Pisces!

While none of the transits on this day are rare, it is more so interesting that they are all happening at the same time. Noting that, it could be a much more mundane day than I just described.  The first day of the month always gets too much attention when writing horoscopes.

Libra rising:  Good things in partnerships (romantic or business), a stop in communication about what brings you joy or a limitation on the discussion about kids, and then discussion about your daily life/health/pets/day job.  One interpretation could be that maybe you and your partner are doing great and decide to hold off on having kids, OR maybe since you and your partner are doing so well you decide to hold off on kids because you’re enjoying the sexual aspects of your lives.  Soon after that, there could be a re-evaluation about your day to day life.  This could come through in SO many different ways, so if this interpretation isn’t hitting home, I can think of a million different combinations of possibilities.


Sun in Pisces sextiles Uranus in Taurus

“Focus on transcendance/creativity/distortion/seeing things through a lens works with a sudden change in security.  Solution to a sudden shakeup in securities works with instinct?”

This is another scenario that isn’t a rare transit (in which case it is less noticeable usually), but for whatever reason, my interpretation coming through deals with something that we rely on to be stable and secure that suddenly operates differently, and the collective response is a knee jerk reaction.  Like losing your balance and a friend catching you from falling.  A shakeup in stability followed by a clear focus on instinct.  (I can’t think of how a clear focus on instinct would lead to a sudden shakeup in security unless it deals with looting for food).

Scorpio rising:  Focus/highlight on kids or things you are passionate about flows with the sudden or unexpected change with your partner.  Is your partner suddenly open to having kids?  Do you and your partner have great sex around now?  Do you and your partner really enjoy the same hobby?  Do you and your BUSINESS partner go into something that will be really fun?


“Manifestation in perfection.”

“Limitation/discipline/restriction/oppression shifts from masses of people to their consciousness.”

“An obsession with controlling our minds?  I know that sounds extreme, even for me, but those are the keywords I’m pulling.  For the next 3ish years Saturn will be in Pisces, so this shift is significant.  Also, this will be the first time Saturn will be in a sign it doesn’t rule since the end of 2017.  It will be here until 2026.”

“Whereas Saturn represents walls and stopping and it was in the signs it rules for the last 5.5 years, Pisces is a water sign.  I feel like the theme of the next few years will be like that dyke in Holland: walls vs. waves fully being put to the test.  An attempt for something to be stopped, but will likely inevitably come to light.”

A perfect limitation in what can be known.  If something is censored perfectly, we won’t even notice it.  That can have very scary consequences at the worst manifestation.  At the best manifestation there could be a very real effort in society trying to expand its mind……but how likely is that?  *Debbie Downer music*

For reference, here are some ‘recent’ past time frames when Saturn was in Pisces:

1930’s:  2-14-1935 to 4-25-1937, 10-17-1937 to 1-14-1938

1960’s:  3-23-1964 to 9-16-1964, 12-16-1964 to 3-3-1967

1990’s:  5-21-93 to 6-30-1993, 1-28-1994 to 4-8-1996

As a little side note in regards to what I noticed when reviewing Saturn in Pisces time frames, I thought it was interesting to note that the Grateful Dead formed in 1965. In 1995 they broke up because Jerry Garcia died. And now in 2023, this will be the last Dead & Company tour. Saturn seems as far apart from an idea like the Grateful Dead as I can fathom, but Pisces can definitely make sense. I don’t entirely understand the correlation, but thought it was notable with the timing.

Also, in the 1930s America had the dust bowl drought. In the 1960s England had one of its worst droughts ever. In 1996 America had its worst drought since the 1930s. I expect there will be a significant drought coming up in the next three years. This one makes sense with Saturn restricting water (Pisces).

Cancer rising:  ‘Manifestation of precise feelings for siblings.  Restriction on legal topics for the next 3 years.’  Does a sibling end up going to jail?  If not that, ‘manifestation of feelings for community/neighbors is very deliberate.  Perhaps you end up going to a local college for the next few years.’  If not that, maybe you find the perfect new ride for transportation but the cost could limit how much you would like to ideally travel.

Sum up to March 7th

Stay away from the internet and take care of yourself.  Look inward and be productive.


Begin paying attention to the Saturnian themes in Pisces that are playing out from now until June 17th.  This topic will be reviewed or emphasized with diligence from June 17th-November 3rd/4th, 2023.  It will be resolved in an official sense between Nov. 3rd/4th, 2023 until February 7th, 2024.


Neptune enters its shadow period from today until June 30th

“Begin paying attention to the Neptunian themes in Pisces that are playing out from now until June 30th.  This topic will be reviewed or emphasized because of confusion from June 30th to December 5th/6th.  It will be resolved or clearer between December 5th/6th, 2023 until March 26th, 2024.”

I can’t tell if I’m just not able to see the outer planets retrogrades or if there is a different way to look at these retrogrades.  For the past 3.5 years I keep using the above keywords, but I’m not sure how useful it has been.  The stationing days/degrees are usually notable, but I don’t see the ‘topic/review/resolve’ formula working most of the time.  So mostly I am just keeping track of these dates for documentation, but if you can tell me what you’re able to notice with outer planet retrogrades, I am all ears!  If it’s not ‘topic/review/resolve’, is it the opposite of what the planet represents?  Is it just an intensity for that long period of time?  I’m still trying to figure it out.

MAR 11

Venus in Aries sextiles Mars in Gemini, Mercury in Pisces sextiles Uranus in Taurus

“Love, cohesion, beautiful aesthetics, unification in war-like or physical things works with action, severing, arguing in communication AND communication in collective consciousness, transcendance, creativity, distortion works with sudden change or something unexpected that makes us feel secure.”

“Good forces win?  Good war-like things work with angry communication.  Creative communication works with sudden change in food/security/$/shelter/supply chain, etc.”

“Justifiable anger about something necessary to survive”.

Hot girl at the gym talks like a mothaf*ckin’ badass?  Conversation about what everyone already knows works with the sudden shakeup in what keeps us secure.  Was the hot girl at the gym more prepared than anyone else?  Did she have her ducks lined up in a row ready for what was coming at her? Don’t underestimate the strong girl with a sharp tongue who knows what’s coming.  She’s already answered the problem and her house remains secure.  Learn from her if you’d like to succeed.

Aries rising:  I’m not suggesting you do this, but if you’ve got beef with your neighbor, you might have an ingenious idea on how to make money from this problem.  This is a solo project if it works out.  

On a less sinister side, you might be able to charismatically get your way out of a ticket if you’re speeding.  Don’t get too elaborate.  Stick to a solo plan.  You got this.  

MAR 14

Mars in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces

“Action/anger/arguments in communication is at a turning point for dreamy distortion in a good sense”.

“The anger in communication comes from a righteous place among collective consciousness.”

“(Really feeling a lot of unification here, coming from a place of verbal anger).”

I feel like this could manifest as something that feels like you get pushed into, but that push was necessary to fall into your creative place.  Take the leap of faith today.

Gemini rising:  You’ve probably been hot-headed since late August/Septemberish.  Maybe you’ve been more aggressive than you usually are.  You certainly aren’t hiding anything about yourself.  All of this aggressive conversation might push your career in a direction you don’t even know you’re pushing in.  It almost feels pointless to tell a Gemini rising to watch their mouths, especially with Mars present in Gemini.  In this case, accepting the fact that a Gemini rising is going to talk however they want, be prepared for the unintended consequences of what will come of your career.  It could be a really creative turn, or it could be a very lost turn.  Creativity and feeling lost are both Neptunian traits.  It just depends if you can harness the Neptunian energy positively or negatively.  

MAR 15

Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces

“It’s like the idea of something becoming too popular and losing its appeal.”

“The focus of collective consciousness is overshadowing the distortion of truly creative weirdos.”

Like the art teacher talking about the next project that will be really creative, who doesn’t seem to notice the super creative kid in the back of the class working on something very existential.  If there is too much focus on BEING different, the most impressive art won’t come about.  

Today is not a day to listen to those who preach about creativity.  Today forget what the ‘leaders’ say and trust your own gut!  It’s a perfect day to get creative.

Taurus rising:  It’s possible you could be too focused on getting attention from large groups of people or audiences, rather than being focused on the creativity you can bring.  The best choice is to wait a few days until the Sun leaves Neptune so that you can focus on and highlight your creativity among audiences.  Today seems like a day you are too fixated on the number of followers, rather than what you can do creatively to gain more followers (literally or figuratively).

MAR 16

  1. Mercury is conjunct Neptune in Pisces
  2. The Sun in Pisces squares Mars in Gemini
  3. Venus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn
  4. Venus ingresses into Taurus

“Okay, saying this is a loaded day is an understatement.

  1.  Whatever Mars-like topic that came up from 9-3-22 to 10-31-22 should have been reviewed from 10-31-22 to 1-12-23 and resolved from 1-12-23 to today.
  2. Communication about collective consciousness/creativity/meditativeness/transcendence/(aliens?)/distortion is very murky, hard to decipher, but very inspirational. A great day to meditate.
  3. Focusing on collective consciousness/creativity/meditativeness/transcendence/(aliens?)/distortion is at a turning point with anger/action/arguments in communication.  Are people starting to wake up?  Or are they deceived by the Piscean feel?
  4. People unite against the powers that be?
  5. Beauty/cohesion/aesthetics/unification in war-like tendencies shifts towards beauty and cohesion in security.  Unite what helps versus fighting.”

“There seems to be a unification amongst people against the powers that be.  I worry about Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces because the correct information may get muddied.  This seems to be a challenging time period, where we unite against the authorities and have difficulty trusting what is the correct information, but we also want to be weary of going too far down the rabbit hole.  This time period will require extra attention to research whatever the issues are.

We are all guilty of reading a headline and not digging deeper sometimes.  Now is the time to read the full articles, corroborate your findings, look into the legitimacy of the source, etc.  The topic at hand is very important.  Do not blow off your civic duty.”

People might be uniting against powerful institutions or shady government money but we should all take extra care to be as certain as we can about the information we are receiving.  Take nothing at face value right now.

Aquarius rising:  Have you been taking one step forward, two steps back for the last 6 months in the area of life dealing with your kids or the things you love to do, like music, etc?  Hopefully by now whatever kept screwing up your plans in regards to these topics has been sorted out by now.  Continue to chug along with the recent plan that should be working.

Be very careful with your money right now.  Pay attention to your bank statements and make sure you review your purchase before clicking ‘buy’.  

You might be stressed about how you will afford something for your kids, or if childless, you might be trying to figure out how you can buy that next instrument or something you need to do for a hobby.  Money is likely tight at the moment.

If you have siblings, perhaps something good happened for them but you find yourself a bit jealous?  If not that, did you get a new car or new mode of transportation?  Make sure to pay attention on the road to avoid any collisions (duh).  If not that, maybe a neighbor you couldn’t stand has moved and there is finally some peace and quiet.

If none of the above, it could be a great time for writing your blog or online presence, just don’t stay too isolated for too long.  It’s great to harness the creative potential when it comes, but it’s not good to be alone too often.

MAR 17

Mercury in Pisces squares Mars in Gemini, Mercury is cazimi the Sun in Pisces, and Venus in Taurus sextiles Saturn in Pisces

“Communication about dreaminess/transcendence/distortion/seeing through a lens/creativity/meditativeness/(aliens?)/other worldly/psychic/psychedelic topics are at a turning point in regards to action/severing/anger/fighting in communication.

It is made harder with Mercury cazimi the Sun.

Something good about what keeps us secure works to block the distortion.

There is misdirected or confused anger.  In order to be safe, there is an attempt to block some of the Piscean energy.

Anything with Pisces or Neptune always confuses me because knowing that things are not as they seem, how do I know that I can see clearly?  In which case, I will leave this more general, even though I have an idea of which way this might go.”

The first two transits definitely still make sense as misdirected anger.  Venus in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces makes me think a bit deeper.  Venus in Taurus screams luxury.  With a sextile to Saturn in Pisces, we have to figure out how the rich and luxurious work well with blocking, limiting, or oppressing the collective consciousness.  Aha!  I see what I meant by what I wrote back in December now.  I think there’s a good chance this will come through as the left and the right fighting, when it should really be the people vs. the elite.  Don’t let them get the last laugh.  Think your argument through.  We’re probably more united than we realize.

Sagittarius rising:  If you’re house hunting with your significant other, you likely aren’t going to agree at the moment.  My advice would be to not make any big decisions today and to continue looking.  

A parent might not be getting along great with your partner.  It’s possible you are leaning more on the parent’s side in this conflict, but you might not be seeing your partner’s full perspective.  In the meantime I would focus more on your daily routine to keep calm and collected.  Workout, take the dog for a walk, get your work done, etc.  It might help with the tenseness at home if you take your mind off of things for a bit.

With it being St. Patrick’s Day, you might be trying to be productive with your day job while you work at home and your partner might end up being a distracted/drunken mess.

If you don’t have a partner, perhaps you’ve been arguing with a business partner and it has been causing you to rethink if you can afford your home.  You seem to like this job, but will it provide stability?

MAR 18

Mercury in Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn

“Muddied communication works in favor of the powers that be”, “communication about psychedelics works with a transformation in government?”, or “communication about aliens works with gradual change in tone from the government”.

Another possibility could be muddied communication works with shady government money deals.  Money laundering?

Virgo rising:  Communication with your partner works with a transformation in regards to kids?  Is there a change of heart?  I don’t necessarily get a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ vibe from this as much as a decision that is finally made.

If you aren’t contemplating haveing kids, perhaps you have better communication with your partner right now about what you enjoy in bed.

If you don’t have a romantic partner, communication with a business partner works with a total shift in what you like to do for fun.  Be open to a suggestion of a new hobby today.

MAR. 19

Mercury ingresses into Aries

“Communication shifts from confusion to sharp-tongued.  Watch your mouth for the next few weeks. Don’t get cocky.”  

The keywords here made it really easy to interpret.  Mercury=communication and Aries=war-like.  The nicest things to say aren’t likely to be said for the next few weeks.  Based on the current astrology though, there might be a need for this harsher communication.

MAR 20

The Sun in Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn and the Sun ingresses into Aries

Review the themes with the Sun in Pisces from 2-18 to today.

“The focus on confusion still works for the powers that be.  Later that day the focus shifts from mystical/artsy/confused/conspiratorial to focusing on cracking the whip down/war/anger/high energy.”

They might be able to pull one last thing over our eyes before we all start to see what this truth is and everyone gets real angry about it.

Pisces rising:  Focusing on yourself flows with a transformation of friendships.  Pluto is at the very end of your 11th house.  I expect you will have big changes in who you value as a friend soon (this is relative as Pluto is about to shift out of your 11th house and into your 12th for the next 30ish years).  Later on that day, spend less time on yourself and more time focused on making money for the next month.  Those friends who you’ll keep will understand.

MAR 21
New Moon in Aries

“Time to start something vigorously and energetically.  It could be seeds for war.  It could be seeds for sports.”

Leo rising:  Today is a great day to apply to college, plan a far away trip, brainstorm your legal battle, or to begin your dissertation.  If you are religious it would be a great time for something like a baptism, etc.  Maybe around now you delve into a new area of philosophy or religion that you hadn’t considered before.  Roll with this new interest.

MAR 23

Pluto shifts from Capricorn to Aquarius from today until June 11, 2023
and then for good between January 21st, 2024 until January 19th, 2044.

This is the biggest shift of the year, in everyone’s opinion who knows anything about astrology.  I spent a full day in early December 2022 reviewing past transits of Pluto in Aquarius because we’re about to see some insane transformations in technology, the internet, new discoveries and honestly, humanity as a whole.  (One interesting thing to note is that one way of looking at Pluto in Aquarius could literally be ‘power of the people’.  Pluto=power and Aquarius=large groups of people).  For reference, I reviewed the last two times Pluto was in Aquarius, which was from 1532-1553 and then from 1777-1798.  I went through some world history events in both of those time frames and tried to look for Plutonian and Aquarian themes.   After finding the common threads, here are my predictions for what we can expect to see from now until January 19th, 2044.

-Some leaders may delusionally crown themselves as divine.

-An ending to some war and withdrawing.

-Russia expands for better or worse and likely keeps Crimea.

-A total transformation in how we understand our universe and boundaries in space.

-Potential for the next seeds to be explored in magnetism/electromagnetism/power.

-Big ideas or creations in preventing disease.

I won’t go through every little detail I wrote in my notebook, but I will tie together some thoughts that lead to these 6 predictions.  

“Some leaders may delusionally crown themselves as divine.”

Within the 1532-1553 Pluto in Aquarias time frame (I will be referring to Pluto in Aquarius as P. in A. from here on out), King Henry VIII of England created the Church of England to oppose the Roman Catholic church.  He dissolved monasteries and thought of himself as divine.  Pluto=power, Aquarius=weird/eccentric/dealing with large groups of people.  Pluto also makes small things big, or in this case, big things small, by dissolving the monasteries.  Pluto destroys this power and transforms into something else.

In Russia, Ivan the Terrible also thought of himself as divine and crowned himself as czar.

“An ending to some war and withdrawing.”

Honestly I’m not even gonna dive into this one because it’s so vague because wars begin and end all the time.  However, it was a theme I noticed and so I like to keep track.  Pluto=ending something dealing with death and power, Aquarius=large groups of people.

“Russia expands for better or worse and likely keeps Crimea.”

In the 1500s P. in A. time frame, Ivan the Terrible was able to defeat the Ottoman Sultan and Crimean Khan which lead to Russia holding control over Crimea.

In the 1777-1798 P. in A. time frame, the Russo-Turkish war eventually ended with the signing of the 1792 Treaty of Jassy which gave Russia control of the Black Sea coast and recognized Russia as the reigning power over Crimea.

Pluto=power and transformation.  Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus, which=suddenly shifting (Uranus) boundaries (Saturn).  It can also be seen as Power (Pluto) over large groups of people (Aquarius).

Based on the last two Pluto in Aquarius cycles, I believe Crimea will stay under Russia’s power, and will likely be officially recognized at some point in the next 2 decades.

“A total transformation in how we understand our universe and boundaries in space.”

In the 1500’s P. in A. time frame, Copernicus theorized that the Earth moves around the Sun, resetting how we understand our place in the universe.

In the 1700’s P. in A. time frame, Uranus was discovered, which helped to redefine the boundaries of our solar system.

Here Pluto=total transformation of ideas.  Aquarius=discoveries and boundaries changing in an air sign.

“Potential for the next seeds to be explored in magnetism/electromagnetism/power.”

In the 1500’s P. in A. time frame, the Scientific Revolution began, which lead to the beginning of studying magnetism and electricity.

In the 1700’s P. in A. time frame, the ideas for the first battery were created.

Pluto=power.  Aquarius=discovery.

“Big ideas or creations in preventing disease.”

In the 1500’s P. in A. time frame, the first ideas of germ theory began to ‘germinate’.  (Get it?….sorry).

In the 1700’s P. in A. time frame, the first vaccine was created.

Pluto=dealing with death.  Aquarius=invention/discovery.

It will be interesting to see how Pluto in Aquarius will turn out.  At no other point in history did we have the internet or technology in any way close to what we have now.  Nowadays Aquarius is often related to the internet (invention/technology connecting large groups of people/air).  There are so many articles written about Pluto in Capricorn on the internet.  If Pluto=shady power moves, shady money dealings, total transformation and cycles like a phoenix, etc., and Capricorn=institutions, government, societal structures, the powers that be, etc., and we look at 2008 until now, the 2008 recession makes sense.  The eroding of institutions as we know it makes sense.  I could go on and on but I suggest doing some Googling as this topic has absolutely been covered in depth by other astrological netizens.

I would like to note that this time frame from now until June 11th is just our preview for what will continue to come at us once Pluto stays in Aquarius in January of 2024.

And lastly, this will be much more likely to be seen from a generational point of view than a birth chart point of view.  Pluto takes the longest to go around the Sun out of all the ‘planets’.  Now that America has had its Pluto return, it will be interesting to see how our chapter unravels next. It’s time to welcome the Pluto in Aquarius generation into the world. If you think life has changed a lot since you were a kid, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

MAR 25

Mars ingresses into Cancer 

“Anger/severing/war-like actions dealing with home/nurturing/mothers/how we take care of each other and family.”

For the last 6 months there has been a LOT of Mars in Gemini action, which I think has been seen in so many different ways.  Some of which would be the Twitter files and the anger about how communication has been handled in our online ‘town squares’.  These topics won’t be going away, it’s just that they’ve already been set in motion.  Now, the aggression will shift from communication to families and homes.  I expect elevated anger when dealing with homelessness or parental rights.  Something along those lines will start to take more of the spotlight when it comes to heightened anger.  Another possible way to see it is ‘angry mothers’.  There are many ways this could come through.  We’ll see.

MAR 28

Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aries

“True, justified communication in war/sports or action = truth, about war?” or “long distances covered in war”.

I don’t know what it is, but something is gonna come out!

Capricorn rising:  You might learn the truth about a parent.  This would be an interesting Jerry Springer day to see who the father is…  All kidding aside though, it could also be just finding out the truth about a parent that doesn’t have to deal with DNA.  Maybe you just have a lot of company coming over today.  That’s possible too.

MAR 30

Mars in Cancer trines Saturn in Pisces and Venus is conjunct Uranus in Taurus

“Anger/severing/war-like/athletic/action dealing with home/family/mothers/how we nurture or care works in sync with restriction/oppression/limitations/boundaries of creative minds/transcendence/psychedelics/aliens/dreams”


“cohesion/love/beauty/aesthetic/good things with things that keep us secure happens suddenly.”

“Anger about familial things works to stop the spread of delusional thinking?  Something unexpectedly happens that keeps us more secure.”

I could see this as angry parents that try to stop the spread of ideas that aren’t making sense to their kids.  I won’t go into specifics because I’m sure it would piss people off, but you can probably connect the dots.  There’s also the potential for a good new invention to happen around now.  It could be a new food, it could be a new way to secure things, etc.  It might even be one of those discoveries that happens by accident.  Either way, it should be a good surprise!


The first half of March is confusing, but I kept getting a sense of unification.  The entire month has so much going on.  Saturn, Pluto and Mars all shift to the next signs!  Tides are turning here and they expected the waves to be big, even if we don’t see them right away.  It’s like not noticing a tidal wave is starting to form when the water pulls back.

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