Movement or more of the same?

This is the monthly round-up of astrological discussions by online astrologers for May 2020.  This month those included in the write-up are Pam Gregory, Rick Levine, Chris Brennan’s Astrology Podcast featuring Austin Coppock and Kelly Surtees, as well as some insight from Austin’s blog, Kelly’s group the Water Trio, and, finally, some input from the Metaphysical Correspondent, Patrice Kamins.  Other astrology readings may be added as the month goes on to the Facebook page Hungarian Aquarian to bring updates and additional astrology readings into the mix. 

The hours of video discussions and pages of transcripts and posts show that it is clear that May has some key components., the most important of which is Venus, which led, in April, a parade of planets into Gemini, remains there through early August, because it goes retrograde from May 13th through June 24th.  This is one of the key things that will define May’s potential theme.  By the end of May, there will have been four planets and the new presence of the North Node in Gemini, as well as the new moon when the sun and moon meet there toward the end of the month.  Since Gemini has to do with communication—whether it is media, education, writing, speaking, socializing or thinking—there are a number of important communication-related issues to pay attention to, because we are still not sure what we know and what we don’t know to be true. At one point in the month, Austin Coppock refers to a phenomenon he dubbed “Story Wars,” which illustrates the division between groups of people and what they believe to be true or false. He also notes in his blog, that this crowded sign of Gemini could make the last 10 days of May especially manic, busy and social, but potentially frantic.

The nodes changing signs is a pretty big deal, too.  Eclipses will be in Sagittarius and Gemini now, and will affect those areas of the chart, as well as individuals with sun signs, rising and moon signs in those areas.  They will stay here for about 18 months, and in these signs will point to what we communicate, learn, and believe. As Patrice Kamins points out, we must move away from dogma (what we are told to believe or told is true) and become curious students of what is really going on. It will be a journey of facts vs. fiction until January of 2022.  Kelly Surtees says this shift will also “amplify the Venus hunger for connection, pleasure or indulgence.”

Mars leaving Aquarius and going into Pisces also brings in a change as it leaves the clutches of Saturn for the first time since it went into Capricorn in mid-February.  As the April round-up described, Saturn is restriction and confinement, and Mars is impulsive action, wanting to move and go forward.  Saturn is more disciplined and cautious; Mars just wants what it wants now..  Mars in Pisces, as Rick Levine notes, provides an almost humorous possibility if restrictions ease up. He notes that with Mars in Pisces, Mars is just ready to move but in Pisces does not know where it is going.  He says, “It is all dressed up but doesn’t know where the party is.”

He also notes that warrior Mars in spiritual Pisces could mean we may not be ready to push back in the same way—it is more of the spiritual warrior, taking on our own fears and looking toward our intuition and dreams more than from an intellectual focus. So, the move into Pisces this month will give a breather from the contentiousness as will the changes happening with Saturn this month

The next theme for May is retrogrades, when planets move closer to earth and appear to go backward in the sky. In the second week of May we have three more planets in addition to Venus going retrograde. Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn, all close together and all connected to the theme of this year’s upheaval, will be co-mingling again and moving back where they were before the lockdown started. So, here is where, as Mars leaves the vicinity of Saturn by moving into Pisces, Saturn moves away from Mars by heading back toward Capricorn for a few months, giving them plenty of space from each other, but that is not to say they won’t continue to communicate.

Pam Gregory tells us that when planets go retrograde, the energy is introspective, so we will turn inward, not outward, and not forward so we can perfect what we are working on.  When Saturn entered Aquarius, she notes, the lockdown started, and now as it goes retro, things may be pulled back, and while there could be relaxation and things being turned back to where they had been prior to the lockdown, there could be a return to some things as it heads back toward Pluto, but never quite meets up with it, and as it heads back to Aquarius later in the year.

Rick Levine tells us that he does not see retrograde planets as bad, rather they are an intensification of the energy, and since retrograde planets appear to move backwards, “it means we are going back over old territory that we have already covered.”

Austin Coppock notes that this second week that begins all the retrogrades divides the month into two distinct moods.  Kelly Surtees puts May 13th as the mood shift date.  She says it represents a shift in focus and priorities, with changes around plans and projects that were moving forward that now we find are moving backwards, or that things that were stagnant and stuck start to be less stagnant and less stuck.  “The way you are facing after that period (from May 11 to May 14) is different.  There are new things you move forward into that were not available before then,” she says.

Looking at the summer of retrogrades, Patrice Kamins sees it as a matter of catching up and typing up loose ends and that when Saturn and Pluto turn direct again in the fall, “life starts with a greater surge (no matter when we officially go back to work.).”  As Saturn is retrograding out of Aquarius and returning to Capricorn, she adds that we may see a temporary slowing of enthusiasm or sense of mission, but that it is necessary to go back to lessons of personal authority, or other authority and look forward to the end of the year when we can move toward a new endeavor after having finalized our old obligations.

Day to day perspective:

May 1

The month begins with Mercury aligned with Uranus in Taurus, and Kelly Surtees stresses the relationship between Mercury and Taurus as making things by hand—baking, cooking, gardening or carpentry—and Mercury connected to Uranus adds a touch of experimentation.  It is all about innovation, and with Mercury, it is talking about the kinds of things you are thinking about, and with Uranus it can be online.  All the videos about cooking, creating, growing your own food could be part of this energy. 

Chris adds that this aspect is also an acceleration of the urge for freedom (Uranus) and Mercury coming in as the message, or the expression by people of the need for freedom that they want to have. 

Rick Levine notes that Venus is at a very positive angle to Mars, which has been taking some of the pressure off of things, but that will fade by mid-month when Venus goes retrograde.

May 2

Chris Brennan describes that this is one of a few election days for the month, though he points out it was similar to April in being a difficult time to find an auspicious day to begin new things.  According to Brennan and electional astrologer Lisa Scheim, the planetary alignments the morning were good for doing new things like communication, writing, teaching, speaking, short distance travel, selling, learning–and other 3rd-house topics. (Based on today’s chart positioning Cancer at the Ascendant so that the moon is the ruler of the chart, and the moon is in the Virgo in the 3rd house).

With the moon in Virgo, it could also be a good day for earthy things (gardening, perhaps?) or just walking barefoot on the earth, in the sand, outside. But it is also good for other Virgo themes like organizing, taking care of some little details, cleaning–perhaps spring cleaning or cleaning up your outdoor space.

Combine these positive aspects and astrologer Kelly Surtees suggests editing. “Virgos are the expert editors of the zodiac,” she says. It is a good day to use the mind, thinking, writing, or plowing through some paperwork and organizing your papers, records, thoughts, and ideas. Planning your book, manuscript, classwork, and so on.

What today is NOT good for? Matters involving 8th house themes–shared resources, other people’s money (the stimulus check? taxes, social security, loans, lottery tickets) or your partner’s financial assets and resources that you may be sharing — may not work out well today, since we have mars and Saturn in the 8th house of the chart for today that is the most beneficial.

May 3

Venus squares Neptune exactly today and will again at the end of the month, but Kelly Surtees points out that this aspect will be a constant throughout the month, adding that “with Neptune you can’t be satisfied, and you don’t actually know what you really want so you just take in or say yes to many things to quell the craving or quench the thirst.”   Chris adds that this aspect, especially in the heart aspects, is “over idealizing something, especially something that you have not attained yet, and thinking it is really great. The once you have it disillusionment sometimes sets in when the reality eventually hits.” 

Austin adds that Venus Neptune aspects are “good for pleasure, but not good for lasting gain, so people should be careful setting expectations around Venus-related topics (love, money, happiness, pleasure, security), because it will be very hard to see where things are going to end up.  There is a much higher chance of disappointment.”  Kelly adds, “Let go or be at ease, even if it’s not sustainable or long- lasting and have a release of past tension.”  

It sounds like it may be setting us up for temporary pleasures ahead that are not necessarily a sure thing for the long term.  Austin points out that it could also be connected to the stock market in which everything is fine or going to be fine, and it could be a delusion.  Rick Levine describes it as being enamored with the fantasy because “when Venus squares Neptune, we don’t have clarity, we make it up, and the fantasy does not fit in with reality,” so he advises not buying into the illusion and keeping our guard up to be sure we do not fall into traps of just believing what seems to be true.  There are glimpses of the truth, but at this time, it will be very difficult to see things for the absolute truth.  However, he says this is a great time for going with creative urges, using the power of dreams, hope and our imagination to “actually create the scaffolding upon which we can build reality over the weeks and months ahead. 

The Water Trio—Kelly, Alicia and Cass—point out that while it is not a time for responsibility or being on time, it is a good time to disconnect, go with the flow and lose inhibitions in an artistic or spiritual way.   Relationship wise, Cass points out that it can make you question a situation, such as a relationship, and feel disillusioned, while Alicia likens it to the film Life is Beautiful, becoming swept up in a fantasy because the reality is so hard.  “Feel free to dip out of reality for a while because beauty is possible,” she says.

Pam Gregory reminds us that since this aspect is about yearning for love and social contact, we are still connected spiritually and digitally, and in a few days, the full moon in Scorpio will connect to this aspect, and remind us of that connection to source, compassion and unconditional love. But she adds that it is a big theme of what is true and what is not, with layers of truth seeming like the answer, and then we discover another truth.

May 4/5

The sun and mercury meet up in Taurus which can bring a bit of clarity, says Rick Levine. But we have to be careful because “we might think that what we see and what we perceive is absolute truth.” When mercury meets the sun, mercury brings intellect and the sun highlights that, but Mercury and Venus are doing a dance at this point of exchanging energy, and because Venus is aspecting Neptune—and the confusion and illusion that brings—and that brings a lack of clarity. In addition, Mercury and Neptune are also dancing together. Mercury will connect to Neptune quickly after it meets the sun, and that helps us to tell a good story, OR fall victim to a good story.  It is good for creativity, spirituality (praying and meditating), or music and poetry, but it is not allowing a clarification of truth from illusion. 

The nodes of the moon also change signs from Cancer/Capricorn to North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius.  As Rick Levine points out, the nodes are not physical locations, rather energetic power points that take 18-19 years to circle the zodiac.  When they were in Cancer/Capricorn, they dealt with security and protection in our internal and external worlds.  Nodes connect with the soul and our purpose–karma and dharma, Patrice Kamins calls them, and Austin refers to them as the head and tail of the dragon.  In Gemini and Sagittarius, Levine says there is a shift from looking at things from a point of security to seeing it based on a flow of information.  With the North Node in Gemini, we need to look for more information that we can connect to other pieces to get the bigger picture.  With the South Node in Sagittarius, Levine says, we need to turn away from the habit of going to what we believe or ideas that fits our opinion or what we already think we know. 

Pam Gregory talks at length this month about the shift of the nodal axis, and you can get more information on her YouTube video about it.  Basically, she talks about this energy being similar to the energy that occurred right after the 9/11 attacks in 2001, when regulations around flying and aviation were changed.  The North Node moving into Gemini coincides with the upcoming Saturn and Jupiter entry into Aquarius in December and the Pluto shift to Aquarius in a few years.  It is a new focus on air, connectivity, mobility, communication in various ways—not necessarily face-to-face. There could be an introduction of new ways of educating people, as we move away from the ideas of higher education that we are used to and moving to a Gemini-focused academic model of quickly mastering something practical.  Gemini rules trade, and that could become more localized and related to social agreements, bartering.  But she warns that with Gemini’s ruler being Mercury, the trickster, if we do more online interactions, we can be taken advantage of.  Gemini is getting to know others, socializing, and Aquarius is the community. These combined with Uranus in Taurus for the next six years can mean we will likely share, get back to basics related to food and home, and communities and neighbors. 

The Water Trio says that the emphasis on air brings in fresh ideas and more happening online.  The shift can mean we need to make an adjustment and can change what things people think about.  Where you may have been focused on other priorities for the past few years, now something new becomes the priority.  Where Gemini and Sagittarius are in one’s own chart reflects where the significant shifts will be happening, because this is where the eclipses will be bringing in new phases and bringing others to an end, “Like an invisible hand pushing you,” Alicia notes. 

May 7

There is a full moon in Scorpio today, and Chris Brennan and his group sees it as having a lot of different competing features that are not clearly focused on one thing, which could bring up a lot of feelings about a lot of things. This could come with what Austin says are implications for a future that is more difficult to see than it was 3 months ago for most people.  Kelly notes that It feels like deeper emotions may surface in a way where there is some tension or discord.  “Many people have been holding on to a lot of stuff or coping with situations that are more pressured than usual.”

Rick Levine tells us this moon is sometimes called the Buddha full moon. He says it is a very powerful moon because the sun in Taurus is a yin (Venus, feminine) energy sign happening in spring when the energy is building.  So, he says, we have “this very powerful full moon that takes the simplicity and the determination and the practicality, the groundedness, sensibility and sensuality of Taurus and it juxtaposes it with the complexity and metaphysicality of complex, emotional entanglement of the Scorpio full moon. Because it is at a positive angle of opportunity to Neptune, Neptune become the point where this energy is released, so with Neptune as the filter, we need to make good use of imagination and creativity.  He also talks about an unusual complex series of angles between planets here that, without the long discussion (you can listen on his YouTube video here), is what he calls magical, “because (this combination of angles and planets) is very creative and they are points at which we can manifest something that has never been manifest before. This is improvisation that artists, poets and writers do when they are creating something new.” And because it involves Venus just before it turns retrograde, it is rare, and extraordinary, like grabbing the golden ring if we actually take this energy to create something important.

Pam Gregory says that with Mars being Scorpio’s ancient ruler, this moon helps us grow by conquering fears and going beyond.  It brings courage, grit, bravery and is the best sign for a laser-beam focus, she says. It also shines a light on taboo or underground matters, things that have been hidden or buried and transforms them.  She also calls this full supermoon combine with the Aquarian energy coming up in the next decade or so, as a sort of spiritual (Scorpio) activism (Aquarius)—spiritual principles connected to high ideals, with the power of social media, social connection. 

The Water Trio point out that the moon is not comfortable in Scorpio because of the depth and intensity of this sign.  Full moons are fairly emotional and intense and being in Scorpio will add to that even more.  Kelly is not a fan of this full moon because it can keep things that are normally hidden going on inside of you coming up from those depths.  Cass says it can bring up a practical versus and emotional decision, and you have to make a difficult choice.  Alicia’s take was that you need to face what is going on, even though it is uncomfortable. She quotes the famous saying attributed to Churchill, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” It could bring personal healing.

May 9/10/11/12

On May 9th, mercury passes the sun in Taurus and begins to make meaningful angles to Pluto (on the 9th), Jupiter (on the 10th) and Saturn (on the 12th) after moving into Gemini on the 11th.  At the same time, the moon speeding through Capricorn is also touching on those points and joining Saturn in Aquarius on the 12th.  Rick Levine notes that this is very significant for finding out something about what is “going on out there and what is going on in here—in our relationships.” 

Mercury in Gemini is in its element, and is now in the same sign as Venus, so, we may feel a sense of relief because we think we are beginning to see what is really happening here.  “But I would suggest it is not going to last,” Levine warns.

We have had a preview of the upcoming two-and-a-half years by having Saturn move into Aquarius, but it did so with Mars, which brought out a stressful conflicting situation—confinement with the urge to keep moving and doing what we want to do.  Mars has left the building (Aquarius) and now Saturn stops and realizes it needs to do something more in Capricorn, so it begins today to head back to where it was for the last two-and-a half years, back toward Pluto and Jupiter.  It will return to Aquarius with Jupiter in December, a lighter aspect, but still a very, very important one.

Chris Brennan and friends talk about how the shift Saturn makes to go back to Capricorn intensifies the energies, and it is a preview of what the next two-and-a-half years will be like beginning just before Christmas.  An interesting point that Kelly makes is that the meaning of this can be clarified when mercury goes into Gemini on the 11th, and by the 12th it is at an easy/positive angle to Saturn in Aquarius. This could bring up some information or a piece of insight, or just clarification about the meaning of that Saturn in Aquarius—through news, a report, a statement, for example. 

Pam Gregory, as noted above, points out that the lockdown began when Saturn (restriction) moved into Aquarius (the collective community), and now that it is backing out of Aquarius, there could be some relaxation of those restrictions in the second half of May into June.   

On the 12th, Mars is perched on the precipice of the border between Aquarius and Pisces, and moves into Pisces, which we touched upon in the introduction to this month.  As Mars moves toward Neptune, we will see some connections to Venus and Mercury later in the month that become meaningful.  Levine points out that Mars being in Pisces is a break before it hits Aries, where it is stronger, and will hang out for the entire second half of the year.  While it is in Pisces, “we can dissolve and disintegrate our aggressions, and we can kind of use this as a recharging period to be ready for the time when Mars enter Aries, and whoosh, away we go,” he explains.

May 13

This is where Kelly Surtees says the shift occurs in May, when Venus goes retrograde in Gemini. Generally, Venus going retrograde brings old lovers and friends back into our lives, when we get the phone call that they are thinking about us, or we call to connect with them.  It is also about our looks and appearance (Venus), with the warning not to do anything drastic while Venus is retrograde, because when it goes direct, you may see things differently or have to do it over again.  Patrice Kamins notes that since Venus is related to our appearance, we may have experimented with our hair styles and color in the lockdown, and we will get to go back (retrograde) to our usual stylist now.  However, I would say don’t do anything drastic until it goes fully direct in June.  Kamins also notes that Venus’ connection to money can lead to a tendency to overspend, over speculate, become oversexed. It can mean reconnecting with an old lover, but also changing a friendship into a love relationship or a new relationship suddenly changes our status.  But remember the story of Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande? It was a very public Venus retrograde breakup that was difficult to watch.

Austin Coppock describes the Venus retrograde period as a time when there could be emotional uncertainty and reconfiguration, with confusions of desire and uncertainty in relationships as well.  He points out that on the same day, Mars goes into Pisces, and will be challenging to Venus through the entire period that Venus is retrograde.  That can add, he says, “heat, passion, and conflict to the emotional recalibration process.”

Chris says that the key words for Venus retrograde are “restructuring of social norms,” as people emerge from the confinement of Saturn and Mars in Aquarius. “What does society look like and what is appropriate socially?  How do we structure society is a post-COVID situation for the second half of the year?”

Up until this point, Mars and Venus were close to being at an exact trine (an angle of positive/easy connection—a significant one since Mars and Venus represent man and woman, passion and love).  But once Venus goes retrograde they never connect at an exact degree until the fall.

May 14

Jupiter, in Capricorn at 27˚, is close to Pluto at 24˚ Capricorn, and today, Jupiter begins to go retrograde, heading back toward Pluto. Jupiter and Pluto connected exactly for the first of three times on April 4th, and they will connect again at the end of June.  But they are still within orb, and getting closer together brings strength to their combined energies.  One of these is big money, and Austin notes that “it is really interesting to see huge moves of money right now, like the initial bailout package of about $2 trillion. That is a very large sum to move all at once.”

Another issue related to Jupiter in Capricorn is the travel industry (Jupiter is international travel) and the airline industry in particular with some airlines requesting government bailouts as well.  Jupiter can represent big events, and Pluto is transforming those.  Kelly suggests that while governments are willing to allow people to go back to work, she thinks large group gatherings will have to wait until Jupiter goes into Aquarius in December. 

Chris also notes that by going retrograde, Jupiter avoids going into Aquarius at this point and meeting up with Saturn, where it was just a few degrees away from happening.  So, their conjunction takes place in early Aquarius in December, and “life is not fully back to normal” until the time of the conjunction, which may mean someone finally comes up with something that could help make it possible to meet again in large groups.

Austin adds that the way to think about the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is that “they remake the world together, and their conjunction sets a tone for 20 or 200 years, so them getting as close as they are going to before they do the actual conjunction in December is part of what the new world is going to look like.” Almost, but we will have to wait until the Winter Solstice and beyond to see that new world.

Rick Levine reminds us that this retrograde iis important because Jupiter will go back past Pluto and turn around and meet up with Pluto a third and final time toward the end of the year (in November, right after the US election).  Jupiter is the magnifying lens, and Pluto is the deconstruction.  AS viruses are related to the planet Pluto, the movement of Jupiter back toward Pluto may be an indication that this whole thing is not quite over yet.

Pam Gregory also touches on the fact that Jupiter/Pluto together is the millionaire’s aspect, but she also notes that it can be the opposite of great wealth.  Pluto is linked to death, default of debts, and taxes. Jupiter aligning with Pluto can expand the number of deaths or increase the likelihood of debt and default.  She also suggests an interpretation that Excess (Jupiter) power (Pluto) of government (Pluto in Capricorn) can be part of the effort to stop the spread of the virus. 

Patrice Kamins notes that the luck Jupiter (and the Jupiter/Pluto meaning of wealth) normally brings could be short-lived or put on hold until the fall when the planet goes direct and we can possibly see the return of permanent sources of income. 

May 17

On this day, the sun is at a very positive angle to Jupiter and it could be a sign of optimistic growth, with some things happening that are hopeful, says Rick Levine. At the same time, the moon moves into Aries and connects with Chiron which, in Aries is teaching us something new about the ability to heal, and when the sun connects with Chiron as it moves into Gemini on the 20th, there will be the potential for us to learn what that is.

May 20

A lot is happening today. The moon moves into Taurus today, and normally, Rick Levine tells us, that means we are on solid ground, things are stable, but not for the next few years, since Uranus is hanging out there.  Uranus destabilizes Taurus and with the moon moving in that direction, it could also mean unexpected emotional shifts. This may be the result of the second exact square between Venus and Neptune which Chris Brennan and friends note can bring a sense of false hope as the optimism of Venus meets up with the fantasy and illusory nature of Neptune.  So, the sense in mid-May that we could go back to enjoying things may not be a permanent state of pleasantness, Kelly says, and we should just enjoy the passing phase when we can.  But by the time we get to June 12, when Mars connects with Neptune, can bring out the negative side of the coin.  As Austin puts it, “When Venus retrograde square Mars, Mars is in the superior position, and that puts a lot of antisocial fire into whatever fun was happening.  Chris adds that even before that point, Venus and the sun will meet up in early June and both will be square to Mars, bringing friction and tension, and the story will pivot, especially with a minor lunar eclipse happening on the 5th, bringing something to an end, possibly the fun.

Also, on the 20th, the sun enters Gemini, which builds up the Gemini (socializing) energy with Mercury and Venus and the North Node in there. And in a couple of days the moon will join the party.  When the sun moves into Gemini, it forms a positive angle to Saturn in Aquarius.  Having connected with Jupiter and Pluto, the sun at these angles brings a sense of stability, and with mercury in Gemini, we are stabilizing now that we know something that we did not know before.

May 22/23

In addition to the moon meeting up with the sun in Gemini to form the new moon today, mercury meets up with Venus and both are at a challenging angle to Neptune.  While the mercury/Venus aspect to Neptune is bringing confusing or unreal information, making us say, “Oh my God, this is not what I thought”—a sense Rick Levine describes as one of unreality with our minds making things up to believe whatever we want, we may feel as if we are getting some real information as the new moon positively connects with Saturn in Aquarius. This begins a new phase of information, in which Saturn represents responsibility and reality, Aquarius is the mind and the bigger picture.  Levine notes, “It does not mean that whatever we dream will come true, but it does mean that if enough of us plant the seed of intention, with the concreteness of Saturn, we can actually set the tone for what will come to fruition over time.”  Nothing is complete and finalized yet, as Saturn heads back to Capricorn, but we can use the new moon to set the tone for what comes next.  

Chris Brennan points out that something initiated at the time of a new moon sometimes takes time to develop and will become fully clear in six months when you have a lunation (new or full moon) in Sagittarius. 

Chris Brennan describes the conjunction of Venus and Mercury and their challenging connection to Neptune as problematic.  He notes that it makes him nervous because the last mercury retrograde in Pisces “had to do with either false information or misinformation going around about the pandemic that was growing and getting serious, “when more active measures could have been taken in some western countries, but instead was downplayed.  “They said it was not going to be a big deal.” And, he points out, when mercury went direct, the false information went away and dissipated, and the reality of the situation came out, and everyone had to deal with it.  But Austin points out that with mercury in Gemini, it is a “better position for mercury to tangle with Neptune.”  Pisces is a sign in which Mercury is weak, and it was sharing space with Neptune, which, he says, “is absolutely Mercury kryptonite.”   This time, mercury is in a strong position and last time Mercury was “outgunned” by Neptune.  The two are always trying to work things out, and in this position, Mercury is better armed.

Chris adds that contentiousness comes out of the illusion being brought on by the mercury/Venus/Neptune connection, which can be illusion, misunderstanding or an outright lie, and as a result it causes contention –or the contention causes misunderstandings or lies.  Austin then notes that people do not feel neutral about the situation, and this is where the story wars come in—fighting over what the story is, and stories have villains.  So, some people, Chris points out, could be scapegoated. 

Kelly adds that there may be some cloudiness and foggy facts, but mercury in Gemini gives her hope and she is curious to see how mercury in Gemini affects deal making and business interactions, and what could happen in terms of businesses coming back online or moved in ways that they need to. 

Rick Levine notes that to add insult to injury, the moon will join up with venus and mercury in their square to Neptune and that energy (emotions and a sense of home, family, country) will add to that illusion or lie or confusion. 

Everything is in Gemini at this point, which Austin says is the manic burst in full bloom.  Very social, very busy, but June will bring changes and shifts.

May 24/25

The moon goes into its home sign of Cancer with mercury right behind it.  Mars in Pisces is also reaching out with an opportunity to Uranus. Rick Levine says this means “energy can express in a more intuitive, instinctual and spiritual, but not necessarily direct response to our thoughts and feelings.”  Things can be expressed more easily, and tension can be less destructive than it could be at another time.

May 28/29/30/31

Mercury, after passing over the North Node in Gemini, intensifying communication, and then moves into Cancer bringing up an emotional sense of insecurity vs. security.  In this sign, the planets oppose the larger planets in Capricorn—Pluto and Jupiter.  Levine says, that we just need to rest.  Our brain is not ready to connect the dots, he says, trying to figure out what we are dealing with, but then we settle into a pattern of dealing with it.  Mercury in Cancer is mental weariness, which he describes as “We want to go back to some nostalgic place where we felt safe. We want to go back, to go into the past, into our childhood.  We want to go home, even though we have been stuck at home for a while.” It is in the sign of Cancer that we focus on safety and protection. 

On the 29th the sun makes a connection to Chiron in Aries—which was noted that it is teaching us something new. Many planets are equally lined up into a five-point star as part of this connection, and Levine notes that “There is a buzz here, but it is hard to act on it.  We have some real kind of breakthroughs, not only in thinking but also in the possibility of how we can heal ourselves, or how we can heal others.” 

The last day of the month has mercury forming an awkward, uncomfortable ange to Saturn, which Levine says is “the irritation that we cannot separate from the social system from which we seem to be isolated,” meaning we are safe and secure in the home (Cancer) with the family and we have time to reflect and contemplate (Mercury), but Saturn tells us get to work, you have responsibilities outside the home, and we have to figure out how to balance out those two concerns. 

Levine does a nice job of providing us with the lessons of the month, the key being that in Taurus, the sign of May, nothing happens quickly.  It is where we are and where we will stay until we figure things out.  The month of May, he tells us, is a month of building momentum, but we may not get to the next place right away.  He writes: We are being forced to reconsider issues beyond ‘when will this be over?’  We can either stay in an infinite loop as the global situation continues to deteriorate or we can come together as a global community, break the cycle and change the outcome.”  And the time to rest, he says, unfortunately, is after the December conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius.  Merry Christmas!