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by Caitlin Donohue

Hungarian Aquarian is SO EXCITED to introduce our new columnist, Caitlin Donohue, astrologer and musician, who will be the star astrology writer here. Also, keep your eyes open for the upcoming podcast interview with Caitlin coming soon on Dying to Know. Find Caitlin on Facebook at CaitsAstrologyPerspective, on Instagram @Caits.Perspective, and on YouTube at The Postcast Podcast.

Hello!  I am thrilled to start writing monthly columns for The Hungarian Aquarian!  I’ve been studying astrology intensely since November 2019, although I’ve had an interest in it since middle school.  My style in monthly columns is to grab a keyword that I think will be relevant, and take a stab at a prediction.  I am perfectly okay with not getting it all correct.  After all, if I did, I should be a millionaire!  I know some astrologers don’t like the idea of prediction, but for me this is as close to a scientific experiment as I can fathom for astrology!  Trial and error!  After doing this for a few years and keeping detailed notes on predictions and outcomes, I have found this process to be very helpful, and over time I end up getting more and more accurate results.  And finally, I believe every astrologer who knows their stuff has a different and valuable perspective.  Just like you get a second opinion from a doctor, I encourage you to read different astrologers’ predictions.  We all have something to learn from each other, especially in this field!  For the record, I base my predictions on the eastern standard time zone and study tropical, ancient Hellenistic astrology, and use whole sign houses.


We begin the month with Venus in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn. With Pluto in Capricorn, one of my key phrases is consistently ‘shady government’.  Pluto being shady, Capricorn being government.  Pair that with Venus in Pisces who is not paying attention and has their head blissfully in the clouds, I could see government taking advantage of the attention being elsewhere to distract the masses of consciousness while they make a shady move of some sort.  Venus in Pisces is wonderful, but we need to keep our focus still in check.


Venus heads into the sign of Aries.  I hate to see Venus leave Jupiter and Neptune.  What a great configuration it was in Pisces!  But we need some sweet talk to get some work done!  I think of this as someone who is sweet and spicy.  We can play nice, but we also need to move things forward and be pro-active!  ‘Work hard play hard’ is a phrase that comes to mind, although in this case it seems reversed.  Venus just gone done playing and is now ready to work!  The sweet and spicy could be you if you are Aries rising.  Perhaps your kids are very motivated and have a game plan and playing ‘boss’ if you are Sagittarius rising.  Or maybe for Virgo rising in the U.S.  you got a nice federal tax return, but the state is asking for some of that back.  Sweet to overall get the money, but spicy to have to give some back.


Jupiter in Pisces is sextile Pluto in Capricorn.  I could see a leader making some good decisions for a structure/organization/government, while keeping a bit of a sensitivity involved.  Maybe it’s a chance for some Ukrainians to finally run free for a humanitarian corridor.  I could also see some truth in government coming out around then.  Possibly something that was considered a conspiracy beforehand.


Mars in Pisces will sextile Uranus in Taurus. I might look at my keywords as “war in water” could work well with the “shakeup on earth.”  It’s possible that we could see another scenario of a Russian ship being sunk by Ukrainians. We might also see it as something being triggered about consciousness dealing with a change of earthly things. I’ve been very interested in watching the study of psychedelics in medicine this year with a lot of the emphasis on Pisces configurations. Astrology is always interesting to me in the vastly different ways we can see it play out!  

From May 4th until July 28th Jupiter is in its shadow period!  Pay extra attention to the Jupiterian themes in your life. (Jupiter themes: travel, law, education, philosophy, religion, publishing, broadcasting, other cultures, adventures, space travel, and expansion). They will likely be re-evaluated after July 28th.  Is there something that you are told or learn to be true?  Stay skeptical, because after July 28th, it’s very possible that the real truth will be coming to light.


We have the Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus.  The spotlight is on the shakeup in money, food, shelter, or something else tangible that makes our lives better.  With Taurus, I typically go with tangible, “earthly” items, finances, and food, however, with Uranus dealing with electricity, online and digital currencies make sense as well. Whatever it is, I feel like something will be rocked, but we’ll be told or feel like it’s no big deal.  When the Sun is conjunct with another planet it lightens some of its power because it is so bright.  This could be leadership telling you not to worry so much, or you might personally downplay it in your head.  Uranus isn’t always bad though.  Shakeups can be good!  For general worldwide astrology, I’m a bit more on the worrisome side, but for you personally, it will depend where it falls in your chart.  For example, Leo rising should take the shakeup in their 10th house probably a bit more seriously so as not to screw up at work. But if you have a benefic (beneficial planet) at 14 degrees in your 10th house, maybe it’s a sudden job offer or promotion you weren’t expecting and at first feel like you shouldn’t bother with. Wait a few days to make this decision when Uranus is not blinded out by the Sun and you can see the offer more clearly.


We have Mercury in Gemini sextile Venus in Aries. I could see communication going well in dealing with negotiations, but, I don’t think it will be all talk.  With Venus in Aries, this conversation will make something move.  Nothing (except maybe Saturn) procrastinates in Aries.  If you or your partner are Libra rising, and you’ve been talking about taking a trip somewhere far away, book it!  Or maybe your partner passes a really tough higher education exam.


The Sun in Taurus is sextile Mars in Pisces.  The focus on earthly, tangible things that makes our lives better works well with action in water, consciousness, or artistic endeavors.  I could see a creative invention being made or announced that will benefit the environment. For Aries rising, perhaps you’ve come up with a creative idea on your own that will benefit you monetarily. It could go either way though.  It is a sextile (potential opportunity) configuration, but with Mars in the 12th house connecting to the Sun in the 2nd, I could see a scenario where it is all too easy to gamble your money away.  So for Aries rising, my advice for this day would be to trust your gut on ways you can make money, but stay away from spending money. 

MAY 10

Mercury stations retrograde in its home sign of Gemini. The communication focus from April 24th to May 10th will come up to be re-evaluated.  Perhaps there is something in the news that has been discussed as a plan to move forward, but from now until June 3rd those plans get sent back to square one.  A quick check of Google on April 26th, 2022, shows news about an R&D technology bill dealing with sourcing microchips in order to compete against China. (This is a very watered-down explanation of course).  It’ll be interesting to see if something like this gets pushed back around May 10th, and resolved between June 3rd and June 19th when Mercury reaches its retrograde station degree again.  Those with Taurus rising should review their financials, and I would not advise signing anything dealing with a lot of money until after this retrograde.  Life can’t always wait of course, but if it’s a choice you can make, I would wait.

On this day Jupiter also leaves Pisces 😭 and moves into Aries 😬.  I wish there wasn’t such a stark contrast between these two placements.  Pisces is emptying bit by bit and Aries is filling up.  The good news is that we have two benefic planets (Jupiter and Venus) in Aries.  The bad news is that even back in December 2021, when I did my own personal year ahead predictions, I was not thinking about Russia or Ukraine whatsoever, and I really had no clue where this might show up, but I started to see expansion of war. I don’t think anything will be rough right away since we have both Jupiter and Venus (benefic planets) there, but it’s very possible there are plans that we don’t see publicly being implemented for a later date.  With Mercury stationing retrograde on the same day as Jupiter moves into Aries, I wonder if April 24th-May 10th might also be relevant for Jupiter. Perhaps all the talk about the R&D microchip bill has been wishy-washy and we see a leader finally say, “Okay guys, let’s make a decision!” Who knows if this is what it will be related to, but if we have a different storyline, I believe we’d see the same archetypes and dates in the turn of events. 

Using Taurus rising again as an example, while you’ve got transits happening in your 12th house, they are benefics.  What I’ve seen with this sort of placement in the past is that there is a best-case scenario made out of a worst-case scenario.  Maybe you’re in a hospital, but you got hooked up with a private room that is really nice, and everything went well (I’ve seen this before). I’ve also seen some harder 12th house examples that worked out peacefully and with no pain. And, in the more likely event that this has to do with something about being alone, I believe there is a lot of positivity to gain.  Whatever it is in your life that you have going on alone, or in isolation should be beneficial right now.  I’d even see it as a great turning point in addiction and fighting your demons!  Don’t worry so much–you never know how it’ll come through and it’s almost never as bad as you think.  You’ve gone through this transit before!  Think back about 12 years ago to something you were dealing with alone and how it turned out.  And if this transit is also relevant to the Mercury retrograde, I wouldn’t pull the trigger just yet on that solo idea with making money, but I’d get all my ducks in a row, ready to go!  Don’t leave port just yet, but stock your boat now!

MAY 15

The Sun in Taurus is squaring Saturn in Aquarius, and the Sun in Taurus is at an angle of opportunity—a sextile—to Neptune in Pisces!  The focus on the materials has difficulty working with limitations among the masses but works well with creative solutions.  Perhaps there is a supply chain problem, and a solution comes up, likely dealing with water, i.e. boats.  I think this will be dealing with the same topic being that the Sun in Taurus is a focal point in both transits.  With a square and a sextile, I see it manifesting as a problem followed by a solution dealing with materials of some sort.  I could also see this as a problem with blockchain being figured out.  With Aquarius being air (electricity) and Neptune being something intangible (fantasy, imagination), it’s an interesting combination, being that I often see Taurus as tangible items or money.  Those in college with Gemini rising could have a tougher time than usual with final exams, but possibly at work you figure something out creatively.  Or if things don’t go well with exams, there’s a good reason for it and something career related could come through out of nowhere.  For Gemini rising there is a difficulty in being alone and dealing with a regarding limitations in faraway travel, higher education or spirituality, but there is also something good in your overall life direction.  The harder part is easier to see, but pay attention and look out for Neptune!  Things aren’t always as they seem, and in this case it very well could be for the better.

MAY 16

There is a full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio 😬.  The good news is that I personally don’t always see eclipses as bad omens as many people see them. I remember in December 2020 we had a solar eclipse, and on that day the first vaccine was administered publicly. That one was also in Sagittarius, which would deal with advancements in technology, etc., but it did show me that eclipses can just indicate a big shift or change. The downer here is that (and maybe I’m being unfair here), an eclipse in Scorpio doesn’t sound so great.  Jupiter rules Sagittarius.  Pluto/Mars rules Scorpio. These are very different energies, and could possibly be a bad omen. In a more positive light, it could bring something to the surface that needs to be dealt with.  People with Cancer rising should pay extra attention to their children. If you’re Cancer rising and don’t have kids, I could see this as being either a time for crazy awesome sex, or on the other hand, I would not meet someone new if you are casual about it.  On that end of the spectrum, it could not go so well.

Mars will be conjunct Neptune in Pisces.  I see this as an ‘aggressively drunk’ quality.

MAY 18

Mars will be conjunct Neptune in Pisces.  I see this as an ‘aggressively drunk’ quality.  Pisces and Neptune already indicate not seeing things so clearly.  Add some rage to that, and I could see it like a bad drunk.  In world news we might simply see this as a poorly made decision, as we don’t always know what influence people are under in the public eye.  For Leo rising, be careful of pulling the trigger on anything like a loan or a mortgage.  You might feel ready to make a move, but Neptune doesn’t help you see things clearly at all.  Wait if you can.

MAY 19

The Sun in Taurus forms a harmonious trine angle with Pluto in Capricorn, and Mercury going retrograde in Gemini will be at an opportune sextile angle to Jupiter in Aries. A focus on material things works well with shady government, and communication that is being reviewed will work out with martial—or military—decisions. I could see some government getting the materials they want, although it could easily be in a very shady way, which isn’t very surprising.  Some information that is being reviewed would work well for leaders in war. I wonder if a government (really could be any–U.S., Russia, Ukraine, etc.) is able to obtain something like fuel in a non-kosher way and would be reviewing military decisions based on this.  It’s a win for whichever government gets it, and it will likely be used for warfare.  For Virgo rising, your focus on higher education, astrology/religion, far away travel, or legal matters could work out well with a slow burn change in what brings you pleasure. Perhaps you go on a vacation with your kids and it works out great.  Maybe you finally get some recognition in one of those fields and it is something that is a hobby of yours that has slowly changed over time. Either way, personally it’s good!  The Mercury retro in Gemini sextiling Jupiter in Aries could be seen as reviewing your (Virgo rising) career direction in a way that will work out with shared resources with a partner. This could be at work or with a significant other. There is something to be reviewed at work that is shared–don’t pull the trigger if you can help it on this topic. It’s a good idea, and once again, get your ducks in a row, but don’t leave port just yet!

MAY 20

The Sun goes from Taurus into Gemini. Rather than focusing on obtaining material items, the focus shifts more to discussing what the end result will really be. There might be talks with Russia about how to end this war. That’s been considered this whole time, but maybe now we have people really willing to talk and compromise. However, based on what I see playing out later this year, I think it will be something else. Whatever the scenario is, the idea will be to stop building for a moment and discuss what the further plans are. For Libra rising, the focus for you personally for the next month shifts from taxes or shared resources to writing, publishing, traveling far away, legalities, higher education or spirituality/religion/astrology.  

MAY 21

The Sun will be conjunct Mercury retrograde in Gemini.  Assume that whatever is being communicated is not final or not clear. Mercury retrograde already make communication screwy.  With the Sun making it hard to see Mercury, it’s likely no one can tell that there is a communication issue. Wait a few days to understand the message more clearly. For Scorpio rising, whatever your partner says about your shared resources—take a beat.  It might take a few days to get the final story.

MAY 22

Mercury retrograde goes from Gemini back into Taurus, and Mars in Pisces forms an opportune sextile with Pluto in Capricorn.  Aha! I wonder if that pretense idea of ending the war fails and goes back to reviewing discussions about obtaining material items. With Mars in Pisces sextiling Pluto in Capricorn, perhaps there is a potential for action at sea that works for the government, but I see potential peace talks failing here. If I were to try to look at it positively, communication shifts from talk to reviewing what can be done to obtain materials. Or, maybe the government makes a step in legalizing psychedelics that could be used for good, medically. For Sagittarius rising, efforts to review communication shift from discussing or thinking about things with your partner to realizing that whatever you were considering might affect your day job. With Mars and Pluto connecting, action at home should work out with a slow burn change related to your money. I wouldn’t be surprised if an option for a different apartment comes up that ends up being a good deal for you.

MAY 23

The Sun in Gemini is forming a sextile (opportunity) angle to Jupiter in Aries, and Mars in Pisces is also forming a sextile with Mercury, which is still retrograde in Taurus. Focus on communication works with leadership in war, and action at sea works with reviewing communication in materials. I almost get a pirate sort of vibe here, stealing things at sea for war. In a non-war view, there could be a very tense argument in order to get the truth out. With Mars and Mercury, there could be a pause on moving forward on the idea of legalizing psychedelics. For those with Capricorn rising, the focus on your day job works out with something at home. Or it could be something that you’ve been working on regularly benefits something at home or with family. Maybe you even get a pet! As for Mars and Mercury, perhaps you’ve found a new hobby locally that you’ve been searching for.  

MAY 24

Mars moves into its home of Aries from Pisces, and Venus in Aries is at a sextile angle to Saturn in Aquarius.  Action shifts from water to fire—emotions and imagination to action. The sweet and spicy element of getting stuff done works well with limitations on people. I start to get a bit more nervous about war now that Mars has moved into Aries, where it is strong, especially with expansive Jupiter there now. With Venus and Saturn, there might be some sacrifice in order to help restricted people. For Aquarius rising, your risk of injury has passed, and now you’ve got to watch out how quickly you burn through your money for the next month or so. With Venus also being in your second house of what you earn and what you own, it works out well with the likelihood of being alone, so this shouldn’t be so much of a problem at the moment.

MAY 25

Mercury retrograde in Taurus forms a harmonious trine to Pluto in Capricorn. Reviewing communication about materials works well with shady government—possibly resulting in transformation or hidden things resurfacing. Or, perhaps a deal in government is being revised in order to obtain materials.

MAY 27

Venus in Aries forms a challenging square to Pluto in Capricorn. Sweet talk (or money) in war is not going to work so well with shady government officials.

MAY 28

Venus moves from Aries into its home of Taurus. Venus’s sweet and spicy feel in Aries shifts into a more loving and luxurious feel. Maybe all this talk about obtaining materials pulls through soon with Venus in Taurus. Finances could be improving, too. 

Venus moves from Aries into its home of Taurus. Venus’s sweet and spicy feel in Aries shifts into a more loving and luxurious feel.

MAY 29

A strong Mars in Aries meets up with ballooning Jupiter in Aries. This one definitely concerns me.  Some sort of expansion of war seems imminent. It is possible that there is victory in war as well.  We’ll have to see.

MAY 30

We have a new moon in Gemini.  Hmm, on second thought, maybe there is victory in war and we are at a new stage of the game to discuss what should be done next. A new discussion for sure.