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by Caitlin Donohue

May 1

Pluto stations retrograde @ 0 degrees 22’ Aquarius 

Sun in Taurus conjunct Mercury retrograde in Taurus 

If I continue with the retrograde formula, we have Pluto presenting the topic that deals with a blend of Capricorn and Aquarius themes from December 18th, 2022 to May 1st, 2023.  That topic would then be reviewed between May 1st  to October 10th, 2023 when it hits 27 degrees 57’ Capricorn and then should be resolved between October 10th, 2023 to January 21st, 2024.  

So in using the formula, is the Pluto in Aquarius theme apparent yet?  How do we blend Plutonian themes both with Capricorn and Aquarius?  

“Shady power amongst institutions having a push and pull power dynamic with large groups of people via the internet?”

I’m really taking a shot in the dark here though. Non-astrologically speaking, I find it difficult to imagine the power getting shifted to the people, but we’ll run with it for now to create a framework of an archetypal path that this transit could potentially represent.  

I feel like this could be like major power players trying to infiltrate institutions and online spaces amongst the commoners.

Regarding the Sun and Mercury, I might say that 

“the focus is on security, but perhaps there is something that is supposed to be reviewed in discussion that is being overlooked.” 

It could be something like the Fed being asleep at the wheel with the risky business that happened with SVB, as I write this update from my initial November 2022 predictions in mid-March, 2023.

With this power push and pull amongst institutions vs the commoners, how are we able to keep communication about safety at the forefront?  There’s this jockeying for power, but we need to be very careful to not get carried away and ruin everything.

May 4 

Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces

“Good communication is at a turning point with tricking people?  Does someone come clean?”

The gift of gab has to find a way to appease or change the tune of something in order to deceive the collective consciousness.  I feel like the goal is to fool people, and it might work.  However, with that square, perhaps the Venus in Gemini character has trouble deceiving because they elaborate too much in this conversation and end up inadvertently letting out the truth.  Like the lie could get too intricate and falls apart?  

It could also be like the rich having trouble relating to what the rest of the collective consciousness is dealing with.  Or like an analogy I made last month, it could be ‘luxurious travelers have trouble seeing what’s in the water’.  Once again, a Titanic reference, but don’t fret–these placements weren’t there when it sank.  (However, both Venus and Neptune were in water signs).

Pisces rising:  You may be having a sweet or good time at home or with family, but this is at a turning point with potential miscommunication.  Your family might be relying on you.  Be careful not to drop the ball.  If there is some sort of a disagreement or argument, think everything through.  It’s likely you’re in the wrong.  Nothing major, just be thoughtful.

May 5

Venus in Gemini sextiles Jupiter in Aries

Penumbral lunar eclipse in Scorpio

 “Good communication flows with expansion in war or truth in war.”

“Dark, secretive, obsessive feelings or the emotional state is at odds with focus on security.”

Is there good communication about victory in war?  Is the dark emotional state at odds with focusing on safety?  Jeez, does Putin lose and then lose it?  That’s extreme.  Let’s lighten it up. Astrology plays out in different ways.

I still see the Venus sextile Jupiter alignment dealing with something in war, although it could be peace talks, which would be great!

If I step away from the darkest of interpretations with the lunar eclipse, I still don’t see it in a positive light, due to the transit happening in Scorpio.  It could be a dark depressing feeling because of what is being focused on that keeps us secure, like money.  Writing this update on March 25th, we all know what’s been going on in the banking sector recently…

I wish I could see this one more positively!  Most astrology has its positive and dark side.  My interpretation just isn’t great right now–oops.

Aquarius rising:  “Good things with your kids (if you have them) flows nicely with your sibling (if you have them).  The focus is on your family, but your career might take a hit right now.”  One interpretation could be a great time all around with family.  But like I said, your career might suffer a bit right now.

If you don’t have siblings or kids, let’s take another look.

It is prime time to hook up with a neighbor down the hall if you’ve been interested!  Your focus might be you wanting to stay closer to home, in which case this scenario could be super convenient.  If you work with this person though, ehhhh, think twice about it.  This could be detrimental (but you don’t really need astrology to tell you that).  

Now let’s take family and hookups out of the equation, for everyone else.

You might be really enjoying some sort of hobby right now.  It could have to do with cars or might just be close to home.  There might be some changes at home that throws a wrench in your career direction.  Do what you can to keep your career on track, but know that this too shall pass.  So you might as well enjoy whatever this fun thing is that’s close to home!

May 7

Venus ingresses into Cancer from today until June 5th 

Review what Venus in Gemini has been like from April 11th until today

“Charisma in speech shifts to loving home and family and caring for families.”  A motherly and fertile time for the next few weeks as spring pops in full bloom.

May 9

The Sun in Taurus is conjunct Uranus in Taurus  

“It appears we are secure, so we are less likely to see what just got rocked in our security.”

The sun could be focused in on the luxurious side of Taurus.  Uranus could shake up what keeps us stable and secure.  No water signs here (this transit is solidly in an earth sign), but again, I’m going with the Titanic.  The first class is focused on the luxury of their experience.  Then, SURPRISE!  An unexpected shakeup in what keeps you secure.  

May 10th 

Uranus begins covering its shadow period for retrograde beginning August 29th

That will be an interesting station in August because it will be within a day of an Aquarius Full Moon, but we’ll get to that at a later date.  It will go direct around January 28th, 2024 @ roughly 18 degrees 57’ (I also saw 19 degrees 5’ listed, so somewhere within there) and will complete its shadow around May 13th, 2024.

May 12 

Mercury retrograde in Taurus sextiles Saturn in Pisces

Venus in Cancer sextiles Mercury retrograde in Taurus

“Reviewing communication dealing with security flows with limitations of consciousness or limitations of water” or “talks reviewing money works for those who fall through the cracks in our structures.”  

For the Venus sextile Cancer part I might say 

“good care works with reviewing talks of security” or “are there talks about the homelessness issues?”

Are there talks about a water shortage?  Whatever this problem is, today seems to be a day where people actually care to try and solve the problem.  Venus in Cancer sextile Mercury in Taurus (even if it is retrograde) makes me feel hopeful.  Mercury sextile Saturn is a bit more uncertain for me since we’ve still gotta suss out what Saturn in Pisces’s representation would be.

Aries rising: You might be rethinking how you spend your money right now.  You’ve probably had a good bit of unexpected expenses (likely for some years by now).  This could have to do with health issues in the hospital or rehab, etc.  It could be something where you might be alone more often recently.  Luckily your family should be willing to help out.  If you don’t have any family around, maybe you’re able to bring in some extra income with your home for a bit.  It could be a viable solution for these bills piling up.

May 13

Venus in Cancer trines Saturn in Pisces  

“Love, beauty & cohesion of home, family, (maybe homeland security) works in sync with limitations on consciousness or structure for creativity.”

Love of caring for people works with structure in the arts?  Loving care works with discipline in psychedelics.  

One of the potential Saturn in Pisces themes I haven’t really delved into yet has been the reverse of a structure for psychedelics.  More like a restriction of drugs.  So we could also potentially see genuine caring people trying to restrict drugs among the population.  I know some people feel that wouldn’t help, but I think if it were to go down this way, it would be coming from a place of people actually caring about those who have substance abuse issues, with the Venus in Cancer part.

Sagittarius rising:  Man, I’m really going dark recently.  It’s possible a parent passed away, but the good news is you’ll have an inheritance coming your way?  Or if something happens to your home (potentially water damage), you should be getting a decent amount of insurance money back. 

May 14 

Mercury stations direct in Taurus @ 5 degrees 51’

Whatever the Mercury in Taurus topic was from April 7th to April 21st (likely about security, money, food or shelter, etc.), should have been reviewed from April 21st until today.  From today, May 14th until May 31st, we should see the topic resolve itself.

Sum up first half of May

I feel like there is a build up in the beginning, followed up by a feeling of being blindsided.  There’s a desire to be supportive, but then a storm hits right in the face.  

I feel like there is a lot of concern in taking care of people.  After the dust settles a bit, there are some different potentials (again, I’m kind of ‘birdboxing’ this one since we haven’t identified Saturn in Pisces yet).  We could potentially see another New Deal for artists like from the 1930’s.  There is potential to make good use of psychedelics to help people.  However, there is also the possibility of limiting and stopping these substances as well.  Saturn can be limiting or it can be about structure.  There will likely be a lot of reviewing what the next steps should be to clean up this mess.

May 15

Mars in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces

“Anger, action, separation, fighting about families or how to care for people, works in sync with dreamy art, unclear or misunderstandings of abstract topics.”

Action to care helps the mentally ill or mental health?  Tough love dealing with drug abuse?

Libra rising:  With this energy at work, you are likely running yourself (& health) down around now, but also probably enjoy your work.   If your hard work isn’t running you down, you might just be really frazzled in the rest of your daily habits around now.  It could be easy to neglect your regular routine.  Luckily for you, this should be ok, but if you’re a bit overwhelmed, just know there’s a reason for it.

May 16

Jupiter ingresses to Taurus

“Justice, truth, winning, expansion, or good things related to war shifts to justice or expansion of security.  There will likely be a focus on plentiful resources for the next few months.”  

Luxurious opulence will probably be more prevalent.  The rich get richer?

Leo rising:  Great things are coming your way in your career or general direction!  It could also be something wonderful for one of your parents.  Regardless, Jupiter in the 10th is bound to bring you success.

May 17

Jupiter in Taurus squares Pluto retrograde in Aquarius

“Truth, justice, expansion of security, money, food and/or shelter is at a turning point with reviewing total change over mass amounts of people” or “good things about safety, security or stability needs to be reviewed in terms of a total change in technology and humanitarianism.  Good intentions dealing with security need to find a way to work in reviewing the transformation of large groups of society.”

This just seems like a greater divide in the inequality problem we see everywhere.  The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  With Pluto retrograde though, I wonder if the large groups of people are pushing back in some way.  

Scorpio rising:  It looks like things are going great with a partner!  (Most likely looking at a romantic partner for this interpretation).  It looks to me like you two are discussing your living situations.  Are you thinking of moving in?  Or maybe you’re adoring your partner, but your family is being guarded or doesn’t trust your partner.

If it’s a business partner, it looks like you two are on the same page and things are going great!  However, this work might be at the expense of your home or family.  Something might be changing at home or with family that is calling for your attention.

May 18th

The Sun in Taurus sextiles Neptune in Pisces

“Focus on security flows with anonymous leaks to collective consciousness.”

This gives me the Edward Snowden feels when he leaked the information about the N.S.A. spying on American citizens.  (I wrote that last line in March 2023, and am updating the final draft on April 21st, 2023.  I thought it was interesting I made the Edward Snowden reference before the latest Pentagon papers were leaked.  I wonder if that ties into this).

Taurus rising:  This could be a great time period to do something creative with a group.  Also, if you have an audience, today would probably be a good day to perform somewhere, especially if you’re recording something.

May 19

Mercury in Taurus sextiles Saturn in Pisces 

New Moon in Taurus @ 28 degrees 25’

“Communication about security flows with restriction of consciousness or culture, citing safety reasons in order to not tell us the full story” or “communication about what keeps things stable works with restricting drugs or works with a constructive structure for psychedelics” or “communication about what keeps us stable works with malleable structure.”

“New seeds planted for security, stability or something we can hold onto.”

Are we not being told the truth, and this time it is honestly to keep us safe?  Most of the time it seems like deception, but with Taurus needing stability and Saturn providing structure or limitations, I could see this actually being necessary this time.

I could also see this being a time for some sort of drug reform, although it could go either way.  Saturn wants something definitive and Pisces is just a trip.

This could also be another scenario of suggested guidelines rather than mandates again.

With the New Moon also in Taurus, this is likely a new idea about something for stabilization.

Virgo rising:  Communication about planting a new seed dealing with something religious flows with your partner’s discipline.  Okay so I feel like this one was too easy.  I’m going to a baptism on May 18th and my husband is going to be the god-father.  Totally fits though!

If it’s not dealing with something religious, it could be planting new seeds to discuss far away travel with your partner.  Their schedule might be difficult to work with, or maybe your partner takes on some of the responsibility of planning it!

If there is nothing religious and no romantic partner around, maybe you have a brilliant new idea for something very philosophical or political and your business partner is ready to help you follow through with this. Saturn in the 7th and having ‘good’ aspects makes me think this Saturnian influence deals more with responsibility than restriction.

May 20

Mars ingresses into Leo until July 10th  

Review what Mars in Cancer has been like since March 25, 2023 until today

Mars in Leo opposite Pluto retrograde in Aquarius

“Anger, fighting, separating, war-like, athletic, action shifts from home(land), family, nurturing and caring to fiery and cocky flamboyant-like action.”  Like “you want some of this?!”

“Fiery, attention-taking rage is at odds with reviewing transformation of technology, humanity, or large groups of people.”  “The King’s anger is not on the same page as how the people are reviewing what has been totally transforming in their lives.”  I could very much see this transit as the “elite vs. the people.”  It’s like Trump at his worst, totally at odds with what the general public is dealing with in terms of realizing the total changes the ‘little people’ are undergoing.  Mars in Leo is going to call attention to itself, but everyone else is busy trying to figure out how to navigate these changes and survive.

Capricorn rising:  The focus of your anger is switching just slightly, but not much.  Rather than the personal issues and clashes with your partner, the clash will now be focused on your shared resources.  If you’re getting divorced, this looks like a rough bit of time in terms of splitting who gets what.  Your financial situation is about to be going through a transformation for a long time.  Mars is just throwing fire on it.

If you aren’t getting divorced or splitting assets with a partner, perhaps you owe a lot of money to the government.  I advise you more than most people to be as clean with your money keeping as possible.

May 21

The Sun ingresses into Gemini until June 21st

Review what the Sun in Taurus has been like for you since April 20th

The Sun in Gemini trines Pluto retrograde in Aquarius.

“Focus shifts from security to communication and travel.”

“Focus on communication works in sync with reviewing power changes amongst the people.”

I’m feeling positive about this day overall.  Rather than just being given directives, is the authority finally checking in to see what the rest of us want?  

It could also be a focus on communication that works with reviewing the total change in technology, internet or A.I.  Is this all moving too fast?  What needs to be reconsidered in this Aquarian topic?

Gemini rising:  Back in March I had mentioned how I think your 9th house transformation will be interesting to watch.  Around today should be a good opportunity to see how this is beginning to reveal itself to you.  Are you beginning to question something you always believed?  Take a moment to sit with this and mull these ideas over.  It will continue to present itself to you for the next 20ish years, so might as well start assessing where you stand with it.  You don’t need the answer today, but if you recognize this type of thought crossing your mind, don’t blow it off.

May 22

The Sun in Gemini sextiles Mars in Leo

“Focus on communication and travel flows with action from fiery, angry elitists” or perhaps “communication is going better with the elite?”

Do the people in charge finally fix something dealing with our transportation infrastructure?  I get the feeling it’s like the focus on travel works with a pissed off leader.  It could also just be a heated discussion in general, but that’s not really specific.  I wonder what Trump will spout out on social media.  It’s hard to not think about him with these transits since his natal Mars in the 1st.

Cancer rising:  Watch out!  With the Sun in your 12th (hospital, isolation, hidden enemies, jail, etc.) and Mars in your 2nd, I could see an accident costing a lot of money!

If not that, are you spending a lot of money on an addiction?  Are you spending money in secret?  With the sextile you’ll probably get away with it for now.

May 23

Mars in Leo squares Jupiter in Taurus

“Raging anger, incredible athleticism, or war-like action with ‘kings’ is at a turning point with expansion in what keeps us secure.”  

“Is it like something is piercing a protective layer intentionally?”  “Raging fire is at a turning point with plentiful resources.”

Is there a fight for resources amongst countries?  Is there sabotage like the Nord Stream Pipeline?  Or is there a fire that destroys something beautiful?

May 26

Venus in Cancer sextiles Uranus in Taurus

“Loving care of family or home(land) flows with sudden unexpected change in resources.”  

“Is something regenerative?  Is it a renewable resource?”

I definitely get the feeling of something generous happening right now.  Venus in Cancer represents to me someone who wants to nurture and take care of something.  This desire should work with something that suddenly changes that we rely on for stability.  Everything seems to have shaken up but the better part of humanity is presenting itself right now through this event.

May 28

The Sun in Gemini squares Saturn in Pisces  

“Focus on communication is at a turning point with limiting consciousness or structure in the arts” or “focus on travel is at a turning point with restricting water.”

Is there some problem being discussed about Neuralink?

There could be a pushback on censorship.

Is there some accident in the water?  Like a cruise ship accident or something like that?

May 31

Mercury covers its shadow period

The topic from April 7th to April 21st that was reviewed from April 21st to May 14th should be resolved by today.  

Hmm, for me this will be my birthday and Mercury would be in my 9th house.  Something legal, philosophical, astrological, or dealing with far away travel?  I’m not sure yet since I’m writing this update on April 1st (and final draft on April 21st).  Maybe by the time I record this I’ll start to see what the topic is.

Sum up second half of May

I see the following statements probably making sense:

There are talks about caring for people and mental health or illness (not very specific, but that’s what I’ve got at the moment).

We have lots of resources, but there are issues in handling it in a new way.

Potential for security leaks, or it’s just hard to tell if we’re getting the full story.

It was calmer before, but now someone or thing blows things dramatically out of proportion.  It gets calmer again and refocused overall, but another wrench gets thrown in.  Potential for unexpected, good change in resources–maybe renewable or regenerative?

Are there new Neuralink issues or boundaries with how it can help with consciousness?

Sum up May

Overall for May, I’ll tie it all together as a surprise attack.  People help each other.  Then there’s difficulty staying on topic because of drama.  Something good with resources.  Then issues with consciousness.

This is my last monthly column for The Hungarian Aquarian, as the site will be focused on other topics instead of the monthlies.  I just wanted to say thank you to Diane for giving me an outlet for my astrological interpretations.  I had  hits and misses, but unless I have this written in advance, there’s no real way to prove whether I got it right or not.  Thank you for reading and please follow me on Instagram @Caits.Perspective or on Facebook at  I also do monthly videos on Youtube where you can find me under the handle @ThePostcastPodcastAstrology.