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This month’s article features the following online astrologers:

Chris Brennan
The Astrology Podcast
Kelly Surtees
Austin Coppock
Acyuta-bhava Dasa
Pam Gregory
The Water Trio
Cassandra Tyndall
Alicia Shaich Yusuf
Rick Levine


We have just had the Full moon in Taurus,  with the moon aligning with unpredictable Uranus, and the rare event of five planets being in Cardinal signs—the signs that represent what Austin Coppock says (on the Astrology Podcast) is “make shit happen energy.”  So, there is a definite vibe of change and things happening that may be disruptive, unexpected, and sudden, with a side of change and instability. Austin describes the full moon as being “a big treasure chest” in which there could be “treasure, explosion, or poison gas in it,” but we don’t know.  In October, we did not have the full story, but this month, we can begin opening the box.

Pam Gregory discusses the full moon on October 31st and its proximity to Uranus in Taurus as “shining a light on all thing Uranian,” which she lists as things that are eruptive, like demands for freedom and independence, but with a volatile behavior quality.  Uranus is linked to the dwarf planet Eris in its symbolism, she says, with people taking to the streets, demanding freedom or equality, which reinforces the message of Mars and Eris in Aries at the moment. 

Full moons also shine lights on secrets of what we haven’t known, Pam explains, and with Uranus being linked to truth, “the piercing sword of clarity,” we may see shocking or surprising truths coming to light suddenly.  We may see extreme earth events, like earthquakes, volcanoes and extreme weather, as well as political earthquakes or unexpected news and bizarre events. (A typical weekday in 2020?)

Kelly Surtees, on her website, wrote: “Uranus in Taurus has historically been linked to social change and upheaval relating to women and women’s roles, rights, and freedoms in society.”  Venus, which is representative of women, rules Taurus and Libra, and as the full moon hits, Venus is in Libra.  This on the heels of the controversial confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

As November begins, several cycles that started out earlier in the year will continue or come to fruition Chris Brennan points out. Mercury, which went retrograde in mid-October, concludes its retrograde period by what Kelly calls making a “pivot” in the sky, as it begins to go direct on November 3rd, election day in the U.S.  They point out that the last time Mercury was retrograde and turned direct on election day was in the presidential election of 2000—in which the vote was so close, it had to be reviewed and decided by the Supreme Court, and George W. Bush was announced as the winner on December 12.

But before Mercury turns direct, it forms a t-square (at the time of the full moon in Taurus)—with a square to Mars, Eris, and Black Moon Lilith in Aries and a square to the Capricorn cluster (Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter)—which Mars is also square to.  This, Pam Gregory says, runs up against the rules and regulations bringing angry words (Mars and Mercury) about fairness, justice, equality (Libra).  And when Mercury does turn direct on the 3rd of November, Mercury is exactly square to Saturn, which Pam believes will cause “opinions running up against other people’s opinions, fueling the very strong Aries energy.”  

“November does not begin a new story. It is revisiting old news, old actions, old battles, and old ideas.”  

Austin Coppock on The Astrology Podcast

Mars in Aries, too, has been retrograde, since September 9, and ten days after Mercury makes its directional shift, Mars stops and heads forward again, beginning its third round of squares to the big three planets in the Capricorn cluster—only they will not all be in Capricorn when Mars hits a 90˚ angle with them, and Mars won’t even necessarily still be in Aries.

As a result of all these continuations and culminations, Austin notes that “November does not begin a new story,” rather, he says, “We are in an arc that begins in September—one piece is Mars, another is Mercury—talking about where we are going.” And since they were both retrograde, the talk will cover “territory they had been through and are going through again.”  It is revisiting old news, old actions, old battles, and old ideas.”  

In November, we will also see the third and final conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto this year, not to occur again until February 4, 2033, when they line up in close connection to the sun in Aquarius. 

This year, in Capricorn, Chris Brennan points out that the  first two Jupiter Pluto conjunctions (aligning at the same degree of Capricorn) coincided with the spikes of COVID cases, with the first conjunction on April 4 connecting to the first spike, and the second at the end of June hitting in the middle of the second spike. This third conjunction is occurring as the number of cases worldwide is again rising.

Austin adds that the Jupiter/Pluto connection also “shows up around epic money” and that the first meeting this year of the planetary pair coincided with the stimulus package that paid out an unprecedented amount of more than $2 trillion. Talk of a second package was happening when the second conjunction of the planets occurred, but they were retrograde, and not as strong, which may be why that second stimulus package did not get approved.  This third conjunction is direct, which could bode well for another large monetary payment.

Acyuta-bhava Dasa remarked, “I knew the Saturn/Pluto conjunction was probably the most intense astrology that I would see in my professional astrology career to date, but I really wasn’t prepared for what an intense year it would be all around the world.”  In addition to the pandemic, the environment, and the politics, he added that the “array of conspiracy theories and questions about truth and the media” in addition to some personal experiences made a strong impact. 

Kelly Surtees notes that this month also hosts the third and final opposition between Mercury in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus on the 17th.  “It is interesting that there have been sequences of three,” she noted. “Everything is coming to conclusion bringing the final piece to have the clear, full story this month.”

There are positive sides to this and not such positive sides—but mostly they would relate to the amplification by Uranus of the usual mercury retrograde issues of needing to re-do, renegotiate, review, or misunderstand something and need to restate things in another way to make things clear. Mercury retrograde can also be events of phones not charging, computers crashing, car batteries dying, and general electronic communications and transportation being disrupted. Uranus also likes disruption and, so, adds a new unusual spin. But even that could be a positive, unexpected, or sudden disruption. 

Austin recounts his favorite “all-time best Mercury in Scorpio opposite Uranus” story.  With Uranus being the internet and unexpected shake-ups, and mercury representing communication, media and computers, the retrograde added miscommunication or communication that was not meant to be shared or not the way it turns out and it all being combined with the sign of Scorpio—sex, death, money, and hidden things or secrets, he tells the news story that combined all three. Respected journalist Jeffrey Toobin was participating online in a Zoom meeting with colleagues when he was literally caught with his pants down, accidentally exposing himself and doing so with sexual intentions—to masturbate. As Austin connects the dots, he tells us that Mercury is the groin area, and Toobin, being a journalist, adds another Mercury marker.  Scorpio, too, means sexuality and secrets, as well as things that are hidden. So, Uranus brought a surprise shake-up to that Zoom meeting and the way the communication went.

The Water Trio, in their discussion of mercury retrograde opposing Uranus in Taurus, also pointed out the idea that we should perhaps not have too many definite plans. Cass Tyndall said, “Don’t expect that things are going to turn out the way you thought that they were.” Kelly Surtees notes that “Uranus in Taurus is like a contradiction in terms, because…Taurus is the one part of our charts…where we can usually rely on to stabilize, to calm, to ground, to nourish, to center us, but with Uranus, Uranus is the planet of shocks and surprises, the unexpected and things being unstable and erratic.”  She goes on to say that having a full moon conjunct Uranus, especially on Halloween, could result in people doing things that are “out of character or acting maybe more reckless.”

Uranus is also connected to the idea of freedom, and their discussion brought up the idea that people might want to shake up the status quo, challenge norms by changing things “to create more fairness and equality for people” with a very strong feminine theme (Venus rules Taurus and represents female energy.”  In addition, they point out that the moon is exalted in Taurus, so that “being in nature or taking time to cook food from scratch or doing something tangible like having a massage…something where there is the tactile sensory components…could be helpful for grounding and calming if you do get any of the surprises.”

They summarized the meaning of Uranus in Taurus by noting that Taurus is the ‘most fixed and rigid of all the signs,” and it is just shaking up certain routines or…doing things that have become stuck or stagnant, so…whatever is remaining is the only thing that is really worth holding onto” (after the dust settles).

It is a time, Pam Gregory says, to start to consider “not just what you want to create, but what you want to let go of as we move into this new episode of human evolution” that is being ushered in with the unique planetary alignments we are seeing in 2020.

Daily Summaries:


As November begins, Mercury is back in Libra, just about to go direct and in a square to Saturn, which can relate to filling and re-filling out paperwork, reviewing it and doing so either with a heavy feeling or for an authoritative or governmental organization, Kelly Surtees suggests.  Austin Coppock notes that Saturn slows things down and things take longer, and Mercury, which is moving slowly at this point from its near change in direction, can make us mentally slower, or being more careful so doing things slowly. But it can also be that the slow-down is out of one’s control.  And it is not lost on anyone that the mail represents communication, and Saturn represents not only a slow-down, but the one in authority—the government—creating a limitation and delay on the mail, the communication related to responsibility (to vote), and what Austin calls “super slow bureaucratic obstacles and systematic slow down” that takes us to the middle of the month when Mercury will oppose Uranus for more surprises in communication, information and speech.

Acyuta-bhava Dasa notes that Mercury being in Libra is significant since Mercury is in a 90˚ square angle to Saturn (in Capricorn) and Libra is the sign of Saturn’s exaltation—where it can express its highest potential.  Since Saturn represents discipline, hard work, obstacles, rigidity, or entrenched points of view, he says that Mercury should be able to present us with an alternative to something we feel that we have been stuck with by offering diplomacy, tact, peace, harmony, and possibly some good news (all Libra traits). That is because Mercury is approaching Saturn, so it is in the superior position.  Mercury could help us “come up with a new perspective (Mercury) or provide a sense of determination (Saturn)” to handle something in a “sober, mature, serious way (Saturn)…to find a compromising, harmonious end (Libra)”.

The effects of the Mercury/Saturn square, he says, will last the first seven days of the month as Mercury moves slowly after it turns direct, but “whatever obstacle or calcified position that Saturn might put up, Mercury in Venus’s sign, exalting Saturn, should be able to find a way of working around or working through, overcoming some kind of hardship.” 

The Water Trio’s discussion brings up the Mercury Saturn square as being a time of “thoughtful consideration, detailed research, caution in making choices, and diligence when submitting paperwork.”  Saturn brings in a heaviness, structural considerations, and long-term plans, and Mercury in the mix can be a time of trying to put things (thoughts, ideas, notes, writing) into “some sort of manageable form or structure.”  It can also bring up the rules of language, rules of doing business, rules of engagement as well as regulations that need to be followed or agreed upon.


While Mercury stations (stops moving retrograde) on the 2nd, it goes direct on the 3rd, which coincides with the U.S. presidential election.  The last time Mercury went Direct on election day was in 2000, when the vote was so close between the two candidates that everything was up in the air for six weeks, Chris Brennan explains.  This year’s election has a few different scenarios, but it could affect the final decision.  Austin notes that with Mercury’s square angle to Saturn, it could slow things down and delay the results (Saturn traits).  Mercury, he says, is “the one that counts things up” and it could result in taking forever to get counting done, since Mercury is in slow motion and Saturn delays things. Kelly summarizes the first week of November as “hanging around waiting for something to come through.”

In considering optimal dates for a resolution of a potential delay, Chris Brennan’s crew suggested the day Mars goes direct—November 13th.  Kelly suggested that it may be later, after Mercury passes its opposition to Uranus, which could take things to the 19th or 20th.

The Water Trio’s Cassandra Tyndall noted that the mercury station is more intense because of Mercury’s ongoing square to Saturn, and as a result it feels like Saturn is “really holding Mercury to task” and that “there is the feeling that it could almost be the longest direct station in history” in which we will be wondering “Is it going to happen or not?”  This week will feel very drawn out and intense because of the delays, checking and re-checking and need for clarity.  “It feels like probably having to wait until after Mercury clears this second square to Saturn …and that’s not until November 6th.”   But at the same time, Alicia Yusuf brings up the idea that “there is a sense that…even though it is delayed…you can actually see the point of the delay and you want to delay.”  Kelly Surtees adds that she sees square aspects as “adjustments and a little bit of choice-making—this or that—and you can take your time deciding, but really think deeply or do some research, gather some data, that helps you make your decision.”  This can play out in our personal lives, as well.

NOV 9 – 10

Venus in Libra opposes Mars in Aries today, which Acyuta-bhava Dasa describes as a “showdown that we’ve been waiting for since the New Moon in Libra happened back in October.”  This is because it is representative of sexual tension or a female vs. male issue.  He tells us it could be about issues related to feminism, misogyny, a battle of the sexes, or some kind of sexual or erotic tension.  “It doesn’t have to be between men and women, alone—it can be between any kind of lovers and the sexual tension…is a little bit like the tango.”

Acyuta-bhava also points out that even though both are in the signs that they rule, Mars is a bit debilitated because it is still going retrograde, which means it may not be a fair fight, or there will be an attitude. Venus may get the better of Mars, since once the exact opposition is over, Venus moves into a superior position in relation to Mars.  This could manifest in relationships, he says, “in terms of difficulties or hostility or trying to keep the peace, trying to find compromise but also needing to take stock of individual needs or demands…” as well as Venus’ need to bring peace, mutuality, and pleasantness to the table. He believes that in the end, harmony will prevail.

On the 10th, Mercury returns to Scorpio and heads back toward an opposition to Uranus, which happens on the 17th.  Mercury in Scorpio, which brings us back to what Rick Levine pointed out in September when Mercury first entered Scorpio, in that “we lose a bit of our sense of fair play because we want results once Mercury enters extreme Scorpio.”  So, if results have not come forth from the election by then, tempers could be rising. But, as Levine pointed out in September, “There is finality with scorpio, a sense of cutting off, eliminating when mercury moves into scorpio….We have made decisions… that are quite significant.”

As Mercury enters Scorpio, Pam Gregory notes that the sun is already there, and the symbolism focuses more on the energy of Pluto, the modern ruler of Scorpio, and Mars, the ancient ruler of Scorpio.  As we have talked about for months, the expression of Mars (in Aries and in Scorpio) can be primal—rageful, sexual, jealous, envious, and animal-like in instinct.  But Pluto, as the modern ruler, is the Phoenix rising from the ashes—the higher level of everything unfolding energetically from death to rebirth according to a divine plan, Pam says. 

NOV 12

Jupiter and Pluto meet for the third and final time this year on this day, and as noted in the introduction, will not meet again until February 4, 1933, in Aquarius.  This might be the biggest transit of the month, Acyuta-bhava Dasa noted.  It is, he says, “the last big hurrah for Jupiter while in Capricorn before it will move out by the Winter Solstice into Aquarius and conjoin Saturn.”  This is when Jupiter goes through “a major catharsis, a death and rebirth scenario with Pluto, when things are about to be intensified, deepened and sort of exploded all at once,” he adds.  Then Jupiter leaves Capricorn, the sign of its fall (which has kept it from being a strong beneficial influence), and it will pick up dignity.  But before that happens, Acyuta-bhava tells us that “Whatever is about to happen is going to be a very powerful expression of the debility of Jupiter, meaning that Jupiter is a planet of expansion.  Malignant things (Pluto—the malefic) grow and become powerful and toxic and take over or consume somehow—so, those things can be really amped up,”

Again, as discussed in the introduction, this can mean the proliferation of conspiracy theories and speculations of underhandedness, Chris Brennan points out, in addition to the explosion of COVID along with lockdowns.  And Pluto, he says, represents a “deep seated need to find the truth and uncover it,” to which Kelly Surtees adds that it is “also wanting to feel a sense of control over what is going on around you.”  This is the year that we lost that sense of control and it has had an effect on the psyche, Austin notes.

Aside from discussing the deconstruction of the old order of government and power, Pam Gregory points out that Pluto is the planet of spiritual transformation and Jupiter expands what it touches. Thus, she sees this connection as a time of expansion of our personal and collective spiritual change.  In her video on the Halloween full moon and early November transits, she talks about two consecutive timelines, one of low-level frequencies and one of higher-level frequencies. In this conjunction there are the low-level emotions of fear, anxiety, panic and anger amid chaos, dysfunction, and constraint with the feeling of our foundation collapsing. But on the higher level, she notes we are “entering a whole new episode in our human evolution” that can lead us to feel appreciation, gratitude and compassion in our move forward. (Pluto is rebirth—and birth can be painful, but exciting and wonderful at the same time).

NOV 13

On Friday the 13th, Mars stations (stops before heading direct) at 15˚ of Aries.  This is happening just before the moon meets the sun in Scorpio to form the new moon, and Scorpio is ruled by Mars, Brennan reminds us.  “Mars station could be tense in terms of the election and leftovers becoming angry,” he says.

The less positive qualities of Mars, Pam Gregory points out, are aggression, war, anger and impulsivity, as well as heat, meaning that it could be a hot day or hot in the days before or after Mars changes direction.  But the positive qualities of Mars include courage.

“That is when whatever the fight is actually becomes clearer and gets hotter,” Austin points out, adding, “It is not that Mars is angry when it is retrograde and peaceful when it is direct—it is equally angry.” But the direct movement brings clarity in what we are willing to fight for and how much fight we have in us.  It is also when a potential conflict could come back up from the past.  An example of this that Austin gives is that the German invasion of Poland was delayed during a Mars retrograde period because things kept “getting messed up.” When Mars went direct, things went as planned, and the invasion occurred. 

But Kelly points out that Mars will only inch forward during November and move only two degrees all month. Chris adds that the 15-degree point where Mars will hang out will be a sensitive degree point in the cardinal signs, which are all square or opposed to Aries.  “It can force you to make a change to get away from sharp pain at that time.”

But, when Mars goes forward, Austin notes, we have a reason to struggle and endure pain.  “Many of us will feel better, but it is not necessarily pleasurable, but meaningful…we want to get something done and have the ability, at that time, to shrug off pain or unpleasantness.” 

“As mars turns direct we can expect some expression of energy, whether it is anger, whether it is frustration that comes out. We have certainly seen this sporadically through the year, and at the middle of Nov this will reach another round of expression,” Rick Levine says. He points out that the intensely powerful and expansive alignment of Pluto and Jupiter on November 12 brings hidden facts to the surface. Its position in relation to the Mars pivot on November 13 sets the stage for unexpressed anger to come out into the open, but the Scorpio New Moon on November 15 offers opportunities to use the energy in a positive way, because it forms cooperative sextiles to the Capricorn grouping of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn.

NOV 15

As all new moons bring in a new lunar cycle, this new moon is ruled by Mars, which has just days ago stationed (stopped to change direction), and is beginning to move direct toward Taurus, though it will not get very far in November.  “The new moon is a reiteration of that” focus on Mars for the next four weeks, Kelly Surtees says.

“The new moon is a reiteration of that focus on Mars for the next four weeks; It will feel like taking action, moving forward on a decision.  It will be welcome.”

Kelly Surtees on The Astrology Podcast

However, as Chris Brennan points out, this new moon is in a positive, optimistic sextile (60˚ angle) to Jupiter in Capricorn, to which Kelly comments, “It is nice to have a benefic (Jupiter) throwing you a bone.”

Austin, however, points out that “from a distance, it will look like Mars” to have the sun and moon meeting up in a Mars sign. Kelly clarifies this by saying, “It will feel like taking action, moving forward on a decision.  It will be welcome.”

Yet, Rick Levine points out that the planets are still either “moving direct or ready to move direct but we’re not yet freed from our feet stuck in this kind of like sticky epoxy-like super glue that’s not letting us move forward yet, but we will.”

Since Scorpio is the sign of transformation, Rick Levine reminds us, “[it] is the cutting away of that which is no more.”  With the new moon being in positive angles of potential with the Capricorn cluster, he tells us, “we are getting some real strength—the good side of the Capricorn stuff—where stability and authority come in.”  It is not the kind of dictatorial, top-down authority that restricts us, rather it is authority based on integrity.

“This integrity and this authority comes in to support the beginnings of this transformation and the seed that is being planted at this new moon is the seed of the very deep and powerful transformation,” he explains.

NOV 16-17

Mercury comes into its third opposition to Uranus between the 16th and 17th, depending where you are on the planet.  Rick Levine says it is significant because generally, when Mercury hits an angle to a planet, it lasts maybe a few hours over the course of a day or two.  But in the retrograde period, when Mercury passes the same degree point three times as it goes direct, retrograde and direct again,  “it turns that fast, fleeting, transient moment of unpredictable Uranus—wild ideas Uranus to mercury—into cerebral breakthroughs, innovations and doing things unconventionally.”  It brings up, he says, “thoughts that are disconnected, innovative thinking, intellectual strikes of lightning, of awareness where we can see things that we could not see,” and forcing us to see things in ways that we never saw them before. 

This third pass brings us back to what was happening in early October “because the ideas and the thoughts being stirred up, then that did not come to fruition, are being stirred up again now.  We are getting a second dose of the same medicine.”  This third pass ties it all up—the final sweep for those brilliant ideas and innovative breakthroughs.

Acyuta-bhava refers to this time as being not only epiphanies, insights, and revelations, but sudden shifts and changes of karma that come from unexpected news, actions and activities. These can sometimes be violent, erratic or disruptive, or show up as a moment of being freed from something.  “Sometimes we kick and scream when the universe takes away something,” he points out.  “It’s really trying to help us…. because we will do better in life if we are no longer bound to them.  But oftentimes, because of our attachments, we have a hard time with that.”  Acyuta-bhava also notes that this can be a final integration of the unexpected revelations from October.  But there can also be concerns about cyber theft, security, and digital technological issues at this time, as well. 

Chris Brennan notes that as Mercury moves into opposition with Uranus, Venus in Libra is at the challenging square angle to Pluto and getting ready to square (applying) Jupiter.  So in addition to unexpected disruptions with communication and technological snafus, there are likely to be issues with control based on the Venus/Pluto aspect.

But before Venus goes into a square with Jupiter, Kelly Surtees points out that it will also oppose Mars.  So it is a benefic/malefic energy to a benefic/benefic energy.  “I am intrigued about what it will bring—something nice on a personal level perhaps,” she says.

Acyuta-bhava notes that the Venus transits could be pretty cathartic, but Venus has the upper hand, which is positive, and could mean, he says, “a  lot of resolution and harmonious endings and turning points to things –like you’re getting to the very end or completion of something that you’ve been dealing with for a while.”

Rick Levine weighs in by pointing out that although mercury is off into scorpio and no longer involved in that 90˚square to the Capricorn cluster, Venus is now moving through Libra. By November 14th Venus is square to both Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn, but it takes that Venus a few more days before it squares Saturn on November 19th. That, he says, is when “we see another replay of being trapped, of being stuck, and maybe a setback of some sort.”

NOV 21-22

Venus enters Scorpio, and on the same day the sun enters Sagittarius, which puts the focus on the eclipses coming up.

For Venus in Scorpio, with Mars as the ancient ruler of Scorpio, there can be a “sharpness or specificity in that space,” Kelly Surtees says, and there will be a mood shift. Austin Coppock notes that “When Venus is in Libra, it tries to bring harmony and accord, but in Scorpio, Venus is in its detriment.” It could be offering an olive branch that won’t be taken, because in Scorpio Venus is aware of what it does not want rather than its outlook in Libra, which is “wouldn’t it be nice!”  Scorpio brings the Mars energy and changes things to a less civil mood, to one in which there is more willingness to fight.

Chris Brennan adds that Venus in Scorpio sometimes means liking what others don’t like. 

But as Venus moves through Scorpio, it will be finished moving through difficult squares with the Capricorn cluster of planets—Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn.

The sun in Sagittarius reflects Jupiter energy (Jupiter rules Sagittarius), and with things looking up for Jupiter, as it is moving away from Pluto and will soon leave the sign of its fall (or weakness), Acyuta-bhava notes that things will be looking up. This is when “we are no longer stuck in the super glue and the energy is ready to shift,” Rick Levine says, because the sun will be part of two eclipses while there and it will still be in Sagittarius when Jupiter moves into Aquarius in mid-December.

Levine talks about the Sun’s shift into inspirational Sagittarius on November 21 as opening the doors of opportunity and it “brings us into a whole new flavor.”  Sagittarius, he tells us “is about going far, seeing far…. It is full of big ideas and promise and hope, it sees into the distance and it has vision.  It is uplifting…. We begin to see the long haul, the big picture in a way that we have not seen it before.” 

Venus entering Scorpio, intensifies our desires and strengthens our passions. He advises practicing emotional restraint to stay focused on our long-term goals.

NOV 23

Rick Levine tells us that on the 23rd, Mercury trines Neptune and these are energies that allow the imagination to think about the possibilities and to open us up to the future unrestrained by what we feel may be holding us back.

Mercury in Scorpio, he tells us, is intuitive, introspective, and takes us deeper.  It is the researcher getting under the surface to find the deeper truth. When it is at this harmonious angle to Neptune, it combines two different energies–Mercury is rational and Neptune is irrational, dreamy, and imaginative. But in this aspect, they work well together.  It may be, Levine points out, that our hopes and dreams could become more fired up, but we can also become somewhat deluded because often when Mercury and Neptune get together it is difficult to separate fantasy from delusion. Neptune, he says, allows us to forget about what is real and we begin to dream or imagine, and we see what is possible. That does not mean that there is not truth in what we dream, since these visions can plant the seeds of what could become reality.  Levine quotes William Blake,”What is now proved was once only imagined.” But this week leading up to Thanksgiving, he says, is a “period where our dreams and hopes and imagination are really flowing big time.” 

NOV 26

On the 26th, Thanksgiving Day in the US, the sun at 4-5˚ of Sagittarius makes a trine with Chiron at 5˚ of Aries.  According to Rick Levine, there is a healing aspect to this. “Hopefully the upside of this aspect is the ability to go to those places where there are vulnerabilities in others who we love, where we can forgive others, and they can forgive us,” he says.  So there is healing potential here.  He advises us to make the most of the sun trine Chiron on this day of giving thanks, “because it is rather a beautiful aspect to have on that day.”

NOV 27

Venus in Scorpio comes into opposition to Uranus in Taurus today, which Acyuta-bhava describes as “a pretty big moment” in which you should “watch for themes related to Venus.”  These could involve relationships, love, marriage, friendships, sisters or women in general, he says.  There is also the idea of values, money, style, creativity, art, fashion, affection, happiness, justice and harmony. Then into the mix comes Uranus, which he calls “this god of liberation, change, sudden disruptions, to break from, or dramatically shift or change your relationship to someone, or for there to be sudden unexpected events or dramatic changes happening in relationships”—as well as in other Venus-related qualities of life. He points out that there could be a spike of those themes at the end of November.  Another possibility, he notes, is that this opposition could “result in wanting to dramatically alter our style, our aesthetic, our approach, or to free ourselves from something that we find confining, and we may become a little eccentric or rebellious in the process of doing that.”

Remember, the 26th is Thanksgiving Day, and the 27th is part of the usually long Thanksgiving weekend.  Chris Brennan points out that “an exact Venus/Uranus opposition causes disruptions in unity, relationship and ways of attraction that venus can represent when it his hard aspects. On a macro level,” he says, “we are talking about the world or our personal lives.”

Austin suggests that “one positive way of working this Uranus is that this feels like a cage, so change it up, do something else.  Fresh air is what it wants.”  To which Kelly Surtees remarks, “Change is as good as a holiday.  Venus/Uranus is restlessness, boredom, and restriction.” 

The other attributions of Uranus are technology and the Internet, to which Chris says Thanksgiving may mean webcams on the dinner table.

Yet, this may be exactly what the Venus/Uranus opposition ordered. As Austin points out, “For some it will be the novel pleasure of not seeing family.” Kelly adds, “Not having to do travel and obligation.” 

At any rate, the Venus/Uranus aspect means “shaking up routine, doing things differently,” Kelly says.  “Venus is about pleasure. How can you experiment with how you do pleasure? What gives you satisfaction or fulfillment?” Even if it is just playing games or watching TV. 

NOV 28

Neptune stations (stops) and goes direct in Pisces, forming a challenging, hard aspect to the nodes of the moon (which determine the area of the eclipses) in Gemini and Sagittarius.  “This is relevant,” Chris Brennan says, “because the next day is the lunar eclipse in Gemini on the 30th of November.”  Remember, Neptune can bring confusion, a lack of clarity, being blindsided, or just fantasizing about things and imagining the worst (or that things are not so bad). It can also, on the darker side, be connected to addiction and depression. But a good alternative is meditation and spiritual practices when those negative visions come up.  The moon and its nodes can bring on emotions and feelings that can set things off.

This, however, is Chris Brennan and Lisa Schaim’s choice for the most auspicious day of the month. With the moon in harmony with Jupiter and Jupiter at a positive angle to Mercury, this could be a “decent day for friends or social movements. It is also a good day to write or talk to siblings,” Kelly adds.  By this point, Jupiter is closer to Saturn, which is more manageable.  And they point out that the “wealth signifier” of the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction can mean that while funds can go down at this time, some may have been successful in attracting power and wealth through luck and circumstances, or they may have just made some shrewd business investments.

NOV 30

The moon in this eclipse, Austin Coppock tells us, will be red. “It will look as if there is a stain on the moon.”  And the royal star Aldebaran will be visible, as well. What will the energy be with this eclipse, which lasts six months into next spring-summer?  “It will feel manic,” Austin says.  Kelly Surtees notes that with the moon in Gemini, we will be “craving more information and want to know what is going on, with ‘head’ energy in terms of people overthinking things.”

Chris says, “Chatty.” Kelly says, “Social media might be buzzing.” Austin says, “Crazy making, but definitely verbal.  NOT a quiet couple of days.”   Austin’s reasoning could be based on the meaning associated with Aldebaran—one aspect of which is a restlessness or riotousness, sometimes the desire for civil and domestic wars, which can be sudden and unexpected, but which are condemned by the people. Yet, it also is considered to be one of the most fortunate stars in the sky—as a sign of riches and honor.

So, Chris tells us, a loud lunar eclipse caps off the month, teeing off the important solar eclipse coming up on December 14th

December preview:

The eclipse on December 14th is a total solar (new moon) eclipse which is expected to be dramatic, and will set the theme for the coming six months.

Saturn moves into Aquarius again on December 16 followed by Jupiter on the 19th, a significant change in energy and focus away from the heaviness of Capricorn, the intensity of Pluto conjunctions in 2020, and challenges of squares with Mars in Aries in recent months.

The sun moves into Capricorn on December 21—the transformative Winter Solstice—and on the same day, the rare and meaningful Jupiter/Saturn exact conjunction in Aquarius occurs.  While the two planets meet every 20 years, they have not met in air signs in hundreds of years, and this will start a 200-year cycle of the conjunctions between them occurring in Aquarius, Gemini or Libra along with the signification of each sign ushering in those planetary themes.   The 20-year cycles of these two planets, Rick Levine says, has an expansion/restriction pattern, in which the decade after the conjunction is expansive (like the Roaring Twenties was, for example), and the second decade, when they are in opposition, becomes constrictive—examples being the 1930s, the 1950s, the 1970s and the 1990s.  Other planetary alignments will determine more of the themes that occur.