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Pam Gregory says this month is going to be intense, and she expects we are going to hear about secrets a lot, and learn a lot of truths.  Part of the reason for the intensity is that it is eclipse season and we are beginning to have eclipses in Scorpio and Taurus. This month has a new moon in Scorpio, but it is not an eclipse, but the full moon eclipse has the moon in Taurus and the sun in Scorpio, and Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, she explains, is the most intense of the water signs, is very connected to secrets, deep dark secrets, and is a lot about truths. Eclipses, she tells us, are like pivot points, “they’re like jumps of endings and beginnings, they’re not linear or gradual, so you often find that your life jumps forward in some way….”

In The Astrology Podcast, Chris Brennan, Austin Coppock, and Leisa Schaim also brought up the idea of getting to the bottom of things and moving toward truth. In their review of recent past weeks, they talked about the square between logical, intellectual Mercury to powerful, secretive Pluto and the investigations in the news (Mercury) that have brought out deeply hidden facts (Pluto) that Austin noted were for good reasons toward disclosing the truth (Jupiter).  Jupiter, Chris said, has been signifying truth a lot this month, and next year Jupiter will meet up with Neptune, which brings the dream, the fantasy, and the lack of clarity—sometimes related to conspiracy theories.  Ironically, Leisa noted, the former president, who has plans to launch a social network called “Truth,” also has Jupiter and Neptune together in his birth chart in the third house of communications and media.  So we will have to see if the Truth is fantasy, conspiracy theories, or revelations about things that are not clearly understood.  As Chris said, “We will see how that goes.”

Austin notes that Jupiter has an element of truth but it is on the degree of the fixed star Deneb Algedi, which represents things that are lawful only because they are not illegal. However, Austin points out that as the Pandora Papers show, much is legal, but at the same time unethical and unfair.  Deneb Algedi is that idea of legal but not decent and fair.  Jupiter is in alignment with what is right, Austin says, but being on that fixed star in late Aquarius, is it really right? Or is it just not illegal?

The Astrology Podcast group discussed the effects of Jupiter in Aquarius this year, and its movement back into Pisces at the end of 2021.  When Jupiter and Saturn first entered Aquarius in 2020, the vaccines were rolled out the same day for the public. When Jupiter entered Pisces in May, mask mandates were lifted that same day. Then Jupiter backed up into Aquarius at the end of July, we revisited things like masks and the new Delta variant, as well as spikes in certain places where vaccinations were not high. It resulted as a review of the efforts, and in a way, the redoubling of efforts from the first ingress into Aquarius last December.  Booster shots also came into the picture.  Austin noted that Jupiter’s retrograde was the revisitation of the project and the vaccines. Chris noted, “We will see what happens when Jupiter goes back in to Pisces, where it was last summer when things seemed more hopeful.” 

Rick Levine’s key message this year has been about the Saturn/Uranus 90˚ square angle that continues to be formed in exactitude and then relaxed. We have had two exact moments of the square, and one more to come on December 23rd or 24th depending upon where in the world one is located. As we head through November, Saturn has turned from retrograde to direct motion and is heading forward in Aquarius, but Uranus will continue going retrograde until January 2022, and the two of them, which were at one time exactly square to each other, are heading in a sort of cosmic game of Chicken—right toward each other again, bringing more intensity to the issues of conservative vs. progressive, in a variety of issues. By December it comes to a crescendo, and then eases off next year.He will be talking about that in the daily details, and in a final preview of what to expect after November.  By the way, Rick Levine has already addressed the year ahead for 2022 in an article he wrote for The Mountain Astrologer in an issue that will come out next month with the launch of their new website. 

In the meantime, Levine also notes that in the first few days of November “there will be a real sense of intense energy,” with  “some pretty crazy stuff” happening, but that in the second half of the month “I think we get some reprieve.”

Several of the astrologers talk about the squares and oppositions that will be occurring between Planets in Scorpio that have been connecting (when in Libra) and will connect at those challenging angles to Pluto in Capricorn. Now Mars in Scorpio will not only be in opposition to Uranus in Taurus at some point, it will add to the ongoing Saturn/Uranus square, bringing some combativeness and anger to the already challenging dispute between the traditional and the progressive, the status quo and the rebellion to make changes.  Those three planets will form a t-square that will include Mercury (the news, what is being said, or planned or agreed to) by the 10th. Acyuta-bhava Das tells us that “This is a big one on the 10th” at the first quarter moon when it goes through Aquarius while mercury and mars meet in Scorpio and form a square to Saturn, an opposition to Uranus in Taurus. The combination can be a good one—with “things that are very productive, that work hard or well under pressure, and deal with breakthroughs…with precision, if you need to have a command of information…a need to communicate something with principle, if there is an aura of perseverance, determination and seriousness, mental fortitude, productivity around this energy.” 

Chris Brennan calls the Mars/Saturn square, exact when Mars is at 7 degrees around the 10th, “one of the last tense aspects of the year.”  The other one is Mars opposite Uranus on November 17th.   This period of time between the 10th and 17th have the same energy as was present at the time of the coup attempt, January 6th – Saturn’s establishment energy vs. the rebellious of Uranus, with Mars in the mix. Mars had moved into Taurus around January 6, and met up with Uranus a week later.  Leisa Schaim points out that on that day, Mars had started in Aries, where it was strong and impulsive, but when it crossed into Taurus, it lost strength and dignity. Chris notes that Saturn at that time, was earlier in the order of signs (it was “chasing” Mars and Uranus), and therefore had the upper hand. So the establishment was stronger than the rebellion, in which both Uranus and Mars were not in strong positions, but Saturn was strong in its traditional home of Aquarius.  This time, however, Mars is in the position of chasing Saturn and Uranus, and it is strong in its own traditional home of Scorpio, and stronger still because it is the planet that is coming from behind. Thus, he notes, it has the upper hand—the angry ones are the more powerful.

Austin reminds us that there are “some large scale labor strikes about to take place or are ongoing, and that  a lot of industries cannot run when people are strike.  As far as rebellion goes, it is real power.  Mars, he adds, also just came out of a connection to the sun, which it does once every two years, and “whatever is causing heat will not simmer down.” And finally, Uranus –rebellion—is in Taurus, and Taurus is in the 6th house of labor in the birth chart of the United States.

Leisa added, that with powerful Pluto being in the later degrees of Capricorn—the sign of hierarchy, big business and government—in addition to the square between establishment-focused Saturn and rebellious Uranus, laborers have more power to rise up.

This, Austin says, is not a “great time for the administration” and Chris notes that President Biden’s chart is also being activated—Mars is coming into a conjunction with his natal Mars and that is opposite the moon in his chart in Taurus (the economy, where Uranus is now), and that is in the 6th house of labor.  Leisa notes that President Biden’s chart has a similar layout as the US birth chart, so what the country is dealing with, so is Biden personally. After his birthday this month, he will face challenges.

But while we will have some “stuff to deal with and there can be some pretty crazy stuff in the first half of the month,” Rick Levine says, “…I think that we do get some easing of the energy as we move through the second half of the month toward the end.”  But between November 10th and the full moon total eclipse on the 19th, “there is a whole bunch of stuff that goes on that actually is a bit stressful,” with some boundaries being busted through, or rebellion against authority, and new things happening that create new karma.”



As November begins, we are faced with thoughtful communicator Mercury in Libra creating the third point in a challenging triangle – a t-square—with transformative, authoritative Pluto and disruptive dwarf planet Eris.  This is the third time Mercury is connecting in this formation to these planets. And what this means, Pam Gregory tells us, is that “voices are going to be heard around possible legalities, around issues of fairness, justice, and equality” and it will be concerned with “people who are not being included in society, who are on the periphery, marginalized” making those voices louder as the year goes on. These voices will be like the challenging 90˚ square angle between restrictive Saturn and freedom-loving Uranus—about the old versus the new, control vs. freedom, and about the past vs. the future, Pam says.

The Astrology Podcast crew—made up of Chris Brennan, Austin Coppock, and this month welcomed Leisa Schaim as their third astrologer—discussed where we are as we come into November, noting that there was a harmonious trine angle between informative Mercury in fair and balanced Libra and sprawling Jupiter in the sign of the future—Aquarius—and a recent focus on the truth lately. Austin noted that Jupiter had been on the fixed star Deneb Algedi, which, he says, is concerned with what is lawful, but reflects more of a loophole that allows people to do things that can have a bad result because what they’re doing is not illegal. It is a combination of prosperity and wrath, so that, as they discussed in October, there were simmering pots on the stove, ready to boil, but now is the time they will boil over.  “In the US it is the beginning of a new labor movement with big strikes happening, or getting ready to happen across a wide variety of industries as well as across Europe.

Rick Levine talks about how combative, intense Mars has come home to Scorpio, where it is strong, after being debilitated in Libra and it joins the sun there, but that is opposite rebellious and unpredictable Uranus in Taurus and square to disciplinarian Saturn in Aquarius, and Saturn is also at a challenging angle to Uranus. So it is a month of challenging angles as planets go through Scorpio. However, on the first of November, Levine notes that the sun is at an annoyingly uncomfortable angle (quincunx) to healer and mentor Chiron, which can mean there is resistance to healing, and an annoyance to having deep, passionate feelings and “not being able to bring the up to the surface to talk about them in some way that brings resolution.”


Acyuta-bhava Das talks about the defiant square angle formed between idea-oriented Mercury and potent Pluto, which is still a thing today. He says there is a “tendency for the revelation of hidden or secretive material, intense or in-depth communication, issues around technology” and even some big news related to the tech industry about a scandal or the promotion of something. “It’s all par for the course with Mercury/Pluto when you have to understand something that’s deep and complex but by working to understand something you grow as a person,” he explains.  He adds that this aspect can relate to “complicated ethical situations, especially while Mercury is in the sign of Libra.”

An example of this was pointed out by Leisa Schaim on the Astrology Podcast, when she said that the Don Eastman memo (related to plans for the January 6th attack on the Capitol) came out with the release of the book PERIL on September 21, during the first Mercury/Pluto square aspect.


The sun and moon meet up as a new moon in deep secretive Scorpio today, in direct opposition to unpredictable Uranus in stable Taurus, which Rick Levine says brings a tension “between the creation of the new in Scorpio is not a surface creation—it is deep, powerful and profound.”  He points out the dark is where “the magic occurs” and the newness happens deep down and hidden.  Levine adds that the opposition to Uranus in Taurus means the new moon, the new phase in Scorpio is pulling away from that unpredictable and possibly rebellious change, and it causes stress, the way “a guitar string is stretched…and is ready to vibrate or snap like a tug of war.”  So in this specific aspect, Levine says, “We can expect something to snap, something’s ready to break now,” which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it won’t be a gentle shift—it will be sudden. It can be a sudden shift in perspective or state of mind.

The Saturn 90˚ square to Uranus comes into play with this new moon, since its opposition to Uranus also makes the new moon 90˚ away from Saturn, and it forms a t-square among the three points. Saturn is the establishment, the rules, the limitations within which we are being asked to discipline ourselves.

Acyuta-bhava Das points out that the new moon forms in Scorpio right after Mars has come into the Scorpio domain.  But he talks about Uranus as the “god of revolution, rebellion, defiance—the upstart planet that likes to break norms and conventions, think outside of the box, but it can also be jarring, sudden and very disruptive, chaotic like a lightning strike.“  He adds that this moon cycle’s influence from Uranus can bring sudden, rapid change that “evolves us in many ways—it helps us to individuate and grow…[which] helps us to she unhealthy forms of dependency in favor of maybe healthier independence.”  Impulsive, energized Mars in the same sign will also eventually oppose Uranus, around the full moon, he reminds us, and that will bring more dynamic changes.

Pam Gregory notes that this new moon brings with it shocks, surprises and sudden unexpected events that could be related to Taurus issues of banking, currencies and the economy, as well as being connected to the earth (as Taurus is an earth sign).  Earthquakes and volcanoes could be earth-based shocking events, or extreme weather in addition to the potential for financial earthquakes or social unrest. 

Pam also touches on Scorpio as the sign of secrets, and Uranus as the “piercing sword of truth…[which] just adds absolutely piercing clarity to something…so we should expect to see some truths, some secretes revealed.”  Taurus is also connected to food and agriculture, our food supply and as we are seeing, distribution to supermarkets is going to be more limited and dislocated, changed.  Extreme weather such as droughts, floods and earethquakes will continue because in January, she explains “the north node [of the moon’s trajectory] enters Taurus and the south node enters Scorpio for another 18 months or so until mid-2023,” so these themes will continue to affect our feelings of “safety, security, and survival.” 


Chatty Mercury, which has been in Libra since the end of August, before it went retrograde in September just as it was almost in Scorpio, has finally left the Libra domain. Having gone all the way back to 10˚ it slowly began to creep back to Scorpio in mid-October and now hits the border and will cross the line tonight or tomorrow. It will soon meet up with Mars, which can mean trouble, but since there is trouble enough today, we won’t borrow trouble from the future. 

Happy Venus leaves Sagittarius today and goes into serious, hard-working Capricorn, where it will stay for months as it goes retrograde, and finally, on March 6th, it will be in Aquarius, and instead of being a sign or two ahead of the sun, it will be behind the sun. Venus in Capricorn, Rick Levine says, puts a “more serious spin on love, on our sense of values and how our values may be even tested,.”  Leisa Schaim notes that Venus is “closed by malefics” in Capricorn (with Mars in Scorpio, and Pluto in Capricorn), which means we have had “our last chance for frivolity for awhile.”  Austin Coppock notes that since Capricorn is an earth sign, and Uranus is in the Venus-ruled sign of Taurus, another earth sign, the things that will be affected will be tangible, earthly things,—food, for example, and the items affected by the supply chain disruptions (Mercury opposite Uranus is unpredictable changes in transportation)—or nice things, since Venus rules luxury. Since Venus will be in Capricorn until February 17, Austin says, “Christmas presents will come on February 17.”

Pam Gregory also notes that a defiant t-square between Saturn, Uranus and planets moving through Scorpio will be an ongoing theme as each one moves into a position of opposing Uranus and squaring Saturn.  She reminds us that “Scorpio is very much about secrets; it’s also about wealth…in terms of big wealth, rich and powerful wealth, investments…about loans and mortgages.” The connections between the planets in Scorpio to Uranus and Saturn, therefore, could bring sudden shock and surprises to wealth, the stock markets, and secrets (scorpio) around wealth. 

NOV 10-11

Things start to heat up for the next week.  Today Mercury and Mars meet up in Scorpio. Austin Coppock and Chris Brennan note that Mercury amplifies and intensifies whatever is happening, because it takes on the nature of other planets it connects with. “With malefic planets it becomes malefic,” Chris notes, referring to Malefic Mars. The key words the Astrology Podcast crew use to describe mercury and mars coming together are: mercury things being badly affected (e.g. travel, computers, phones), angry speech, impatience, sharp tongues, impulsive behavior, frustration, with thoughts and words affected in these ways.

At the same time as these two come together in Scorpio, the moon is coming into contact with Saturn, forming a square to the Mercury/Mars connection.  Austin points out that when the moon is in fixed signs (Scorpio is fixed), things are extra rough.

Chris advises if you are writing an angry response this week, put it down for a day and see if you still feel like sending it.  Austin says, maybe write out the angry version and don’t send it.

One of the issues with what is happening today is that combative, passionate Mars in a challenging angle to stern, restrictive Saturn, is that the passion encounters a “hard stop or boundary you cannot pass,” Chris says, noting it could even be an authority figure. Austin clarifies it by saying that not all of Saturn’s boundaries will be impassable by Mars, however, it could be that a boundary crossed will be a boundary you might regret.  Leisa adds that it could also relate to quick consequences enacted through other people “and you will likely be playing the other person in a role,” and doling out the consequences, or putting up the boundaries.

Acyuta bhava Das notes that this aspect could be a “stalemate moment,” but he likes it for the times when breakthroughs happen while studying for a test, or working under pressure, when you need to do something with precision. The energy that goes with this, he says, is “perseverance, determination, seriousness, mental fortitude, and productivity.”  It is a good energy but it also has the potential for mental or verbal outbursts that are more severe than normal.  Thinking can be rigid and communication can have a dogmatic energy. It also can result in injuries or accidents, he warns.

Austin says that the next 10 days will be the most intense. Leisa adds that it looks combustible or explosive—literally or metaphorically.  “People behaving erratically with so much pent up energy.”

Rick Levine adds that this Mercury/Mars square to Saturn and the moon is actually a t-square forming with Uranus still square to Saturn and now opposing Mercury and Mars.  This, he says, is significant, because the sun is also in Scorpio with Mercury and Mars –so many planets in challenging angles, and two are key malefic planets (Saturn and Mars).  This square to Saturn and the moon is a powerhouse, he says. “We’ve run up against the Saturnian wall many times this year in many different directions, but this again is a repetition of that frustration.”  Saturn is saying “no.”  Mars is hot, he reminds us, and Saturn is cold; Mars is the gas pedal and Saturn is the brake, Mars says do it now, and Saturn says we need to prepare more.  “It’s a tough week,” Levine says as he tells us that Mercury is at an annoying angle to teacher/healer Chiron, and Mars follows close behind to form that same angle on the 11th. “How does Mars figure out how to work with the hurt, the pain, the wounds that are part of the process that we need to go through of healing to get out of …the messes that we’ve been in?” 

Chris Brennan wants to figure out how to soothe the savage beast, and Leisa’s suggestions is magnesium, chamomile or lavender baths, or moderate exercise, while Austin looks for a logical thinking process of “having a frame on it,” and asking how long does this last? Realize there is danger around, deal with whatever else later.  Put blinders on and use discipline.  Yet there is a strong suggestion that it can be put to good use.

Chris explains that it is not the best time in these past weeks to do something risky, but it can be a good time to buckle down and “do something unpleasant but necessary, that you don’t enjoy but getting major work done.”

NOV 12

The sun comes into a harmonious, easy angle to dreamy Neptune, with Mercury and Mars following later on in the month.  Rick Levine points out that these trines “have to do with the use of imagination,” which can be positive or negative—it can lead us into fantasy or into fear based on fantasy. Levine reminds us that “Neptune can be confusing because we lose our sense of boundary and it is important to keep our spirits up” and realize that what we imagine can eventually become real.  The sun shining on the imagination of Neptune, he says, leads us to believe we are moving toward that vision.

NOV 13

Deep thinker Mercury in Scorpio comes into an exact opposition to unpredictable freedom-loving Uranus, which can release some energy of rebellion.  “Something can be out of control to possibly release or relieve some of the building tension, but with Mercury there it is mental, intellectual and there is a sense of awakener Uranus being sparked,” Rick Levine says.  It is important to write down breakthrough ideas we have so we can “think about what they can be and don’t just let them come and go like a fleeting thought.” These thoughts can be important, he says.

Acyuta-bhava Das says this aspect “has the feeling of little electrical sparks in your brain giving you all sotrts of insights and breakthrough creativity.” It is good energy, he says, that comes before the “wild full moon.”

NOV 15

Pleasant Venus is at a stressful angle to Chiron, the healing teacher who helps us grow. Rick Levine points out that it could be difficult because “we may feel alienated, excluded.” The moon passes over Chiron that day and it could bring feelings of being “apart from the crowd” he says, though we may enjoy it since the sun in Scorpio is in a perfect square to generous Jupiter in Aquarius. Although the square represents conflict and tension, with these two planets, Levine says, it could be just a sense of over-confidence or blind optimism.

Acyuta-bhava Das, however, says the sun square to expansive Jupiter is his favorite transit of the month.  “There is a very heroic, victorious kind of relieving quality to this,” he says because these two planets together give “an aura of confidence, a feeling of victory or achievement, a can-do optimism.”  He compares it to the coach who inspires, the mentor or guru that “lights your candle.” It comes right when we need it. 

NOV 16         

Today Rick Levine tells us that the sun forms a positive angle of opportunity to powerful, transformational Pluto. The energy, he says, is intense and powerful, but it is one of the more positive aspects because it is supportive. 

Pam Gregory notes that the moon joins up with Eris, the dwarf planet that creates chaos for a cause, which is at a challenging 90˚ angle from Pluto—the authority figure, the secrets, the transformation, major change—which could mean that “shocking, surprising information is going to be coming up,” and it could make people angry and protesting, demanding to be heard.

NOV 17-18

Militaristic Mars, strong in its home of Scorpio, comes into opposition with rebellious Uranus in stay-at-home Taurus. Pam Gregory notes that with the potential for clashes this week, by the 17th, “we just have to take a step back here,” because, “This is much more combustible, eruptive energy with unexpected sudden things happening—it is the classic signature for earthquakes”. This energy could “boil over into the adjacent days on either side.”  Things will be hard to contain, and people will be frustrated.  Uranus, she reminds us, means “revolution and rebellion, the [planet] of awakening, it doesn’t want constraint.”

Chris Brennan notes that the first use of an atomic bomb was under a Mars/Uranus conjunction in Gemini, the same kind of conjunction that is in the birth chart of the US in the same sign.

This energy has the “feeling of conflagration” Acyuta-bhava Das says, that is kind of like fireworks, but worse. “It’s like the French Revolution, kind of bloody,” with some positive revolutionary energy and some blood, with a “fight at all costs for its freedom…so the potential for breakthroughs…to become a little bit more…sudden and potentially a little bit more violent or sharp or pointed or explosive.” While it is a very powerful full moon, he reminds us it is a very temporary energy that will not last forever.

Under this Mars/Uranus opposition, “Control breaks loose with contrary action for good reasons,” Leisa Schaim suggests, mentioning the possibility of labor strikes or “people just acting contrary because they feel like it.”  Austin agrees, “People will be pretty wound up,” and the stress and tension will be contagious.  He paints the picture that the Mars and Uranus connection is like Uranus playing a game, Saturn says what the rules are, and then Uranus flips the board because “Uranus adds something from left field—it adds something out of the blue that changes the whole thing, sometimes for the better, but usually for the worse.”

In addition to fights against something, or rebellion against something, Leisa notes there will be unpredictable action that could be sudden breaking away or explosions and accidents that we can’t control.  Austin points out that “what you can control to some degree is how exposed you are to randomness—Astrology gives you a good probability of the randomness—so you can choose how much risk to take by either staying home or going into a crowded area. Choose wisely.

Austin’s advice? “You might feel like losing your shit on those days, but it is worth waiting a day or two.” But one or two days later, what do we have? The moon shows up, and not just any moon….

Rick Levine points out that at the 18th, there are trines between logical Mercury and fantasy-driven, unclear Neptune as well as one between desire-driven Venus and unpredictable Uranus.  Mercury/Neptune, at the 20-degree points of Scorpio and Pisces bring out dreams, fantasies, creative artistic forms that could move people in an important direction.  The Venus/Uranus trine at the 11-12 degree points, Levine says, is “liking new solutions, linking things, being attracted to things that are unusual, out of the box, or outside of our normal sphere of operations.”  The two trines together tell him that they are part of “this wave of more flowing energy that is coming in now through the end of the month,” after the full moon. The two trines, he says, give us “the ability to work with this powerful eclipse.” 

NOV 19

Today’s lunar (full moon) eclipse is ushering us into the Taurus/Scorpio series of eclipses as the North Node of the moon’s trajectory is going to move soon from early Gemini into late Taurus degree points. Where the nodes of the moon are, there the eclipses happen. So there will be one more eclipse in December in the Sagittarius/Gemini eclipses—a new moon in Sagittarius, and then we have the Taurus/Scorpio eclipses going forward for about 18 months. 

This eclipse, Chris Brennan points out, has the moon crossing Uranus a little before the eclipse occurs, and Leisa Schaim adds that “It looks intense because the moon triggers it.”  This, Chris points out, is a “major event of the month.” Leisa adds that the sun forming a square to Jupiter a few days before the eclipse “makes whatever has been going on even bigger.” 

Austin Coppock adds that it is close to the fixed star, Algol, which he points out is related to a gnarly reputation.  “Humans can work with it constructively, but in history it shows up at some particularly nasty moments.”  Algol, the root of “ghoul” is “primordial, violent, out-of-control energy,” Austin adds.

Other potential issues with the full moon they discussed were unpredictable things (good or bad), major developments, and the possibility that the “EU could expect challenges to the sovereign integrity to the EU project,” Austin notes, since the moon in their chart is in the 10th house, which is the centralized power of a nation.  Chris says eclipses bring great beginnings or endings, and for the mutable signs—Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces—these will be finalized, but for the fixed signs—Leo, Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio—new phases are ramping up.

Pam Gregory pointed out that this full moon eclipse is at 27 degrees, 14 minutes of Taurus, and is one of seven full moons in a row at 27 degrees of their signs, so she says if you have any planet or angle between 26 and 28 degrees of its sign, you will be feeling very triggered of the next few months. Full moons, she reminds us are about feelings and emotions coming to a head.  The US natal chart has Pluto at 27 degrees of Capricorn, and this eclipse is at a harmonious trine angle (120˚) to that point.  The moon in the US chart is at 27˚ of Aquarius, and it is in a challenging angle to the eclipse.  Since eclipses repeat over a 19-year cycle, the last time we had a lunar eclipse at 27 degrees of Taurus was November 20, 2002.  Try to remember what you were doing at that time, and if you know where it falls in your chart, that will relate to its long-term importance in your life. It could also be feelings and emotions coming to a head regarding Taurus issues—fixed earth, finance and the economy, the climate and earth, food and food distribution, agriculture, and the feelings we have around safety and security.  The planets in Scorpio, she says—particularly Mars, which is comfortable in Scorpio, the sun and Mercury—can bring up deep secrets that have been hidden for a long time.  Full moons often shine a light on hidden things, and Scorpio keeps secrets.  Eclipses, she adds, are wildcards that jump us forward in our destiny.  

Jupiter will also be squaring (a challenging, tense angle) to both the sun and moon in this eclipse, so this could mean things could be blown up (exaggerated), or it would be a good time to expand our networks of like-minded people, Pam says.

Acyuta-bhava Das says that this lunar eclipse in Taurus with a Uranian signature will mean that “circumstances in our lives are going to change and forcibly…sudden, instantaneous, dramatic, pointed, aggressive, action oriented. None of this has to be bad…It’s just a very dynamic energy that’s saying change now, evolve now, revolution now.”  It could, he adds, be changes to the body, to the mind, to the environment that are sudden, since Mars in Scorpio also adds a dynamic effect.

Rick Levine Notes that the sun and moon in opposition at 27˚ 14’ brings stress and tension but Jupiter is only three degrees away from that degree point in Aquarius, and this proximity pulls Jupiter into the picture, which can give us the sense of “over doing,” or some kind of doing something “over again.”   

NOV 20-21

Friday into Saturday, depending on where you live in the world, lovely, stylish Venus in structured, traditional  is in a harmonious angle to rebellious Uranus in Taurus. Rick Levine says this will help with the effects of the eclipse on the 19th.

Chris Brennan tells us that once we get past the Full moon eclipse on the 19th, “things start calming down and we start moving into a little bit less tense phase of the month.”  Austin Coppock says during another month we might not be as grateful for the latter month aspects, but this month, they are more favorable relative to the rest of the month.  Basically, they reported that planetary activity dies down and we move out of some of the intensity.

Informative Mercury comes into a square to expansive Jupiter around the 20th or 21st, depending on location, and Rick Levine notes that it is “an exaggeration of ideas, thoughts, communication. If someone tells you something today, don’t disbelieve them, but assume that they’re exaggerating.”  We all may tend to add some flourish to our way of speaking or writing, or overstate the positive potentials, so be aware of that happening.

At the same time, Mercury is forming an angle of opportunity or potential to transformative Pluto, which Levine says “intensifies and deepens the energy.”  Jupiter expands in comparison to deep, dark Pluto bringing the energy from the sign of contractive Saturn, and the restrictive planet Saturn in a challenging 90˚ angle to the breakout planet Uranus all represents “oppositional energy of flowing in different ways….[and] it seems like the changes are beginning to occur but nothing is moving fast enough,” Levine says.  

Acyuta-bhava Das points out that during the Mercury/Jupiter connection, the moon will be in a highly harmonious angle to Jupiter, which he likes to see after the full moon.  He says it “provides relief and support,” and that “Jupiter in Aquarius has a broad vision and is going to be able to roll with the punches this month.”  It can offer confidence, optimism and a silver lining, as well as abundance in spite of the potential for chaos and possible rapid change under the eclipse.

As we get to the 21st/22nd the energy begins to shift out of deep, mysterious Scorpio and the oppositions to unpredictable Uranus in Taurus.  In Sagittarius, Austin reminds us, the planets coming out of fixed sign Scorpio will tend to take the pressure off of all the fixed signs—Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius and Leo.

NOV. 22

Rick Levine says that when the sun moves into Sagittarius we can “put our head above the waters of Scorpio,” which has an intensity and an “overwhelming profundity of things that are happening.” But with the sun in Sagittarius, “we can look up and see the tops of mountains, blue sky, we can see potential, we can see what’s ahead.  I think this is the beginning of the real uplifting feeling,” which he believes brings a genuine energy to be expressed in the week of giving thanks.

Austin Coppock sees the sun’s move into high-level Sagittarius and out of swampy Scorpio as useful because “the less we have in fixed signs , the better with this particular setup,” which I assume he means connecting to Uranus in Taurus—since planets in fixed signs stir the pot by connecting at challenging angles to unpredictable, revolutionary Uranus.

NOV 24

Speedy, intelligent Mercury follows the sun into Sagittarius, continuing to reduce the number of planets in fixed-sign Scorpio and away from challenging angles to explosive Uranus. Leisa Schaim points out that “as soon as everything moves into Sagittarius, one by one they suddenly are ruled by Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius), which, while it is in the fixed sign of Aquarius, is still a benefic planet.”  At this point, after what may have been a frenetic time period up until now, we can relax a little bit.  Chris Brenan adds that it we can exhale, and after so much tension it is like a big inhalf after “holding our breath, grinning and bearing it to get through the middle of the month.

Rick Levine says Mercury joining the sun in Sagittarius is not just about looking at the tops of trees, but “now we are looking at how far we can take our thoughts, we have a big idea, what can we do at this point in time?” He sees this energy as very hopeful that brings us to a cazimi between the sun and Mercury when mercury will disappear into the heart of the sun on the 28th.

Chris Brennan notes that he and Leisa Schaim were looking at the month to choose the most auspicious days for starting something new, and they could not find any dates in the middle of the month, but found several in later November dates.  “That is sometimes the advice: Do not start things during this time, Like ancient Babylonian astrologers telling the king not to do anything,” Chris explained. Austin agreed, saying, “The positive side is doing or initiating something at the best possible time, but that is no more and no less valuable than simply not doing things at terrible times.” It is, Chris adds, not just telling people when to act but also when not to act. 

NOV 28

Today we see Mercury moving into the Cazimi with the Sun when they meet up at the same degree point in Sagittarius. This, says Acyuta-bhava Das, is a “moment of insight, especially into the ego, the nature of our sense of self in this lifetime,” a time, he says, that there is wisdom or illumination that is possible.  The South Node is also part of this conjunction, which Acyuta-bhava notes has a “humbling effect for the sun where it can show us some of the shadows of the ego or the limits of our own knowledge or authority.”

NOV 29-30

Rick Levine talks about some harmonious aspects—one between strategic Mars in Scorpio and dreamy, imaginative Neptune. Then we have intellectual Mercury forming a highly positive angle with healing/mentor Chiron. This, he says, is a solidification of healing. Venus is in the Mars/Neptune mix, with an angle of opportunity it is forming with Neptune. Venus and Neptune are creative and friendly and can make things feel good.  Levine tells us the pattern will hold for a few days and “this theoretically could be a time where, if we’re willing to work,  the time to push on making progress in relationship issues and job issues” is now——the only problem is that it is a holiday week going into the holidays so the timing may be inconvenient.  It is a good time for production on projects, in governmental negotiations, because there are not as many square angles and oppositions to deal with.  The energy here is flowing.

Levine adds that we have many trines and sextiles at this point—Mercury is sextiling (an angle of opportunity if we choose to act) Saturn, the planet that can take Mercury’s ideas and logic and turn it into something real.  The Sun trines Chiron and Venus sextiles Neptune, then sun sextiles Saturn.  Levine says all these positive angles just don’t quit at this point. “This is why I can’t buy into the notion that November is a meltdown and it’s the worst thing that we’ll ever see. 

By the 30th, he says artistic Venus is meeting highly creative Neptune with an angle of opportunity, and the sun is shining a light on Saturn’s hard work and disclipline.  This, Levine says, is “a time to dream and to build, and though the month may unfold slowly, rest assured it is unfolding exactly on schedule.” Be patient!

Chris Brennan and Leisa Schaim say that the 30th is one of several late-month days for starting something new. Just before sunset, he says, Mercury is close to the sun, the sun is at an opportune angle to Saturn (as mentioned above) and the moon is in harmonious, balanced Libra in a highly harmonious angle to generous Jupiter.  The moon is emotions and security and it is feeling balanced and expanding its positivity and comfort level. The emphasis in the electional chart that they chose is the 9th house –education, publication, broadcasting, religion, international cultures or travel at long distances, but it would be more about work.  They suggest a blend for consulting or one-to-one work, or astrology. It is also a good day for finances.  Chris and Leisa have created a report on 19 auspicious charts for 2022, available on

Also at the end of the month, Leisa notes that Neptune, which has been moving retrograde, is going to stop (station) and move forward again, which Austin says is like taking a painkiller after a rough month.  And Chris says it is a bit of $&R before  more tense aspects in December, like the challenging third square angle between Saturn and Uranus becomes exact around Christmas Eve.  He also warns that there could be an increase in COVID with Mars moving into a hard aspect to Saturn as Saturn and Uranus are duking it out. 

Austin advises not looking for just one planet misbehaving if you want to see what rough points will be coming up. “look for where a bunch of stuff all comes together at the same time in a delightful…delicate hell broth where it’s not just one ingredient.”

Chris adds the positive thought, “Just remember that there will be an end to it. That’s one of the most positive things about astrology…is just knowing sometimes the timeframe in which things are most intense can sometimes give you some idea of the duration and that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel…in most instances.” When you don’t have a timeframe, all suffering threatens to become infinite, Austin concludes.

A Look Ahead.

We have a total eclipse to the sun on December 3rd-4th –a new moon, solar eclipse.  In Sagittarius, Rick Levine notes, is about looking ahead.  It is in an annoying angle to Uranus, which is pushing to go forward. The new moon eclipse is also in an angle of opportunity to Saturn, which is somewhat stabilizing. Rick Levine says there is something positive about it, but that Saturn ,in a challenging 90˚ angle to Uranus, will have the last word—in the tug-of-war between the traditional and the future.

His advice in going forward is to find ways to understand one another and not to criticize others’ beliefs—rather agree to disagree, and figure out how to work together.  He sees November as bringing the potential for healing, at least there is an opportunity.

The Astrology Podcast crew stresses that Venus in Capricorn is the next big thing. It will stay there until March 6th because it will go retrograde in December.  Austin notes that we have a “solid month of Venus conjunct Pluto both direct and retrograde.” Chris adds that “Venus retrograde is a vibe in and of itself, but then it will be conjunct Pluto, which is a whole other vibe.”  Austin muses that it is a “doubling down,” and “it is very underworld caverns of the heart.”  Venus’s underworld, he explains, has “emotionally impactful material—the ghosts of lovers past, passions unrequited, desires, etc. etc.”  And the feeling is heavy. Adding Pluto to that doubles the intensity. Leisa points out it could be the “uncovering of secrets that can cause you to reevaluate relationships…or the attempts to keep secrets.”

Things may not go as well as hoped, Austin adds, and there could be some obsessive or taboo behavior.  Chris says that obsessive love interests are what he thinks of with a Venus/Pluto combination, and, going too far in relationships to the point of being “obsessed and attached to another person and not being willing to let go of that. Taking it to inappropriate extremes.”

Austin adds that the idea of underworld caverns could relate to “being stuck down here emotionally and not being able to connect to people.”

Leisa adds that Venus in Capricorn asks, “What’s the plan here for us?” particularly in the area of finances and disparities of income. In an individual’s birthchart, Venus and Pluto signify wealth or power, and there could be elements of that coming into play this winter, she adds.

Austin also brings up the idea that the way structures and resources are allocated or controlled could come up, since Capricorn is ruled by Saturn—which boxes things in. It could feel as if we are stuck in a relationship, or stuck in patterns and it will be building up within the Venus retrograde period of 40 days and 40 nights.  He adds that the degrees will be visited three times by Venus,  so it is “literally, ghost of Christmas past, present and future.  Venus begins to slow down by November 18th and by December 18th, it stops to move in a retrograde direction.  It will join up with the sun in late January.

If you pay attention, Austin points out, you won’t be surprised by the events that are brewing, but if you don’t pay attention or try to ignore it, you could get a big surprise. One way not to be surprised, Chris says is to look at what happened eight years ago when there was a Venus retrograde in the same place—around December of 2013, in Capricorn.