by Caitlin Donohue


Some key events that astrologers are talking about this month are the Full Moon Total Eclipse occurring on Election Day in the U.S. and the long-term Mars retrograde in Gemini. On top of that, Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus have been connecting in a challenging square angle – pitting the traditional against the progressive tendencies, disagreeing over whether to stick with old, conservative perspectives and values or the desire to move forward into a new kind of future that shifts the values we will embrace. Throughout 2021, Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurs connected exactly at the same degree and minute in their respective signs three times, and since September, they have been at the same degree point but not exact to the minute.  This aspect will be activated during the November 8th eclipse as the sun and Mercury will be exactly opposite Uranus by degree point and the moon will be conjunct to Uranus. Saturn will be in a challenging square to all of those planets. 

Full moons bring things to a culmination or an end, and they open the door to a new phase that is connected to the prior and/or next new moon eclipse in the sign that the full moon is in. So the new moon in Taurus in April 2023 will bring in the new phase based on this full moon eclipse in Taurus. Uranus’ connection demands a shift, and a square to Saturn in Aquarius, this change is at odds with the traditional point of view. But the Full Moon eclipse is powerful, and its energy and potential last a longer time than the usual full moon.

 Rick Levine in his November forecast on YouTube discusses the history of Uranus and Saturn all the way back to the 1960s, when Saturn was opposing a Uranus/Pluto square (90˚ angle) that brought upheaval at that time. Saturn and Jupiter met up with Pluto in 2020 kicking off the pandemic (the first death was announced the day they met up in January 2020) and now, this full moon eclipse brings things to a culmination and an end to the Saturn/Uranus hurdle (a square angle) that we have had to overcome. As they were in the 1960s, Uranus and Pluto were squaring each other a decade ago for three years. Levine says in his November forecast that “This is the actual turning point of finality—if a dam is going to break, this is when the dam will break.” But he says it is not bad, but it has the strong potential to be “a dramatic moment where things can shift” with our participation.  After the eclipse, he says, Saturn and Uranus separate quickly and the effects of that square, that face-off, will be a “done deal.”  After that and the eclipse energies die down, the month will actually calm down, he says.

The Astrology Podcast crew in the November forecast mentioned that eclipses are “associated with changes in the landscape of power” and we have seen that happen in the UK, they noted—with the new King Charles III and a third new Prime Minister.  Patrick Watson noted that The Prime Minister was appointed on the day of the solar eclipse in Scorpio by the King who will be crowned at the lunar eclipse (with sun in Scorpio) on the same day that the new Prime Minister of Italy will take on the role.


[Diane/Editor: Venus in Scorpio is forming an awkward, uncomfortable quincunx (150˚ angle) to the wounded healer asteroid Chiron in Aries. This, Rick Levine tells us, makes healing difficult. He explains that Venus is the planet of attraction and Chiron is associated with learning how to heal our emotions. The difficult angle makes it “almost like we don’t want to learn, we have resistance,” he says.]


[Diane/Editor:  Rick Levine reminds us that the beginning of November will be somewhat quiet as we enter the month, but on the 2nd, there could be some fighting words based on Mars retrograde in Mercury’s home sign of Gemini being at a square-and-a-half (sesquisquare) to the sun in Scorpio. Scorpio is Mars’ home, and Mars is aggressive. In Mercury (communication) some aggression could come out.]

NOV 3-4

[Diane’Editor:More sesquisquares bring up some irritation and anxiety, according to Rick Levine, when Mercury (communication) and Venus (what we value) in Scorpio are forming a square-and-a-half to Neptune and Jupiter in Aries and to Mars in Gemini. We could feel anxious and a lack of harmony.]


Venus in Scorpio is opposite Uranus retrograde in Taurus.  “Charming spy not working well with sudden change in materials.  Too discreet and it will fall”.  Venus in Scorpio could have a lot of different connotations, but for some reason back in December I chose the sort of ‘femme fatale’ type of role, though this scenario certainly does not definitely mean female.  It could also be like Sawyer from the TV show ‘Lost’.  For this interpretation with this sort of ‘character’ or scenario being opposite Uranus retrograde in Taurus, I would expect a shakeup in tangible material items, most likely money.  (Although if I wanted to make a juicy story out of this, it could be a shakeup of love.  A spy who is trying to seduce someone but ends up unexpectedly falling for them.  Oo, this sounds like an interesting storyline, but I digress).  I’m writing this on October 25th and I have recently seen articles about Chinese spies in the news (100% doesn’t have to be Chinese, I’m just relating to what I’ve read recently).  It could very well just be about a spy getting caught because something unexpected happened that ruined their cover with money, etc.  Or for a totally different take, it could be someone doing something wrong, but doing so for the right reasons and gets caught.  The opposition to Uranus retrograde just makes me think that whatever this is, isn’t going to go according to plan.  But I don’t think the plan was probably very savory to begin with.

[Diane/Editor: The sun in Scorpio is now at the same difficult angle to Chiron, the asteroid that represents learning how to heal our emotions, that Venus formed with Chiron a few days ago. It brings out more irritation, blaming and stubbornness or finger-pointing. On top of that, the moon is coming up to meet Chiron, adding feelings and emotions to the mix, maybe adding emotional issues that add to what we already need to heal, and the sun’s focus on being annoyed by it all, and not being up for learning from the experience.The Astrology Podcast discussion brought up that when Venus is opposing Uranus, there can be a disruptive influence when the creation of relationships or bonds are attempted. Right after that, Venus will be in a difficult square angle to stodgy Saturn that puts up walls to harmonious relationships—so things can ‘become more cold or distant.”  Austin Coppock adds that with Venus being in Scorpio, “there is a theme of secrecy or keeping things hidden, or behind a barrier (Saturn)…under the radar.”  Emotional (Venus) activity (Mars – ruler Scorpio) is not on the surface (Scorpio) along with some brooding (thinking about it a la Mercury). ]

Aries rising:  Your partner might make a money move unbeknownst to you that could unexpectedly rock your money boat.  If they seem up to something financially, stick with your gut.  This could also be someone who passes away and you get an inheritance unexpectedly.  Or perhaps something good happens with taxes or Biden’s student debt relief plan that unexpectedly shakes up your money.  With that last scenario I’m not sure how the opposition would play out since oppositions are usually more harsh.  Venus in Scorpio would indicate debt (8th house) relief (Venus) but it is opposed to Uranus (shakeups) in your second house (money).  I’d be interested to hear from Aries rising people how this one plays out!


Venus in Scorpio squares Saturn in Aquarius.  “Overly confident won’t work well with restricted people”.  I’d be interested to see what’s going on with Putin or in Iran at this time.

Taurus rising:  If you have a significant other, something good with your partner may have difficulty working with your discipline at work.  Maybe they won something like a trip (not necessarily, the trip–that would depend on your chart personally) and you can’t go because of work commitments.  If you are not in a romantic relationship maybe your business partner has good things going on in their life but you end up picking up more of the work because of it.  In this scenario my guess is that work is going to win.  The square to Saturn indicates difficulty/hard work and discipline at work.  


We have a total lunar eclipse in Taurus, Mercury in Scorpio conjunct the Sun in Scorpio and Mercury in Scorpio opposite Uranus retrograde in Taurus.  From December I had wrote “very nervous about violent uproar or a natural disaster” and “covert operations will likely fail and hurt supply chain/food/shelter/money, etc.”  Looking at it now, I think the shakeup would be more likely in the form of supply chain or maybe even deal with the energy crisis going on.  It could still be a natural disaster…any time I see something volatile in an earth sign, especially Taurus, I keep an eye out for those. Mercury will be Cazimi with the Sun in Scorpio, so my interpretation is that the focus is on underworldly types of things, but the communication is hidden.  Someone is able to hide, maybe in plain sight, to get their dirty work done.  However, Mercury is also opposite Uranus retrograde in Taurus, just like Venus a few days ago.  Where I interpreted the plan failing on the 5th, I see it more likely to go through and screw up supply chain or energy etc. around today.  Overall from Nov 5-8th I summed it up as ‘plan of action failing?’

Gemini rising:  It could be something at work that makes you have a mental breakdown.  The answer for how to smooth things over is probably right in front of you but you aren’t seeing it.  If you suspect your pet is sick, don’t hesitate to bring it to the vet.  It’s also possible you get some not great news from the doctor.  

Virgo rising:  Just writing mine here cause I’ll be overseas in Ireland and this is hitting my 9th house.  I’ve been worried about this trip since I booked it but with Uranus hitting my natal Venus, I feel like I’m supposed to go.  What will be will be.


Sun in Scorpio opposite Uranus retrograde in Taurus.  “Focus on secrets not working well with sudden shakeup in material things.  Establishment winning.”  I’m not so sure I still think it’s the establishment as much as power winning.  Like criminals of the underworld (mafia-esque) instead of necessarily politicians (although they certainly can be one and the same).

Cancer rising:  If you have kids it could have to do with their friends or peers.  Maybe they’re having a fight with a friend.  If it has to do with your passions or hobbies, maybe you’re playing a show and suddenly some friends can’t make it. This will likely be linked to the eclipse the day before, which makes me think it could be more dramatic than I initially thought.  The sun is opposite Uranus once a year, which isn’t a huge deal, but the timing with the other placements is more interesting than usual.  I’ll be interested to hear about your friends in general, or large groups or organizations you work with, or maybe even an audience you have.  Something will shakeup.

NOV 10

Mercury in Scorpio squares Saturn in Aquarius and Venus in Scorpio trines Neptune retrograde in Pisces.  “Covert communication doesn’t help the limitation of the masses.  Sexy spy gets through?”  Mercury and Venus in Scorpio are up to no good and it looks like they’ve decided to gang up on the group of people being restricted in some way.  With Venus’s trine to Neptune (and Mercury’s exact trine to Neptune in 2 days), something could easily slip through.  While I’m not excited in the real world to see this astrology play out, it’s making for a very interesting story!

Leo rising:  Communication about home or family is having difficulty working with your partner who is very disciplined right now, or is not very flexible.  However, something good with home or family is also working with something that slips through the cracks, dealing with shared assets.  It could be that your partner has a death in the family and you end up receiving something that there was a potential miscommunication on.  It could be that your family is upset that your partner has to work instead of join them in something to do with family, but they understand that the partner is the bread-winner and has to do whatever has come up that they may have forgotten about until the last minute.  The square sucks, but the trines make me think everyone will get over it in the end.  Just a bump in my opinion.

NOV 11

Sun in Scorpio square Saturn in Aquarius.  “Spotlight on secrets not working well with oppression of the masses.  Blow-out?”  The people are pressing for the truth with something here.  They might get it.

Virgo rising:  Focus on communication or siblings, or focus on local travel, has difficulty working with restrictions at your day job or your health or your pets.  Maybe your sibling was going to watch your pet and now can’t because of work.  Maybe you wanted a job locally or remotely but it’s not working so well with the obstacles in the way.

NOV 12

Mercury in Scorpio trines Neptune retrograde in Pisces.  “Secret communication gets through.  I almost want to say telepathically.”  In general, I think this could be a great day for meditating or trusting your intuition, especially based on your rising sign.  This trine will be smoother than general when dealing with communication.  Even if one of the players is typically kind of out there or difficult to understand, today the communication should fit like a puzzle.

Libra rising:  Communication about money should work well with your day job.  Ask for the raise today!  Or communication about money will work well with your pets or health.  If you were concerned about affording something for your health or your pet today, maybe you hear that you’re about to get some more money come in and can pay for it after all.

NOV 13

Venus in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn.  “Beauty/good things in secrets or change works with shady government changes.”  I feel like this one has to do with government secrets.  I’m not sure we’ll be able to see this one play out though.  It could be something they pull over us.

Scorpio rising:  It could be that there’s a change dealing with your siblings that is for the best, and you are there for support.  Or it could be that you get a new vehicle, one that you haven’t had before.  Maybe you’re getting a hybrid or electric vehicle.  Maybe you find out your sibling is trans and you’re cool with it.  There’s a transformation in your sibling, local travel, mode of transportation or communication, and with Venus in your first house sextile Pluto, your presence will be beneficial to whatever this is.

NOV 14

Mercury in Scorpio is sextile Pluto in Capricorn and the Sun in Scorpio trines Neptune retrograde in Pisces.  “Covert communication works well with shady government changes.  The spotlight is on conspiracy theories, and is exactly what everyone thought it would be.”  Ooooh man I’m always hoping for aliens 😂.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it dealt with Epstein either though.  Or countless other legitimate (in my eyes) conspiracies.  There is definitely some communication with authorities and the powers that be dealing with top secret info.  Then with the Sun in Scorpio trining Neptune retrograde in Pisces makes me interpret this as the focus on the secrets works with a leak in communication that is usually better able to veil the collective consciousness, but with Neptune in retrograde, the truth could fall through instead.  Juicy conspiracy water leaking through the earthly authorities.

Sagittarius rising:  Solo communication works with change in your money, while the focus on the private part of you works with your home or family.  Maybe you help family out with money.  Maybe you end up in the hospital and your family helps you out with money.  Something dealing with you in an isolating scenario that works out with your money and your family/home.

NOV 15

Venus in Scorpio trines Jupiter retrograde in Pisces.  “Secret is out.”  I am really thinking something is going to come out at this point, with the rest of the astrology leading up to this.

Capricorn rising:  Good things with your friends, large organization, volunteering, or audience works with the truth coming out with your sibling.  If Jupiter is truth and justice then is Jupiter retrograde the truth biting you in the butt?  Is it a white lie?  I haven’t felt certain on Jupiter retrograde yet.  Regardless, there is something good going on with a large group of people that works out with how you communicate/modes of transportation/local spots or siblings.  If you have an online audience, coming clean about something should do you well.

NOV 16

Venus ingresses into Sagittarius and Mercury in Scorpio trines Jupiter retrograde in Pisces.  “Ease in dealing with secrets shifts to ease in handing out justice.  Covert communication brought out the truth.  Can start to move on righting the wrongs now.”  Perhaps there is a shift from the shock of learning the truth to finally starting to figure out what the next steps are.

Aquarius rising:  All of the good beneficial stuff happening with your career or parent is now shifting focus to large groups or friends.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that anything bad is happening to you career or family by any means, just that the extra boost of goodness is shifting into another part of your life.  The next few weeks are a great time to be social, or have an audience.  In fact, this should definitely not be a bad day for your career.  With Mercury (communication) in your 10th house (career/parent) trine Jupiter (justice/truth/good stuff) retrograde (maybe not as good as it could be, but still good) in your 2nd house (money), I think you should hear about something at work where you’re getting a raise, or more likely will be paid for something extra than you were expecting.  It could be something you had argued at work for and are winning now.

NOV 17

Mercury ingresses into Sagittarius.  “Communication shifts from secrets to justice.”  We’re getting past that drama stage and into the right stuff, finally.

Pisces rising:  If you’ve been dealing with legal things, far away travel, college, or have really been into philosophy or politics lately, the next few weeks your focus will be on work, but it will probably be a good couple of weeks coming up.

NOV 18

Sun in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn.  “Focus on secrets works well with how government must change.”  I’d really love if this deals with insider trading with congress.

Saturday, November 19th:  Mars retrograde in Gemini squares Neptune retrograde in Pisces.  “Reviewing angry communication didn’t work well with what the collective wants.  Is it known now?”  Mars is action, Gemini and Neptune retrograde is communication (clearer than usual), and Pisces seeps into our consciousness, whether it’s through art, information leaks, slow disclosure, etc.  Through some vigorous and harsh communication, we might get to the bottom of it.  Not that I like this comparison, but it reminds me of an interrogator finally getting the answer out of the suspect.

NOV 20

Sun in Scorpio trines Jupiter retrograde in Pisces.  “Focus on secrets works perfect with the (almost) truth.”  I think we’ll have most of the details.  But let’s be real, the public is never privy to all the info.  Expect some info to be redacted or to not get the full context of the situation.

NOV 21

Mercury in Sagittarius is conjunct Venus in Sagittarius.  “Great communication about justice or technology.”  Yay, good news!

NOV 22

The Sun ingresses into Sagittarius.  The Sun is joining the party to get out of all the BS that we’ve seen for the past month and finally lighting up the truth!

NOV 23

New moon in Sagittarius, and Jupiter stations direct in Pisces at 28 degrees.  Plant the seeds for justice, far away travel, etc.  Book a trip!  Also, whatever was reviewed dealing with justice, truth, freedom or expansion from July 28th until now will start to be resolved.

NOV 28

Mars retrograde in Gemini trines Saturn in Aquarius.  “Reviewing angry communication works perfect with restricted masses of people.  Change is happening.”  Another interpretation I’m thinking of now could be that whoever was yelling these past few weeks actually has some dirt of their own and all of the ‘little people’ see them for who they really are now.

NOV 29

Mercury in Sagittarius is opposite Mars retrograde in Gemini and Mercury in Sagittarius sextiles Saturn in Aquarius.  “Communication for justice is at odds with yelling people who may be fighting inwardly now” and “communication about justice works well with restricted people”.  “There is push-back but the plan is still happening.”  I also wonder if this will have anything to do with censorship around this time.

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