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Astrologers included in this round-up  are:

Chris Brennan
The Astrology Podcast
Austin Coppock
Kelly Surtees
Acyuta-bhava Dasa  
Mars Retrograde in Aries
Pam Gregory
Rick Levine
The Water Trio
Alicia Yusuf
Cass Tyndall

October Overview:

From day one, October has key transits happening, with the first of two full moons, and this one invading Mars’ territory of Aries, where Mars is patrolling back and forth and sparring with the Capricorn Cluster of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn.  This full moon will be joining in on those challenges. In addition, almost every visible planet is and will be in a cardinal sign, and the moon will be in cardinal sign Cancer on election day.  As Austin Coppock points out, “How interesting that we have a shocking number of planets in cardinal signs,” which he explains create new situations. “It is not inherently positive or negative, but we can all agree that what happens in the fourth quarter of 2020 will set us up for what we will be doing for a while.”

Again the astrologers spoke a lot about the Mars retrograde in Aries and the connection to the Capricorn Cluster as retrograde Mars is at a challenging angle to Saturn at an exact degree as September comes to an end.  Each of these planets is strong in their own sign, though Rick Levine has said that Saturn wins the day, with Mars retrograde, which internalizes the energy and strength. Acyuta-bhava Dasa reminds us that this will be a big part of what constitutes the remainder of 2020, going into January 2021.

Pam Gregory reminds us that Mars in Aries is about impatience and impulsive behavior. It is also about the idea of “I am, I exist” along with individual rights, freedom, and autonomy.  Saturn in Capricorn, she says, “amplifies rules and regulations, constrictions and government—all the things we’ve see already this year, and this is going to be repeated through October and November very strongly.”

Austin Coppock returned to the idea of mixed martial arts being shocking, with surprising results and underdogs being victorious.  Martial arts are the Mars combative energy and Saturn is the discipline to keep that energy in check and making it useful and put to practical use. And in mixed martial arts, they are fighting (Mars) in a cage (Saturn puts up boundaries and limitations) adding pressure and using disciplined energy to achieve something important.  Acyuta-bhava Dasa talks about applying this to our day-to-day lives, pointing out that the Mars and Saturn at this angle of tension and stress can bring in frustration and a blockage which denies us something. We have to work within parameters that can be difficult or that force us to be regimented, even in small, simple events.  “In some area of your life right now you could be feeling like you have some containment, some structure to fall back on to handle what might be intense external pressures, conflicts or tensions that are surrounding you,” in the same way that people trying to get away from the wildfires may have been jammed up with the pressure of beating the clock and the spread of the flames to get to safety.

Austin also brings up the wildfires, and the besiegement of having no shelter or safety and you can’t escape.  The fire malefic (Mars) was challenged by the wind malefic (Saturn).

Mars square Saturn is the idea of “when the going gets tough, the tough get going,” and people are pushed, by the pressure and the challenge to reach higher.

Acyuta-bhava Dasa

Pam Gregory also talks about the theme of heat and fire, noting that when Mars went retrograde in 2019 for a couple of months in the summer—and not even in its own sign of Aries—there were incredible heat waves and many deaths as a result of the heat. With mars being closer to the earth, its meaning intensifies—heat in terms of the weather, in terms of fires, and, she adds, behaviorally, as well.  And as Mars connects with the dwarf planet Eris this month on the 3rd, chaos and discord against the status quo could ensue, she says “in order to achieve a better state for society” because Eris represents the archetype of the people feeling that they are not being fully heard.

But at the same time, Acyuta-bhava notes that. Mars square Saturn is the idea of “when the going gets tough, the tough get going,” and people are pushed, by the pressure and the challenge to reach higher, he says, adding that it is a rare opportunity to grow.  It could be putting energy and discipline into a workout regimen or developing a skill or craft that tests us with difficulty, stress, and challenges to achieving something that is meaningful for us to master. 

Acyuta-bhava also points out that “the person who seems to get the most out of life, who advances in their craft or their skills, or just how they grow, tends to be the one that, when adversity comes, there is a sense that I must be worth something, there must be something inherently noble and dignified about who I am if I am good enough to be tested by the universe right now.”

So, he tells us to see these difficulties as an acknowledgement of one’s worth when you are ready to be tested—like getting called up to demonstrate what you can do under pressure. We can use coordinated intelligence and strength to work within a difficult situation without breaking something or slamming our fist into something, or moving quickly and impatiently, which may be our first inclination.

The theme of the month is disruption and surprise.  Chris Brennan’s group discusses some words related to mars besides fiery or combative, and Austin Coppock said he likes the word astrologer Catherine Baskett uses—”peppery”—like too much spice.  Kelly suggests “inflammatory” as well as “time, energy, resources spread thin between what needs to be done today and what should wait until the future, feeling burdened and weighed down.”

Mercury opposing Uranus is what is new, coming in early in the month and further intensifying as the month progresses and signal what Chris Brennan and Austin Coppock label “October surprises”—the theme of the month.

Kelly Surtees says that the two points that cover that general theme relating to Mars in Aries are about “the Aries vibe being really amplified, and two standouts are the full moon at the top of the month in Aries and the other one is when the sun and mars are in opposition around the middle of the month that feels, also, like a very peppery spicy type of day.  I know we are not there yet, but those two really stand out from mars for me.”

Rick Levine, in a discussion on Astrology Hub on YouTube reminded us that it is not Mars and Saturn in isolation at this time—it includes the three outer planets in Capricorn hitting Mars, but also challenging connections for all those planets with Mercury, the moon and the sun, bringing out hard energy and conflict. 

“People are angry, they’re fearful, they’re sad—I mean often grief is really behind the surface anger,” Levine points out.  The hits are ongoing, and with the cardinal energy, they are birthing shifts in many areas of life—politics, climate change, the pandemic, the possibility of a vaccine, racism, protests, and the interaction among Americans, itself. All very hard to deal with. (But I don’t need to tell you that).

Mars being square to Saturn in particular brings out the “red angry warrior fire fighter energy of mars that right now is at home in Aries,” Levine says. “Mars now over-amping because it is in its own sign, where it gets angry easily. On top of that it is retrograde, which means its signal is louder, which means that it is even hotter and redder and angrier and more impulsive and more confrontational than usual.”  Being square to Saturn, this built-up hostility and frustration and reckless energy is met with a wall and Saturn saying, “Not on your life! Shut up, be quiet, go home!  I am the authority and you have no right to get angry.  Just suck air and go away!”

But Levine tells us again this month—it is easy to win every battle and still lose the war.  Rather we should burn up the energy in other ways and keep our eyes on the prize in the distance, because this continues at some level until January—right after the next Presidential inauguration.   “We have to find ways to move the energy and not bury it,” Levine tells us, since “that which we resist persists, so we don’t want to deny it or suppress it or avoid it, because when we do it grows louder and it wants to be expressed.”  He suggests getting up and moving, walking, jumping, exercising, doing yoga.  He also says that we need to remind ourselves to save our energy for the long game and “put the energy in the bank.” And finally to figure out things to do that are constructive ways to win the long game, and not to exacerbate the tensions and conflict that is already there.  “We have to find common ground with people we are different from,” Levine says, and he reminds us that Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia were on opposite sides of the political spectrum but were the best of friends. “They respected each other enough to understand that people actually can have different perspectives.”  So, agree to disagree, hold your fire, and put your energy to use on building rather than tearing down.

Daily Perspectives:


Austin Coppock is not looking forward to this full moon on the first of the month, with the moon firing up the square to the difficult combination of planets in Capricorn—Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto. The moon will hit each of those at a 90˚ angle as it heads to meet up with Mars in its square to Saturn by October 3rd. All that the Mars/Saturn aspect represents is enhanced by emotions and feelings that the moon brings to the table. Kelly Surtees adds that the full moon in Aries brings in a reckless, inflammatory quality. But, Austin points out that the things will be rougher when the moon enters Taurus and meets up with unpredictable Uranus and opposing communicative Mercury in secretive Scorpio. 

Pam Gregory reminds us that full moons are always times when feelings and emotions come to a head, and with the full moon in the sign of the warrior and feelings may run the gamut from being assertive to feeling really angry.  The full moon is close to Chiron in Aries right now. Not all the astrologers look at Chiron—a dwarf planet—or as Austin calls it – a planetoid—but Pam Gregory and Rick Levine pay attention to it.  It’s close proximity to the full moon brings up a weakness that we are born with or experience when we are young, and we are meant to turn it into a strength.  “The essence of it is about, ‘I am, I exist, I have a strong sense of self,” Pam says, but the lesson in getting to that point can begin with the question, “Do I have a right to exist?”  as well as the notion of, “Do I exist in this society?”—bringing up the ideas of having individual rights and leadership.

Rick Levine talks about this full moon connection to Chiron as opening the wounds.  This full moon wants to forgive, forget and move to bring the wounds out into the open, deal with things head on and move on, Levine says. And at the same time the Mars square to Saturn on the day of the debate –September 29th— is still connected here as aggression up against a stone wall.  This full moon energy will stick around until the new moon on the 16th, he says.

Levine also talks about the sun being at a 150˚ angle (quincunx) to Uranus – which is uncomfortable and can require an adjustment of some kind, but it has something to teach us. Levine says because the sun is also opposite the moon in Aries and it is lined up with Chiron, the sun is fueling the urgency to heal with a desire to find balance. It is urging us to be fair, to create a just system for everyone, but the quincunx angle hinders the change. Uranus brings in the sense of change and revolution but it is like lightning and not necessarily clean or balanced, the way the sun in Libra is hoping for.

In the Water Trio’s discussion of the full moon, they bring up the fact that the full moon is not close to Mars in Aries and it is not in an exact square to the Capricorn Cluster, and while it is in Aries, Alicia Yusuf says, it does not play into “the cardinal minefield” (of so many planets being in cardinal signs—signs in which the seasons change that represent new phases coming in). She thinks of an Aries full moon as being “at full tilt, big energy” with a lot of excitement, vigor, passion and drive, that can take away the feeling we may have of being held back in frustration that the Mars/Saturn connection gives us. “Maybe this is a day to release tension, to release frustration and to use the full moon to give those things up” and that this moon can “help us with pent-up emotions and pent-up energy.” She suggests getting busy doing CrossFit or weight lifting. Since Mars in Aries is retrograde, it means internalizing the energy and the fire, so the full moon could help us realize what our passion is and “what sets your soul on fire, what really drives you, really motivates you.” Full moons reveal things that have been hidden, and this could be that revelation to activate or trigger that passion. 

Kelly Surtees suggests that although the moon and mars “don’t like each other,” the moon and mars both represent movement and change and things being unstable.  Since Mars represents a disruptive and potentially combustible energy, the full moon in Aries nearby could be a flash point.  “It’s the idea of the kindling is very dry now and something gets lit up or the fire gets started,” which she says could be political drama, family drama, or a motivation to do something, to take action—physically, decisively, or to just go.  

Full moons are known to be an end point—a “cutting or severing type of energy,” Kelly says, in which you can release or forgive something, or get angry and want to let something go, to stop doing something you’ve been doing, or to get something out of your life.  “It is not about following or keeping the peace; it’s very much about [doing it] actually for me—I want, I need, or I will not…those classic ‘I’ statements,” Kelly explained, since Aries is all about the self.

Acyuta-bhava Dasa points out that the full moon in Aries is one of the most powerful transits this year because it amplifies and emphasizes the theme of Mars happening now, which Acuyta-bhava defines as one of explosive dynamism including: conflict, contention, courage, action and frustration of the will.  As Mars is getting past the square to Saturn, which has been discussed at length above, it is heading to meet up with Pluto, “which tends to detonate a lot deeper, more primal eruptions of force,” like controversy, scandal, and contentiousness, or  Acyuta-bhava says. It could include exposing something, facing something or accepting a challenge and digging deep to find hidden strength.


The moon squares Jupiter and Pluto and heads toward Saturn—the triple threat in Capricorn, which Austin Coppock calls “the font of all woe” in September and October.  While Jupiter expands what it connects with—and the moon is emotions and feelings—and the angle is stressful and tense, there could be increased emotions.  Pluto intensifies and affects things deeply, keeps things hidden, and represents government institutions and leaders.  The ongoing square between Mars and these difficult planets in heavy Capricorn, and now the moon, can bring out exasperating emotions, a desire for comfort and security, and the sense of not knowing what to do.  The new moon will oppose Mars and square the Capricorn trio again in two weeks, so we are not done drinking from Austin’s font of all woe.

The Water Trio talks a lot about Venus going into Virgo today and staying there for a good four weeks.  Alicia Yusuf tells us that Venus goes from Leo, where it is performative and dramatic, to Virgo, where it is “discerning.” She says, “I find Venus in Virgo…could be a time in your life where you’re looking at the people you surround yourself with…at those you connect to and you’re being very discerning about, ‘Okay, does that work for me anymore?’ “ 

Venus also represents style and fashion and in Virgo it is more about being effective, efficient and simple taste and classic style, all with attention to detail. Cass Tyndall adds that, where style is concerned, “it has to have a practical purpose,” and that less is more. She says, too, that when you think of Venus as an expression of love, in Virgo it may be done through acts of service—“what I can do for people to show that I care about them…as opposed to what can I tell you or what can I buy for you.”  

Kelly Surtees agrees, and adds that when she sees Venus in Virgo in a birth chart, it is often “someone who has a really specific talent or skill, something that is useful…a particular thing he can do.” With Venus going into Virgo as a transit, she suggests that we all can “think about what particular talent or skill do I have that I want to get better at, or that I don’t have that I’ve always wanted to learn.”

Acyuta-bhava Dasa, however, points out that by going into Virgo, Venus “takes a dive in her dignity” because in Virgo, Venus is in its fall, so, “all things Venusian are going to be on the rocks for a little bit….and that typically means things like friends, allies, the topic of women, children mothers.”  Venus in Virgo could mean a whole month dedicated to talking about women’s rights, he says. “Stress and turbulence” about these and other Venusian topics will be a major concern in October. Yet, he points upsides to Venus in Virgo as being the quality of having detail-oriented, craftsmanship-like abilities related to beauty and art.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury (the rational) and Venus is the sensual, which Acyuta-bhava says when one increases, the other decreases, but they can blend in ways such as finding something that is very intellectual and rational to be sensual or erotic. (sexy secretary?). And mercury in Scorpio is at a positive angle of possibility to Venus in Virgo, and that could bring positive, communications, flirtations, perhaps. But there will also be stress, drama, contentiousness, because mercury will go retrograde in a sign whose ancient ruler is hostile Mars  and whose modern ruler is Pluto, which soon Mars will be in a tense angle to—which deepens the volatility.  So the intensified Mars, will affect the communications of Mercury in Scorpio, which will in turn affect the Venus issues of women, love and harmony, meaning there could be contention around issues related to women, children, and care or concern for them.

Rick Levine’s take on Venus going into Virgo is that while Venus generally brings in a warm, soft, inclusive vibe, the Virgo energy brings in boundaries—it makes a list of what needs to happen before it will trust or love. There is an aloofness and restraint of Venus in Virgo, Levine says.


The moon meets up with Black Moon Lilith in Aries and squares Saturn before heading into Taurus.  Pam Gregory tells us Black Moon Lilith symbolizes the raw, untamed, primitive instinctive feminine energy –she will not abide by the rules- and in this connection to the moon and Mars in Aries (the warrior in the sign of the warrior) brings up powerful assertiveness, with emotion and potential drama. In addition, Mars connects today exactly with the dwarf planet Eris, which represents chaos and discord and the impetus for people to “take to the streets in protest because they do not feel heard and believe that their rights are not being recognized.” All this in the tense angle to Saturn brings in the element of discipline and restriction, likely by the government.

The moon moves quickly into Taurus later in the day closer to unpredictable Uranus, but not before clicking into the degree directly opposite Mercury in Scorpio.  Mercury in Scorpio can be the telling of secrets, or secret agreements being made, and the moon reaching that point triggers Uranus energy—desire for freedom, independence, unexpected action, rebellion, revolution, and possibly shake-ups even in the earth (Taurus).  The full moon on Halloween hits this point again.    

OCT 4    

Pluto’s power is stronger today as it stations direct—meaning it slows to a stop preparing to go forward once again in Capricorn.  Pam Gregory points out the significance of Plutonian issues as they relate to power, saying, “This is really about anyone who has power over you” and in Capricorn it is “representing government or big institutions, or could even be your boss or your landlord, where you are running into power and control issues in your life.” As she points out, it is certainly playing out on the world stage, but the power issues will be amplified at this time, which will build toward an angry frustration over the course of the next five days as it moves into an exact 90˚ angle (of stress and tension) with Mars.  As Pluto grows stronger in its change of direction, Pam says, “we could have another peak where there is an additional constraint, additional rules and regulations coming in for society.”

Rick Levine focuses on how slowly Pluto is moving, noting it will still be at the same degree on October 7th that it is today, confirming that it is stronger and more potent, and the energy lasts longer.

In spite of the stronger Pluto energy, October 4th is one of the more auspicious days of the month…. It could be beneficial regarding friendship or group activities, siblings and communication. 

Chris Brennan

In spite of the stronger Pluto energy, Chris Brennan says that, relatively speaking, October 4th is one of the more auspicious days of the month.  He says it could be beneficial regarding friendship or group activities, siblings and communication.  Austin notes that there is a possibility of borrowing money from a brother or sister based on the location of the sun, and Kelly ads that there could also be a benefit from financial help or a windfall which could also relate to a creative project or spending money on children (or borrowing money from children).


Pam Gregory reminds us that Mars is at its closest point to earth on this day, which brings in very strong yang energy—hot, light, active, male, expansive and energetic. This is the last time it will be at this point in Aries, she says, until 2035. 


More shake-ups as Mercury in Scorpio arrives to the point exactly opposite Uranus in Taurus, an aspect that will affect the whole month.  This aspect could bring surprising or shocking news, some disclosure coming out, Pam Gregory tells us. “Uranus is about truth, the piercing sword of truth,” she explains. So it could be significant, but then again, how much more shocking can things get? (Don’t ask).

Kelly Surtees reminds us that this first opposition of mercury (communication, speaking) and Uranus (surprise, unexpected, shock or disruption) is the debate between the Vice-Presidential candidates.

Mercury being in Scorpio could lead to big reveals, he says, since Scorpio has a secretive nature, and as a sign ruled by Mars, it could involve things like spies or controversial secret issues. 

Acyuta-bhava Dasa

Acyuta-bhava points out that this opposition of Mercury to Uranus is one of the more dynamic transits of the month, because it will repeat through Mercury’s retrograde period.  Uranus combined with Mercury brings “original thoughts and ideas, striking or controversial news, opinions, information, or gossip, or sudden dramatic announcements, the unexpected message in the mail, or something interesting around technology and communications,” he tells us.  Mercury being in Scorpio could lead to big reveals, he says, since Scorpio has a secretive nature, and as a sign ruled by Mars, it could involve things like spies or controversial secret issues.  Opposite Uranus, there could be sudden unexpected erratic or rebellious responses, he adds. As Mars moves into the tense angle to Pluto on the 9th, this information could be explosive, bringing breakthroughs or sudden change.  So, he warns, “be aware of the shock and awe campaign that you will see in terms of things that pop up in the news.

Rick Levine notes that Mercury and Uranus are the lower and higher octave of the same energy related to our thinking.  The opposition between them, he says, can create intense sparks of awareness, and with Mercury in Scorpio, perception is enhanced—it is a researcher looking more deeply, bringing things out into the open. Uranus in Taurus likes to change but because Taurus likes the status quo, the change does not come quickly. However, with Mercury opposing it, it could be a “potent release of information,” he believes.


Mars is exactly square to Pluto, which Pam Gregory notes is another show of “might makes right.”  At this point, Mars begins to get some distance from Saturn. But, Austin points out that while there is relief from that distancing, with Pluto right behind it, the relief is short-lived at best.  As Rick Levine frequently points out, Mars at 90˚ away from Pluto is like walking through a really dangerous neighborhood with a likelihood of bad guys waiting to attack—literally or figuratively.  Soon the sun will be hitting those Capricorn planets at these same tense square angles. 

This is the moment of explosive catharsis that Acyuta-bhava talked about on the 7th, “that has a little bit of a nuclear feeling to it.” The last time Mars was at this hard, square angle to Pluto was when the explosion occurred in Lebanon. It reflects an explosive moment, a powerful level of change in transformation that can escalate really quickly.

Rick Levine says there is an interesting aspect that goes along with the Mars square to Pluto—and that is connecting each of them to Venus in Virgo with sesquisquare (135˚ angle)—or a square-and-a-half between Venus and each of those two planets. This, he says, forms an aspect called Thor’s Hammer—”a potent, powerful wrath of a hammer coming down” related to something Venusian—love or money.  Venus is also at a 150˚ quincunx angle to Chiron, which he explains means something is not right. Deep power structures may be resisting, and we begin to see there is more going on than anyone realizes at first. This, he says, is a powerful time, and the energy will intensify and get deeper with Mars being square to Pluto.

This forms an aspect called Thor’s Hammer—”a potent, powerful wrath of a hammer coming down” related to something Venusian—love or money. 

Rick Levine

OCT 11

Today the sun in Libra is 90˚ away from Jupiter in Capricorn.  Since it is a square aspect, Cass Tyndall says that “people might see that and think that’s a bad thing, but I think the sun sharing space with Jupiter, technically, you have the brightest star—the two kings of the sky—it’s very regal, very powerful.” She adds that in this connection they could represent a negotiation or compromise.  On another level, it could be telling us, Cass says, that we have been too generous and we’ve overdone it, or we have given too much of something, bitten off more than we could chew, and now it is time to renegotiate those conditions or to realize that we may have gone too far. Perhaps we have too many things on our plate and have overextended ourselves, or she says it could be the other way around.  “If you haven’t been extending yourself in a level of generosity, or maybe stretching your perception or your ideas around something, this is going to be a kind of highlight where you know good things can come out if you’re prepared to make some type of adjustment or compromise.” In other words, it could be telling us to work a bit harder and stretch yourself, or maybe you need to pull back a little.

Kelly Surtees suggests it could be a “hit of confidence or a boost of optimism” or to get a complement or good news that makes you feel better about yourself.  However, she cautions that we should not overestimate our abilities or exaggerate what we can do and not go overboard—but all-in-all she sees it as one of the nicer aspects for mood and mindset. 

Alicia Yusuf points out that the two noble planets (sun and Jupiter) are both in signs that are not good for either one’s strengths, which suggests to her that “it’s almost like two kings that have ended a battle on the losing side, but they’ve realized they can join together to win, so there is a sense of…optimism from joining forces.”

Acyuta-bhava reminds us that Jupiter in Capricorn is in a position of weakness, and it is in a connection of possibility to Neptune in Pisces, which can lead to “delusional beliefs, conspiracy theories, questioning the truth, and feeling like your sense of hope is being challenged or even broken open in some way.”  It is a time of wondering what is true, and a test of faith in the integrity of the universe or the world.  But with Jupiter moving quickly in a forward direction now that it has turned around from its retrograde period, it is on the way out of this sign that weakens it. 

Another thing to look for when Jupiter is connecting with Neptune, he tells us, is “false or grandiose displays of strength or ego, so don’t be seduced by them now.”

As the sun comes into a 90˚ angle from Jupiter, it will be close to exact opposition to Mars—which will be exact on the 13th.  Rick Levine tells us that a T-square forms between Mars and the sun being opposed, and each one squaring one of the planets in the Capricorn cluster (which are close together and bonded in their energy)—this is a problem, he says, but it is also a seed for creativity.  “Conflict can be resolved from awareness with intention and communication.” But, he notes, there is no easy solution or easy out.

OCT 12

Chris Brennan points out that Venus in Virgo will be in a sextile (60˚ angle) to Mercury in Scorpio, opening up possibilities that are positive for finding out a helpful detail, some harmonious communication or discussions, and possibly short distance travel.  Venus will also be at a harmonious angle to Uranus, meaning there could be a surprise or future-oriented aspect to this opportunity. Some surprise good news, happy thoughts, or even unexpected financial information.  Kelly brings up the connection to Jupiter in Capricorn to the Venus/Uranus aspect, since that would (even at a somewhat wide orb) bring it to a grand trine—a very positive, harmonious connection. [And Jupiter in such an agreeable position to Venus, is often considered to be the lottery aspect (my input)].

People are beginning to see through the veil of illusion and seeing the potential and possibility of perhaps creating a society built upon higher ideals, rather than structures, hierarchies, money and power.

Rick Levine

This sextile (opportunity) between Venus and Mercury is what Rick Levine calls binary—two ways to resolve tension since each is connected to Uranus.  One, he says, is by Mercury opposing Uranus, which brings about sparks, a tug of war, awakening and awareness.  The other –a harmonious trine (120˚) angle between Uranus and Venus—is the saving grace that can draw in the moral high road that, with Virgo in the mix, is more discriminating in what we decide to choose. 

He also notes that this higher vision also comes in today through Jupiter in Capricorn being at an angle of possibility to Neptune in Pisces. This angle (sextile) has shown its face throughout the year, from the first time it was exact on February 20th, the second on July 27th, and now on October 12, which is the third and final time in these signs.   “Jupiter and Neptune are like kissing cousins,” Levine tells us.  In his video, he gives a longer, detailed explanation, but Jupiter is the personalized for of beliefs, our path, our philosophy and how we grow to reach out into the real world.  Neptune is more transpersonal, extending beyond the individual to being related more to humankind, life, the cosmos.  With Jupiter and Neptune together at a harmonious angle, it is, he says, “like downloading a vision,” and it is shared throughout the collective—a sense of what is possible, a Utopian vision. People are beginning to see through the veil of illusion (Neptune), Levine says, and seeing the potential and possibility of perhaps creating a society built upon higher ideals, rather than structures, hierarchies, money and power.

OCT 13

Mercury in Scorpio goes retrograde until election day in the U.S.—November 3rd, which brings another set of communication issues. It can also go back over deep feelings, hidden information or documents, secrets that could come out when Mercury goes direct again in November. 

Mars is also exactly opposed to the sun in Libra, and both are forming a T-square to the Capricorn Cluster of planets (Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn)—the font of all woe.  Chris Brennan notes that this is the halfway point of Mars’ journey backwards through Aries, and now Mercury is going retrograde, which he notes “opens up a weird stage where the sun is between Mars and Saturn from then until after the new moon on the 16th.” Kelly points out that today begins the sun besiegement through the 18th, when it hits all the squares to the Capricorn Cluster and the new moon in Libra will fall into that time period, which brings pressure to the new phase that the new moon brings in.   

Pam Gregory reminds us that Mars can bring social unrest, especially in close proximity to Eris, and the sun in Libra brings up a sense of justice, fairness and equality.  In addition to this T-square, she notes, Neptune is in a T-square to the north node and the south node of the moon (that will be exact in early January). This is about our future evolution and can bring an overwhelming confusion or drama related to what is true and what is not. Mercury heading retrograde adds to that misunderstanding and lack of clarity.  The best way to incorporate Neptune, Pam says, is to use its higher signification of spirituality, unconditional love, and healing, because what we put our focus on – the polarity and duality, or the higher vibration of light, love  and appreciation—is what we will perceive and receive.

Acyuta-bhava Dasa calls the sun in Libra opposite Mars in Aries a showdown between diplomacy, fairness, equality and harmony (Libra) and the Mars/Aries traits of individualistic, aggressive, dominating, drive to win. Both are in tense square angles to Pluto at this time, adding a sense of not just fighting (Mars), but fighting dirty against an appropriate expression of power and justice (the sun in Libra).  “The sun in Libra looks like the statesman facing a Machiavellian gauntlet of some kind—what does it take to win? What does it mean to be fair? What is worth compromising on or sacrificing?” he explains, adding that it is probably one of the most intense moments in the month that brings up the idea of whether or not we are fighting fairly or it it is always right to fight fair.

The sun in Libra opposite Mars in Aries a showdown between diplomacy, fairness, equality and harmony and the Mars/Aries traits of individualistic, aggressive, dominating, drive to win.

Acyuta-bhava dasa

In connection to Mercury going retrograde in Scorpio, Acyuta-bhava says we will start to see the death of mars.  But until then (after the new moon in Libra) we have about 10 days of “super packed Mars drama….a battle of words, ideas, secrets and exposing things, fair fighting versus domineering, and the bully versus the right.”

OCT 15

The sun is square to Pluto in Capricorn, and today we have the second presidential debate, if it even occurs. This also has the potential of tension, conflict, combative and extreme forces of the energy of the first debate when Mars was exactly square to Saturn on September 29th. Pluto brings power struggles and obsessions, but the sun can shine a light on things that are hidden and possibly nefarious (Pluto traits). These qualities can come out in the debate if it takes place. Aside from the debate, in an individual reading, there is also the same energy at play, and what will be affected depends on the part of the natal chart it falls in.

The moon enters Libra on the 15th and as it moves toward the sun in Libra into the position of the New Moon, it goes through the Capricorn cluster and opposes Mars one by one before meeting the sun, and a few hours later is in a tense square angle to Saturn.  “This is like an instant replay of all of the 2020 issues going all the way back to the Saturn/Pluto conjunction on January 12, which…was the day of the first recorded, announced recorded mortality from COVID-19,” Rick Levine points out.  AS the new moon occurs and is hitting all these points, more developments can occur. 

OCT 16

As the moon meets up with the sun in Libra, the sun is still opposing Mars in Aries (within 2˚). Chris Brennan’s group notes that the sun is also closely square (90˚ away from) Pluto and getting ready to square Saturn, which brings in restriction, duty, obligation and limitation.  Kelly and Austin describe this new moon energy as “Trying to plant the New Moon seed between the trenches” (Austin), “on barren soil or on rocks” (Kelly), “while being shot at” (Austin).  While people normally set intentions for what they want to see happen after this new moon, Kelly suggests this is not the typical new moon for that purpose.  Instead Austin offers the idea of setting an intention to protect things or keep things from being damaged.  Kelly summarizes it, “Pruning, preservation, protection—Rather than start new things, protect what is around me or stop, limit, or curb in one way.”   

Acyuta-bhava describes this new moon in terms of Venus and Mars.  The last moon cycle was hosted by Mars (Aries), and the new moon cycle is hosted by Venus (Libra).  Venus is getting closer to leaving the sign where it is weak (Virgo) and going into Libra at the end of the month, where, he says, “Venus picks up a whole bunch of dignity.”  So, this Venus/Libra energy brings a balance of justice and fairness for the end of the month, which is bringing Mars to the end of its strength, after we’ve experienced what he calls “a very marsy month of very explosive mars-like transits.” It will be a significant turning point which he believes will be palpable, especially if we have personally been “grappling with more contentious energies, limitation, constraint, frustration of will and contentious qualities in other people.”

Again, Rick Levine notes that the moon in Libra is squaring the Capricorn cluster and opposing Mars, bringing back resistance, frustration, and conflicting power structures.

OCT  17

Another Venus transit to watch for is Venus in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces.  This, we are told by Acyuta-bhava Dasa, can be dreamy and pleasant, “kind of like going to a spa for the whole day or on a scenic drive near the ocean.” Conversely, he adds, it could also be “the moment you find out that someone has been unfaithful, there has been some level of deception, or there could be intoxication, illusion and fantasy.  It would also be easy to spend too much, eat too much or become decadent in some way.”

Rick Levine talks about Venus in Virgo opposing Neptune (which is also on the 18th) as being “the dream opposite the fantasy.”  Jupiter’s connection to Neptune, close to a trine with Venus becomes an important piece of this puzzle, he says, by adding the steadiness of Capricorn and a way to grow and learn from the dream/fantasy connection.

OCT 18

Mars goes into a stressful square to Jupiter, which Acyuta-bhava describes as “mars on steroids,” and not much different from the Mars/Pluto energy we dealt with on the 10th. The key words for the day include: assertiveness, aggressiveness, taking action, conflict, domination, and ruthless impulsiveness.  But, also, courage, taking a stand, and the need to do something.  Jupiter exaggerates these Martian qualities, so forewarned is forearmed. 

OCT 19 -21

Venus forms a trine to Jupiter causing harmonious energy to flow, and Mars forms a square to Jupiter on the same day, which can bring in an abundance of aggression, overinflation of structure, and too much assertion.  Venus is in a quincunx (150˚) angle to Mars—which forms a learning triangle among the three planets, bringing an opportunity, Levine says, to master something that is difficult to master, but it is also a good news/bad news aspect.

Mercury also backs into an opposition with Uranus again on the 19th, adding to the mid-month intensity of energy. 

By the 21st, Rick Levine reminds us that Venus in earthy Virgo is forming positive connections with Pluto and Saturn this week. Today’s trine (120˚ angle) to Pluto, he says, brings in a desire to things that are deep, and not being willing to stay on the surface. 

Oct 23 -24

The sun moves from Libra into Scorpio highlighting secrets, hidden or nefarious dealings, related to financial matters, issues connected to sex (maybe reproductive rights?), or things related to death (could it be the COVID statistics?).  Mercury, Rick Levine say,s is moving backward toward the sun as it moves forward through Scorpio. 

On the 24th, Venus makes its last trine to the Capricorn trio in its meeting with stabilizing Saturn.  It is a “very powerful day to do magic that lasts,” Levine says. The magic is helped by the moon moving through Capricorn a day or two earlier, intensifying all the energy. 

OCT 25 -27

Mercury conjuncts the sun on October 25 which is a powerful, intensifying alignment of thought and will….In Scorpio he tells us, “No more Mr. Nice Guy.  We want to deal with this, taking an extreme stand and acting on it.”

Rick Levine

Mercury conjuncts the sun on October 25 which is a powerful, intensifying alignment of thought and will, Levine says, because when the two planets were together in Libra, they were looking for a fair and balanced approach to communication and agreement.  In Scorpio, however, he tells us, “No more Mr. Nice Guy.  We want to deal with this, taking an extreme stand and acting on it.”

Mercury re-enters Libra by the 27th and will be “seeking balance and fair play rather than Scorpio’s pointed potency,” Levine notes. Venus moves from Virgo into Libra almost immediately after that, and at that time both Venus and Mercury are in Libra, the timing of which is a very rare occurrence. “We will be able to feel this,” Levine says.

Kelly Surtees notes that it is striking when two personal planets jump into the same sign at the same time—it is good for Venus since it rules Libra and puts a focus on those things –justice, harmony, relationships, values—but it can be a dynamic energy for Mercury. While the Libra energy with Venus there can have a positive effect on communication and issues related to what is good for others, both planets in Libra are now adding to the emphasis on the cardinal energy this month—ushering new things in—but it is also putting them back into tense aspects with the Capricorn cluster of planets and with Mars in Aries.

This is the point, too, where Acyuta-bhava Dasa has said that is the turning point where the Mars energy shifts to more agreeable, or at least fair and balanced Venus energy.

OCT 30

The sun opposes Uranus today, which Acyuta-bhava Dasa describes as “a moment usually of clarification and sort of like the light breaking through the clouds, or lightning illuminating the dark and striking down old structures.”  It is a liberating energy, he says that brings us into an ending when the moon joins Uranus in opposition of the sun the next day, on Halloween.

OCT 31

Photo by Neven Krcmarek on Unsplash

What is more quintessential than a full moon on Halloween, and this one is the second full moon this month—also referred to as a “blue moon.”  The fact that it is at the same degree as Uranus is not only dealing with an ending (full moon) but it could be unexpected or disruptive (Uranus) when it happens—and, as Austin points out, it is coming within days of the U.S. election. 

Kelly Surtees notes that in the past, before Uranus was parked in Taurus, full moons in Taurus were considered to be a good thing, which Chris described as more stable and grounded.  But with Uranus there, it destabilizes the sign and the aspects that occur in the sign. She also adds that while the Uranus process of change can be tumultuous, “think about Uranus as change that leads to new freedom, because it usually has an outcome worth getting to—but not always.”

Austin’s comment was that what we can expect is “more shocking turns of events in the news, and probably the earth will do destabilization as well.  To manage Taurus with Uranus there, we need to take action that brings stability through destabilization or shock, he says.  Chris suggests seeking stability through radical changes, for example, “people upending and relocating to change their scenery.”

Kelly sums it up that “When things are not going the way you want them to, the change can jolt you into a new sense of experiences.”

Acyuta-bhava Dasa adds that Taurus as the exultation of the moon and a sign ruled by Venus, can bring in “emboldened Venus energy …that also has its signature breakthrough” of freedom, clarification and harmony.  His take is that this is the time that clears up the heaviness, like the rain that ends the drought.  He also can’t help but point out that it is a tease for November and the election, with Mercury going direct on election day and forming a tense square to Saturn (which represents delays, limitations and the authority).  “I find that very interesting considering all the different things that could come up with the vote…and that mercury (news, decisions, agreements) is turning direct in the sign (Libra) of the scales [of justice], balance, harmony and truth,” he adds. 

Rick Levine also uses the word “freedom” in his comments on this blue moon, but he stresses that things will be “totally unpredictable” and that progress could be made through something new that is unexpected.  “Something happens here that is really important that is unpredictable.”  And then we head into November to an election when Mercury will stop and turn direct. He notes that Mercury moves back into Scorpio on November 10th and leaves its shadow (the path it took during retrograde) on the 19th.  It stays in Scorpio until December 1. 


Rick Levine points out that this year we have had Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Mars heading retrograde at some point, and in October, the Capricorn cluster planets will be turning back to a direct motion but, Levine notes, they are crawling forward. But Uranus, Neptune, Mercury and Mars will be retrograde still.  “It has been a feeling of being stuck, almost a feeling of stagnation that has been very difficult,” he points out, adding that October is an intense and powerful month, beyond just the political events in the United States. 

“It is not until the end of January into February that we are into the next phase.”  Yet we still have lessons for 2021 and 2022, Levine reminds us, when Saturn in Aquarius, the planet of restriction, tradition, austerity and conservatism, will be at a tense angle to Uranus in Taurus, the progressive and revolutionary planet.  “We still have the deeper conflict between…the immovable structure of the past that is bumping up [to] the force of progress into the future.  Nothing is a done deal yet.”