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ASTROLOGERS THIS MONTH INCLUDE: The Astrology Podcast with Chris Brennan, Kelly Surtees, and Austin Coppock; Rick Levine; Pam Gregory’s early October and late October forecasts; and Acyuta-bhava Das.


Please accept our apologies for the lateness and incompleteness of this month’s article. Half the month was written early on, and true-to-form, the Mercury retrograde hit my computer on the day I had planned to post last week with a crash of Word documents in progress. Thinking it all was saved — and maybe it had been–when attempting to post the article, the file was just a bare bones beginning to what had been written. It had suddenly, unexpectedly (Uranus) disappeared. This will be corrected in the next few days. For now, please accept the Daily Details below, covering up to just before the Full Moon on the 20th. The month will be brought up to date asap. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

Daily Details:


Today, thoughtful Mercury going back over discussions and thoughts as it heads retrograde through diplomatic Libra, and it makes its second challenging square to powerful Pluto in Capricorn, the sign of big government and big business. This could potentially bring up angry words, according to Pam Gregory, and possibly regarding the law, since Libra rules justice. Libra is ruled by Venus, which is in Sagittarius—another sign that deals with legal matters. So, Pam notes her feeling that “this is a very big month for potential legalities. There are hundreds of cases going on all over the world,” and they would me on mainstream media, she adds, since Mercury –the planet of communication—is involved.  At the same time, Pluto is forming a volatile square to disruptive, streetfighter Eris in combative, impulsive Aries, which means that Mercury is opposing Eris to form a t-square, a difficult aspect in itself, but with the combination of planets here, it can bring on angry words for fairness and justice, in an environment of mayhem and grittiness, Pam says, but with the intention of bringing things to a higher level.  Fighting for justice against the top-down government rules and regulations, and looking for balance and fairness through rethinking, re-arguing the issues with intensity.

Pam adds that Mercury is exactly conjunct the fixed star Arcturus and will also be at this same point on November 1.  She points out that mystic Edgar Cayce called Arcturus the highest civilization in the Galaxy, and she adds that it is seen as a guide for souls “to their evolutionary fulfillment.”

The Astrology Podcast group –Chris Brennan, Austin Coppock, and in her last appearance on the podcast, Kelly Surtees—Kelly notes that Pluto offers an investigative quality, intensity, as well as a desire for control.  It can, she says, relate to understanding human behavior, or the hidden side of the conscious mind.  When Mercury is square to Pluto it is like truth serum and getting to the heart or core of secrets, hidden issues, or speaking about private things. 

Austin adds that it can relate to issues of visibility versus invisibility, or that something that is not visible suddenly becomes visible, or a secret is disclosed, things that suddenly appear and then disappear, as a ghost, or that pop out of nowhere.  He notes that Mercury is intellectually capable of “going to places the heart would die from…obsessive, underworld explorations,” and “getting stuck or lost in the literal underworld.” It can be a “rift in the fabric of a normal, real experience.”

Chris adds that there is a quality of a person hiding and of a person trying to find something, hiding things they don’t want to be found that can be unearthed long after—with a quality of disclosure.  There is, he adds, the notion of obsessiveness, compulsive behavior, and taking something small and making it big, as this aspect of Mercury square Pluto is enhanced by Mercury forming a harmonious angle to expansive Jupiter.  This could, Austin points out, relate to a “quest for the truth” and what Chris notes as being “blowing it up and making it a bigger story” as it gets to a “truth of something that someone does not want to divulge.”


Acyuta-bhava Das calls this new moon that is connected to Mars (and at a wider orb, Mercury retrograde)  in Libra, “a big log jam.”  This is, he says, a “powerful and rare configuration.”   Mars in the heart of the sun is not visible and is being renewed. Mars brings the power and energy, and Mercury brings the strategy, thought, decisions.  In Libra it can relate to finding balance, arbitration, fairness, but also something controversial that needs some kind of “intellectual communicative configuration.”  We will, basically, be faced with tackling a different or difficult situation, with tact and diplomacy.

Kelly Surtees from the AstrologyPodcast, says this is not a typical new moon. The conjunction of combative Mars to the new moon, she adds, gives it “a shock quality, a prickly something.” Mars being in the heart of the the sun brings irritation, annoyance, frustration, she says, and we bear the brunt of it.

Austin Coppock adds that “there will be a few coals or embers, or hot nuggets at the new moon.”  Mars, he adds, is weak in fair and balanced Libra—its exile—as well as being overcome by the sun. It could be, “there is some little itch that may turn out later to be bigger, like poison ivy.

Chris Brennan says there is a divisive quality to Mars, generally, but when it is in Libra, it is more pleasant, and Austin suggested it was like “being insulting in a way that is fun,” like comedy battles by comics insulting each other with artistic flair. Or, as Kelly adds, the expression in the US South, “Bless your heart,” which is sweet words that are meant as a condescending insult.

Mars in Libra, Austin added, also brings to mind a workout that is less combative and more artistic, or gentle—like Tae Kwondo, or Capoeira. Kelly brought up that Libra’s focus on relationships could mean asking friends to do things like yoga together, or going to the gym.

Pam Gregory pointed out that Mars, which normally “has to act, has to fight, has to do,” in Libra needs to fight or act for others or for truth, as well as for justice.  She notes that this triple conjunction of the sun, moon and Mars is also at an uncomfortable angle to unpredictable Uranus in Taurus.  Pam says we should “expect some surprises, some things coming out of the blue, expect some truths because Uranus is the higher truth coming out of the blue to get us to a higher level of being.”   

Rick Levine points out that Mars in Libra has to be the diplomat, go between, counselor or mediator.  And the quincunx to Uranus brings “a sense of irrepressible energy for radical upheaval energy….Uranus is not fitting in.”  Mercury, which was at a harmonious trine angle to Jupiter a few days ago, is still connected to that energy, which he says is about communication, hope and optimism. 

In addition, Levine points out that in Aquarius, the halfway point between Saturn and Jupiter is 14˚, which is a harmonious trine angle to the new moon/mars conjunction.  This he says tells him that “if we can figure out how to take the big ideas of Jupiter, the optimism, the idealism of Jupiter and the reality and the authority and the structures of Saturn, the new moon gives us a way to create something new here” with these qualities.

Mercury is also close to the New Moon and Mars and adds its own energy. On top of that, Mercury is connecting to Neptune, with an uncomfortable quincunx angle, which Pam says “can be linked to the media or disinformation…this could be more truths coming…because the fog is now clearing.”  Mercury is also in a t-square with Eris and Pluto, which potentially, Pam notes, can bring up angry words, and issues around the law (Libra). This could be in the media or in angry words on the street, she adds, that are meant to get us to a higher place. 


Acyuta-bhava Das notes that the time between October 6 and 9 will set the tone for the entire lunar cycle (month) ahead, which brings, he says, “social intellectual qualities…executive rational qualities of the mind and how they’re trying to make peace with something or how they’re trying to address or tackle a different, a difficult situation.” Mars is at the heart of the sun during the new moon, which is a cazimi, resetting Mars’ energy– and the next day (today, the 7th) Mercury and Mars head toward each other and meet up as Mars leaves the sun behind. Contentious Mars energy plus thoughtful and talkative Mercury connecting in Libra could lead to “an empowered moment of decision making, strategizing, addressing difficult situations with tact, carefulness, strategy, fairness, balance and symmetry.” It could, he adds, mean being served court documents, or needing to say something that will be controversial. Libra helps keep things diplomatic.

Rick Levine reminds us that agreeable Venus moves into the broadminded and adventurous sign of Sagittarius, which he describes as “a breath of fresh air,” and “uplifting,” since it has been sitting in deep, secretive Scorpio—which is like a cavern of hidden secrets compared to “out there” Sagittarius. It gives us, he says, “the potential of wanting something beyond the present moment,” and being ruled by Jupiter, it could go so far as denying what is real—taking things a bit too far and “just focusing on the ideal.” But overall, he sees it as a time of hope, feeling good and being able to move .

Kelly Surtees says that positive Venus moving out of Scorpio, where it was in detriment or exile after leaving its home in Libra, is more hopeful and light now that it has entered Sagittarius. “Things are going now, not anywhere in particular, but we’re not spinning our wheels anymore.”

Austin Coppock adds that the big thing about happy Venus in expansive Sagittarius is the enthusiasm it brings for something fun and worth doing. It brings purposeful, meaningful passion, with beneficial motivation. However, he does bring up that in a couple of days—on the 9th—there will be a glitch in the Venus/Sag party.

Pam Gregory reminds us that Sagittarius is the truth, and Venus brings in the potential for legalities and court cases to become more prominent—with Sagittarius representing legal matters at the highest levels and Venus—ruler of Libra, which represents justice and fairness. Mercury in Libra brings a communicative aspect to Venus’ focus, so Pam notes there could be mainstream media bringing these court cases out, but with thinking planet Mercury meeting angry Mars in Libra, as well as connecting to the Eris/Pluto battle in a challenging way, there could be angry words for fairness and justice, feisty and chaotic actions that are done with the purpose of creating a better result. Mercury is also hitting the fixed star Arcturus, which Edgar Cayce called “the highest civilization in the galaxy,” she says. She adds that Arcturus’ symbolism is to help guide souls to their evolutionary fulfillment. Pam sees this as a high-level hotline that downloads higher galactic knowledge to the world. “We’re plugging back into the galaxy in a bigger way.” With Pluto in the mix, it could bring intensity to the process.


Pam Gregory notes that Pluto is exactly square to Eris today for the final time this year, and says that, like the Saturn/Uranus 90˚ square that will be exact on December 23-24 for the last time this year, it means it is a “kind of crunch time, it’s like being squeezed…but there’s also awakening activity at the same time,” which she says could be one or the other effect—being squeezed under or being popped out to a completely different state.  Pam says that cardinal signs—Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn—will be feeling the intensity in their lives in some way.

Rick Levine points out that today, Mercury retrogrades back into Mars as Mars moves forward away from the sun, which also connects with and then passes Mercury, while all are in a fairly close harmonious trine angle to the midpoint between Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius.  Mercury and Mars can be volatile or angry words, or brave words—and in Libra, it is likely in a fight for what is fair.

Chris Brennan points out that after Mercury conjuncts the sun it is “usually a turning point to get resolution of earlier issues that happened at the beginning of the Mercury retrograde period.”  However, when it comes away from the sun, it connects with Mars right away and, he says, it becomes divisive.

Kelly Surtees notes that it can also related to a premature announcement or dialing one back.  “It can lead to difficult or tense discussions, be a time when you are stressed out or obsessing mentally,” which she suggests would be good to manage this weekend.

Meanwhile, in the sign of intelligent, independent Sagittarius, happy Venus has met up with the South Node which Rick Levine points out “ties things into something in the past or historical because the south node often has to do with regressive timing.”    And at one point the emotional moon comes in to join the party.

Chris Brennan notes that Venus meeting the South Node can do very specific things including decreasing things. It could mean a decrease in work, commitment.  Kelly Surtees said that Venus meets the South Node once every 18 years, only once or twice.  “We didn’t get the combo of the moon plus Venus with the South Node….”

Austin Coppock commented that he sees it as a temporary disappearance of something. “They were doing this, and not they are not.” The South Node eclipse, he calls it, in which “things disappear through that gateway temporarily.”

OCT 10

Rick Levine points out that Saturn makes its station (stops moving backward in the sky) as it prepares to move forward. However, he notes that “when the slower outer planets change direction, they’re really holding still for a long time, which builds intensity and power….”  This can become frustrating because while we are ready for things to start moving again, we are sitting and waiting a little longer. 

Kelly Surtees notes that Saturn changes direction today in Aquarius, preceding Jupiter’s shift in direction in the same sign by a week.  She adds that “it feels like longer projects and Aquarian things or your chart position progress forward, putting things into play or building on those.”

Austin points out that the movement of Saturn in a direct motion is setting the stage for the third (challenging) Saturn/Uranus square in December, by “mutual application…. Both are coming at each other” like the worst kind of car crash.  Jupiter, in the meantime, wants to just get out of there and head back to Pisces, he says—and it will begin to head back there in a week.

Pam Gregory says that since “Saturn represents very contracting energy…there may be more about rules and regulations, and for your own safety…you’ve got to have social responsibility.” So it is, she says, a reality check of some kind. 

Acyuta-bhava Das says that this Saturn station is good news, because “anytime a planet is moving direct, especially when a planet is dignified (in its own sign, as Saturn is in Aquarius)…it means you’re going to start getting a more effective version of that planet. Whatever house that Aquarius is in in the birth chart could shift in a positive way.  “You might notice a pretty significant change or shift of momentum…” and that it could change a lack of motivation or inspiration, or a temporary setback into a change of momentum. 

OCT 11

Acyuta-bhava Das notes that from the 11th to the 19th, there is a series of planets moving direct, which will have us talking about this October. 

OCT 13

Positive Venus in Sagittarius forms an angle of opportunity for good outcomes with disciplined, hard-working Saturn. Sagittarius can be legal or educational matters, philosophical and religious issues, or international cultures and travel. Saturn in Aquarius can be either working hard independently, or in an alternative way, or it could be discipline related to the community, the collective bringing the potential for happier things in Sagittarian themes.

OCT 15-16

The sun highlights generous Jupiter issues with a harmonious angles from fair and balanced Libra to intellectual, community-oriented Aquarius.  This, Chris Brennan says, is a big aspect.  The sun highlights what is good and beneficial.  Rick Levine points out that the moon will be meeting up with Jupiter in Aquarius today, bringing extra light and emotions to the sun lighting up Jupiter amicably from 120˚ away.  “There’s a sweetness here, not only because of the sun trining Jupiter but also that Venus is moving into a trine with Chiron, that is exact on the 16th.”  The sun shining on Jupiter is, Levine says, confident, buoyant, optimizing, hopeful, and opportunity.  Venus in the same angle to Chiron can bring a positive healing or lesson.  Venus is also sextile to Mercury while it is trine to Chiron on the 16th.  This, Austin says, will “cool Mercury off from its exposure to Mars.” 

Acyuta-bhava Das notes that this begins the period through the 22nd when a series of challenges to dominant, secretive Pluto take place.  This time period, he says, brings with it “a lot of Plutonian dynamism and a sort of explosive Plutonian energy coming through.”  We will have the sun and Mars ahead of us challenging Pluto, which he notes can be anything from nuclear to enlightening, reviving and revitalizing, including additional strength, power and confidence.  On the other hand, he notes “it can also highlight the darker aspects of elements of power, the ego and so forth.”

OCT 17-18

Jupiter is the next planet to stop and be stationary before turning back in its trek toward Pisces.  It’s time for him to head back out of Aquarius.  Pam Gregory says, “If Saturn is contraction, Jupiter is expansion,” which changes the energy from a week ago into a vision of a bigger and better future. She notes Jupiter’s connection to long-distance travel and freedom.  “There will be quite a surge around the 17th on those issues.” 

On the same day, Pam points out, the Sun is in a challenging, tense t-square with Eris and Pluto, where Mercury was a few days ago.  This, she says, is very strong astrology. 

Rick Levine notes that this aspect of the sun squaring Pluto is one of a series of the planets in Libra (Mercury and Mars, as well) forming this tense angle to jealous, sneaky Pluto.  Pluto represents things that are happening beneath the surface, which Levine says is “difficult energy because there’s some power plays going on here.”  Mars will form the same angle with Pluto in a few days, and Levine points out that right now “we are getting positive energy from trines” this week, as Mars is preparing to form its positive angle to Jupiter, and that gives us optimism. However, as the week goes on, Pluto’s jealousy, possession, transformation can “get pretty nasty pretty quickly” when people are not working toward the common good of all. “As soon as people start working toward amassing political power or bending facts out of shape, to better their own position…rather than doing what’s good for the people, Pluto doesn’t like that….”  

Speaking of Mercury, by the 18th that also stops in the sky at around 10˚ of Libra and prepares to move back through that sign, bringing another change of momentum, Pam says, that will likely bring greater clarity.

Austin Coppock notes that the simultaneous stationing of Mercury and Jupiter on the same day is “nice” because it “clarifies the way forward.” 

Kelly Surtees brings up the fact that fiery Mars will aspect expansive Jupiter while Jupiter is putting on the brakes to turn around.  “We might have shit to deal with ahead of us, but now we’re taking steps.”  Looking at the month of October “collectively,” she notes, “we are looking to what is next and where are we going and less of where we have been and what are we doing.”  Austin Coppock adds, “To whatever degree it is positive or negative, now for the next act.”

OCT 19

Action-oriented Mars in relationship-focused Libra is forming a cooperative angle to optimistic, wise Jupiter.  Both are in signs related to the law or justice.  Rick Levine says this aspect brings “sustained positive energy” along with enthusiasm, confidence, that helps to “put our beliefs into motion to physically work toward what we want.”  He sees these times as extremely positive.

OCT 20

An important thing to note about this full moon, Acyuta-bhava Das tells us, is that the sun is coming into the exact opposition to the moon (the Full Moon aspect) just after it has been in a square to intense, secretive and fanatical Pluto on the 17th. As the sun gets to the point of an exact opposition to the moon—when the moon is full—forceful Mars will form an exact square to Pluto. This, he says, indicates that there is “a lot to be revealed from the plutonian depths within the cycle.”  Pluto, he reminds us, while ultimately being a planet that gives life, is connected to death, darkness, intensity, transformation and crisis.  It can be destructive but can force a renewal process that brings things to a state of health again. Pluto is also about power and the full moon adds strength while Mars can add a bit of confrontation, he says. Yet, Mars is still in Libra, a sign ruled by harmonious Venus, and it can suggest a theme of potent regeneration.

The Astrology Podcast crew—Chris Brennan, Austin Coppock and Kelly Surtees—bring up that the Sun is in Libra and the moon is in Aries, which is ruled by Mars. The planet Mars, as noted above, is in Libra with the sun, and in its square to Pluto, Chris brings up that a Mars/Pluto combination can sometimes be “intense rage.” Austin suggests it represents “pressurized outbursts.” He adds, “It is not the most peaceful full moon,” but he points out that Jupiter in Aquarius—which is in a harmonious trine angle to Mars, is “trying to provide a constructive medium for the Mars energy,” but you can’t deny the energy of Pluto.  Kelly noted that both the new moon earlier in the month and this full moon “are very Mars in their tone,” and with the moon in a fire sign, things are bubbling over. “It could be sneak attacks with Mars being overcome by the sun,” at the time of the cazimi (Mars/sun conjunction) and that Mars bursts out from behind the light of the sun, unexpectedly, in a challenging angle to Pluto.  But she adds that “Pluto with Mars makes me think more of a discovery which can vanish with Pluto coming through.  Austin pointed out that this configuration of planets is complex. “It is an unusual Mars. It is in detriment, under combustion, ruling the full moon. It is in a positive trine to beneficent Jupiter but in a challenging square to nefarious Pluto. It is a difficult one to wholly get your mind around ahead of time.” Which could mean we have to wait and see how it all plays out.

Rick Levine points out that at this full moon, the sun in Libra “wants equanimity, it wants balance, it wants harmony, and the Aries moon wants to impulsively just blast through any of that.”  This combination, he says, wants to get things done and make something happen, with the moon wanting to express what its own feelings and motives are. The sun, however, wants balance and diplomacy but with domineering Pluto coming back, and feisty Mars setting up to be in a challenging square to the power planet, there can be a battle or an open conflict, and Pluto is feeding the conflict, he says. But, he adds, Mars can not only hit hard, it can also win the battle. It moves away from that challenge, though, to let Pluto finish up its job in Capricorn, which is to deconstruct the structures and the status quo, Levine says.

Pam Gregory builds on the Full Moon/Mars/Pluto discussion. The full moon degree point is 27˚ Libra for the sun and 27˚ Aries for the moon.  The dwarf planet Eris, she points out, is in Aries close to the moon. This, she explains, means the people (the moon) and the street fighter and goddess of discord (Eris) are both opposing warrior Mars getting churned up in the spotlight of the sun. Those planets are in a difficult square to Pluto at 24˚ of Capricorn, which is, she says, “incredibly dynamic, it produces action.”  And although Libra energy is normally peaceful, this combined aspect “can be quite combustible,” even bringing in a militaristic or warrior energy (since Mars rules Aries where the moon and Eris are now).  “If this energy is coming at you in the outside world, just try and keep your peace now,” Pam warns.  Anger, she adds, just begets more anger, and instead we can use the Aries/Mars energy in a more positive way by being passionate, courageous, and brave. Using key words for Aries, she reiterates that it is best to focus on the ideas, “I know myself…I’m very clear on who I am, and I’m aware of my personal sovereignty.”  

The combination of planets, signs and aspects bring up the likelihood, she adds, of “legal issues coming to the fore in a big way,” since Libra rules Justice. Sagittarius, rules the law, and Venus, which represents Libra energy, brings Sagittarius into the mix because it is now in that sign. So, there are connections here between the energies related to the law and justice.  Pam believes that a lot of truth will come out, but even more so in November.  “There will be people who are fighting for others, fighting for justice, fighting for truth,” and this is also connected to vocal Mercury in Libra at 10˚ opposite the healer/teacher Chiron, at about the same degree in Aries.  Chiron, she adds, is “where we feel wounded, where we feel vulnerable…that we’re on the periphery of society, but Mercury here is going to be standing up for people.” And in Libra, it will be looking for justice and fairness.

OCT 21

Rick Levine points out that today impulsive, hot-headed Mars is now forming an exact challenging square to difficult Pluto, and this, he says denotes not only power plays, but “there’s some stuff going on that’s not on the surface….Maybe there always is but right not it’s playing out loudly.” 

He also points out that the emotional moon is conjunct unpredictable Uranus in stable-prone Taurus at this time, which can “be a bit of disruptive energy.”

OCT 22

Today the sun enters secretive Scorpio (which is ruled by Pluto), but as it moves into Scorpio, it moves out of the difficult square angle to the planet Pluto, leaving Pluto to do its transformative work of “changing the caterpillar into the butterfly…so we still have some deconstruction work ahead of us,” Rick Levine says.

Pam Gregory notes that the Saturn/Uranus battle of tradition versus progressive change is close to exactness today, because those planets are at the same degree, but not the same degree and minute. That won’t happen until December, when their potency, she says, will be very noticeable in the world.  

OCT 26

Chris Brennan points out that happy, creative Venus in adventurous Sagittarius is forming a challenging square to dreamy, visionary Neptune in go-with-the-flow Pisces.  He says this aspect “may be an elusive quality or illusory quality…sometimes people need something to believe in or idealize, and [with fantasy-driven Neptune and adventurous Sagittarius] can sometimes keep going where you may not otherwise.” But that can also motivate people in a necessary way, he adds.

Austin Coppock suggests this aspect relates to a “good dream that sets you on a nice course,” and Kelly Surtees advises with this connection between Venus and Neptune, we’re better off “watching a movie, reading a book” because they make us feel as if we are in another world. Movies, she points out, are not real and “you can feel something you would not otherwise get in touch with.” Chris agrees, adding, that “movies are a Neptunian escape—suspending disbelief.”

Rick Levine, however, says this Venus/Neptune square aspect brings “confusion…the lack of knowing what’s really going on….We may be in love (Venus) with a fantasy (Neptune) or attracted to some idea that is just out in left field.” Even if we consider ourselves to be rational, sane people, in the days ahead we are in for a reality check, he warns.

Acyuta-bhava Das sees the Venus square Neptune aspect as “very romantic, a very dream transit,” adding that he loves the fact that both planets are in signs ruled by Jupiter (Sagittarius and Pisces) and that is positive since Jupiter is no longer retrograde—it is moving forward to its home sign of Pisces, where it is strong. 

OCT 28

At midday today, Rick Levine tells us that desirous Venus forms an angle of potential (a sextile) with lucky, generous Jupiter, but that Venus is forming a difficult angle (a 45˚ half square) with serious, restrictive Saturn. This brings out some stress, he says, because “Venus is thinking that everything’s going to be okay if we just focus on the big picture…” but Saturn is not going to tolerate that way of thinking because, “you need to look at the facts.”  Yet, as hopeful, optimistic Venus forms the angle of potential to hugely beneficial Jupiter, it brings back the sense that, oh yeah, things will work out and it will all be okay.  

Acyuta-bhava Das sees this Venus/Jupiter angle as “a really nice uplifting energy in the air, especially after the Plutonian day of the powerful release of the full moon.” Yet he does note that “there’s always the dangers [of the Venus/Neptune connection] of the sort of romantic idealization or aggrandizement, or getting lost in some kind of day tripping,” but still he sees the potential for “love, and romance and beauty and healing and grace and arts and sensuality to be on the rise and to be supporting us with an…aura of good fortune.”

Austin Coppock notes that this Venus/Jupiter connection is “sweet and positive, like the opposite of a consolation prize” because it happens before rather than after “the violence begins.” This aspect, he suggests is “giving us a little bit of ease [as we head] into the most challenging month of the year.”   

Levine adds that the emotional moon in big-hearted Leo is forming a tense square to the sun (Leo’s ruler) in vindictive, suspicious Scorpio, and the moon will continue to move toward another difficult situation in the next few days.

OCT 30

Mars finally leaves Libra, the sign of its fall, where it was not strong, and goes into Scorpio, the sign where Mars is the ancient ruler, and it regains its power and strength.  We will, Acyuta-bhava Das says, “see Mars picking up its dignity significantly.”

Rick Levine points out that today the sun is in a challenging exact square angle to Saturn and the moon is in direct opposition to Saturn, which he says is a tough energy. “This is definitely a karmic day—until we get what we deserve, there’s some restraint and some restriction and we have to figure out what we can do…to move ahead.”

Levine also notes that logical, thoughtful Mercury comes into an irritating quincunx angle to confused and imaginative Neptune, which means we won’t have the facts and we will be missing something and that will be annoying. But at the same time, Mercury has gained strength in that it has stopped its retrograde period and it is moving forward again, and additionally, it is in a highly agreeable angle to optimistic Jupiter, so it gives us hope as we close out October, he says. 

Meanwhile, Austin Coppock notes that as Mars follows the sun into Scorpio, Saturn and Uranus “get juiced up,” and this is where the problems (and violence) come in. Strong-in-Scorpio, action-oriented Mars will be forming a challenging square to strong-in-Aquarius and restrictive Saturn, which is in the ongoing square aspect to freedom-loving, unpredictable Uranus. Though Mars is now in a strong position, Austin tells us, it is coming into opposition with rebellious, chaotic Uranus.  Mars was close to Uranus during the instability of January 6th, but as Kelly Surtees points out, “the difference is that Mars has dignity in Scorpio that it did not have in Taurus.”  Chris adds that “Mars is the one in the superior sign [and] it can boss Saturn around.” They discuss how Uranus was involved in the American and French revolutions and the chaos that occurred.  Kelly pointed out that “once you are in it you can’t stop….You have to see it through.”

Austin points out that it is good framing for a strong Mars and strong Saturn—“neither is in a position to back down.”  That is a war of attrition—it erodes and wears down our strength. He suggests, therefore, that we “be careful about what conflicts you join.”

“When you end up in a protracted battle,” Kelly notes, “one thing it comes down to is supply lines,” to which Austin adds, “Mars is vitality—you can power through, but it is never sustainable…it is never a long-term solution.”

Chris summarizes October by saying we are “initiating something new when you get to the fixed sign of Scorpio having continuation of something that was started and having to bunker down and bring those things to completion.  October is the initiation of some of those new things.”


As the retrograde planets begin to change direction and head forward again, we see in November and December that we will “start moving into new territory,” Rick Levine says.  But by December 23 or 24, depending on where you are in the world, when we have the final exact square angle between stodgy Saturn and rebellious Uranus, and that will, he says, “bring the year into a sense of focus.” And at the end of December, Jupiter moves into its home sign of Pisces, where it is strong and can be of enormous benefit, it “sets the tone for 2022 to be quite different than 2021.”

Acyuta-bhava Das indicates that “we’re starting to push toward a new moon cycle of a contract of energy at the end of the cycle,” which he says is going to become a big expansion in the following cycle, since the new moon in Scorpio in November will be opposing shake-it-up Uranus in Taurus.  But at the end of October, he points out, we have to get serious and focused because for a short time there will be limitations and constraints. So, we saw Mars getting serious and powerful as it moved into Scorpio on the 30th, but once the new moon in November hits, Acyuta-bhava says, we will see a rapid expansion of Uranian—revolutionary and evolutionary—energy. 

Pam Gregory adds some other aspects to the equation, by reminding us that the US birth chart will be experiencing some hits to its natal planets in the months ahead, most notably, Pluto returning to where it was at the time of the American Revolution at 27˚ of Capricorn. It is now at 24˚ of Capricorn. That will occur in February of 2022. That symbolizes death, transformation and rebirth, she says. And in Capricorn it is the government and big business—those in charge.

The full moon in Aries in October is at 27˚ of Aries and Libra, which she says “triggers the Pluto of the US chart, or the 4th of July, 1776.” Pluto in that chart is in the United States’ natal 2nd house – the house of the economy. As Pluto moves toward its return at 27˚ it will be, in January, in exact opposition to the point of the ascendant in the chart of the New York Stock Exchange.  That ascendant point is in the US chart’s 8th house of money from other sources, as well as things that may be hidden or unknown—or transformed.

In addition to the theme of endings and beginnings, she notes that when Mercury stopped moving retrograde and turned direct in Libra, it was at 10 degrees, and Black Moon Lilith was at a harmonious trine angle to Mercury at 10˚ of Gemini.  Saturn in Aquarius was only a few degrees different, so there was a highly beneficial grand trine there, which Pam says, “is really about developing new social structures that are more equal and have a deep instinctive connection to the earth.”