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by Caitlin Donohue

OVERVIEW [by Diane]:

This month we are back in eclipse season, with a partial solar eclipse at the end of the month in Scorpio, and we’re looking forward to (are we?) a full moon total lunar eclipse connecting with unpredictable Uranus on November 8th–election day. Astrologers are expecting that one to be wild–bringing in surprises and change that could cause a shake-up.

Back to this month–we have a full moon in Aries on October 9th and the new moon (a partial solar eclipse) at the end of October in Scorpio. Next spring, things will begin to shift when an eclipse occurs at the Aries new moon in 2023, ending the Taurus/Scorpio eclipse series. This month’s October full moon on the 9th is close to Venus in its home sign of Libra. Beneficent Jupiter is at 1˚ in Aries close to where the moon is hanging out across from the sun in Libra at around 16˚. The Astrology Podcast discussion mentioned this would be a good thing because Jupiter is at the midpoint between Saturn and Mars in the chart. This means that Jupiter forms positive angles to each of those planets, and that combined with the Venus/Sun and Jupiter/moon connections, means that “it’s about as good an opportunity to equilibriate your relationships, or your relationship to the ongoing pressures…” according to that podcast’s Austin Coppock.

The new moon in Scorpio on October 25th happens with five planets in air signs–Mercury and Venus in Libra, Saturn in Aquarius, and Mars in Gemini. Chris Brennan of the Astrology Podcast says that a lot of air gives us ” a lot to think about in terms of what does the environment look like and how does it feel.” Air, he says, scatters things, spreads things out, and can pull us in 50 different directions, giving us a lot to think about, as air is the mind.

Early this month, Pluto begins to head in a direct motion on its way to Aquarius, into which it will dip its toe by early 2023. That will bring major changes, since Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008. [Capricorn is tall structures–hierarchical–whereas Aquarius takes into account the social collective and social justice. So rather than power from on high, it will be a flatter, more equal power structure coming in by 2025.] But as we begin the month, Mercury is pivoting in its Virgo home to head back toward fair-and-balanced Libra. At that point, Mercury makes a challenging connection to energetic Mars, which is in Mercury’s social home of Gemini. Mercury is also opposing cloudy Neptune in Pisces, so things get a bit blurry and unclear at first. Before going back into Libra, Mercury reaches a very harmonious trine angle to Pluto in Capricorn–the government, the authority and Mercury is the logical communicator, researcher, investigator. The connection to Mars brings an impatience to Mercury’s quest to get on with things, now that he sees what he needs to do and he is thinking more clearly. But logical Mercury is sitting at a positive angle to secretive, transformational Pluto. It is also connecting to the spiritual visionary Neptune, which can result in a creative discovery that provides a deeper meaning to a situation. Mercury is in the right position to suss that meaning out. Mars in Gemini can be pushing Mercury to figure things out, to get rid of things that don’t matter (Mars rules Scorpio, the sign of expunging what needs to go). Mercury and Mars could stress or challenge each other until Mercury moves into relationship-oriented, harmonious Libra. Then Mercury will come into a more agreeable configuration to Mars in sociable Gemini. The focus will be less about pushing forward in a work situation and instead about getting busy in a more socially pleasant environment. Holiday time is coming up, so thoughts will change in that direction.

By the time October is one-third of the way through, we will see three planets in Libra, at this more harmonious angle to Gemini, where action-packed Mars is moving forward and bringing the energy to the party from a good vantage point. Then the energy shifts where those Libra planets all end up in secretive Scorpio and Mars puts on the brakes to head backwards, as if he forgot something and can’t keep up the pace until he reviews his previous steps. This could be the news going back over some actions that have been taken, going over the war in Ukraine, perhaps, since Mars is the warrior planet and Gemini can be the media or social media–reviewing, and restating what is happening, and maybe reassessing. Venus, Mercury and the Sun in Scorpio could be telling secrets (Mercury), feeling sexy and loving (Scorpio is about sex and Venus is about love and romance), and the Sun could be shining its light on the things that have been hidden.

By the 25th, we will see a partial solar eclipse here when the motherly, secure, comfort-giving moon comes to join the Scorpio party. Mars, which is the ancient ruler of Scorpio, is in mutual reception with Mercury. That means that Mars is in Mercury’s home sign of Gemini and Mercury is in Mars’ home sign of Scorpio. Pluto is the modern ruler. So while we start the month out in a very (thoughtful) Mercurial energy, we seem to be shifting to a focus on active, impulsive Mars energy. A new phase is coming forward–supported by the nodes of the moon, which bring long-term staying power to that newness. Mars begins to slow down by month’s end, preparing to go retrograde — so it will be reassessing ahead of taking new action. That new action could result from the Taurus full moon on election day, November 8th, as that is a full total eclipse while the sun is in Scorpio. Scorpio, under the rulership of Pluto, represents taking charge and transforming things. Mars as a Scorpio ruler brings power in the form of energy. Pluto brings power in the form of authority and tearing things down to rebuild. By the time we get to election day, Uranus (unexpected, surprise change) is in the mix with those perspectives.


Below is Caitlin’s write-up of the monthly forecast. To see the daily details plus a few more insights, follow Hungarian Aquarian on Facebook:


Venus in Libra opposite Jupiter retrograde in Aries.  Something good tries to counter the review of attempting to expand militarily.  I kind of get the feeling of Putin trying to figure out a different way he could win the war (Jupiter retrograde in Aries), which is opposite to what the groups trying to achieve justice are willing to deal with.  Being in opposition, these two will clash, but it’s hard to say astrologically what wins out.  I feel that Venus in the sign that it rules (Libra) will have more of an upper hand than Jupiter retrograde in Aries.  Putin will likely feel the pressure from the Western alliance nations, but you don’t really need astrology to tell you that.

Aries rising:  You might be pushing yourself too hard or spreading yourself too thin.  Pay attention to how this affects your relationship.  Your partner probably wants some more time from you.  If you don’t have a partner, you might be missing an opportunity right in front of you because you’re so busy.  Another interpretation could be that you are a bit scatter-brained and your business partner is trying to get you to see clearly.  Listen to them, they probably know what they’re talking about.  And if those don’t make sense, another interpretation could be that you’re trying to review how to get in better shape and take better care of yourself and maybe you feel a little adverse to listening to your partner about how to lose weight etc.  Your partner probably looks great right now, but don’t get to your own head.  They just want to help.


Mercury stations direct in Virgo at 24 degrees.  What has been reviewed since September 9th should start getting resolved.  I also wonder if Russia will start making successful advances at this point as well.  Ukraine has been fighting back very well during Mercury retrograde.  

Taurus rising:  Have you been reconsidering what creative endeavor to do next?  Reconsidering if you still want to sleep with the person you’re seeing?  Reconsidering kids or something dealing with them?  Expect the answers to start coming soon.


Mercury in Virgo trines Pluto retrograde in Capricorn.  Practical communication works well with seeing through sketchy government or societal structures.  I expect some news article (or something that shows up later referring to around this date) to call out some bull shit in an institution.

Gemini rising:  Clear communication about home or with family works very well with what is likely to be handed over soon.  I could definitely see inheriting property as one possible manifestation here, or at least the beginning stages.  Jeez, maybe someone in your family passes away and when Pluto goes direct again we’ll see more of the inheritance.  On the lighter side, it could be that you find out about a family member you didn’t know you had.  I’d love to hear if a Gemini rising does an Ancestry report or 23 and Me around this time!  I bet it would be interesting!


Pluto stations direct in Capricorn.  It has been retrograde since April 29th.  I expect institutions and governments to move forward with their sketchy plans moreso, now that the review time is over.  

Gemini rising:  Wow, that’s quick!  Just a few days after Mercury trines Pluto, Pluto goes direct, so maybe that resolution happens quicker than I thought! I wouldn’t expect the answer to necessarily happen today, but you won’t have to wait months to start getting the answers.


Full moon in Aries.  Eek, this is happening so close to Jupiter retrograde in Aries.  Already with a full moon in Aries I’d expect a manifestation of hard work and energy, but happening 2 degrees off of Jupiter retrograde, I fear about frustration to expand coming to a head.  Something could pop quite literally here.  Whatever you do, don’t poke the bear.

Cancer rising:  If you feel like you don’t know how much more you can take on at work, watch out.  This full moon might tip you over.  Ask for help if you can.  If it’s not about work, there could definitely be some conflict with one of your parents.  A nasty argument has a high potential to happen.  I feel like this is unavoidable, but walk away if possible.  Breathe and revisit whatever the conflict is, cause it looks like an uphill battle.

OCT 10

Mercury ingresses from Virgo into Libra, covering its retrograde track.  Something likely had to be re-analyzed in order to fix it and make it right and just.  Now that Mercury has covered its track in analyzing, it’s time for it to communicate about how to make whatever it is dealing with become more fair and balanced.  You’ve got the proof, now fix it!

Leo rising:  Maybe you had to review your money in order to move forward with how you want to spend on your online presence.  Or maybe you were reviewing money in order to figure out your budget for a new car or mode of transportation.  If that’s not the case, maybe you were reviewing what you value or your money and it ties in with your sibling.  Are they a potential helpful solution to what you are trying to fix?  Maybe the team work will help!

OCT 11

Sun in Libra trines Saturn retrograde in Aquarius.  Focus on justice works in sync with review of oppression on people.  This should be a good Libra day where the people win.  What country or topic is anyone’s guess, but the people will win over the powers that be on this day.  Great day for a union strike.

Virgo rising:  Keep pushing.  If you’ve been thinking about giving up or slowing down, don’t.  Venus is combust due to being so close to the Sun, so while you’re thinking about money, it might be difficult to see it through if it’s worth it.  It is.  Keep pushing on, whether that’s about affording a personal trainer, treating your day job seriously, being concerned about money if your pet needs medical attention or concern about your employees living up to your standards.  I believe the answer will be difficult to decipher at the moment, but the thing to do is to press on and move forward.  It will work.  Stay persistent.

OCT 12

Mars in Gemini squares Neptune retrograde in Pisces & Mercury in Libra is opposite Jupiter retrograde in Aries.  For Mars square Neptune, angry or hot communication is having a hard time working with someone who is slippery.  To explain what I mean by that, think about someone like Trump trying to communicate with someone who is typically not all there and a bit hippy-ish but is trying to understand where the other is coming from.  Neptune retrograde might actually be beneficial for this square rather than Neptune direct, but I still expect there to be some sort of mediation between parties.  I can’t imagine the communication goes well unless someone can translate.  These are two very different energies in general and frustration is bound to happen.  For Mercury opposite Jupiter I have ‘communication about justice is at odds with expansive anger trying to make sense’.  The pressure is on Jupiter.  Watch out.  So if I’m looking at those two transits on this day, I’d pull it all together by saying tensions are high, there is a push for justice and the other party wants nothing to do with it.  Jupiter retrograde is in a tantrum.

Libra rising:  If you’re trying to publish something, don’t expect those that you rely on to move as quickly as you do.  I’m sure you’ll be frustrated.  Or you might be traveling abroad and have totally forgotten about some things that needed to be taken care of at home.  Maybe college is very heavy right now (midterms?) and you’ve lost your sense of routine and have neglected your health a bit.  Whichever one of those topics it could be, I expect your partner would be like “I don’t get what’s so hard”.  The partner or ‘other’ person you are dealing with is represented by Jupiter retrograde.  Things are going well for the partner but they can’t understand what the big deal is.  This too shall pass.

OCT 14

Venus in Libra trines Saturn retrograde in Aquarius.  Beauty in balance works well with pushback on inequality, or something good will help the lack of equality balance out.  Maybe that strike on the 11th turns into good results today!

Scorpio rising:  Some hidden problem dealing with your house might actually turn into a benefit.  Venus is in your 12th house of hidden or isolated topics (jail/hospitals, etc.) but it works in sync with the review of your home’s structure.  With the moon in the 8th house on this day, and Mars in the 8th and the Sun trine Mars in the 12th it could be that you get a good insurance payout.  What seems like a problem will probably turn into a blessing in disguise.  Or maybe a parent peacefully passes, or a family member gets a good opportunity for a medical procedure, even though they might still be hesitant to move forward.  The challenge will have a silver lining here.  Don’t despair.

OCT 17

Sun in Libra trines Mars in Gemini.  Focus on justice works in sync with fiery communication.  The bitchy person will probably be right this time.

Scorpio rising:  And today that Sun trine Mars aspect goes exact.  Perhaps you actually get word from your insurance today.  Or perhaps the focus on hidden/isolated topics works in sync with the action going on with your partner’s assets.  Hmm, now that I think about it, it could also be that you find out about a partner’s (romantic or business) shady money dealings.  You’re digging into the 12th house and that digging works in sync with action in the 8th.  I get the feeling this will not be a great surprise, but you could likely learn the truth, and that is always important.

OCT 18

Venus in Libra trines Mars in Gemini.  Love of justice works in sync with fiery communication.  I get the feeling of ‘you go girl!’  That sassy Mars in Gemini communication style works with whatever Venus is trying to balance out.  Maybe we’re about to see some justice!  The sass will be beneficial to whatever you’re trying to achieve.  Put yourself together and go get ’em today.  

Sagittarius rising:  Love of friends works with action with your partner.  Maybe you meet a partner through friends.  It could be a great date to be set up on a blind date.  Or maybe you meet someone with a lot of energy at a big event.  Maybe your friends and S.O. just have a really great time together.  Maybe you’re on stage and someone with a lot of vigor or energy is caught by your presence.  Whatever it is, I believe this is a great day for you, your friends and/or your partner.

OCT 19

Sun in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn.  Focus on justice is having difficulty working with the shady government or institution.  What seemed feasible yesterday may have been a façade.  I get the feeling that we’ll be excited for some justice before the institution or government rips the rug right from under us.

Sagittarius rising:  Your focus yesterday with friends or your partner comes at a cost, literally.  You have plans to do things with your friends but are realizing now how much it will be.  Probably more than you were initially willing to handle.  It could likely be a hidden fee or something you weren’t planning on or somehow missed in the fine print.  

OCT 20

Venus in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn.  Love of justice is not working well with shady governments/institutions.  Something isn’t right.  We were supposed to get the just and right result but the powers that be step in and keep us from that reality.  Not good.

Sagittarius rising:  You might run into a problem with a friend paying you back.  Someone’s being sketchy about your money.  Be weary about where you donate your money to today

OCT 22

Venus in Libra is conjunct the Sun and Mercury in Libra trines Saturn retrograde in Aquarius.  The issue with the Sun and Venus square Pluto is also emphasized today.  The focus is on balancing an issue, but Venus’s good energy is hard to see in this scenario since it is combust the Sun.  It’s there, it’s just hard to see.  With Mercury trine Saturn there is still talk of justice working with the oppressed group of people pushing back.  An unsatisfying answer may come today.

Capricorn rising:  The spotlight on work or announcement is likely underwhelming and probably has you rethinking if this job is worth the money.  I don’t have the answer for you here.  Just guessing what you’re probably thinking.

OCT 23

Saturn stations direct, making this the closest day of the year that Saturn squares Uranus.  In addition, both the Sun and Venus moves from Libra into Scorpio.  It’s kind of a bummer set up to me.  It’s good that Saturn will be going direct again, but this is quite a pile of astrology!  I had written in December ‘restriction of masses not working well with material shakeups.  Society can’t catch up!’ in relation to Saturn square Uranus.  I expect people to feel more pressure moving forward.  When Saturn was retrograde I kept analyzing it as the masses pushing back.  I’m sure (without astrology) that people will still push back, but it will likely be harder for a while.  On top of all this, whereas the Sun and Venus were focused on justice, it almost feels to me like they give up and go into the underworld.  If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em?

Aquarius rising:  Whatever the tension theme was from last year that kept popping up is likely here to be felt deeply again today.  It probably has to do with an argument with a family member.  Or watch out for something unexpectedly breaking in your house!  For the last month you’ve likely been thinking about going back to school or traveling abroad, or publishing something or maybe having a spiritual journey deepen.  While that can continue, I do expect you to shine in the next month at work.  Maybe take some time away from those 9th topics and make sure you shine at your job.  The timing is right.

OCT 25

Partial solar eclipse/New Moon in Scorpio.  In December I had written ‘time to plant the seeds of revolution.  Protests?’  For the record, that’s not my take on life, just what I’m looking at astrologically.  Not gonna lie, this looks concerning.

Pisces rising:  Stay home.  Don’t travel abroad right now.  Don’t try to publish something right now.  Don’t try to start something dealing with a 9th house topic (philosophy/higher education/politics/religion/spirituality/astrology/traveling abroad/foreign things, ideas or people/legal matters, etc.)  I’m not always weary of eclipses, but in Scorpio I am.  In May when we had a Scorpio Lunar eclipse the Monkeypox outbreak had just started.  We should all be careful with this one.

OCT 26 

Mercury in Libra trines Mars in Gemini.  Time to yell about what is right and just. People are going to be yelling and you’ll hear it whether you like it or not.  Honestly though, it’s time we listen.

OCT 27

Mercury in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn.  Communication about what is ‘just’ is not working with shady governments or institutions.  The astrological weather is just screaming about some sort of protest around now.

OCT 28

Jupiter retrograde moves back into Pisces.  Reviewing expansion of war-like tendencies to reconsidering what the people want.  Maybe someone steps in to speak up on behalf of the large group of rightfully upset people.  Maybe it’s a temporary moment to breathe in some peace before it all gets rattled again.  There’s a lot of scary stuff happening around now, but Jupiter stepping out of Aries does cool it down a bit, somehow.  I’m not quite sure among the mess of everything else, but something will cool.  Maybe the powers that be reconsiders their actions.

OCT 29

Mercury ingresses into Scorpio.  Communication shifts from discussing justice to shady plans.  Watch out for extremes at all costs.  All these planets letting go of Libra, throwing their ‘hands’ in the air and saying ‘screw it, I’m going to Scorpio’ are concerning.  It feels like people are giving up on an honest fight and are ready to fight dirty.  That’s never good.

OCT 30

Mars in Gemini station retrograde at 25 degrees.  The angry communication isn’t going anywhere.  Usually someone gets tired and lets up.  Don’t hold your breath.  The harsh arguments are here to stay for a while.  I hope you’re a good fighter, at least with your words.

But this new moon partial solar eclipse in Aries at the end of October is in Aries this month. The first is the full moon in Aries