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This month’s experts include:

Acyuta-bhava Das
Chris Brennan
Astrology Podcast
Rick Levine
Austin Coppock
Pam Gregory               
Steve Judd


The Astrology Podcast crew this month included Rick Levine, so we have his commentary from that podcast as well as his own, (and a couple of sound bytes from the podcast Astrology Hub).  But the Astrology Podcast summarized September by saying that in the first half of the month it is a good time to get things done, especially the little things. October through December will not give us a lot of time to slow down, they say. Chris Brennan points out that there is intense astrology this year, and in September we have a little time to take a mental break. But, as Rick Levine put it, “The temptation is that because we have been going through a difficult, crazy, uncertain time, the temptation is when things are okay for a day to put our feet up and float downstream.” Austin adds, “That is restorative, but…this is not how it is. Now, things are fine, but they are not yet.”

He also points out that September is a time to prepare for the next round of stress tests, since he expects October to be rougher and predicts November will be a storm. “You have to batten down the hatches, because you can’t do upgrades in a storm.”

Rick, in his own YouTube video this month, warns, “We need to still be careful about getting swept up in any extreme thinking—this is the danger of 2021—the danger of Saturn square Uranus.”  Be careful of extreme thinking on any issue, since “things will resolve in a way we’re not aware of yet.”  Remain flexible, he advises. Be prepared for the “what ifs.”

Astrologer Steve Judd, who has been taking a break from his video posts, re-emerged online with a video summary of this month.  He points out that in September “ we’re still in this period of reassessment and re-evaluation” and he suggests that before so many planets turned retrograde—six planets are currently retrograde, with Mercury preparing to head backwards through Libra at the end of the month—we should look at the first six months prior to that as “a time of dream and vision and idea, and this can happen and that can happen.”  Once the planets began their retrograde movement, it became a time to reassess and reevaluate.  In October, the retrograde planets will begin to move forward, except for Uranus, and Mercury, which will soon begin its three-week trek backwards.  So at the end of September as things begin to go forward again, it is a time to begin the process “where the dreams, visions and ideas start changing into blueprints, schedules and plans for the future.  But not yet, and actually, not until the end of the year.  He sees September as the last “frustrating month of 2021,” yet there will be a lot more happening after October that he warns will not always be for the best.  “There’s going to be a lot of shouting and words, especially in the last 10 days of this month.  Stay Teflon-coated, keep your sense of humor.” 

Date Details


Today Mars is opposite Neptune, which Acyuta-bhava Das reminds us is part of a sequence of oppositions to Neptune—first from Mercury in August, and the sun opposite Neptune later in September. When it is Mars, he says it can correlate to the idea of martyrs—personal sacrifice for a cause, dying or fighting for something, or putting blood sweat and tears into something, he tells us. This can bring up the idea of finding a sense of purpose and ”being able to sacrifice on behalf of it.” The flip side of the coin is NOT having a vision or any motivation and feeling weak. “Neptune tends to make us feel like there’s some extraordinary and transcendental sense of mission,” Acyuta-bhava says. “OR, it will make us feel as though the world is sort of hollow and dry and empty and dead.” These extremes, he says, are interesting to track. But, he notes, “if you do not have some sense of meaning or purpose, you can very easily get defeatist and depressive and lazy.”

Pam Gregory also suggests that Mars in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces, at their lowest, can “confuse or diffuse or we may lose motivation…we just kind of lose the drive.” She suggests finding where Mars is moving through your own chart (where Virgo falls) and know that the area of our lives where Mars is will be activated and energized. Virgo is practical in how it manifests and Mars is action, so “we can make this practical action…with an element of the spiritual (Neptune).” She suggests doing yoga, tai chi, breath work, as a positive way of using the aspect, as well as doing activities that are practical with an element of compassion, which plays the planets at their highest level.

Acyuta-bhava also points out that Mars/Neptune aspects can relate to things like competitive (Mars) swimming (Neptune), as well.

On the Astrology Podcast, Chris Brennan and Austin Coppock had Rick Levine join them to fill in for Kelly Surtees. Rick Levine mentioned that Mars and Neptune represent the ability to manifest one’s illusions for better or for worse. It is, he said, “the juxtaposition of the energy of where we are going and where we think we are going,” meaning we may think we will go somewhere (physically or otherwise), and get all excited about it, and then “there doesn’t turn out to be a there.” Chris Brennan adds that “sometimes people need something to believe in that can push you forward, that is necessary to inspire us to achieve great things,” because Neptune can be an illusion, which Austin explains is “an imagined reality that is proven later down the line to be true or false.”

Although Neptune can get in Mars’ way of achieving something because it “blurs the sightline,” as Chris put it, Rick notes that Mars is getting power this week because the safe, secure moon is opposite transformative Pluto by the 2nd , and that aspect is helping energetic Mars, because Mars will make a very harmonious angle to powerful Pluto in a few days. That, he says, has the potential for something good down the line in the first few days of the week. This is because of other similarly positive angles between communicative Mercury and grounded Saturn, and another one coming up between desirous Venus and over-the-top Jupiter, with Sun (the self) eventually coming into a very harmonious angle with unpredictable Uranus. Something practical yet unpredictable that we desire can show up in a big way, or more than we expect, that we may have been thinking about and planning. Look to see where Virgo and Taurus are in your chart.


Rick Levine points out that today is when aggressive Mars opposite authoritative, powerful Pluto is at an exact degree, which, again, causes, he say, “a little bit of loss of momentum or a sense of uncertainty” possibly to the point of crippling us to the point of not knowing what to do.  We may know “exactly what we want to do but we can’t start because we’re not sure…what to do first. Prioritizing things can be difficult.” This is when the sudden massive floods hit New Jersey and NYC.

Pam Gregory notes that today is when the moon in Cancer is opposing Pluto in Capricorn, each of those planets will form a 90˚ square angle to disruptive Eris in Aries.  Eris and Pluto have just come out of their fourth exact square to each other, she says, which brings street-fighter Eris up against the power of the government (Pluto in Capricorn) highlighted by the moon.  “We are in the age of power of the people,” she reminds us, which is why we are seeing massive protests.  Moon in Cancer can also be women and mothers opposite Pluto in Capricorn, which can be the government and square to disruptive Eris in Aries. It happens at the time of the Texas abortion laws being passed with the expectation that people will be encouraged to turn women in who are getting abortions.


Rick Levine points out the harmonious Venus forms an uncomfortable, irritating angle to dreamy, blurry Neptune.  This is also a lack of certainty he says, but this is about what emotions or vulnerability are appropriate to show in saying how we feel.  In addition, he points out, the sun is forming an uncomfortable angle to Chiron, the wounded healer and mentor.  So that makes two uncomfortable situations, which he reminds us are due to quincunx angles—that are irritating, annoying and worse yet, we can’t resolve them.  That same frustration we had in July and August is carried into early September.  But the sun/Chiron quincunx is about our wounds and hurts, but also what we are able to teach others as a result—based on what we learned the hard way, Levine says. This is a difficult day because a lot is happening that cannot be resolved easily.


Swift, chatty Mercury is at a harmonious angle to responsible, stable slower Saturn, which Rick Levine notes brings a sense of stability to what we say, and what we hear is more reliable and potentially more useful than it would be at another time.  “We just get the corroboration that what we thought we knew is actually true,” he explains. But this can be misleading by giving us a false sense of security because things continue to change from day-to-day.

Chris Brennan says this is a nice aspect to have right before the new moon on the 6th.


Acyuta-bhava Das notes that today friendly, creative Venus begins to form a harmonious trine with generous Jupiter lasting for a couple of days. This, he says is potentially a “wonderful transit” because of the agreeable angle between two benefic planets, both in air signs can bring “positive results, good fortune, unity, agreement, blessings, benefits and a feeling of prosperity or abundance.”  However Jupiter can also interact with what-makes-me-happy Venus by encouraging us to indulge in too much of a good thing, or spending too much money, or having a swelled head based on vanity.  It is, he says, a good time to make a business deal, agree on something that could be a legal matter (Jupiter rules the law), or it can amplify romance. With Jupiter moving retrograde, it could be going back to a prior romance, or resolving a prior situation harmoniously.

Pam Gregory says that this is a “beautiful aspect for luck and abundance,” and she mentions that the dwarf planet Haumea is tightly conjoined with Venus in Libra. This small planet represents the unity of humanity along with manifesting a new earth in connection to nature and food. The combination of these three planets can bring a new future vision for humanity by creating something beautiful and abundant for the future.”

Austin Coppock says he likes Venus and Mercury in Libra early in the month, with Venus getting a boost from Jupiter and Mercury “playing nice with Saturn.”  He says, “It is a wedge of positive potential. There’s a lot you can do with Venus/Mercury—making peace, having fun—pleasant useful things.”  The first 10 days of the month, he adds are very positive, but it is “the last time Venus will rejoice for many months,” as it will be in difficult signs and meeting up with difficult planets.

Also on the 5th, Rick Levine speaking on another podcastAstrology Hubpoints out that pleasant Venus forms a challenging 90˚ square to powerful, deep Pluto, which he says “theoretically would be really serious, heavy thought, emotional communications and deep feelings in relationship stuff,” that are not necessarily comfortable or easy to work with, but the next day some planets at helpful angles alleviate the difficulties of this meet-up.  


As Pam Gregory and Rick Levine remind us, the new moon is the time to planet new seeds for what you want to blossom into your life when the new moon shines.  With the sun and moon in Virgo, she notes that the energy is practical and detailed, and “it loves to bring order from chaos, loves to organize and be efficient, and methodical.” This is a good time to declutter, mentally and physically.  Virgo, she adds, can also be a perfectionist energy that brings on self-criticism, and the mental chatter that produces may need to be cleansed. 

The interesting thing about this new moon, however, is that it is very close to being an exact harmonious trine (120˚ angle) to Uranus, the planet of unpredictable change, the future, and technology.  This, Pam points out, can bring in “sudden opportunities, surprises, things that come out of the blue, more possibilities that you just didn’t see before” related to things like technology (Uranus), wellness issues, services (Virgo), finances and currency (Taurus), and new matters related to microscopic, miniscule things (Virgo).

Rick Levine says this is a “fantastic new moon, though not without its annoyance or difficulty.” The harmonious trine angle between the sun/moon and unconventional, visionary Uranus is about change, he says. It is “about something breaking free from the past, something breaking through, blockages that all of a sudden are flowing.”  But he also calls it a “bait and switch” because while we have the chance to make some good breakthroughs, there are complicated cross currents. “It feels good for a moment but then it’s not what we thought,” and that is how the month will go.

This is a “fantastic new moon, though not without its annoyance or difficulty.”

Rick Merlin Levine

This is because at the same time there is an annoying aspect between restless Mars and excessive Jupiter, which magnifies and over-inflates the feistiness of Mars and can become a bit much (Jupiter), even to the point of being spiritually explosive, he tells us.  But Mars is also connecting nicely with intense and regenerative Pluto, which brings some deep, powerful energy to the mix.  At the same time, Venus is interacting with the same planets since the day before—but in a slightly different way—in a harmonious trine to Jupiter and a challenging square to Pluto.  The combination forms a configuration called a trampoline, which brings some irritation, stress, conflict and annoyance, Levine says, but on the inside there are highly positive angles that help the flow and adaptability.  Combining it with the new moon’s positive angle to Uranus can bring “a day of amazing change that can be very transformative,” if we show some restraint and do not overdo things.

Austin Coppock says that September is “shoring things up, doing some building, figuring out how to get ready for the next round of stress tests” in October and November. The complications of the new moon, Chris Brennan notes, “moves us in a better direction ultimately,” but in a complicated way.  Austin adds that it is change begetting change, and we need to adapt to changes that have already occurred. 


Thoughtful Mercury is opposing wounded/healer Chiron which Rick Levine points out makes communication incredibly important, particularly in regard to having “the courage to address those things which again bring up vulnerabilities but without blame.”  The opposing angle makes it easy to point fingers at someone else, however, with Mercury in Libra, we can be diplomatic and look for a way to create harmony. Chiron is in Aries, which Levine says is the “part of us which is either more forcefully vulnerable” meaning that “our weaknesses, our fears may be inappropriately pushing that energy a bit too hard.” On the other hand, Chiron in Aries can be “instantaneous awareness that comes when we actually have a healing.”  Best, he says, to remain self-aware in the present moment to allow mercury to be healing, especially in a relationship.


This is the day that Chris Brennan and Leisa Schaim have chosen as one of the more auspicious days of September. Chris notes that Mercury, the moon and Venus are in Libra with moon and Venus conjunct. The moon may be in a very harmonious degree to Jupiter. While it is not a good chart for shared finances or money from others because of Mars, it is a good day for educational matters, legal issues, publications and broadcasting, things related to international or long-distance travel, and multi-cultural events. 


Beautiful Venus moves into secretive seductive Scorpio, which is the sign of her exile, bringing out the opposite qualities to what Venus represents.  Austin says that in Scorpio, Venus plays the Saturn game—being the disciplinarian, with a hard working serious approach.  He adds that while Venus does well in water signs, “there is a macabre menagerie of things to enjoy or be grossed out by,” since Scorpio is connected to things that are scary, gross or repulsive. The key words he offers are “goth couture” because it can find “hidden beauty in the grotesque or frightening.”

Rick Levine calls it “dark eros,” in which dark is not just bad, but it is the opposite of Venus in its domicile Taurus, where “love is simple, lovely, sensual pleasure,” but in Scorpio it is more “Marquis de Sade”—perverse, erotic sadism. It is where Venus can be “transmuted,” to which Austin replies that “Transmutation of substance does not happen without knowledge and effort.” Fifty shades of Venus.  

Levine also points out that logical Mercury moves into an uncomfortable, irritating angle to unpredictable Uranus, which “makes a lot of noise” that you can’t shut off.  The logic (Mercury) thought it is in fair-and-balanced Libra, is not on solid ground (Taurus) because it is connecting to Uranus, which shakes things up, and it is complicated by the angle that makes things even more upsetting—so much so that we can’t think straight.


The sun is opposite foggy Neptune today. Acyuta-bhava Das notes that normally, the sun “gives us a sense of meaning or purpose” with the knowledge of what the meaning of our life is and where we are heading. But when it is opposite Neptune, there can be either an enlightening vision that gives us purpose and the feeling of being inspired, evolving, finding a sense of awe and gratitude and connection to others. OR, it can feel as if we don’t know where we are going, we can’t find anything to motivate us and life is dry and dull. It can also, he says, bring on a messiah complex, in which the sense of purpose we feel gets “a little bit out of control” with an aggrandizement of our mission or life purpose. Thinking, “I am the chosen one” because the ego (the sun) grabs hold of the fantasy or vision (Neptune). 

Another aspect we have today is that Mars is at an exact square-and-a-half with Uranus, which is unsettling, disruptive energy, that Rick Levine says is “out of whack with what’s going on.” In combination with the sun opposite Neptune, there is “stuff going on that is not what it appears to be,” and it can be a release of tension that is not necessarily easy.  Sun opposite Neptune he says, can be not understanding what’s going on, but “on the other hand there’s kind of an idealism that can create situations where we believe that we can be whatever we want to be or we believe that someone else is…whatever we want that person to be.”


Passionate Mars moves into Venus’ home of Libra, where Rick Levine says Mars is not as impactful because “it would rather give peace a chance than to fight it out. But now Mars is in Venus’ home and Venus is in Mars’ home (Scorpio), meaning they are in mutual reception—sharing energy.  Levine explains that Mars will look to Venus to do its work and Venus will look to Mars to do her work, but each with their own vibe. 


Sexy loving Venus in Scorpio is at a stressful square angle to Saturn in Aquarius and opposing Uranus in Taurus.  Chris Brennan suggests that “Venus wants to merge things and Saturn is pushing it away and saying no to what Venus wants, and things shift quickly to freeing the energy of Venus.”  As the week moves on Venus heads into an opposition to Uranus, which will be more liberating.  Austin points out that “On a practical level, Venus/Saturn is, no matter what relationship a person is in, especially an erotic one, is boundaries.”  While Saturn is yelling at you, he explains, it creates joy.  Rick Levine, however, says it can “get someone to run for the hills saying this is not worth it.” 

On the same day, the sun is in a harmonious trine (120˚ angle) to Pluto, which Levine describes as “something you can lean on” or depend on, but it forces us to go deeper (Pluto), whether we want to or not.

The whole day is one of going deeper, with lovely Venus at a stressful angle to limiting Saturn, and the emotional moon passing through that connection. “This is not fun,” Levine says, and it might feel as if things are not worth it, because we may feel isolated, or we will be isolating. 


Fuzzy Neptune is again messing with our minds, when it is at the noisy, awkward, irritating angle to Mercury making communication fuzzy and confused.  Rick Levine says it “almost like the more we say, the less people understand us.”


The sun in practical organized Virgo opposes the moon in go-with-the-flow Pisces, forming the full moon for the month.  Rick Levine describes it as a “juxtaposition between…the finite, narrow…specificity of Virgo and the moon reflecting the fuzziness, the lyrical poetry and spirituality and imagination of Pisces.” While not conjunct dreamy, blurry Neptune, the full moon is close enough to feel the buzz.

At the same time, happy Venus is forming an annoying angle with Chiron the mentor healer and cosmic messenger.  Again, Rick Levine notes, things feel “out of whack,” and “not exactly right.”   It feels, he says, as if we are not going to get our needs met, or that we can’t deal with it or don’t even know what the need is, exactly. The charm of Venus is not working and Chiron’s message is not hitting the target—they are on different wave lengths.

Another major pair of aspects are happening at the same time as this full moon:  communicative Mercury is not only at a very harmonious angle to optimistic and fortunate Jupiter, and at the same time Mercury, which is about to stop and go retrograde, is in a tense stand-off with deep, dark Pluto. This can mean not only intense verbiage and a shift in power, as Rick Levine puts it, but it means that as Mercury moves backward in a few days, the two planets will hit that tense point again on October 1st , and then again on November 2nd. It can be public power plays.  Austin Coppock combines the effects of Jupiter and Pluto on Neptune during this full moon by explaining that Pluto is “what is down there to be dredged up and Jupiter is moving upward, looking down from the clouds, having a big perspective.”  So this combination that pivots on Mercury can bring out paranoia from Pluto—“what is there that I can’t see”—and confidence from Jupiter to bring things to a better place.  There will be challenges, but won’t necessarily end poorly. 

Rick, however, points out that we “can become obsessed with something Neptunian”—such as music, drugs, alcohol, depression, fantasy or spirituality—“and dig a hold deep enough that we can’t get out.” But he explains that by being aware of the challenges at the full moon, if we can get into the rhythm of it, we can get past the noise if we listen to the silence.  Now is not the time to party, rather it is time to go inward and be quiet so we can listen.

Chris Brennan adds that Pluto brings a compulsive quality to define the truth (Jupiter), as well as a sensitivity to subtle hints and things that may be happening behind the scenes.  “It is the paranoia of seeing things not happening and thinking the worst of things and making unwarranted conclusions.”

Steve Judd notes that Mercury will be essentially squaring Pluto for about 10 days at the end of September, and he “expect[s] the last 10 days of this month to be quite an inflexible time with a lot of damaging words being said,” both on a personal level as well as in the big picture of politics and the corporate world.  Since Mercury goes right into retrograde and touches on Pluto exactly 3 times until early November, he does not see it easing until after a “lot of confusion and a lot of inauthentic, unsubstantial words. We should be taking another pinch of salt—don’t believe everything you’re being told.”

Again, Rick Levine says give yourself space, don’t get distracted things that may be coming around the full moon.  


The sun moves from Virgo to Libra beginning a new season and a new half year.  This, according to Rick Levine, brings with it a lot of tension, though he does see some release points that indicate that as the month comes to a close “we get another run on a kind of a bunch of positive energy.”


Logical Mercury stops and prepares to head retrograde, backwards through Libra, bringing some misunderstandings, especially in the house where Libra is in our charts. Steve Jude stresses it won’t be as much arguments and disagreements as much as it will be a lack of understanding and uncertainty regarding the authenticity or reality of what is said.  There could even be outages—power, computer, travel.  Outcomes will also be unclear, Judd notes, so it is not a good time for making big plans or changes. Instead, he advises, it is a time of hope and inspiration, but not action—yet.

As Mercury goes retrograde, however, the rest of the planets—the slow-moving ones that have all been retrograde for the last few months—will be preparing their shift to head direct once we get into October. 

Rick Levine says that “Mercury retrograde loves false urgency,” and Chris Brennan adds that it feels as if “this has to be done now, and you need to take action, and then later you find you need to do the same thing.” If we can be patient, he suggests, we only need to do it once. Austin Coppock agrees. “If you don’t have to nail something to this exact day, you set yourself up with flexibility…it goes a lot smoother.”

“breakdowns in communications, clashes in value, conflicts in workplaces, difficulty coming to agreements,” or the exchange of provocative, shocking, or taboo words.” (from the Mercury/Pluto square September 23rd)

Acyuta-bhava Das

Another aspect happening today is pleasant Venus in subversive Scorpio opposing restless Uranus in normally stable Taurus. Acyuta-bhava Das sees this aspect, in conjunction with the stressful square that Mercury is forming with Pluto, as “a major moment of a potential challenge or change in relationships—some kind of breaking up of a bond.” He also refers to it as an “erratic kind of revolutionary energy” that is definitely not a pleasant time for relationships or diplomacy.  The connection between Mercury and Venus is that Mercury is in Venus’ home of Libra, which normally brings about peaceful, diplomatic and intelligent communication. However, with Pluto being at a tense angle to Mercury there is a sense of embattlement. Uranus connecting to Venus in a stressful opposition can add a component of destabilization.  There can, Acyuta-bhava says, be a difficult (Pluto) in relationships (Venus and Libra), especially if fault lines are already there. These can come through “breakdowns in communications, clashes in value, conflicts in workplaces, difficulty coming to agreements,” or the exchange of provocative, shocking, or taboo words.

Rick Levine defines the opposition between Venus and Uranus as “the attraction to things that are new and different.”


Ambitious Mars in fair-and-balanced Libra forms a harmonious 120˚ trine angle to Saturn in forward-thinking Aquarius. In a few days the sun will make the same trine to Saturn.  In light of the planet Mercury slowing to a stop and going back through Libra, where Mars and the Sun are, the key is, Rick Levine tells us, that we need to slow down, enjoy the moment, and get as much as you can from the long haul. Take your time.


Mercury begins to head in a retrograde direction, back through Libra. It is heading back toward another square to Pluto on October 1st ,which Acyuta-bhava Das calls the biggest transit of the month along with the Neptune oppositions.  He explains that the change of direction of Mercury is a change of phase, which can be an omen—“the appearance that speaks.”  When Mercury squares Pluto, Mercury goes into the underworld, where it can experience “a sudden revelation, insight, information, communication with somebody” that rises from the ashes (or unconscious space, he says), and then brings us into some kind of drama—or adventure—for a couple of weeks. 

Mercury is communication, news, and in a square to Pluto, could be delivering bad news, shadowy news, or disclosing something that was hidden. This square could break (Pluto) relations (Libra) and reverse  (Mercury retro) something that was agreed do. Deception (Pluto) could be exposed.

Acyuta-bhava reminds us that “Mercury is in a very diplomatic air sign of Libra, but it is hitting that subterranean Capricornian Pluto,” which he likens to “the velvet glove over the iron,” or things that seem diplomatic being based on ulterior motives with control and power being the goal under the surface.


The sun is at a harmonious trine angle to Saturn, which Austin Coppock notes looks productive, with a pleasant night to follow.  This sun/Saturn aspect will help us with our duties and obligations.

Rick Levine points out that like the Mars/Saturn trine a few days ago, when the sun is trine to Saturn it is about doing things in a practical, organized manner and building things that endure. “Both are about stability…about creating structure that lasts.” He advises us to have a plan, and maybe do that at the full moon ahead of this transit, in order to plan on things that “could have lasting impact rather than just be whooshed away.” 

Austin adds that with the moon in Cancer, we will have a grand water trine by the 30th, a nice end to the month. A pause in the disaster, Levine calls it.

Another aspect today is happy Venus trine creative, visionary Neptune.  Levine says it is “kind of a sweet day” when our dreams can work and “we can get things done and at the same time we can live off in our fantasy realms.” It is, he adds, a time when “the idea of imagination and illusions and fantasy and dreams really can become real” which combined with Mars trine Saturn and the Sun trine Saturn, can bring hope of bringing it to reality for the long term.


Today the sun is at a square-and-a half (135˚ angle) to Jupiter and Venus is at a 90˚ square to Jupiter.  The first aspect with the sun and Jupiter connects to the Mars opposition to mentor/healer Chiron, meaning we could be running into something that needs fixing, healing or something to learn or teach, says Rick Levine. 

The latter aspect of Venus square Jupiter, which, though it can be stressful (squares do that), the stress, Levine says, “is basically, ‘I’m having too much fun, or I’m over-indulging.”  We just need to be careful not to push things too far or we will have to pay a price, he explains.  Enjoy the energy, he says, but “don’t let the highs get too high.”

Looking Ahead…

“The more extreme that we are in our actions and our beliefs and our conviction…the more likely we’re going to be let down,”

Rick Merlin Levine

By the end of September, we will be in the final quarter of 2021, when we thought we’d be in the clear after a rough 2020. So, what do the upcoming months look like?

Rick Levine points out that in 2019, when the 2020 year ahead forecast was released, astrologer Cameron Allen commented that “we needed to start getting comfortable with discomfort.”  And to that Rick notes that it is important for us to avoid being swept up in extreme thinking.  “The more extreme that we are in our actions and our beliefs and our conviction…the more likely we’re going to be let down,” he explains.  So many things are uncomfortable right now that it is better to realize we don’t need to fix things, don’t need to try to change, but rather we just need to accept what it is right now and be okay with it. There is a lot bubbling under the surface that may make us feel as if we are moving forward, but things will come out in October, November and December that he expects will get “pretty difficult” until the third and final exact Saturn square Uranus happening Christmas week (the 23rd or 24th), when things will come to a head.

Acyuta-bhava Das also says that “These transits in late September really take off…and [they] are setting us up for a December that is super intense.” Not only will Saturn square Uranus again, he points out, but Venus will be retrograde and connected to Pluto. This month is “a little bit of a prelude for some of the very intense Venusian things happening at the end of December.”