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by Caitlin Donohue with commentary by Diane Dobry


Mars in Gemini sextile Jupiter retrograde in Aries.  In December I wrote “Harsh communication (tough love) will work well with knowledge of what has to be done or what should work out.”  Looking at it now, I see it a little differently.  The communication is still fiery, sharp and to the point, but there is a review about what is known about the war.  It keeps sounding like Russia is worse off in the war than it seems.  

[Diane/Editor: Jupiter is in Mars’ sign of Aries, and they are sextile which is positive reception. Astrology Podcast notes it is a good time to take a risk. Mars will be entering shadow in a couple of days, ready to go retrograde, along with Mercury (which rules Gemini)–there is a lot of tension between the two, and this is a month of going back over things into the new year]

For Aries rising I could actually see this as a review of looking at how you get around town and trying to lose weight.  Maybe you’ll bike more often or walk more.  Maybe you get in an argument online but are kind of lying to yourself about the truth.  If it has to do with communication, try and err on the side of being more humble.  It looks like you might say something you don’t really mean.


Mercury in Libra is opposite Jupiter retrograde in Aries.  “Communication about staying balanced is at odds with expansion of anger.”  There is an attempt in communicating about justice but again, someone is lying to themselves.  I think of how the nuclear reactor in Russia is hopefully going to be investigated by NATO, but Russia is now rejecting the idea that there is any radioactive potential problem now apparently.  

[Diane/Editor: There is natural tension between Aries and Libra and between Pisces and Virgo (they are opposites). Mercury is now in Libra opposite Jupiter in Aries and this can lead to strong opinions, speaking one’s truth, or strong debates. Mercury in Libra is diplomacy–speaking up for what is fair and harmonious. Mars in Gemini is sextile to Jupiter, which is in Mars’ home sign. Mars is also at a highly positive angle to Mercury –and Mars adds a mixture of possibilities here, including contentiousness. Jupiter mixed with the combativeness of Mars/Aries can be more of a defending of beliefs in a big, out-there way. Mercury in Libra has a more refined, smooth energy, which may lead to a compromise. Mercury will soon retrograde to Virgo, coming into an opposition with Neptune, which will add a layer of fogginess and uncertainty, possibly confusion, to what we think we know. Virgo likes to dot the i’s and cross the t’s and plan for all possibilities, but Neptune throws a monkey wrench into that effort. This happens late in the month so more on that later.]

For Taurus rising, if there is an illness with you or your pet that you are concerned about, maybe check in with a doctor just to feel sure.  If you’ve been working from home for your day job, maybe you are reconsidering whether or not you want to be alone all the time.  


[Diane/Editor: Mars reaches the 8˚point where it will return to when it completes its retrograde in Gemini—the sign that it will be in for 8 months (until the end of March 2023).  According to the Astrology Podcast discussion, this is the point where we will begin to have an idea for what we will be working with when Mars goes back to the 8˚ point again. You may do something that you think is done, they said, but when Mars goes back to this point, it can mean going back over it or extending the thing you thought was done to a longer period of time.  As Austin Coppock points out—retrogrades turn statements into questions—instead of saying, “I am doing this,” we will be wondering, “Am I doing this?” or “When am I doing this?”  Other things we might want to know with Mars is “What is the plan?” or “What is my desire or passion?” and “What is my direction?”   Mars is in a Mercury (communication, information, transportation) sign which means Mars will be affecting those things. There could be energizing of wanting to go, take a road trip. There could be sharp or hot speech, or power in speech. It could be in the form of criticism, gossip, trolling on social media, or directness in what is said or discussed.  Mars means action—so there may be the desire to take action and it will happen—thoughts (Mercury) turn into action (Mars). Austin also pointed out that this is a combination that makes it easy for “thieves to circumvent structures to take things.”  Since Mercury rules cars, that would be my guess of what could be stolen at the time, or attacked (slashed tires, smashed windows)].


Venus moves from Leo into Virgo.  “Beauty of ‘look at me’ to beauty in practical and earthly things.”  Clearly summer is over.  The beauty of basking in the Sun (Leo) has passed and now there is beauty in reaping what we’ve sown (Virgo).  This could be a harvest of vegetables or it could be the practicality of getting back to regular life.

To sum up Sept 1-5th I wrote  in December “Doing the thing that is not fun or comfortable, but necessary.  No one really likes it.

[Diane/Editor:  Venus in Virgo is critical of aesthetics, décor, design, what is beautiful. It is in one of Mercury’s signs, so it is logically assessing beauty. It can be focused on imperfections, but also on showing love through service to others, rather than romance, sweetness and affection. As it goes through Virgo it will hit a stressful angle to Mars, also in a Mercury sign and also being critical and snarky.So there could be verbal tension and criticism related to social situations (Gemini) and Venus’ logical side being obsessed and saying nasty things about looks, beauty, value, cost of thing. That will be coming up in 10 days. The Astrology Podcast group said the first half of Venus in Virgo—which is most of September—is critical, while the second part of September, as Venus is getting ready to leave Virgo, will be more dreamy and almost living the love fantasy to an extreme.]

For Gemini rising on September 5th, things that flowed easily with your siblings, your regular route, or if you’ve come across some internet fame, is now going to transition into a nice time at home or with family.  That part of your life should feel fairly stable for the next few weeks.


Mercury stations retrograde at 8 degrees and 55 minutes in Libra.  In December I wrote “Reviewing what is right.”  So, the topic in your life from August 21st-September 9th that deals with the house where Mercury in Libra lands in your chart will have been the focus of what is about to be reviewed from now until October 2nd when it goes direct again.  By October 17th the topic should resolve itself as Mercury will have covered its shadow period.

[Diane/Editor: When Mercury goes retrograde, six planets will be moving backwards—revisitng degrees and themes that have already been looked at—so we will more likely be looking at past issues.  Jupiter will be opposing Mercury today as it stops to go back, and with Jupiter heading to Pisces toward Neptune, there could be some blurred lines and even more energy that we had in April when Jupiter aligned with Neptune—a hopeful feeling of “We can do this!”  However, today is the day before the Full Moon in Pisces, and Mars is close to being square to this full moon aspect. While we usually see craziness at the time of a full moon, this Mars square could be irritating or challenging today, but could dissipate as the moon heads towards Neptune and Jupiter. Chris Brennan of the Astrology Podcast explained retrograde time periods as being akin to losing your keys and having to go back and retrace your steps to check where you had been when you last had them so that now you can go out again].

For Cancer rising it will be about reviewing something with home or family.  Maybe you were planning on getting a renovation done.  This would be a good moment to pause and reconsider or review the plan to be sure you want to move forward.


We have a Full Moon in Pisces for which I had written “manifestation of other-worldly things.  Great time to meditate.”  It would be great if we got some more information on UFOs on this day!  Either way, definitely a great day to meditate.

[Diane/Editor: Neptune/Pisces sometimes brings up conspiracy theories, too, and with Jupiter close by, they could be expansive.  But Jupiter and Neptune becoming closer in the sky and the sun and moon moving away from the Mars connection, can smooth down the irritation and bring in love and understanding as the full moon shines a light on Piscean things like compassion, letting go, spirituality, and appreciation. Neptune has no boundaries and Jupiter expands boundaries so we can get the bigger, more compassionate picture of what is going on. Jupiter being close to Neptune and the moon can also bring in a “grand” (Jupiter) “vision”(Neptune) and the sense that anything is possible. The Astrology Podcast discussion suggested that this full moon pulls us away from the grounded seriousness of the Virgo new moon and more into the Netflix and chill, or hanging out on the weekend and drinking with friends. Another option is a productively creative project, but more internally focused with Mercury heading retrograde.] 

For Leo rising there could be a tax refund or taxes you find out you owe.  Maybe a partner suddenly brings in a big amount of money.  Maybe light is shown on an illness you couldn’t figure out.  It would be a great time to conceive if you are trying.  And certainly an extra good day for meditation for you.


Sun in Virgo trines Uranus retrograde in Taurus.  I had written “focus on practical/earthly matters works perfectly with sudden material change.  Earthquake?”  And from September 9th-11th I summed up as a ‘pause for reflection’ (which definitely makes sense in America on 9/11).  I certainly hope we don’t see an earthquake!  I just saw a focus on earth signs and shakeups in general, which makes me think earthquake or volcano.

For Virgo rising, the focus is on you and there is a review of some shakeup or unexpected legal matter.  Or perhaps you are reconsidering the plans you made when you suddenly booked a trip overseas.  Maybe something personally happens in your life that shakes your beliefs and you’re having an existential moment.  It won’t last long.  The Sun will move soon enough.


[Diane/Editor: Rick Levine points out that there are some uncomfortable, annoying angles happening on the 12th that connect Jupiter to Saturn and Uranus while the sun is connected to Uranus.  Saturn, he says, is keeping us from moving forward as much as we would like, and that combined with Mercury retrograde means we are being held back, slowed down, made to backtrack. So think of possible delays or retracing steps, wanting to move forward but not being able to. For example, a train  between England and France got stuck in the Chunnel recently (the tunnel under the English Channel), and people had to get out and walk and they were not sure where they were going. So, it can be like that.  Delays, blockages, frustrations.]

SEPT 15 -16

Venus in Virgo squares Mars in Gemini and the Sun in Virgo is opposite Neptune retrograde in Pisces.  I had “beauty in practical/earthly things having a hard time with rough communication.  Climate change disagreement?” for the first transit and “no fracking please.  Focus on practical/earthly things is at odds with what is collectively wanted” for the second.  For Venus in Virgo square Mars in Gemini I still get a feeling that this has to do with differing opinions on an environmental topic and it is certainly a heated debate.  For the Sun in Virgo opposite Neptune retrograde in Pisces, I wonder if some of the governments around the world ease up on some of the farmers with an unrealistic expectation of moving to organic fertilizers so fast.  I’m certainly inserting my bias here, which is hard not to do on this topic.  I absolutely want to see greener movements and do whatever I can myself to help the environment, but not at the expense of potentially starving people or running them entirely out of business completely.  I think Neptune retrograde in Pisces here has been delusional and needs to review how we can move forward to greener energy and fertilizer without collapsing certain systems.  (I apologize if this is too political or if you disagree–and maybe you have a different interpretation and that’s awesome & welcome!–but to me it does make sense with what I’m reading in the stars, and if I see it I will write it.)

[Diane/Editor: This is the day when the critical mindset of Venus in Virgo is feeling a tense and stressful energy coming from sharp-tongued Mars in Gemini. The common denominator is that both signs are ruled by Mercury, and that brings in an unsympathetic state of mind and a harsh or divisive battle of words being possible.  Sometimes, if all is balanced, this Venus/Mars sexual tension and meanness can be the Lady Gaga theme of being “caught in a bad romance” but wanting that “criminal as long as you’re mine.” And with Jupiter/Neptune expanding the fantasy and blurring the lines, as we get closer to the end of the month, with Venus opposite Neptune, that love fantasy, desire for escaping the boundaries feels like a good thing to go for.]

Libra rising may be having arguments about political, philosophical or a religious topic that you believe in a great deal.  You might feel alone on it but your heart is in the argument.  You just might need to work on who you are arguing with.  Don’t take it out on your employees, subordinates, students or pets.  Make sure to work out to get rid of some of that stress.


Mercury retrograde in Libra is opposite Jupiter retrograde in Aries and the Sun in Virgo trines Pluto retrograde in Capricorn.  In December I wrote “reviewing communication about balance is at odds with the angry truth being revealed” and “the focus on practical earthly matters works well with what the sketchy government is doing & being seen.  Façade?”.  For both of these transits I summed it up as “one is trying to be reasonable while the other blows up?”  For Mercury opposite Jupiter I could see as Putin throwing another fit due to the war not going well for him.  Sun trine Pluto I see an attempt at a reasonable and balanced plan but seeing behind the curtains a bit with what the government is doing.  Maybe there’s a whistleblower about something?  It could be environmentally related but not necessarily.

[Diane/Editor: Mercury opposite Neptune could also be thinking about the big picture—like what might look good now may not last after a while.]

For Scorpio rising if you’ve been doing something sketchy or in secrecy at work, watch out cause employees might find out.  If you’ve been sick and have been recovering, it might also be a good time to check in with a doctor at this point.  For the second transit, your siblings and friends might get along more than usual.  It could be an opportunity for some internet viral fame if you play your cards right.  With Pluto retrograde in your 3rd house, what is usually unseen can be more easily seen, especially with a trine with the Sun in the 11th.


Venus in Virgo trines Uranus retrograde in Taurus.  “Beauty in practicality works perfectly with the unexpected shakeup in material things.  If you plan, you will benefit.”  I especially still feel that way about planning and benefitting right now.  Have your ducks in a row, ready to go and you should get through this okay.

For Sagittarius rising, I expect the period of Venus in your 10th house (Virgo) to be great for work or the career that you’re working on or goal you are trying to achieve.  If something shakes up with employees, it will probably end up being for the better, or if your day job changes, it should work out.  Maybe there’s something that happens with your pet and if you need to be there for it, work should be understanding.


The Sun moves from Virgo into Libra.  “Focus from practicality to ethics & justice.”  Fixing a problem is great (Sun in Virgo being a perfectionist) but now it’s also time to make sure people are held accountable for their actions (Sun in Libra).

[Diane/Editor: The Mercury Cazimi (when it conjuncts the sun and the light blends together) at the cusp of Libra and Virgo as Mercury heads retrograde back into Libra, is opposite Jupiter in Aries, This is the World Axis, so it is important to the world events. The new moon in Libra in a few days is also at this point, opposing Jupiter–so it is about opposites, weighing the opposition between relationships vs. the dominant expression of one’s own opinion, self, perspective.This is about trying to find the balance and harmony between the self and others, the self and relationships.]

For Capricorn rising, you might’ve been more focused on your kids (if you have them) or what your passions are, but now it’s time to get back into routine, focus on your health and get more focused on your day job.


Mercury retrograde in Libra is conjunct Sun in Libra, and later that day Mercury retrograde moves back into Virgo.  My prediction from December was “what is ethical isn’t practical.  Whatever the right thing to do is will take longer” and “hard to see the legality or justice.”  I expect the tension between what is easier to do versus what is right to do will especially be highlighted since the Sun just moved into Libra.  Like we’re supposed to be focused on righting the wrongs, but Mercury wants to get a few more things done.  How ethical this is will be is questionable.

[Diane/Editor: As Mercury backs up again into Virgo, the focus is less on what is fair, or what keeps the harmony, but rather what is the right thing to do in the circumstances, what is the most logical solution, or what is the useful thing we need right now (Mercury is also about the marketplace, business transactions). Rick Levine points out that this is not the time to worry about not buying a computer or car if we need one, rather Mercury retrograde, ESPECIALLY in Virgo, means do your research, take your time and don’t be impulsive or rushed through things, and don’t buy something that you might rethink later that it is not appropriate. It is also a time when we could be faced with re-assessing things, going back to review and rethink something we were thinking about before. By mid-October, new things will be keeping our minds busy.]

Aquarius rising, it’s like you were about to focus on the legalities of something, but go back into hiding.  Or you were about to plan that trip but now your partner’s money doesn’t look so great.  I expect this to be a weird day for you.  Maybe even uncomfortable.


Venus in Virgo is opposite Neptune retrograde in Pisces.  “What works with being reasonable is at odds with the collective consciousness blindfolds coming off.”  I feel like this is like waving at someone who is staring at nothing and they finally come back to reality, like they didn’t know where they were for a minute.

[Diane/Editor: Venus is moving forward into a trine with pluto on the 25th close to the time of the new moon. venus trining pluto gives us this ability to take our emotions and our desires and and really discern what’s important what do we really value what do we really like who do we really love what do we really love and that venus trine pluto goes really really deep and that’s tied up with this new moon especially because the day before the new moon that venus was opposing neptune let’s just back this up to the 24th one day and we can see here venus being exactly opposite neptune and so venus moving from the opposition to to neptune to the trine to pluto and then eventually it will move to the um opposition of jupiter but we won’t get that one until next month until october i

Pisces rising, if you’re in an argument with your partner, you’re probably wrong and realizing it now.  

SEPT 25 

“Plant seds of fairness, equity and balance.  New law in place?”  Libra rising, take this time to rest.  I’m not always good at paying attention to New Moons, but this past Virgo New Moon had me just totally shot, and I was glad I read to expect to rest.  I wonder if you will feel the same.

[Diane/Editor: Rick Levine tells us this month that this Libra new moon opposing expansive Jupiter, helps us to see an issue from a broader perspective and that a new point of view deepens what we value allowing our imagination to reveal possibilities that were previously unknown.]


Venus in Virgo trines Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, Venus in Virgo is conjunct Mercury retrograde in Virgo and the Sun in Libra is opposite Jupiter retrograde in Aries.  Venus trine Pluto I had “being reasonable finally works well with seeing into sketchy government shit.  Governmental review on something in order to be more practical?”  Having Pluto retrograde here should be helpful so we can peek in a bit more or get a bit more context into what is going on.  Venus in Virgo helps to stabilize this transit. For Mercury conjunct Venus I had “taking a practical and balanced review of what makes sense.”  Venus in Virgo is very good at sticking with the plan and Mercury retrograde is dotting it’s I’s and crossing it’s T’s.  The Sun in Libra opposite Jupiter retrograde in Aries I had “focus on justice is at odds with the heated truth.  Epstein news coming out?”  Jupiter is supposed to be about truth and the Sun in Libra should highlight that as well, but in this case Jupiter is retrograde, so I would expect some ‘mis-truths’ if you will.  It could also be about Trump and the Mar-a-lago investigation, although I think we will hear about that sooner than this date, but who knows.  It could definitely be Trump related.  Honestly though, in this country and world, with corruption everywhere, it could show up anywhere unfortunately.

I got the feeling with this day of someone trying to move everyone on like “sure, sure, no problem, we’ll handle it” and then doing the opposite.  There is a strong urge for justice and truth but Jupiter retrograde in Aries isn’t giving up without a fight.


Mercury retrograde in Virgo trines Pluto retrograde in Capricorn.  “Practical, reviewing communication works perfectly with changes in government structures being reconsidered.  Coming to the table with something that could work if it gets restructured.”  With both planets retrograde, it is certainly focused on reviewing/restructuring/redoing/replanning, or anything ‘re’ for that matter.  But I do have hope for this transit.


Mars in Gemini trines Saturn retrograde in Aquarius.  “Fiery communication works perfectly with limited masses of people pushing back.  People get their way?”  Saturn suppresses and Aquarius deals with large groups of people and humanity, but when retrograde, I expect more of a pushback here.  Mar in Gemini gives us the fiery conversation but I think this is a day where it works for the people.


Venus moves from Virgo into Libra.  “Ease in being reasonable to easily seeing justice.”  Venus was able to help out that Mercury retrograde a bit, but now Mercury will have to review what is practical without the benefit of Venus being there, while opposite Neptune retrograde for a bit.  Venus now joins the Sun in Libra.  Venus did what she could to help the replanning of things that are practical and now she joins the Sun in helping bring justice to the foreground.